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ptml(freshmeat) PTML PTML is a Python module which lets you embed Py... Télécharger
pulsard(freshmeat) Pulsard Pulsard allows you to monitor an MGE Pulsar UPS... Télécharger
pvwikisystem(freshmeat) pvWikiSystem The Wiki system is a quick way of creating webs... Télécharger
pwcheck_mysql(freshmeat) pwcheck_mysql pwcheck_mysql is a authentication module for th... Télécharger
pwcheck_pg(freshmeat) pwcheck_pg pwcheck_pg is a simple daemon that will allow C... Télécharger
pyasync(freshmeat) PyAsync PyAsync is a Python module that implements an a... Télécharger
pybber(freshmeat) Pybber Pybber is a Jabber client written in Python usi... Télécharger
pyblade(freshmeat) pyblade PyBLADE is a module to allow BLADE pages to be ... Télécharger
pyca(freshmeat) pyCA pyCA is a project to create Certification Autho... Télécharger
utui(freshmeat) UltraText UltraText is an MFC-like UI framework for devel... Télécharger
pyfltkplfltk(freshmeat) pyFLTK / plFLTK pyFLTK/plFLTK are Python and Perl wrappers for ... Télécharger
pyftpd(freshmeat) pyftpd pyftpd is a multithreaded FTP daemon written in... Télécharger
pygcid(freshmeat) PyGCID PyGCID is a graphical CallerID application writ... Télécharger
pygcs(freshmeat) PyGCS PyGCS is a very stripped down MUD-like chat-ser... Télécharger
pyncurses(freshmeat) PyNcurses PyNcurses is an ncurses binding for Python that... Télécharger
pyportal(freshmeat) pyportal pyportal is a Python script/library for creatin... Télécharger
pysablot(freshmeat) PySablot PySablot is a set of Python bindings for the XS... Télécharger
pyhp(freshmeat) Python Hypertext Preprocessor PyHP is a system to embed Python code in an HTM... Télécharger
pymm(freshmeat) Python MP3 Manager PyMM is an MP3 Manager written in Python. With ... Télécharger
pywirld(freshmeat) PyWIRLD PyWIRLD (Python WIndows Remote Linux Dialer) al... Télécharger
pyx10(freshmeat) PyX10 PyX10 provides a set of modules for controlling... Télécharger
q3ctrl(freshmeat) q3ctrl q3ctrl is an implementation of the Quake 3 Aren... Télécharger
qbanner(freshmeat) Qbanner Qbanner is a Perl+MySQL ad server (GIF, JPEG, P... Télécharger
qccat(freshmeat) qccat qccat is a nicely polished CueCat output parser... Télécharger
qcl(freshmeat) QCL QCL is a high-level, architecture-independent p... Télécharger
qcplink(freshmeat) qcplink qcplink is a small set of command line utilitie... Télécharger
qdmerge(freshmeat) QDMerge QDMerge is a Perl script that merges text from ... Télécharger
qdologs(freshmeat) qdologs qdologs is two handy utilities (archive-maillog... Télécharger
qjukeboxmgr(freshmeat) QJukeboxMgr QJukeboxMgr lets you manage a large set of Mult... Télécharger
qmfilt(freshmeat) qmfilt qmfilt is an add-on module for qmail which allo... Télécharger
qcm(freshmeat) Quake CFG Maker QCM is a program that creates config files for ... Télécharger
qndmp3(freshmeat) qndmp3 qndmp3 (the Quick and Dirty MP3 Player) is a Pe... Télécharger
qnmap(freshmeat) QNmap QNmap is just another KDE nmap frontend. It can... Télécharger
qnxflash(freshmeat) qnxflash qnxflash is a BIOS flasher that runs under QNX ... Télécharger
qps(freshmeat) qps Qps is a visual process manager, an X11 version... Télécharger
qscheme(freshmeat) QScheme Qscheme is a fast and small implementation of S... Télécharger
qstick(freshmeat) QStick QStick is a program which uses the XTest extens... Télécharger
qtarchitect(freshmeat) Qt Architect Qt Architect is a GUI dialog designer for the Q... Télécharger
qtcd(freshmeat) QtCD Qtcd is yet another CD player for Linux. The us... Télécharger
qtcups(freshmeat) QTCUPS QTCUPS is composed of 2 parts: a development li... Télécharger
qtgps(freshmeat) QtGPS The QtGPS package contains a piece of software ... Télécharger
qthello(freshmeat) QtHello QtHello is an Othello program written in Qt. It... Télécharger
qtmclient(freshmeat) QTmclient QT-mclient is a Qt based version of C. P Wright... Télécharger
qtvu(freshmeat) QtVu QtVu, pronounced CuteView, is an image viewer f... Télécharger
queue(freshmeat) Queue GNU Queue is a load-balancing and batch-process... Télécharger
quftp(freshmeat) quftp quftp is a command line ftp client that allows ... Télécharger
quickpassword(freshmeat) Quick Password Quick Password is a program that generates pass... Télécharger
quickcalc(freshmeat) quickcalc Quickcalc is a basic and simple console calcula... Télécharger
quote(freshmeat) quote quote is a very short and simple Perl script th... Télécharger
qxi(freshmeat) QXi The Qt XInput Extension is a C library adding s... Télécharger
race(freshmeat) RACE RACE (Remote Administration in distributed Comp... Télécharger
radar(freshmeat) Radar Radar is a Web-based administrator for Tomcat. ... Télécharger
radd(freshmeat) radd radd is a modular RADIUS server. It is not deri... Télécharger
radiator(freshmeat) Radiator Radiator is a radiosity renderer. It implements... Télécharger
radio-spase(freshmeat) radio-spase This kernel module provides support for the SPA... Télécharger
ramfloppy(freshmeat) RamFloppy RamFloppy is a single 1.44M floppy Linux boot/r... Télécharger
random-tester(freshmeat) random-tester random-tester is a set of random number generat... Télécharger
raver(freshmeat) RaVeR RaVeR is a sound animation program. It renders ... Télécharger
raw_load(freshmeat) Raw Image Loader Plug-in Raw Image Loader is a GIMP 1.1 plug-in which al... Télécharger
rblcheck(freshmeat) rblcheck rblcheck is a simple tool for performing lookup... Télécharger
rch(freshmeat) rch rch makes the configuration and management of t... Télécharger
realfcmanager(freshmeat) Real FC Manager Real FC Manager is a highly realistic football ... Télécharger
referendum(freshmeat) Referendum Referendum is a community creation Web toolkit ... Télécharger
relay-jfc(freshmeat) Relay-JFC Relay-JFC is a full-featured IRC chat program t... Télécharger
relaycheck(freshmeat) relaycheck relaycheck scans a network for SMTP hosts that ... Télécharger
remotemicroscope(freshmeat) Remote Microscope The Remote Microscope system consists of a ser... Télécharger
remotehost_applet(freshmeat) remotehost_applet remotehost_applet helps to administrate your re... Télécharger
repairlix(freshmeat) Repairlix distribution Repairlix is a networked Linux distribution/boo... Télécharger
libbell(freshmeat) replacebell The replacebell package includes libbell and a ... Télécharger
repository(freshmeat) Repository Repository allows you to create and manage your... Télécharger
rescafe(freshmeat) ResCafé ResCafé is a Swing-based Java utility for readi... Télécharger
rewrite(freshmeat) rewrite rewrite reads a file, feeding its content throu... Télécharger
rexec(freshmeat) REXEC REXEC is a secure, decentralized remote executi... Télécharger
rgen(freshmeat) rgen RGEN is a library consisting of random number g... Télécharger
rh-isdn(freshmeat) rh-isdn The rh-isdn package consists of a few scripts a... Télécharger
rhythmlab(freshmeat) RhythmLab RhythmLab is a drum-machine-like program which ... Télécharger
rioramioforfreebsd(freshmeat) Rio (RAM I/O) for FreeBSD Rio (RAM I/O) for FreeBSD is an implementation ... Télécharger
rio-utils(freshmeat) rio-utils rio-utils is a set of utilities to copy files i... Télécharger
riofill(freshmeat) riofill The riofill utility randomly selects a list of ... Télécharger
riscose(freshmeat) Riscose Riscose is a high-level RISC OS emulator for Li... Télécharger
rjsperlobfuscator(freshmeat) RJ's Perl Obfuscator The Perl Obfuscator attempts to intuit your Per... Télécharger
rjobs(freshmeat) rjobs The Periodic Remote Job Agent rjobs automatical... Télécharger
rlab(freshmeat) Rlab Rlab is a high level math program that uses it'... Télécharger
rmap(freshmeat) rmap rmap will generate images of the Earth with ver... Télécharger
rmremote(freshmeat) rmRemote rmRemote is a driver to use the RealMagic remot... Télécharger
rname(freshmeat) rname rname is a simple utility to start a program, s... Télécharger
roads(freshmeat) ROADS The ROADS software is a collection of tools whi... Télécharger
robotrace(freshmeat) Robot Race Robot Race is a client/server implementation of... Télécharger
rootpark(freshmeat) Root Park RootPark is a Civilization-like game based on t... Télécharger
rplay(freshmeat) rplay rplay is a flexible network audio system that a... Télécharger
rpmworkshop(freshmeat) RPM Workshop RPM Workshop provides a GUI tool that takes a t... Télécharger
rpm2tar(freshmeat) rpm2tar Rpm2tar is a utility for converting the content... Télécharger
rpmbuilder2(freshmeat) RPMbuilder RPMbuilder is a program to help users create RP... Télécharger
rpmsearch(freshmeat) rpmsearch rpmsearch allows you to search for rpms, with t... Télécharger
rproxy(freshmeat) rproxy rproxy is an extension to HTTP which allows tra... Télécharger
rscript(freshmeat) rscript Rscript is written in Expect/Tcl and allows you... Télécharger
rshproxy(freshmeat) rshproxy rshproxy is an application-level gateway for th... Télécharger
rslink(freshmeat) rslink rslink is a GTK application that controls mutli... Télécharger
rsyncmanager(freshmeat) RSync Manager RSync Manager (RSM) is a set of Python scripts ... Télécharger
rtf2ps(freshmeat) rtf2ps rtf2ps is a commandline tool for rendering RTF ... Télécharger

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