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'''SlunkCrypt''' is an experimental cross-platform cryptography library and command-line tool. A fully-featured GUI is provided for the Windows platform.

Please see the '''`[ README]`''' file for details !!!


Please refer to: Show Usage


win32 Windows (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 4.03 MB)
macosx Mac slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.macosx.dmg (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 614.77 KB)
linux Linux slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.linux-musl.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 1.45 MB)
unix_unknown UNIX slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.freebsd.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 1.04 MB)
source Code Source slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.source.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 2.29 MB)
misc Other slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.haiku.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Taille: 569.77 KB)

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