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2023-02-03 00:15
SVN: rev 4232
2023-01-28 00:08
SVN: rev 4231
2023-01-27 23:14
SVN: rev 4230
2023-01-21 12:29
SVN: rev 4229
2023-01-19 00:51
SVN: rev 4228

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2023-01-24 22:06
I would like to request a way to make yash work with XDG directories. Examples: Make it read $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/yashrc,...
2023-01-22 13:41
For this script, yash prints bar instead of bar. Alias al ends with a newline, which is not a blank character. (see h...
2023-01-19 00:45
I’d like to to bind Ctrl + Left/Right to backward/forward-emacsword, but I couldn’t figure out how. There’s no escape...
2023-01-05 23:26
I've compiled yash 2.53 with pkgsrc on NetBSD 10.0 (beta) armv6eb on a Raspberry Pi 2 (v1.1, 32bit). It's running in ...
2022-12-04 00:36
It seems to me that although not documented, yash --rcfile foo.sh seems to work. The form without the equal sign is v...

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2022-12-16 21:22

One of the few decent shells out there...

2017-12-26 11:43


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2022-10-02 22:39
ptwrap なしでテストできるか?
2022-08-18 21:42
Fedora パッケージ情報リンク先
2021-12-13 23:55
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2018-05-29 22:50

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