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Description du projet

The Open Source ERP is a web based ERP.

The ERP server software runs on Linux, MAC OS X and Windows. The ERP need no plugins in the browser on the client computer. The ERP can be accessed from any where with out effort. Be it at home with your home computer (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X), or traveling with your smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android), or in the office, the data is always at hand. Extensions or modifications can be easily programmed.

In addition to customer, order, invoice management, etc... the ERP has a complete warehouse management including a order managment for material in the warehouse.

A specialty of the ERP is among other things the archiving of emails from customers. The ERP can automatically assign the mail to orders. The ERP pick the email out of imap folders save them in the ERP.

The aim of the development of the ERP was to develop a flexible and universal ERP for SME's. The design of the ERP is based AJAX pleasant to use than it would be a deskto

Système requise

Système d'exploitation: Cygwin (MS Windows), OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms), MacOSX, BSD, Linux, Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista

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mne_erp_7.5.0.tar.gz 4.2 MB 2020-03-03 22:27 1
erp_7.5.0.exe 13.3 MB 2020-03-03 19:54 2
readme.txt 2.2 KB 2020-02-25 19:52 18
Debian 10 - Nti Erp_7.5.0.ova 3,598.1 MB 2020-02-25 18:02 0
Server 18.04 LTS - Nti Erp_7.0.3.ova 3,315.6 MB 2019-11-01 22:33 0
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mne_erp_7.5.0.tar.gz4.2 MB2020-03-03 22:271
mne_erp_7.0.3.tar.gz5.9 MB2019-11-01 19:290
mne_erp_7.0.2.tar.gz5.9 MB2019-07-03 15:260
mne_erp_7.0.1.tar.gz5.9 MB2019-05-27 18:490
mne_erp_7.0.0.tar.gz4.0 MB2019-04-23 20:380
mne_erp_6.3.1.tar.gz3.7 MB2018-06-27 22:513
mne_erp_6.3.0.tar.gz3.7 MB2018-05-17 23:231
mne_erp_6.2.0.tar.gz3.7 MB2018-03-21 15:440
mne_erp_6.0.18.tar.gz3.7 MB2018-03-09 21:441
mne_erp_6.0.10.tar.gz3.7 MB2018-03-05 17:530
mne_erp_6.0.4.tar.gz3.4 MB2018-02-24 00:400
mne_erp_6.0.3.tar.gz3.8 MB2018-02-19 19:530
mne_erp_5.0.5.tar.gz3.2 MB2017-03-10 19:350
Windows 10
erp_7.5.0.exe13.3 MB2020-03-03 19:542
readme.txt2.2 KB2020-02-25 19:5218
Debian 10 - Nti Erp_7.5.0.ova3,598.1 MB2020-02-25 18:020
Server 18.04 LTS - Nti Erp_7.0.3.ova3,315.6 MB2019-11-01 22:330