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ran tabspace.exe:
* remove EOL spaces
* convert tabs to spaces


TortoiseSVN releases are created as follows:

* When we think we're ready for a release, we create a branch from
  trunk, named after the next release version with an 'x' as the last
  version number, e.g. 1.4.x.
* From this point on, only bug fixes will go to that branch. No new
  features or resource changes are allowed to go in there.
* The nightly builds for the stable release is switched over to that
  branch, so users can start testing it.
* After about a week, a first release candidate is built and uploaded
  for all to test.
* If no major bugs are found in the RC, we create the official release.
  However if some major bugs are found, those are fixed and another RC
  is created.

After a release is made, the branch is kept until the next major release
and bug fixes are merged back from trunk to that branch. During that time,
we work on new features on trunk.
Whenever we feel there are enough bug fixes merged to the stable branch
we will create another stable release.

These steps are required to generate the release:

- Check the latest versions of openssl, zlib and of course
  download any newer versions available.
- provided all available dictionaries and thesauri for
  supported languages in common\spell
- increment the version number in version.build.in file
- finish the changelog.txt file, i.e. add the version title
- run the Nant build script

if all goes well (no errors while running the script) install the new
version and test one last time.

Now commit those changes and then create the tag in the repository

- run the Nant build script again, passing the 'release' param.

The last steps:
- upload the files to sourceforge.net
- edit the web files download.html, index.html, project_status.html to
  indicate the new release
- edit the file version.txt to match the exact version number of the release
- copy the changelog file to the /www folder
- Adjust the info in contrib\other\translation-status\tortoisevars.inc
- commit the web pages
- Upload the new docs to sourceforge.net

- Mail to dev@tortoisesvn.tigris.org, users@tortoisesvn.tigris.org and announce@tortoisesvn.tigris.org
- Add a news item on tigris.org
- Edit the version information on sourceforge.net
- Remember to include a link to the download page in the announcements.
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