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loadmeter(freshmeat) Loadmeter Loadmeter is a system monitoring app for X11 th... Télécharger
loadmon_epplet(freshmeat) loadmon.epplet loadmon.epplet is a simple load monitor for Enl... Télécharger
loco(freshmeat) loco loco is a Perl script which gives the messages ... Télécharger
lc(freshmeat) Logcheck Consolidator Logcheck Consolidator is a utility which manage... Télécharger
loginserver(freshmeat) LoginServer LoginServer is a multi-client TCP server class ... Télécharger
lperfex(freshmeat) lperfex lperfex is a utility which accesses the hardwar... Télécharger
lrzsz(freshmeat) lrzsz lrzsz is a portable and fast implementation of ... Télécharger
ls-l(freshmeat) ls -l ls -l is a two-pane file manager. Télécharger
lsdldoom(freshmeat) LsdlDoom LsdlDoom is a port of Doom, the original 3D sho... Télécharger
lsfcc(freshmeat) lsfcc lsfcc is a compiler generating Linux Socket Fil... Télécharger
lucid_calendar(freshmeat) lucid . calendar The lucid . calendar is a PHP/MySQL-based calen... Télécharger
lupengo(freshmeat) lupengo lupengo is the most famous arcade game involvin... Télécharger
lvm-viewer(freshmeat) lvm-viewer LVM-viewer is a tool for viewing and managing L... Télécharger
lwmenu(freshmeat) lwmenu lwmenu is a TCL/Tk program that displays an app... Télécharger
lwpp(freshmeat) lwpp Lwpp is a lightweight text file preprocessor. L... Télécharger
lynx2links(freshmeat) lynx2links lynx2links is a small utility to convert bookma... Télécharger
lyx2html(freshmeat) lyx2html lyx2html is a very simple LyX to HTML converter... Télécharger
m3gtk(freshmeat) m3gtk m3gtk adds Modula-3 bindings to the GTK. Télécharger
machineinfo(freshmeat) MachineInfo machineinfo is a web interface to Linux periphe... Télécharger
macrosystem(freshmeat) MacroSystem MacroSystem is a powerful C++ template system d... Télécharger
maelstrom(freshmeat) Maelstrom Maelstrom is an excellent Asteroids-type game w... Télécharger
mmounter(freshmeat) Magic Mounter mmounter tries to mimic the behaviour of MacOS ... Télécharger
mdmda(freshmeat) MailDirMDA MailDirMDA is a tiny program to deliver mail ga... Télécharger
mailwatch(freshmeat) Mailwatch MailWatch is a program for analyzing mail traff... Télécharger
mail_log(freshmeat) mail_log mail_log logs incoming emails in either common ... Télécharger
makeheaders(freshmeat) makeheaders The makeheaders program is a simple utility tha... Télécharger
makehtml(freshmeat) makeHTML makeHTML is a script to create complete HTML pr... Télécharger
makesig(freshmeat) makesig.pl makesig.pl is a very flexible random signature ... Télécharger
man-db(freshmeat) man-db This package provides the man command. This uti... Télécharger
manstyle(freshmeat) ManStyle ManStyle helps you create good-looking HTML man... Télécharger
mapis(freshmeat) MAPis MAPis is an installation script for MySQL, Apac... Télécharger
markoff(freshmeat) markoff markoff is a program to generate random text, b... Télécharger
mary(freshmeat) mary mary is a free native code optimizing Forth com... Télécharger
massrename(freshmeat) Mass Rename Mass Rename is a simple pair of shell scripts w... Télécharger
math3d(freshmeat) Math3d Math3d is a C++ library that provides everythin... Télécharger
masm(freshmeat) MathASM MathASM (MASM) is a scripting language similar ... Télécharger
mathfun_py(freshmeat) Mathfun.py Mathfun.py is a little Python library that make... Télécharger
matritsa(freshmeat) matritsa matritsa is a computer version of a board game ... Télécharger
matrixtemplatelibrary(freshmeat) Matrix Template Library The Matrix Template Library is a C++ class libr... Télécharger
matrixclock(freshmeat) matrixclock matrixclock is a clock for Matrix Orbital alpha... Télécharger
mavric(freshmeat) Mavric Mavric is a python module/application that aims... Télécharger
maxwell(freshmeat) Maxwell Maxwell is a word processor application for Lin... Télécharger
mca(freshmeat) MCA Mandelbrot Cellular Automaton Combines features... Télécharger
mcal(freshmeat) Mcal Mcal is a replacement for the traditional unix ... Télécharger
mcal-drivers(freshmeat) mcal-drivers The mcal-drivers package consists of additional... Télécharger
mcfeely(freshmeat) mcfeely McFeely makes it possible to run multiple progr... Télécharger
mcgi(freshmeat) MCgi MCgi is a CGI parser written in C++. Télécharger
php_net_idna(freshmeat) PHP Net_IDNA PHP Net_IDNA is a class to convert between the ... Télécharger
mebay(freshmeat) MeBay MeBay is a Perl/GTK client for eBay with suppor... Télécharger
megazeux(freshmeat) MegaZeux MegaZeux is a Game Creation System (GCS) with s... Télécharger
melati(freshmeat) Melati Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed w... Télécharger
memchan(freshmeat) Memchan Memchan is an extension library to the script l... Télécharger
mercat(freshmeat) Mercat Mercat is a light-weight, cross platform progr... Télécharger
messageoftheday(freshmeat) Message of the Day This little script shows a new quote every time... Télécharger
metachk(freshmeat) metachk metachk checks the health and safety of DiskSui... Télécharger
meter(freshmeat) meter Meter reads data from a Radioshack multimeter w... Télécharger
metronome(freshmeat) Metronome Metronome is a MIDI-based metronome which uses ... Télécharger
mew(freshmeat) Mew Mew for Emacs/XEmacs is an interface to integra... Télécharger
mfind(freshmeat) mfind mfind is an extensible Machine Find utility. In... Télécharger
mfmail(freshmeat) MFMail MFMail is a simple Python-program to mail one o... Télécharger
mg(freshmeat) MG The MG system is a suite of programs for compre... Télécharger
mgetty-rawdatapatch(freshmeat) mgetty-rawdata patch If you have a device that sends its raw data th... Télécharger
mibfm(freshmeat) mibfm mibfm is a simple utility for uploading/downloa... Télécharger
midishare(freshmeat) MidiShare MidiShare is a musical operating system designe... Télécharger
migrationtools(freshmeat) MigrationTools The MigrationTools are a set of Perl scripts fo... Télécharger
ministryoftruth(freshmeat) Ministry of Truth The Ministry of Truth is a web-based job, equip... Télécharger
minotaur(freshmeat) Minotaur Minotaur is a generalized extension which lets ... Télécharger
mkisofs(freshmeat) Mkisofs mkisofs is used for premastering iso9660 filesy... Télécharger
mktclapp(freshmeat) mktclapp Mktclapp is a tool for combining C/C++ code wit... Télécharger
mmc(freshmeat) My Mail Client MMC is an email client for GNOME that can read,... Télécharger
mmcalc(freshmeat) mmcalc Math Magic Sci-Calculator is a console-based ca... Télécharger
mmxemulator(freshmeat) MMX Emulator The MMX Emulator library provides a simple way ... Télécharger
mobilemesh(freshmeat) MobileMesh MobileMesh is a collection of non-proprietary p... Télécharger
model(freshmeat) Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Library MODEL (Modest Ordinary Differential Equation Li... Télécharger
modemusage(freshmeat) modemusage modemusage generates a graph of modem usage ove... Télécharger
modulef(freshmeat) Modulef Modulef is a modular finite element library de... Télécharger
mod_access_referer(freshmeat) mod_access_referer mod_access_referer allows/denies access based o... Télécharger
mod_hosts_access(freshmeat) mod_hosts_access mod_hosts_access allows you to use hosts.allow ... Télécharger
mod_litbook(freshmeat) mod_litbook mod_litbook is an experiment in web page refere... Télécharger
mod_ntlm(freshmeat) mod_ntlm mod_ntlm is a NTLM authentication module for Ap... Télécharger
mod_sequester(freshmeat) mod_sequester mod_sequester is a module for the Apache Web se... Télécharger
mod_video(freshmeat) mod_video mod_video is an Apache module for grabbing imag... Télécharger
mod_virgule(freshmeat) mod_virgule Mod_virgule is an Apache C module used to drive... Télécharger
moemusic(freshmeat) Moe Music Moe Music is a Web front end to mpg123 that con... Télécharger
mojotron(freshmeat) Mojotron Mojotron is a Llamatron-style action game. Télécharger
molasses(freshmeat) Molasses Molasses is a small and light sticky notes prog... Télécharger
mollie(freshmeat) Mollie Mollie is a small Web-oriented database for mol... Télécharger
mono(freshmeat) Mono Mono is a monophonic synth with real-time audio... Télécharger
morse2led(freshmeat) morse2led The morse2led package consists of two programs,... Télécharger
mozart(freshmeat) Mozart Mozart is a browser-based contact, calendar, an... Télécharger
mozglade(freshmeat) MozGlade MozGlade is a libglade based interface to the M... Télécharger
mp3frip(freshmeat) MP3 File Renamer in Perl mp3frip renames MP3 files. It features searchin... Télécharger
mp3reportgenerator(freshmeat) MP3 Report Generator mp3report is a flexible program to scan a list ... Télécharger
mp3-database(freshmeat) MP3-Database MP3-Database is a tool to organize your MP3 col... Télécharger
mp3html(freshmeat) MP3html MP3html is a utility for generating listings of... Télécharger
mp3make(freshmeat) Mp3Make Mp3Make is a program that automates the ripping... Télécharger
mp3stream(freshmeat) mp3stream MP3stream is a multi-threaded C library for str... Télécharger
mpegrec(freshmeat) mpegrec mpegrec (and wavrec, which is bundled with this... Télécharger
mpg123+eq(freshmeat) mpg123+eq The mpg123+eq patch adds a -Q option to mpg123 ... Télécharger
mpg123-mysql(freshmeat) mpg123-mysql mpg123-mysql consists of some patches to mpg123... Télécharger

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