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Révision28994 (tree)
l'heure2020-10-17 16:12:01

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Merged revision(s) r28986, r28987, r28988, r28989, r28990, r28991, r28992, r28993 from trunk:
* Docs: Fail on parser errors or broken internal links Based on TortoiseGit commit 5b405addbb277868af355fb0d511275d05e1d5d6 and 2d6837526823ecb836515e3ca9a2d5331ef47e1c.
* Check and fail on missing images Base don TortoiseGit revision cd0b7f5145554815a40b9852732158d3acc0bab6.
* Drop some unused images
* fix images.
* Drop flash animation as flash is deprecated
* Copy only referenced images. Based on TortoiseGit revision e030ea82966c9b00ec8f8ea55fbfe3a221a34a2f.
* Use easier method for finding font path. For some reason compiling C# code does not always work on Windows if paths are not set using vcvarsall.bat. Based on TortoiseGIt revision 1857d1064d6c5342a3deb6ecc5aab03c7c654147.
* update the c-runtime files.

Change Summary

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