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encrypting .ttl script files

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Hi, I am asking for following feature request, for Tera Term Macro:

1. .TTL files to be encrypted, in order that content cannot be seen or changed by any other person except the file creator itself. 2. Invoking encrypted .TTL files through the Tera Term Macro, by new command option. Macro should check consistency of .ttl files, and if files are not compromised, encode them (in memory) and execute commands from encoded content.

Reason for feature request: most of the time, we need some commands from .ttl files, to be executed on some network equipment (router, firewall, switch). Although we can encode username/password, the commands to be executed are readable by anyone, and someone could change .ttl files, and execute some commands that might compromise corporate network. To allow anyone to execute macro, but not to change initial macro file content, encoding/decoding of macro .ttl files, could allow that original file content cannot be changed, nor read by other people, but at the same time can be executed by anyone.

I hope this feature request will be accepted, and found useful by others.

Milan Markovic MSc. email: milan.markovic@mail.me

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I think this problem can be solve by add a "compile" fonction for .ttl file. For example a .c program file is compile in a .exe file to be executed. Is it possible to make the same thing with Tera Term : make executable file. If executable file are create the source code isn't readable by users.

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I have the same requirement for encrypting .ttl script files. The control ttl scripts of power switches need to be protected, not be modified by others.

What is the best or simplest methods?

1. Hardcode IP addresses in tera term C++ source code before compiling?

2. Make the control ttl files to binary?

3. Define parameters in C++ source code and ttl file use them?



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