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The purpose of this program is to calculate the phase transformation crystallography after a phase transformation and represent the results in graphical way such as in stereo graphic projection.The most recent crystallographic theories for both martensite and diffusional transformation are included. The lattice matching near the interface, the superimposed diffraction patterns and so on can be readily simulated with present program.

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setup1.19.rar 32.4 MB 2019-06-30 11:37 0
PTCLab-setup-V1.18.9.exe 33.8 MB 2016-11-16 18:10 75
User manual.pdf 11.3 MB 2016-07-12 18:46 5
EBSD-grain-of-martensite-in-Ti-Mo.png 655.2 KB 2015-09-07 16:42 11
NCS_for_duplexStainlessSteel.pdf 6.7 MB 2014-08-10 18:27 37
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setup1.19.rar32.4 MB2019-06-30 11:370
PTCLab-setup-V1.18.9.exe33.8 MB2016-11-16 18:1075
User manual.pdf11.3 MB2016-07-12 18:465
Image examples
EBSD-grain-of-martensite-in-Ti-Mo.png655.2 KB2015-09-07 16:4211
NCS_for_duplexStainlessSteel.pdf6.7 MB2014-08-10 18:2737
O-line output.png157.9 KB2014-06-26 15:088
martensite crystallography output.png180.1 KB2014-06-26 15:086
E2E-matching.jpg38.0 KB2014-06-26 15:0715
NCS.pdf1.0 MB2014-06-26 15:0763
diffraction pattern.png16.6 KB2014-06-26 15:0714
O-line-Near-K-S- NCS Map.png230.9 KB2014-06-26 15:0719
CSL.png105.2 KB2014-06-26 15:0712
X-ray profile.png25.0 KB2014-06-26 15:0710
Stereo grahic projection.png188.2 KB2014-06-26 15:073
FCC structure.png21.1 KB2014-06-26 15:0717