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rbfeditor(freshmeat) rbfEditor rbfEditor is a font converter and editor for th... Télécharger
lxt(freshmeat) lxt lxt (linuXtree) is a file manager program that ... Télécharger
rockbox(freshmeat) Rockbox Rockbox is a replacement firmware for MP3 playe... Télécharger
dbacompanion(freshmeat) DBA Companion DBACompanion is a graphical administration tool... Télécharger
disko(freshmeat) Disko Disko is a user interface application framework... Télécharger
jfftw3(freshmeat) jfftw3 jfftw3 provides JNI access to FFTW, an open sou... Télécharger
scourge(freshmeat) S.C.O.U.R.G.E. S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a Rogue-like game with a mode... Télécharger
jmule-proj(freshmeat) JMule JMule is a client for eDonkey 2000 networks tha... Télécharger
z88transfer(freshmeat) Z88Transfer Z88Transfer is a transfer utility written with ... Télécharger
muttprint(freshmeat) Muttprint Muttprint formats the printing of Mutt and othe... Télécharger
dbreplicator(freshmeat) DBReplicator DBReplicator is a powerful application for netw... Télécharger
iptotal(freshmeat) iptotal iptotal is an *extremly* simple network monitor... Télécharger
libxnm(freshmeat) libxnm libxnm is a library for parsing and retrieving ... Télécharger
slogger(freshmeat) Logger Logger is a log queueing and optimization utili... Télécharger
cyrup(freshmeat) CyrUp CyrUp is a Web-based user management interface ... Télécharger
lightfeather(freshmeat) Lightfeather Lightfeather is a 3D engine for Linux, Mac OS X... Télécharger
fdynasties(freshmeat) Feudalistic Dynasties Feudalistic Dynasties is a turn-based strategy ... Télécharger
udfclient(freshmeat) UDFclient UDFclient is a userland implementation of the U... Télécharger
lilypond-kde4(freshmeat) lilypond-kde4 lilypond-kde4 is a base package for KDE 4.1 wit... Télécharger
poker-eval(freshmeat) poker-eval poker-eval is a C library to evaluate poker han... Télécharger
rbutils(freshmeat) RbUtils RbUtils is a development tool which provides ut... Télécharger
patch-authenticamd(freshmeat) patch-AuthenticAMD patch-AuthenticAMD is a utility to patch binari... Télécharger
fm-viewer(freshmeat) Fast Move FM is a small, simple, and efficient file syste... Télécharger
syscp(freshmeat) SysCP SysCP (System Control Panel) is an ISP server m... Télécharger
btar(freshmeat) btar btar is a tar-compatible archiver which allows ... Télécharger
jsitemap(freshmeat) JSiteMap JSiteMap is an applet that allows you to easily... Télécharger
ufraw(freshmeat) UFRaw UFRaw is a utility for converting and manipulat... Télécharger
kbtrap(freshmeat) kbtrap kbtrap is a program that monitors a keyboard fo... Télécharger
movie_vote(freshmeat) Movie Vote Movie Vote is a Django-based movie voting syste... Télécharger
xscreensaver(freshmeat) XScreenSaver XScreenSaver is the standard screen saver colle... Télécharger
lbrc(freshmeat) Linux Bluetooth Remote Control Linux Bluetooth Remote Control (LBRC) is a remo... Télécharger
myrpc(freshmeat) MyRPC MyRPC is a remote procedure call framework desi... Télécharger
egofm(freshmeat) ego file manager The ego file manager is a GTK+2 file manager th... Télécharger
gnuscientificlibrary(freshmeat) GNU Scientific Library The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a collectio... Télécharger
microregex(freshmeat) microregex microregex is a lightweight regular expression ... Télécharger
micronova-yuzu(freshmeat) MicroNova YUZU MicroNova YUZU is an EL-based JSP tag library d... Télécharger
0bin(freshmeat) 0bin 0bin is a classic pastebin featuring client-sid... Télécharger
openbmap(freshmeat) openBmap mapping manager openBmap mapping manager provides tools to gene... Télécharger
datafinder(freshmeat) DataFinder The DataFinder is a lightweight application sof... Télécharger
ikev2(freshmeat) IKEv2 IKEv2 is an implementation of the Internet Key ... Télécharger
letrain(freshmeat) letrain letrain is a text mode train simulator made of ... Télécharger
hook_lexwrap(freshmeat) Hook::LexWrap Hook::LexWrap allows you to install a pre- or p... Télécharger
ninfg(freshmeat) Ninf-G Ninf-G is a reference implementation of the Gri... Télécharger
penbw(freshmeat) penbw penbw (pen backend watcher) is a small addon fo... Télécharger
xlit(freshmeat) xlit Xlit converts text from one writing system into... Télécharger
latexwc(freshmeat) LaTeX Word Counter LaTeX Word Counter is a word counter for LaTeX ... Télécharger
gnetwatch(freshmeat) GNetWatch GNetWatch is an application that offers real-ti... Télécharger
dromeaudio(freshmeat) DromeAudio DromeAudio is a small audio manipulation and pl... Télécharger
automaton(freshmeat) dk.brics.automaton dk.brics.automaton is a DFA/NFA implementation ... Télécharger
dhcpfwd(freshmeat) dhcp-forwarder dhcp-forwarder is a DHCP relay agent which forw... Télécharger
openvcp(freshmeat) OpenVCP OpenVCP is a VServer control panel developed fo... Télécharger
pyyaml(freshmeat) PyYAML PyYAML is a YAML parser and emitter for Python.... Télécharger
nspamper(freshmeat) nspamper nspamper is an event driven client to update dy... Télécharger
qassir(freshmeat) Qassir Qassir is a graphical frontend to manage encryp... Télécharger
mail-wrapper(freshmeat) mail-wrapper Mail-wrapper is a script to encapsulate the sen... Télécharger
gtkvncviewer(freshmeat) Gtk VNC Viewer GTK VNC Viewer is a script that provides a GUI ... Télécharger
maildirproc(freshmeat) maildirproc maildirproc is a program that processes one or ... Télécharger
absimpa(freshmeat) Absimpa Absimpa is a Java class library that provides a... Télécharger
tcl_obextool(freshmeat) ObexTool ObexTool is a graphical frontend for ObexFTP, w... Télécharger
sup-mailer(freshmeat) Sup Sup is a console-based email client for people ... Télécharger
layman(freshmeat) layman layman is the Gentoo overlay manager. It allows... Télécharger
histview(freshmeat) HistView HistView takes an ASCII changelog as input and ... Télécharger
gallerywidget(freshmeat) Gallery Widget Gallery Widget is a simple WordPress plugin tha... Télécharger
t2t(freshmeat) t2t t2t can convert any delimited text file to an H... Télécharger
tiffscan(freshmeat) tiffscan tiffscan is an advanced SANE frontend. It has b... Télécharger
libiso8601(freshmeat) libiso8601 libiso8601 provides a C API for parsing and man... Télécharger
pyschoolclock(freshmeat) Python School Alarm Clock PySchoolClock is an alarm clock that checks you... Télécharger
dbus-tcl(freshmeat) dbus-tcl dbus-tcl is a Tcl library for interacting with ... Télécharger
andrean(freshmeat) Automated Network DHCP Registration Application ANDReA is a LAMP-based system for registration ... Télécharger
dateshift(freshmeat) dateshift Dateshift is a tool for shifting date/time. In ... Télécharger
psypong3d(freshmeat) PSY PONG 3D PSY PONG 3D is a three dimensional Pong clone w... Télécharger
dsdo(freshmeat) The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary is a word l... Télécharger
sabacc(freshmeat) Sabacc Sabacc is a card game originally from the Star ... Télécharger
aspell-da(freshmeat) aspell-da aspell-da is an aspell dictionary for spell-che... Télécharger
idanish(freshmeat) ispell-da ispell-da is an ispell dictionary for spell-che... Télécharger
clanlib(freshmeat) ClanLib ClanLib is a cross-platform game SDK currently ... Télécharger
perlmrim(freshmeat) PerlMRIM PerlMRIM is a simple GUI client for the Mail.Ru... Télécharger
podmanual(freshmeat) podmanual Pod::Manual is a module that gathers the pod of... Télécharger
usbmount-slackware(freshmeat) usbmount for Slackware usbmount for Slackware is a port of Debian's us... Télécharger
pymei(freshmeat) PyMei PyMei is a Python media center application. It'... Télécharger
omnisync(freshmeat) OmniSync OmniSync is a driver for NTPd for people who ar... Télécharger
virtualuniverse(freshmeat) Virtual Universe The "Virtual Universe" is a realistic... Télécharger
rrgbis(freshmeat) Really Rather Good Battles In Space Really Rather Good Battles In Space is a real t... Télécharger
hourglass(freshmeat) Hourglass Hourglass is a PSP (Personal Software Process) ... Télécharger
fishkill(freshmeat) Fishkill Fishkill is a minimalist functional programming... Télécharger
refreshblocker(freshmeat) RefreshBlocker RefreshBlocker is a small extension for the Fir... Télécharger
gkrellm(freshmeat) GKrellM GKrellM is a GTK-based stacked monitor program ... Télécharger
erlangxt(freshmeat) Erlangxt Erlangxt is an interface into operating system... Télécharger
configpackage(freshmeat) config-package-dev config-package-dev is a system of CDBS modules ... Télécharger
uzkdl(freshmeat) Uruzuki GNU/Linux Uruzuki GNU/Linux is a virtual distribution, me... Télécharger
catalystauthenticationstoredbi(freshmeat) Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBI Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBI is a Perl ... Télécharger
disablebackspacenavigation(freshmeat) DisableBackspaceNavigation DisableBackspaceNavigation is a small extension... Télécharger
winex(freshmeat) WineX WineX is a WordPress plugin that grabs the cont... Télécharger
mylvmbackup(freshmeat) mylvmbackup mylvmbackup is a Perl script for quickly creati... Télécharger
email(freshmeat) Email Email sends email to remote SMTP servers via th... Télécharger
mashupkeyword(freshmeat) MASHUP::Keyword MASHUP::Keyword is a wrapper to make creating a... Télécharger
cstat(freshmeat) cstat cstat is a tool to gather real-time statistics ... Télécharger
aips(freshmeat) AIPS AIPS (Astronomical Information Processing Syste... Télécharger
synopsis(freshmeat) Synopsis Synopsis is a multi-language source code intros... Télécharger
allocpsa(freshmeat) allocPSA allocPSA is an online professional services aut... Télécharger

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