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cddbd_sh(freshmeat) CDDBD.sh CDDBD.sh is a shellscript speaking the CDDB Pro... Télécharger
slay(freshmeat) Slay Slay is a simple yet very handy shell script th... Télécharger
fugu(freshmeat) Fugu Fugu is a standalone, graphical client for the ... Télécharger
qtez(freshmeat) QtEZ QtEZ is a rapid application development environ... Télécharger
xmorph(freshmeat) xmorph xmorph morphs images and helps manipulating mes... Télécharger
xscavenger(freshmeat) xscavenger Scavenger is a cool arcade/thinking game very m... Télécharger
kdepopup(freshmeat) kdepopup kdepopup is a frontend for smbclient and a prog... Télécharger
ledcounter(freshmeat) LED Counter LED Counter is a general purpose counter imple... Télécharger
htmlepexplorer(freshmeat) HTML::EP::Explorer HTML::EP::Explorer is an interface in the style... Télécharger
binkd(freshmeat) binkd Binkd is a TCP/IP daemon which transfers files ... Télécharger
kbag(freshmeat) kBag kBag synchronizes your documents between one co... Télécharger
qmail_regex(freshmeat) qmail_regex Qmail_regex is a patch to qmail (v1.02, but sho... Télécharger
giot(freshmeat) giot giot is a freely distributable extension to Tcl... Télécharger
man2html(freshmeat) man2html The man2html filter reads formatted nroff text ... Télécharger
prospector(freshmeat) Prospector Prospector is a online calendaring program that... Télécharger
micro_httpd(freshmeat) micro_httpd micro_httpd is a very small Unix-based HTTP ser... Télécharger
unidict(freshmeat) UniDict UniDict is an in-development system that, using... Télécharger
emu10k1linuxdriver(freshmeat) Emu10k1 Linux driver The Emu10k1 Driver for Linux supports Creative ... Télécharger
xsheep(freshmeat) xsheep Xsheep is a clone of the Windows Esheep toy, a ... Télécharger
gnopengl3ds(freshmeat) GnOpenGL3ds GnOpenGL3ds is a 3DS file viewer, mainly based ... Télécharger
plexel(freshmeat) Plexel Plexel is a Javascript Website editor that also... Télécharger
wmm(freshmeat) WMM WMM is a dockapp for Window Maker that can repl... Télécharger
xtide(freshmeat) xtide XTide is a package that provides tide and curre... Télécharger
gtksiggen(freshmeat) GtkSigGen GtkSigGen lets you use your sound card as an au... Télécharger
irqtune(freshmeat) irqtune irqtune changes the IRQ priority of devices to ... Télécharger
guilegl(freshmeat) GuileGL GuileGL allows you to access OpenGL functions ... Télécharger
melys(freshmeat) Melys Melys is a MIDI sequencer application for ALSA.... Télécharger
now-well(freshmeat) Now-Well Now-well is a Linux clone of the public Novell ... Télécharger
libmidixx(freshmeat) libmidixx libmidixx is a C++ library to manipulate MIDI s... Télécharger
ibod(freshmeat) ibod ibod is a ISDN MPPP bandwidth-on-demand daemon ... Télécharger
lookseti(freshmeat) look@seti look@seti is a small program to observe multipl... Télécharger
spegla(freshmeat) Spegla Spegla is a mirror program for FTP sites that m... Télécharger
link-checker(freshmeat) link-checker link-checker recursively reads the files of a W... Télécharger
kpoker(freshmeat) KPoker KPoker is a KDE-compilant clone of those highly... Télécharger
kiconedit(freshmeat) KIconEdit The KDE Icon Editor is a small graphics drawing... Télécharger
kspline(freshmeat) KSpline KSpline is a library which supplies spline func... Télécharger
lazybm(freshmeat) lazybm lazybm fills empty descriptions fields in Netsc... Télécharger
ucblogo(freshmeat) ucblogo Berkely Logo (ucblogo) is an interpreter for th... Télécharger
kpppload(freshmeat) KPPPLoad KPPPLoad displays an xload-style graph of trans... Télécharger
umsdos_progs(freshmeat) umsdos_progs umsdos_progs contains utilities for using UMSDO... Télécharger
ghtsclient(freshmeat) ghtsclient ghtsclient is the GTK-based client application ... Télécharger
rotn(freshmeat) rotn rotn rotates the alpha characters in text files... Télécharger
hfsutils(freshmeat) hfsutils hfsutils is a comprehensive software package be... Télécharger
gfilt(freshmeat) GFilt GFilt is a set of Java classes which allow simp... Télécharger
tibot(freshmeat) tiBot tiBot is an automated IRC connection, known as ... Télécharger
falmsg(freshmeat) falmsg falmsg is a small utility that was designed for... Télécharger
cruft(freshmeat) cruft cruft is a "onetime-pad"-based symmet... Télécharger
libkmid(freshmeat) LibKMid LibKMid is a library that implements features t... Télécharger
phpfilemanager-2(freshmeat) phpFileManager phpFileManager is a PHP3 script that enables yo... Télécharger
mod_mocrify(freshmeat) mod_mocrify mod_mocrify provides a handler to remove unnece... Télécharger
netramet(freshmeat) NeTraMet NeTraMet is a network accounting meter. It buil... Télécharger
myfriends(freshmeat) myFriends myFriends is a small program for all of you who... Télécharger
a_l_i_c_e_andaiml(freshmeat) A.L.I.C.E. and AIML The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial ... Télécharger
ravempgui(freshmeat) raveMPGui raveMP (portable mp3 player) support utilities ... Télécharger
phone(freshmeat) Phone Linux internet phone and matching service. The ... Télécharger
a_dbc(freshmeat) a_dbc Abstract Database Connector is a C/C++ library ... Télécharger
netscapemailsynchroniser(freshmeat) Netscape Mail Synchroniser Netscape Mail Synchroniser synchronises the mai... Télécharger
matwrap(freshmeat) Matwrap Matwrap is a SWIG-like tool for interfacing C++... Télécharger
webtodo(freshmeat) WebTodo WebTodo is a Web-based todolist system that han... Télécharger
fsql(freshmeat) fsql fsql is a GNU readline-enabled interface to Ora... Télécharger
replicator(freshmeat) Replicator Replicator is a set of scripts to automate the ... Télécharger
hexcolorgenerator(freshmeat) Hex Color Generator The Hex Color Generator uses a GTK+ Color Dialo... Télécharger
cut2(freshmeat) cut2 cut2 writes to standard output selected parts o... Télécharger
dpkg-sn(freshmeat) dpkg-sn dpkg-sn is a textual navigator for Debian/GNU L... Télécharger
xgrc(freshmeat) xgrc GreatCircle (xgrc) plots the shortest path betw... Télécharger
gtk-figlet(freshmeat) GTK-Figlet GTK-Figlet is a front end for figlet. Télécharger
cronolog(freshmeat) cronolog cronolog reads log messages from its input and ... Télécharger
pgppublickeyserver(freshmeat) PGP Public Key Server The PGP Public Key Server is an attempt to effi... Télécharger
fweb(freshmeat) Fweb Literate-programming tool supporting C, C , For... Télécharger
inapster(freshmeat) iNapster iNapster is a Web interface to the Napster netw... Télécharger
jshell(freshmeat) JShell JShell is a UNIX-like shell written in Java, an... Télécharger
epsutils(freshmeat) EpsUtils EpsUtils is a status monitor for Epson inkjet p... Télécharger
nfs-server(freshmeat) nfs-server This package contains all the necessary program... Télécharger
ttt_cgi(freshmeat) ttt.cgi ttt.cgi is a Perl/CGI version of Tic Tac Toe. Y... Télécharger
rtld(freshmeat) rtld rtld is a server for the Remote Translation Ser... Télécharger
wolx(freshmeat) WolX WolX is a KDE graphical client for the Remote T... Télécharger
rheinturm(freshmeat) RheinTurm RheinTurm provides virtual copy of the tower in... Télécharger
mpcut(freshmeat) mpcut This program allows you to visualise the power ... Télécharger
rt_com(freshmeat) rt_com rt_com provides an easy interface to the serial... Télécharger
httpf(freshmeat) httpf httpf is a WWW security proxy. It filters the c... Télécharger
pixir-remoteproject(freshmeat) pix IR-remote project pix IR remote project allows you to remotely co... Télécharger
icq7com(freshmeat) icq7com icq7com is a utility for the Icom IC-Q7 mini ha... Télécharger
spectemu(freshmeat) spectemu Spectemu is a fast and nearly perfect emulation... Télécharger
bluetile(freshmeat) bluetile bluetile is a board game that runs on X. The ob... Télécharger
fnsam(freshmeat) fnsam fnsam is a Ghostscript font browser that create... Télécharger
genps(freshmeat) genps genps uses PostScript in a genetic algorithm to... Télécharger
for2latex(freshmeat) for2latex for2latex is a Perl script that translates FORT... Télécharger
tklogspy(freshmeat) TkLogSpy TkLogSpy is a simple and light graphical tile w... Télécharger
slackman(freshmeat) SlackMan SlackMan is a GNOME-based package manager for S... Télécharger
sauronlinuxbbs(freshmeat) Sauron Linux BBS Sauron Linux BBS is a telnet-based, multi-user,... Télécharger
mynewssiteconfigurator(freshmeat) myNewsSite Configurator myNewsSite Configurator is a GNOME program that... Télécharger
sportwireanpaxmlparser(freshmeat) Sportwire ANPA/XML Parser Sportwire contains the essential components to ... Télécharger
frazierwall(freshmeat) FrazierWall FrazierWall Linux is a single floppy distributi... Télécharger
enbug(freshmeat) EnBug EnBug is useful for when you have to fix a DOS ... Télécharger
junkfilter(freshmeat) junkfilter junkfilter is a procmail-based spam filtering s... Télécharger
gulog(freshmeat) gulog gulog is a GTK UUCP log and traffic monitor. It... Télécharger
multidialnet(freshmeat) Multidialnet Multidialnet is a curses-based tool that runs o... Télécharger
pygtksshtunnelmanager(freshmeat) Tunnel Manager Tunnel Manager is a program that manages regula... Télécharger
agora(freshmeat) Agora Agora is a Web-based, threaded discussion tool,... Télécharger
filecache(freshmeat) File::Cache File::Cache is a Perl module that enables the s... Télécharger

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