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SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the top of Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Sparky is fast, lightweight and fully customizable OS built around the Openbox window manager offering versions for different users and different tasks.

Sparky is in-between the distros that are beginner-friendly and those, that require some amount of Linux knowledge. Beginning Linux users are advised to consult the project forums regarding any issues or doubts.


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2019-12-16 10:02
Évaluation de bat9

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(1$ de 2 personnes ont trouvé cet avis utile)
Excellent rolling Debian based-distribution, with additional packages and loads of optional front-ends

2019-12-07 13:48
Évaluation de bat9

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(1$ de 1 personnes ont trouvé cet avis utile)
Very usable, easy way to fully install debian testing version with minor tweeks and some additional packages - highly recommend (pitty that enlightenment is no longer maintained on the cutting edge - though debian's version is obviously available).

2019-11-18 15:51
Évaluation de gat

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(1$ de 2 personnes ont trouvé cet avis utile)
Excellent, with many options, additional software and quite stable
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