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thirdparty-breakpad: Commit

Breakpad, a crash reporter, from Google.

Original home: https://chromium.googlesource.com/breakpad/breakpad/

Commit MetaInfo

Révision2d85d492aeb9eeb889885e84b3666d64407f2920 (tree)
l'heure2017-11-02 11:40:39
AuteurPeter Collingbourne <pcc@goog...>
CommiterMark Mentovai

Message de Log

Rename an argument named "register" to "reg".

This silences a warning in newer versions of clang that complains
about "register" being a deprecated keyword.

Bug: chromium:780692
Change-Id: If354b9b18421e3e910849b385c44207e0ce02590
Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/750362
Reviewed-by: Mark Mentovai <mark@chromium.org>

Change Summary


--- a/src/common/dwarf/dwarf2reader.cc
+++ b/src/common/dwarf/dwarf2reader.cc
@@ -1265,12 +1265,12 @@ class CallFrameInfo::Rule {
12651265 public:
12661266 virtual ~Rule() { }
1268- // Tell HANDLER that, at ADDRESS in the program, REGISTER can be
1269- // recovered using this rule. If REGISTER is kCFARegister, then this rule
1270- // describes how to compute the canonical frame address. Return what the
1271- // HANDLER member function returned.
1268+ // Tell HANDLER that, at ADDRESS in the program, REG can be recovered using
1269+ // this rule. If REG is kCFARegister, then this rule describes how to compute
1270+ // the canonical frame address. Return what the HANDLER member function
1271+ // returned.
12721272 virtual bool Handle(Handler *handler,
1273- uint64 address, int register) const = 0;
1273+ uint64 address, int reg) const = 0;
12751275 // Equality on rules. We use these to decide which rules we need
12761276 // to report after a DW_CFA_restore_state instruction.
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