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viewportfolio(freshmeat) viewportfolio viewportfolio is a Python program that allows y... Télécharger
vihp(freshmeat) ViHP ViHP (Video HTTP Pusher) is a server which push... Télécharger
vis5d(freshmeat) Vis5D Vis5D is a system for interactive visualization... Télécharger
vizigo(freshmeat) ViZiGO ViZiGO is a client to play GO (an ancient Chine... Télécharger
vmailadmin(freshmeat) vmailadmin Vmailadmin is a Web application that allow your... Télécharger
vmanpg(freshmeat) vmanpg vmanpg is an svgalib-based pager designed for v... Télécharger
vmjpeg(freshmeat) Vmjpeg Vmjpeg is a GTK+ MJPEG player that plays anythi... Télécharger
vobtools(freshmeat) vobTools vobTools contains programs which can manipulate... Télécharger
volcheckvoleject(freshmeat) volcheck / voleject volcheck/voleject is a functional port of Solar... Télécharger
volume_app(freshmeat) Volume.app Volume.app is a simple and attractive audio vol... Télécharger
voodootracker(freshmeat) Voodoo Tracker Voodoo Tracker is a visual music development en... Télécharger
vpb-driver(freshmeat) Vpb-driver Device driver and API for Voicetronix "VPB... Télécharger
vrpic(freshmeat) vrpic vrpic is a GTK+ viewer for the Radiance picture... Télécharger
vrrpd(freshmeat) vrrpd vrrpd is an implementation of VRRPv2 as specifi... Télécharger
vsa(freshmeat) vsa VSA is a visual sound analyzer (eye candy) for ... Télécharger
vsclite(freshmeat) VSC Lite VSC Lite is a lite version of the full Open Gro... Télécharger
vsep(freshmeat) vsep vsep (very simple education program) performs a... Télécharger
vsthlite(freshmeat) VSTHlite VSTHlite is a lite version of The Open Group's ... Télécharger
vuleds(freshmeat) VU Leds XMMS Plugin VU Leds is an XMMS plugin which simulates a vu ... Télécharger
vuohimatik(freshmeat) VuohiMatik VuohiMatik is a BBS software designed with larg... Télécharger
w3juke(freshmeat) w3juke w3juke reads mp3 files from a web server and st... Télécharger
w3reg(freshmeat) w3reg w3reg is a simple console program to automatica... Télécharger
wagon(freshmeat) wagon wagon is a set of C/C++ programs for farming ou... Télécharger
wailiwaveletswithintegerliftin(freshmeat) WAILI: Wavelets with Integer Lifting WAILI is a wavelet transform library. It includ... Télécharger
wakeonlan(freshmeat) wakeonlan wakeonlan sends a 'magic packet' to a wake-on-l... Télécharger
warshipbattle(freshmeat) Warship Battle Warship Battle is based on the old game of batt... Télécharger
watchfile(freshmeat) Watchfile Watchfile will display a list of specified file... Télécharger
wb0(freshmeat) wb0 wb0 is an SVGAlib Web browser. It's good for pr... Télécharger
webdiary(freshmeat) Web diary Web Diary is a Web-based multi-user CGI diary a... Télécharger
webpages(freshmeat) Web Pages WebPages is a CGI script written in Perl that c... Télécharger
webtemplate(freshmeat) Web Templating WT looks a bit like the ArsDigita Templating Sy... Télécharger
webfetch(freshmeat) WebFetch WebFetch is a set of Perl5 modules that can dow... Télécharger
webguysinstantmessageservice(freshmeat) WebGuys Instant Message Service The WebGuys' Instant Message Service is a solut... Télécharger
weblogmon(freshmeat) Weblogmon Weblogmon is a program that shows current users... Télécharger
webmailfolder(freshmeat) WebMailFolder WebMailFolder is a tool to convert Emails to HT... Télécharger
webnap(freshmeat) WebNap WebNap is a PHP Napster client that allows you ... Télécharger
webnotebook(freshmeat) webnotebook webnotebook is a simple Web application which k... Télécharger
webqcat(freshmeat) WebQcat WebQcat is an entirely Web-based interface for ... Télécharger
webshout(freshmeat) webshout webshout is a CGI script that allows you to man... Télécharger
websuite(freshmeat) Websuite Websuite is a suite of simple CGI programs writ... Télécharger
webtheme(freshmeat) WebTheme WebTheme is a library for PHP that allows a web... Télécharger
webwebx(freshmeat) WebWebX WebWebX is a collaboration server (or whiteboar... Télécharger
weeds(freshmeat) WEEDS WEEDS is a Java 1.1 application which converts ... Télécharger
weedybot(freshmeat) Weedy Bot Weedy Bot is a Scheme IRC bot running with Guil... Télécharger
welcome2l(freshmeat) Welcome2L Welcome2L is a little program that may run at l... Télécharger
wgetdownloadwebminmodule(freshmeat) Wget Download Webmin Module The wget Download Webmin Module allows you to m... Télécharger
wget_worker(freshmeat) wget_worker wget_worker is a Perl script that uses wget to ... Télécharger
whichcap(freshmeat) whichcap Version 2.2 of the Linux kernel has a capabilit... Télécharger
whowatch(freshmeat) whowatch Whowatch is an interactive utility that display... Télécharger
windsock(freshmeat) windsock windsock is a very bare bones SOCKS proxy serve... Télécharger
wing(freshmeat) WING WING is a recursive acronym for Wing Is Not Gal... Télécharger
wmamp(freshmeat) wmamp WMAMP is a media player designed for the Window... Télécharger
wmanager(freshmeat) wmanager wmanager is a small X11 application for selecti... Télécharger
wmdctrl(freshmeat) wmdctrl wmdctrl is a diald control application which ca... Télécharger
wmdownload(freshmeat) wmDownload wmDownload is a small WindowMaker dockapp that ... Télécharger
wmdropzone(freshmeat) wmdropzone wmdropzone is a simple Download Manager for you... Télécharger
wmgmon(freshmeat) WMgMon WMgMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowMa... Télécharger
wmgrabimage(freshmeat) wmGrabImage wmGrabImage displays a thumbnail version of an ... Télécharger
wmkeyboard(freshmeat) WMKeyboard WMKeyboard is a WindowMaker dockapp that allows... Télécharger
wmmon+smp(freshmeat) WMMon+SMP WMMon+SMP shows real-time CPU usage on SMP mach... Télécharger
wmmp3(freshmeat) wmmp3 wmmp3 is a frontend for the mpg123 mp3 player. ... Télécharger
wmnet(freshmeat) wmnet wmnet polls network statistics and does a few t... Télécharger
wmphoto(freshmeat) wmphoto wmphoto is a Window Maker dock app that show yo... Télécharger
wmscript(freshmeat) WMScript WMScript is a system monitoring dock app for Wi... Télécharger
wmspaceweather(freshmeat) wmSpaceWeather wmSpaceWeather shows environmental conditions i... Télécharger
wmtxcnt(freshmeat) wmtxcnt wmtxcnt is a Window Maker dockapp which logs PP... Télécharger
woody(freshmeat) Woody Woody is a tree editor, or an outliner. It is s... Télécharger
worddig(freshmeat) word dig word-dig is a Perl module containing the guts o... Télécharger
workon(freshmeat) Workon Workon helps developers working with multiple C... Télécharger
worldfoundry(freshmeat) World Foundry World Foundry is a 3D level game engine and ass... Télécharger
wquotes(freshmeat) wquotes wquotes lets you share and save your friends' q... Télécharger
wradio(freshmeat) wradio wradio is a radio application featuring unlimit... Télécharger
wwl(freshmeat) WWL Given two Maidenhead locators, WWL calculates d... Télécharger
www-sql(freshmeat) www-sql www-sql is able to display information from MyS... Télécharger
xarchon(freshmeat) X ARCHON In X ARCHON, much like in the original ARCHON, ... Télécharger
x-wvdial(freshmeat) x-wvdial x-wvdial is an X11-based frontend for wvdial, a... Télécharger
x10mp3(freshmeat) x10mp3 x10mp3 is a plugin for XMMS to control it using... Télécharger
x2(freshmeat) X2 X2 provides channel services to a Universal irc... Télécharger
xarman(freshmeat) xarman xarman is an addictive two player version of Mi... Télécharger
xawxpm(freshmeat) XawXpm Xaw-xpm is a hack on Xaw3d, which is in turn ba... Télécharger
xbeats(freshmeat) xbeats xbeats is a beats clock dockable in both Window... Télécharger
xcclock(freshmeat) XCclock XCclock offers a nice clock and an alarm functi... Télécharger
xcut(freshmeat) xcut xcut is a surprisingly useful program which man... Télécharger
xdc(freshmeat) XDC XDC is a DialControl Client for X under Linux. ... Télécharger
xdmphoto(freshmeat) xdmphoto Xdmphoto is a "user photo aware" clon... Télécharger
xfedor(freshmeat) xfedor xfedor is a simple editor to create and modify ... Télécharger
xfinger(freshmeat) XFinger XFinger is an X frontend for finger. Télécharger
xfriends(freshmeat) Xfriends Xfriends is a buddy list program which uses fin... Télécharger
xget(freshmeat) xget xget is a Perl/Tk, C/GTK+, and Perl console uti... Télécharger
xhyperoid(freshmeat) xhyperoid xhyperoid is essentially an Asteroids clone, bu... Télécharger
xinvaders3d(freshmeat) XInvaders 3D XInvaders 3D is a 3D Space Invaders clone for X... Télécharger
xipm(freshmeat) XIPM XIPM is a package management and system mainten... Télécharger
xjigmgr(freshmeat) xjigmgr Xjigmgr is a GUI frontend to xjig, a great jigs... Télécharger
xkeycaps(freshmeat) XKeyCaps XKeyCaps is a graphical front-end to xmodmap. I... Télécharger
xloadtime(freshmeat) XLoadtime XLoadtime is a replacement for the standard X s... Télécharger
xlogmaster(freshmeat) Xlogmaster Xlogmaster allows comfortable and fast control ... Télécharger
xmacro(freshmeat) XMacro The XMacro package contains two programs (xmacr... Télécharger
xml2sql(freshmeat) xml2sql xml2sql is a collection of Perl script to conve... Télécharger
xmlxpath(freshmeat) XML::XPath XML::XPath locates nodes in XML documents using... Télécharger
xmlmarc(freshmeat) XMLMARC XMLMARC converts MARC (MAchine Readable Catalog... Télécharger

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