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cpscan(freshmeat) Console Portscanner Cpscan is a simple portscanner. Télécharger
textureops(freshmeat) TextureOps TextureOps is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP re... Télécharger
jags(freshmeat) Jags Jags (just another GTK+ Samba client) and Jagsm... Télécharger
phpwebdesk(freshmeat) phpWebDesk phpWebDesk aims to provide a transparent conver... Télécharger
plusxauth(freshmeat) plusxauth.pl plusxauth.pl autodetects the current X11 enviro... Télécharger
mp3ocd(freshmeat) MP3OCD MP3OCD is an MP3 categorization program written... Télécharger
modama(freshmeat) Modama Modama is a software project for processing and... Télécharger
larrymessenger(freshmeat) LarryMessenger LarryMessenger is a simple to install and easy ... Télécharger
html2wml(freshmeat) Html2Wml Html2Wml converts HTML pages to WML pages, suit... Télécharger
webx(freshmeat) webX webX is both an HTML component generation tool ... Télécharger
linksysd(freshmeat) Linksys Syslog Linksys Syslog captures the snmptrap messages f... Télécharger
java-gnome(freshmeat) Java-GNOME Java-GNOME is a Java binding for the GTK and G... Télécharger
lrucache(freshmeat) Python LRU cache module This package provides a simple but efficient le... Télécharger
libase(freshmeat) libASE LibASE is a library for parsing ASE files -- th... Télécharger
gpppoe-conf(freshmeat) GPPPoE-Conf GPPPoE-Conf is a graphical application made wit... Télécharger
wbmtrustees(freshmeat) wbmtrustees wbmtrustees is a Webmin module that can be used... Télécharger
roomba(freshmeat) Roomba Roomba aims to provide a complete PMS (Property... Télécharger
arm0nia(freshmeat) arm0nia arm0nia (harmony) is a group of projects that i... Télécharger
idlebeep(freshmeat) idlebeep idlebeep monitors the activity of your CPU and/... Télécharger
semwalker(freshmeat) SemWalker SemWalker is a server-side Semantic Web browser... Télécharger
sn(freshmeat) sn sn is a small news system for sites which serve... Télécharger
purplewiki(freshmeat) PurpleWiki PurpleWiki is a WikiWikiWeb implementation der... Télécharger
itracker(freshmeat) itracker ITracker is a Java J2EE issue/bug tracking syst... Télécharger
sarab(freshmeat) SaraB SaraB works with DAR (Disk ARchive) to schedule... Télécharger
pictureviewer(freshmeat) Picture Viewer PV is a tool to view pictures. It features supp... Télécharger
wtp(freshmeat) WTP WTP is a Web-based FTP client that features boo... Télécharger
freefile(freshmeat) freefile Freefile is a clone of the file(1) program that... Télécharger
modutils(freshmeat) modutils The modutils package contains utilities that ar... Télécharger
bif(freshmeat) Build it Fast Build it Fast (BIF) is a PHP framework. It cont... Télécharger
asptemplate(freshmeat) ASPTemplate ASP Template is a template engine for ASP and A... Télécharger
addns_pl(freshmeat) Addns.pl Addns.pl is a self-contained DynDNS update clie... Télécharger
font2svg(freshmeat) font2svg font2svg can convert any font that GhostScript ... Télécharger
frox(freshmeat) frox Frox is a transparent FTP proxy that runs under... Télécharger
txsig(freshmeat) TxSig TxSig is a random signature rotator. It can ra... Télécharger
kboxes!(freshmeat) KBoxes! kboxes! is a little mind game that you can play... Télécharger
libcvs-perl(freshmeat) CVS Perl library CVS Perl library is a Perl module which is is a... Télécharger
mpnt(freshmeat) MpNT MpNT is a multi-precision number theory library... Télécharger
junkycook(freshmeat) JunkyCook JunkyCook is a manager for recipes (consultatio... Télécharger
rntrack(freshmeat) RNtrack RNtrack is a mail tracker/router for FidoNet-li... Télécharger
bin2iso(freshmeat) Bin2Iso Bin2Iso is a conversion utility from bin to ISO... Télécharger
envgenie(freshmeat) EnvGenie EnvGenie is an easy-to-use multi-platform envir... Télécharger
edsadmin(freshmeat) EDSAdmin EDSAdmin is a graphical user, group, and comput... Télécharger
pavuk(freshmeat) pavuk Pavuk is a Web grabber with an optional GTK GUI... Télécharger
linuxconf(freshmeat) Linuxconf Linuxconf is a sophisticated administrative too... Télécharger
libgenome(freshmeat) libGenome libGenome is a development library designed to ... Télécharger
murk(freshmeat) murk murk is an rsync-friendly encryption that runs ... Télécharger
ktagebuch(freshmeat) KTagebuch KTagebuch is a diary program for KDE 3. It has ... Télécharger
pymml(freshmeat) PyMML PyMML is a Python package for the statistical ... Télécharger
myotis(freshmeat) Myotis Myotis is a CMS based on Cocoon and PostreSQL. ... Télécharger
tof(freshmeat) tof Tof is a Web-based photo album. It is based on ... Télécharger
ksubtitleripper(freshmeat) KSubtitleRipper KSubtitleRipper is a GUI for KDE to rip DVD sub... Télécharger
guc(freshmeat) GUC GUC is a unit converter that was ported from sc... Télécharger
most(freshmeat) most most is a paging program that displays, one win... Télécharger
ndsad(freshmeat) NDSAD Traffic Collector NDSAD is a software package for translating cap... Télécharger
openircstats(freshmeat) OpenIRCStats OpenIRCStats is a IRC stats package that allows... Télécharger
humano2(freshmeat) Humano2 The Humano2 platform makes it possible to creat... Télécharger
mod_scheme(freshmeat) mod_scheme mod_scheme is a Scheme module for Apache. It em... Télécharger
jswiff(freshmeat) JSwiff The aim of the JSwiff project is to create a pu... Télécharger
homap(freshmeat) HoMaP HoMaP is a content management system for Web si... Télécharger
jzforum(freshmeat) jzForum jzForum is a simple forum system based on the j... Télécharger
gnotary_client(freshmeat) GNotary client The GNotary client is a multi-platform GUI clie... Télécharger
jzonic(freshmeat) jZonic jZonic is a Web application framework that con... Télécharger
qfe(freshmeat) QFE QFE is a full-featured FTN message editor with ... Télécharger
shadevis(freshmeat) VCG ShadeVis VCG ShadeVis computes a simple, static (but muc... Télécharger
dxgallery(freshmeat) dxgallery dxgallery is a static HTML image gallery genera... Télécharger
miaouirc(freshmeat) MiaouIRC MiaouIRC is an RFC 1459-compatible IRC client w... Télécharger
kviso(freshmeat) Kviso Kviso is a simple graphical interface that uses... Télécharger
nightwatch(freshmeat) Nightwatch Nightwatch is a build scheduler that can be sch... Télécharger
f4l(freshmeat) Flash for Linux Flash for Linux is an SWF editor, similar to M... Télécharger
imms(freshmeat) IMMS IMMS (Intelligent Multimedia Management System)... Télécharger
nano-hive(freshmeat) Nano-Hive Nano-Hive is a modular simulator used for mode... Télécharger
ihs(freshmeat) Incredible Hosting System Incredible Hosting System is a tool that allows... Télécharger
jtagomat(freshmeat) JTAG-O-MAT JTAG-O-MAT provides a simple but highly flexibl... Télécharger
scons-erlang(freshmeat) SCons Erlang Scons Erlang is an add on for SCons, a make/aut... Télécharger
themerchant(freshmeat) The Merchant The Merchant is a turn based RPG in which you e... Télécharger
soulfind(freshmeat) Soulfind Soulfind is a free Soulseek server program, com... Télécharger
handy(freshmeat) Handy Handy is a small commandline tool to synchroniz... Télécharger
t-3(freshmeat) T^3 T^3 ("T-cubed") is a 3D Tetris game. Télécharger
kmpg2(freshmeat) KmPg2 KmPg2 is a user-friendly MPEG2 encoding wizard ... Télécharger
yad(freshmeat) Yet Another Dungeon-game YAD is a maze (or dungeon) game with a flexible... Télécharger
cvsdadm(freshmeat) cvsdadm cvsdadm is a tool to assist CVSd administrators... Télécharger
rdgs(freshmeat) RayDream Game Studio RayDream Game Studio (RDGS) is a game developme... Télécharger
pwman3(freshmeat) Pwman3 Pwman3 is a console based password management a... Télécharger
isak(freshmeat) iSAK iSAK (Internet Secure Access Kit) is a Linux ne... Télécharger
perlpop3(freshmeat) Perl Pop3 Perl Pop3 is a POP3 server fully implemented in... Télécharger
friendnlove(freshmeat) Friend & Love Friend & Love is a dating system script. It... Télécharger
ecksdee(freshmeat) Ecksdee Ecskdee is a futuristic race and destroy game b... Télécharger
ruby_chess(freshmeat) Ruby Chess Ruby Chess is a chess game implemented in Ruby ... Télécharger
gaphor(freshmeat) Gaphor Gaphor is a UML modeling tool written in Python... Télécharger
tower-game(freshmeat) Tower-game Tower-game is a roguelike game of questionable ... Télécharger
tnftp(freshmeat) tnftp tnftp (formerly known as lukemftp) is a port of... Télécharger
drdivx(freshmeat) Dr. DivX Dr. DivX is an application which is capable of ... Télécharger
jvanish(freshmeat) JVanish JVanish is a minimalistic 3D engine that implem... Télécharger
vibur-dbcp(freshmeat) Vibur DBCP Vibur DBCP is a concurrent, fast, and fully-fea... Télécharger
linkloop(freshmeat) linkloop This program is similar to ping, but tests conn... Télécharger
mychoonz(freshmeat) Mychoonz Mychoonz is an MP3 player implemented in AJAX. ... Télécharger
nextgenerationinit(freshmeat) InitNG Initng is a full replacement of the old and in ... Télécharger
ogog(freshmeat) OgOg OgOg.org is a Web application and site. On OgOg... Télécharger
sreplace(freshmeat) Stream Replace Stream Replace replaces binary data in streams ... Télécharger
pretendroot(freshmeat) pretendroot Pretendroot is an LD_PRELOAD library which over... Télécharger

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