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sms-mail(freshmeat) sms-mail Sms-mail reads SMS messages from a GSM modem an... Télécharger
snac(freshmeat) SNAC SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator for the GNOM... Télécharger
snapper(freshmeat) Snapper Snapper is an XML-based application builder and... Télécharger
snarf(freshmeat) snarf Snarf is a simple utility that is similar to wg... Télécharger
snmp_monitor(freshmeat) snmp-monitor snmp-monitor provides a GUI display of routers ... Télécharger
snoweb(freshmeat) Snoweb Snoweb lets you interactively edit noweb litera... Télécharger
socksd(freshmeat) Socksd Socksd is a SOCKS 4/5 server. At this point, it... Télécharger
solingerjavacracklib(freshmeat) SoLinger Java CrackLib Solinger Java Cracklib is the initial Java port... Télécharger
somenews(freshmeat) SomeNEWS SomeNEWS fetches articles (all of them) from ho... Télécharger
songprint(freshmeat) Songprint Songprint is a library that can identify any pi... Télécharger
sonypcg-c1xspicturebookcamerac(freshmeat) Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture The Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture pr... Télécharger
soppasswd(freshmeat) Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator is a P... Télécharger
soth(freshmeat) Soth DPE Soth is a distributed processing environment ru... Télécharger
sourceforge(freshmeat) SourceForge SourceForge is an online Web application to ass... Télécharger
spaceracer(freshmeat) Space Racer Space Racer is a 3D car racing game. The circui... Télécharger
spamfilter(freshmeat) Spamfilter Spamfilter is meant to be used via the .qmail f... Télécharger
spazz(freshmeat) Spazz Spazz is a simple and fast image viewer with an... Télécharger
speechd(freshmeat) speechd speechd implements a /dev/speech device using e... Télécharger
speyes(freshmeat) speyes South Park Eyes is a completely useless xeyes c... Télécharger
spindex(freshmeat) SPINdex SPINdex is a Perl application designed to allow... Télécharger
spiprog(freshmeat) spiprog SpiProg is a programmer for SPI (Serial Periphe... Télécharger
spiralsynth(freshmeat) SpiralSynth Spiral Synth is a physically modelled polyphoni... Télécharger
splash(freshmeat) SPLASH SPLASH, written in Common Lisp, provides a simp... Télécharger
splitfire(freshmeat) SplitFire SplitFire is a very complete IRC script for EPI... Télécharger
splitpea(freshmeat) splitpea splitpea is a command-line tool written in Pyth... Télécharger
spmail(freshmeat) Spmail Spmail is a Web-based email client that allows ... Télécharger
sportal(freshmeat) Sportal Sportal is made for people that need to know wh... Télécharger
spruce(freshmeat) Spruce Spruce is an X11 email client written in GTK+. ... Télécharger
sqlabstractionlayer(freshmeat) SQL Abstraction Layer The SQL Abstraction Layer (SAL) provides a set ... Télécharger
sqlcounter(freshmeat) SQL Counter SQL Counter is a Roxen module that can be used ... Télécharger
squidguard(freshmeat) squidGuard squidGuard is a free (GPL), flexible and ultra ... Télécharger
squij(freshmeat) Squij Squij is a Python script to analyse and help tu... Télécharger
ss5136dn(freshmeat) ss5136dn ss5136dn is a device driver and set of usefull ... Télécharger
ssct(freshmeat) ssct ssct is a command-line utility, humble of inten... Télécharger
splitvt(freshmeat) splitvt splitvt takes any VT100 terminal window and spl... Télécharger
ssicomment(freshmeat) SSIComment SSIComment is a simple database-backed comment ... Télécharger
stamp(freshmeat) stamp Stamp is a command-line program which will proc... Télécharger
stampl(freshmeat) StamPL StamPL is a light Perl version of the Stamp pro... Télécharger
starcat(freshmeat) starcat Starcat is a cross-platform star catalog visual... Télécharger
starfish(freshmeat) starfish Starfish generates tiled images out of random n... Télécharger
starmap(freshmeat) Starmap Starmap reads in the Gliese near star catalog a... Télécharger
statfs(freshmeat) statfs statfs displays information about filesystem, a... Télécharger
stats(freshmeat) stats stats generates statistics out of Leafnode's ne... Télécharger
statweb(freshmeat) StatWeb Statweb is a CGI program intended to control X1... Télécharger
stellation(freshmeat) Stellation Stellation is a multi-player real time strategy... Télécharger
sticky_notes(freshmeat) sticky_notes sticky_notes is a postit note like application ... Télécharger
stk(freshmeat) STk STk is a free R4RS Scheme interpreter which can... Télécharger
stphp(freshmeat) STPhp STPhp is a PHP-based string translation (intern... Télécharger
stream-db(freshmeat) stream-db stream-db is a database-enabled version of stre... Télécharger
streamlog(freshmeat) StreamLog StreamLog is a Perl script to automatically fil... Télécharger
stripcmt(freshmeat) StripCmt StripCmt is a simple little filter for removing... Télécharger
stripmime(freshmeat) stripmime stripmime is a quick and dirty Perl script to s... Télécharger
swigs(freshmeat) Structured Web Image Gallery System SWIGS is a system for creating hierarchically-o... Télécharger
stubby(freshmeat) Stubby Stubby is a tool that enables programmers and p... Télécharger
studioframework(freshmeat) Studio FrameWork Studio Framework is a C++ class library and app... Télécharger
sum_at_bottom(freshmeat) sum_at_bottom sum_at_bottom is a tiny program to sum a column... Télécharger
sunplasma(freshmeat) sunplasma Sunplasma first creates a virtual world that lo... Télécharger
superficie(freshmeat) Superficie Superficie (surface) is a little program for vi... Télécharger
suricate(freshmeat) suricate Suricate makes the Meerkat open wire service us... Télécharger
survey(freshmeat) survey Survey is a nearly complete list of your system... Télécharger
suseproxy-suite(freshmeat) SuSE Proxy-Suite The FTP-Proxy is the first component available ... Télécharger
scap(freshmeat) svgalib Cellular Automata Program Scap is a cellular automata program that suppor... Télécharger
svgatextmode(freshmeat) SVGATextMode SVGATextMode uses extra features on SVGA cards ... Télécharger
svinit(freshmeat) svinit svinit is used to run daemons that are vital to... Télécharger
svncviewer(freshmeat) svncviewer svncviewer is a Linux svgalib VNC viewer with G... Télécharger
swap(freshmeat) swap Swap allows one to easily change CD-ROM media w... Télécharger
sybsql(freshmeat) SybSQL SybSQL is an easy-to-use X11 (Qt)-based SQL edi... Télécharger
sbbs(freshmeat) Synchronet BBS Software Synchronet is a portable BBS package that inclu... Télécharger
syncmail(freshmeat) SyncMail SyncMail is a PilotManager conduit that is used... Télécharger
syrinx(freshmeat) syrinx Sysrinx is a semi-intelligent controller for mp... Télécharger
tabmergehtml(freshmeat) tabmergehtml tabmergehtml takes a tab-delimited text file an... Télécharger
tabster(freshmeat) Tabster server Tabster is an online file sharing community for... Télécharger
taf(freshmeat) TAF TAF is a multi-user PHP/PostgreSQL-based todo l... Télécharger
talkback(freshmeat) TalkBack.cgi TalkBack is a script which allows visitors to a... Télécharger
neatroff(freshmeat) neatroff Neatroff is a new implementation of the troff t... Télécharger
tape2mp3(freshmeat) tape2mp3 tape2mp3 is a collection of programs which toge... Télécharger
tarotserveur(freshmeat) tarotserveur Tarotserveur is a server for the Tarot card game. Télécharger
tatelnet(freshmeat) taTelnet taTelnet is a cross-platform telnet client that... Télécharger
tcdial(freshmeat) TCDial TCDial uses your computer's soundcard to genera... Télécharger
tclmime(freshmeat) Tcl MIME Tcl MIME is an implementation of a Tcl package ... Télécharger
tcl-sql(freshmeat) Tcl-SQL The Tcl Generic Database Interface project aims... Télécharger
tclreadline(freshmeat) tclreadline The tclreadline package makes the GNU readline ... Télécharger
tclshout(freshmeat) TCLShout TCLShout extends TCL to include functions for a... Télécharger
tcmixer(freshmeat) TCMixer TCMixer is an X11 mixer with a neat interface. ... Télécharger
tcpbroker(freshmeat) tcpbroker Tcpbroker does TCP port forwarding with a twist... Télécharger
tcsysmon(freshmeat) tcsysmon tcsysmon is a dock app that monitors Mem/Swap/D... Télécharger
tdasm(freshmeat) tdasm The Table Driven Assembler (TDASM) is a portabl... Télécharger
tds200mt(freshmeat) TDS 200 Mini Tool The Tds200 mini tool is a communication program... Télécharger
tdsdump(freshmeat) tdsdump tdsdump allows capture and printing of encapsul... Télécharger
telephonectld(freshmeat) Telephone Control Daemon Telephone Control Daemon allows a user to dial ... Télécharger
termbaum(freshmeat) TermBaum The TermBaum library provides an easy to use Tr... Télécharger
termix(freshmeat) termix Termix is a DOS terminal-like console telnet cl... Télécharger
tesla(freshmeat) Tesla Tesla is the first TOM compiler written in TOM,... Télécharger
texprl3(freshmeat) texprL3 texprL3 is a simple Perl script that lets you p... Télécharger
textiperl(freshmeat) Text::iPerl The iPerl interpreter is a transforming filter ... Télécharger
textmodequake(freshmeat) Textmode Quake Textmode Quake (ttyquake) exactly what it sound... Télécharger
texturepaint(freshmeat) TexturePaint TexturePaint is a Gimp plugin which displays a ... Télécharger
tgi_perl(freshmeat) tgi_perl TGI_PERL offers a DSO plugin module for Bayonne... Télécharger
the(freshmeat) THE THE is a powerful text editor modelled on the V... Télécharger
jlmud(freshmeat) The Diabolically Uncrashable Mud Builder DUMB, the Diabolically Uncrashable Mud Builder,... Télécharger

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