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Mainly Changes from MadEdit 0.2.9 •Added automatically checking for updates. •Added bookmark support. •Added purging histories support. •Added selecting a line by triple click. •Added FreeBASIC syntax file. •Improved encoding support.

--Added new encodings: ISO-8859-16, Windows-1258, CP850, CP852, CP855, CP866, KOI-R, KOI-U, GB18030, CP437 for ASCII-Art. --Added grouping of encodings.

•Improved Mac OS X support. •Improved system integration under Windows. •Improved encoding detection result. •Redesigned dialogs with Code::Block wxSmith. •Updated translations.

--Added Spanish translation. --Added Russian translation. --Updated Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese translations.

•Fixed many crashes and other bugs. •Improved build and packaging configurations.


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