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Enigmail for Tenfourbird (1.9 (EoL))2016-05-07 12:00
Langpack for Tenfourbird (38.4.0)2015-11-12 21:30
Lightning for Tenfourbird ( 20:00
Tenfourbird-10 (10.0.11)2013-10-26 19:55
Tenfourbird-17 ( 23:07
Tenfourbird-24 (24.8.1)2014-09-28 23:00
Tenfourbird-31 (31.8.0)2015-08-02 00:00
Tenfourbird-38 (38.9.0)2016-07-27 16:07
Test (tenfourbird_test20140604)2014-06-04 23:42

Recent Tickets

Thank you!2021-01-01 23:28
Hi, I also would like to say a big thank you for your great work! Using a PPC G5, I am happy to find TenFourFox and T...t_mrc-ct
Re: Some e-mail messages not getting through - feedback / hint (From Forum Message [#82883])2019-04-25 07:50
From Forum Help [#82883] [forum: 82883] Reply To Message #78878 I'm using the latest release of Tenfourbird on a Powe...(Aucun)
Re: any plans for Tenfourbird 45.5.0? (From Forum Message [#79596])2017-12-31 02:04
From Forum Open Discussion [#79596] [forum: 79596] To Message #79085 I guess it would need to be 45.5.1, given the...(Aucun)
Yahoo Messenger Connection2016-09-20 03:45
Have just downloaded TenFourBird and like it. Hoping it would also let me still use Yahoo Messenger. However, when I...t_mrc-ct
CPU spike after sending an email2016-06-07 00:45
Hi, Every time I send an email, Tenfourbird's CPU usage on my G4 aluminim Powerbook goes up to around 15-20% and per...t_mrc-ct