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backuper(freshmeat) Backuper Backuper is distributed and cloud-ready backup ... Télécharger
fkchk(freshmeat) fkchk fkchk is a MySQL InnoDB/XtraDB foreign key chec... Télécharger
fuzzy(freshmeat) Fuzzy sets for Ada Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing imple... Télécharger
freebsdjdk(freshmeat) FreeBSD JDK This is the offical FreeBSD port of Sun's Java ... Télécharger
nextls(freshmeat) Nextls Nextls is a console application that keeps trac... Télécharger
cppserv(freshmeat) CPPSERV CPPSERV is a Web application server / servlet c... Télécharger
capsule-tree(freshmeat) Capsule Tree Capsule Tree is a general purpose, self-balanci... Télécharger
runt-cli(freshmeat) runt cli runt is a wrapper command that executes some ot... Télécharger
qadsl(freshmeat) GNU Alive GNU Alive is a small utility to login on the Te... Télécharger
nall(freshmeat) nall! Nall is a small status icon application that di... Télécharger
scalaffinity(freshmeat) Scalaffinity Scalaffinity is a library providing core functi... Télécharger
athomebills(freshmeat) AtHomeBills AtHomeBills allows you to use your Web browser ... Télécharger
openmastermind(freshmeat) OpenMastermind OpenMastermind is a very easy to use and good l... Télécharger
greenmail(freshmeat) GreenMail GreenMail is a suite of email servers for testi... Télécharger
nanoblogger(freshmeat) NanoBlogger NanoBlogger is a small Weblog engine written in... Télécharger
xtcommerce-modified(freshmeat) xtcModified The aim of xt:Commerce modified is not to devel... Télécharger
hbcxx(freshmeat) hbcxx hbcxx is a tool that uses the Unix #!/path/to/i... Télécharger
perl-mp3cd(freshmeat) mp3cd mp3cd is a Perl script that normalizes and burn... Télécharger
picard(freshmeat) Picard Picard is a MusicBrainz tagging application. It... Télécharger
py-postgresql(freshmeat) py-postgresql py-postgresql is a set of Python modules provid... Télécharger
clamav-unofficial-signatures-u(freshmeat) ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater is a scrip... Télécharger
wmfsm(freshmeat) wmfsm Wmfsm monitors your filesystem usage. It featur... Télécharger
depot(freshmeat) Depot Depot is a software management tool providing a... Télécharger
voicemodemlib(freshmeat) Voice Modem Library The Voice Modem library for C++ is multithreade... Télécharger
protoscope(freshmeat) Protoscope Protoscope is a utility that aids Web developer... Télécharger
punto-10(freshmeat) Punto Punto is a tool for plotting particles. It read... Télécharger
darkstar(freshmeat) DarkStar DarkStar is a simple HTML editor for the Sharp ... Télécharger
destats(freshmeat) deStats deStats is a cool IRC logfile analysis tool tha... Télécharger
metagroup(freshmeat) Metagroup Metagroup is a small Perl utility which adds hi... Télécharger
arts(freshmeat) aRts aRts is a framework for developing modular mult... Télécharger
gtk-directfb(freshmeat) GTK+-DirectFB GTK+-DirectFB is a backend for GDK, the drawing... Télécharger
libsdbi(freshmeat) LibSDBI LibSDBI is a very simple SQL database interface... Télécharger
tlogsim(freshmeat) tlogsim tlogsim is an extensible graphical logic circui... Télécharger
sqlgui(freshmeat) SqlGui SqlGui is a graphical database frontend for KDE... Télécharger
annie(freshmeat) annie annie is a C++ API (library) for neural network... Télécharger
ziling(freshmeat) Ziling Ziling is a universal PHP Chinese encoding conv... Télécharger
apa(freshmeat) Atomic Photo Album APA is a PHP/MySQL photo album with the ability... Télécharger
thresher(freshmeat) Thresher .Net IRC Library Thresher is an almost complete implementation o... Télécharger
wordlog(freshmeat) Wordlog Wordlog is a Weblog written in PHP and backed b... Télécharger
outo(freshmeat) OUTO OUTO (Outo Unit Tester by Otso) is a simple uni... Télécharger
db_querytool(freshmeat) DB_QueryTool DB_QueryTool is an object oriented abstraction... Télécharger
gnude(freshmeat) GNU Development Environment The GNU Development Environment (GNUDE) is a co... Télécharger
smcinit(freshmeat) SMCINIT SMCINIT is an IrDA configurator for laptops wit... Télécharger
hotconnect(freshmeat) hotconnect hotconnect is a client/daemon to authenticate w... Télécharger
obb(freshmeat) Open Beat Box Open Beat Box (OBB) is an open-source beat box. Télécharger
ibtk(freshmeat) IBTK IBTK (Insomnia's Basic Took Kit) is a basic sel... Télécharger
teg(freshmeat) TEG TEG is clone of 'Plan Tactico y Estrategico de ... Télécharger
set(freshmeat) Set Set is a Java applet implementing the card game... Télécharger
trux_motion(freshmeat) trux_motion trux_motion is a simple program for detecting m... Télécharger
rtfconverter(freshmeat) rtf-converter rtf-converter is a command line RTF to HTML con... Télécharger
pspa(freshmeat) Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs These patches allow an administrator to delegat... Télécharger
gpa(freshmeat) GPA The GNU Privacy Assistant is a graphical fronte... Télécharger
pmta(freshmeat) pmta pmta is a simple mail transfer agent that clean... Télécharger
pygtkglext(freshmeat) PyGtkGLExt PyGtkGLExt is a set of Python language bindings... Télécharger
srvxadmin(freshmeat) srvxAdmin srvxAdmin is a Web-based administration system ... Télécharger
padpaper(freshmeat) PadPaper Editor PadPaper Editor is a simple text editor/Notepad... Télécharger
contemplate(freshmeat) ConTemplate ConTemplate is a set of mode-based templates fo... Télécharger
pythonsoap(freshmeat) Python-SOAP Python-SOAP is an implementation of the SOAP pr... Télécharger
frameworks(freshmeat) Frameworks Frameworks is a stop-motion animation frame cap... Télécharger
startuxcode(freshmeat) startuxcode startuxcode is a Weblog with unique features. Télécharger
irj(freshmeat) Internet Relay Jabber Internet Relay Jabber (or IRJ) is a Jabber clie... Télécharger
squid_auth_ldap(freshmeat) squid_auth_ldap squid_auth_ldap is authentication via LDAP for ... Télécharger
wakkahtmlarea(freshmeat) WakkaHtmlArea WakkaHtmlArea uses the HTMLAREA JavaScript comp... Télécharger
xqfusion(freshmeat) XQuark Fusion XQuark Fusion is an information integration eng... Télécharger
gnet(freshmeat) GNet GNet is a network library. It is object-oriente... Télécharger
tpipe(freshmeat) tpipe tpipe is a Unix command pipeline plumbing tool.... Télécharger
iwantvcd(freshmeat) IWantVCD IWantVCD is a script that uses transcode to enc... Télécharger
panda(freshmeat) Panda PDF Generator The Panda PDF Generator is intended to make PDF... Télécharger
kanaputs(freshmeat) Kanaputs Kanaputs is an interpreter for Java. It runs Ja... Télécharger
horde-scry(freshmeat) Horde Scry Scry is a polling application that was designed... Télécharger
cfgsh(freshmeat) cfgsh cfgsh is a configuration shell utility that is ... Télécharger
xkanon-akz(freshmeat) Xkanon English support patch Xkanon, developed by Jagarl, is an interpretor ... Télécharger
znap(freshmeat) Znap Znap is a small network audio mixing daemon. It... Télécharger
irsr(freshmeat) Invisionix Roaming System Remote The Invisionix Roaming System Remote (IRSR) is ... Télécharger
rpm2sysvpkg(freshmeat) rpm2sysvpkg rpm2sysvpkg is a tool for converting RPM packag... Télécharger
pvs(freshmeat) Program Version Syncer Program Version Syncer (pvs) downloads new ver... Télécharger
ices(freshmeat) IceS Ices is an mp3 streamer for the icecast system,... Télécharger
gyach(freshmeat) Gyach Gyach is a GTK+-based Yahoo! Chat client which ... Télécharger
expression(freshmeat) Expression server Expression is a Liberty Alliance, WebDAV, and X... Télécharger
uidialog(freshmeat) UI::Dialog UI::Dialog is an OOPerl wrapper for various dia... Télécharger
fisg(freshmeat) Fast IRC Stats Generator Fast IRC Stats Generator (FISG) creates HTML p... Télécharger
thing(freshmeat) ThinG ThinG is a GUI editor for Thinlets, a Java GUI ... Télécharger
libtftp(freshmeat) libtftp libtftp is a portable library which contains a ... Télécharger
yavr(freshmeat) Yet Another antiVirus Recipe Yet Another antiVirus Recipe is a procmail that... Télécharger
dxf2fig(freshmeat) dxf2fig dxf2fig parses Autocad DXF input, then calls ex... Télécharger
plop(freshmeat) Plop Plop is a PHP software to make personal or smal... Télécharger
tinyfugue(freshmeat) TinyFugue TinyFugue is a programmable client for text MUD... Télécharger
hexxagon(freshmeat) Hexxagon Hexxagon is a Ataxx clone. The goal of the game... Télécharger
xtremweb(freshmeat) XtremWeb XtremWeb is a research project belonging to lig... Télécharger
flowprobe(freshmeat) flowprobe flowprobe is a tool that collect network traffi... Télécharger
noattach(freshmeat) noattach noattach is a milter that parses the body of em... Télécharger
grapevine-gui(freshmeat) Grapevine Grapevine provides a graphical interface for in... Télécharger
minisip(freshmeat) minisip minisip is a SIP VoIP soft phone that implement... Télécharger
redpos(freshmeat) RedPOS RedPOS is a simple and rock solid point of sale... Télécharger
nhybrid(freshmeat) NewBG Hybrid IRCD NewBG Hybrid IRCD is an ircd based on hybrid. I... Télécharger
dzchart(freshmeat) dummzeuch chart dummzeuch chart is a set of components for Delp... Télécharger
pyircserver(freshmeat) pyIrcServer pyIrcServer is a powerful and very customizable... Télécharger
imlib2-ruby(freshmeat) Imlib2-Ruby Imlib2-Ruby provides Imlib2 bindings for Ruby. Télécharger
vmail-pl(freshmeat) vmail.pl vmail.pl is a simple interactive command line s... Télécharger
erismud(freshmeat) ErisMUD ErisMUD is a MUD/MOO server/engine written in P... Télécharger

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