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Description du projet

Operating System for embeded device based on small µController (Microchip, Atmel, …) This OS enable the device to be connected and controlled by a PC trought RS232 protocol (COM, TTY or USB port) with standard Terminal or Shell integration.

Système requise

Système d'exploitation: Other

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DemoSoftware20110512.exe 3.2 MB 2011-05-12 23:56 26
HID Bootloader Modtronix SBC44.hex 11.6 KB 2010-08-26 21:00 78
HID Bootloader Modtronix SBC44.hex 11.6 KB 2010-08-25 23:12 67
PIC18F4550 sdsOS v1.1.1a PSPanel demo.hex 63.4 KB 2010-08-19 17:56 66
SPI pipe format.txt 3.3 KB 2010-08-17 22:58 38
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DemoSoftware20110512.exe3.2 MB2011-05-12 23:5626
HID Bootloader Modtronix SBC44.hex11.6 KB2010-08-25 23:1267
pspanel.pcb2.0 KB2010-07-13 23:2421
clock.pcb6.8 KB2010-06-30 23:1110
HID Bootloader PIC18F4550 20MHz sw=RB5 RB4=0 LED1=RB7.hex11.6 KB2010-03-23 18:23426
HID Bootloader PIC18F4550 20MHz sw2=RB5.hex11.5 KB2009-10-20 20:551971
IMPORTANT README.txt1.5 KB2009-10-20 20:4719
HIDBootLoader.exe72.0 KB2009-10-20 20:432112
sdsOS - Microchip PIC
Modtronix SBC44
HID Bootloader Modtronix SBC44.hex11.6 KB2010-08-26 21:0078
PIC18F4550 sdsOS v1.1.1a PSPanel demo.hex63.4 KB2010-08-19 17:5666
Win2K-WinXP COMx Driver Inf.zip6.0 KB2009-10-21 00:1679
SPI pipe format.txt3.3 KB2010-08-17 22:5838