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xsst(freshmeat) X Starship Traders (Xsst) X Starship Traders is a GTK+-based X Windows cl... Télécharger
larspy(freshmeat) Lars Freenet Monitor Lars is a Python/wxPython GUI monitor for the o... Télécharger
jogdial-patch(freshmeat) Jogdial Patch The Jogdial Patch integrates the jogdial packag... Télécharger
spinlogs(freshmeat) spinlogs Spinlogs is a shell script for rotating system ... Télécharger
chasm(freshmeat) C style Hyper ASM Chasm is a language that uses assembler meat wi... Télécharger
starwar(freshmeat) StarWar StarWar is a 2D space shooting game similar to ... Télécharger
tort(freshmeat) Tort Tort creates pie chart graphics. It could be us... Télécharger
mp3ascd(freshmeat) mp3ascd.pl mp3ascd.pl is Perl script which treats MP3s as ... Télécharger
mailspam(freshmeat) MailSpammer MailSpammer is a simple mailing list manager fo... Télécharger
klettres(freshmeat) KLettres KLettres aims to teach very young children (2-6... Télécharger
phptalo(freshmeat) PHPTalo PHP-Talo is a rewrite from scratch of PHP-Nuke.... Télécharger
waterfallspectrumanalyzer(freshmeat) waterfall spectrum analyzer Waterfall is a visualization plugin for XMMS. I... Télécharger
phpmycds(freshmeat) phpMyCDs phpMyCDs is a little utility written in PHP to ... Télécharger
cgicq(freshmeat) CGICQ CGICQ is a CGI application designed to send inp... Télécharger
xmlprocfs(freshmeat) xmlproc file system The xmlprocfs is a new filesystem to report the... Télécharger
vtclcheck(freshmeat) visualTclCheck visualTclCheck is a tool for providing a user f... Télécharger
gnomie(freshmeat) gnomie gnomie is a quick hack which lets you click lin... Télécharger
mpd(freshmeat) Music Player Daemon Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a server that allo... Télécharger
wmbored(freshmeat) wmbored wmbored displays the time (in second, minute, h... Télécharger
wmxres(freshmeat) wmxres wmxres allows you to select and activate your ... Télécharger
wmmuezzin(freshmeat) wmMuezzin wmMuzzin computes the time to pray for a specif... Télécharger
wapreview(freshmeat) WAPreview WAPreview is a WAP browser runs within Netscape... Télécharger
pee(freshmeat) Perl Embedding Engine The Perl Embedding Engine is a Perl-based templ... Télécharger
vtkqgl(freshmeat) Vtkqgl Vtkqgl is a Qt widget that uses the qgl widget ... Télécharger
katy(freshmeat) Katy Katy is a text editor for KDE which is inspired... Télécharger
siconv(freshmeat) siconv siconv (StreamICONV) filters its stdin to stdou... Télécharger
easysite(freshmeat) easysite easysite helps you make your Web site. Just wri... Télécharger
openflow(freshmeat) The OpenFlow project The OpenFlow Project is an Open Source applicat... Télécharger
textslides(freshmeat) textslides textslides generates a set of HTML slides from ... Télécharger
odns(freshmeat) oDns oDns is a simple php/Perl/MySQL frontend to the... Télécharger
oracletoolbox(freshmeat) Oracle Toolbox Oracle Toolbox is a collection of PHP scripts t... Télécharger
cumulus(freshmeat) Cumulus Cumulus is a software synthesizer which impleme... Télécharger
newsportal(freshmeat) News-Portal Newsportal is a PHP script which enables access... Télécharger
minimta(freshmeat) MiniMTA MiniMTA is a simple class that acts as a tiny M... Télécharger
genericcolouriser(freshmeat) Generic Colouriser Inspired by logcolorizer, colorlog, acl, colorg... Télécharger
jude(freshmeat) Jude Jude is a rapid application development tool to... Télécharger
spsp(freshmeat) simple Python Server Page simple Python Server Page is a server-side scri... Télécharger
instasync(freshmeat) InstaSync InstaSync is file-grained rsync without rsync. ... Télécharger
enjoympeg(freshmeat) Enjoympeg Enjoympeg is an MPEG-1 video player based on th... Télécharger
satellite(freshmeat) Satellite Satellite can track many remote machines with d... Télécharger
ivf++(freshmeat) Interactive Visualization Framework Ivf++ (Interactive Visualization Framework) is ... Télécharger
c2fortune(freshmeat) Cronos II Fortune Plugin The Cronos II Fortune Plugin gives you the opti... Télécharger
apt-sources(freshmeat) apt-sources Apt-sources simplifies the task of finding opti... Télécharger
gflow(freshmeat) Gnome Flow Gnome Flow is a program written to calculate an... Télécharger
likken(freshmeat) Likken Likken is a simple interface for managing direc... Télécharger
blurt(freshmeat) Bloody Lame Useless Redundant Terminal Blurt (Bloody Lame Useless Redundant Terminal) ... Télécharger
distance(freshmeat) Distance Disassembler Distance produces disassembled output in a form... Télécharger
cddb_py(freshmeat) CDDB.py CDDB.py provides an easy way for Python program... Télécharger
passwdd(freshmeat) passwdd passwdd is a client/server packages which allow... Télécharger
buttonbar(freshmeat) buttonbar Buttonbar is a fast, lightweight program which ... Télécharger
musicale(freshmeat) Musicale Musicale is a console player which allows the m... Télécharger
nukei18n(freshmeat) PHPNuke localization PHPNuke localization is an effort to make PHPNu... Télécharger
webqa(freshmeat) WebQA WebQA tries to be a multi-user relational Web d... Télécharger
python-cschtml(freshmeat) python-cschtml python-cschtml is a Python binding for the CscH... Télécharger
python-gdkinput(freshmeat) python-gdkinput python-gdkinput is a Python binding for the gdk... Télécharger
python-gdkpixbuf(freshmeat) python-gdkpixbuf python-gdkpixbuf is a dynamic object module to ... Télécharger
omms(freshmeat) Open Modular Message System OMMS is the Open Modular Message System. It use... Télécharger
poppwd(freshmeat) poppwd poppwd implements the Eudora password changing ... Télécharger
navsquare(freshmeat) navsquare Navsquare is a web tool to generate navigation ... Télécharger
newmail(freshmeat) newmail newmail looks at mailboxes and determines if an... Télécharger
luci(freshmeat) LUCI LUCI, written in Python, is a Universal Configu... Télécharger
bounce_it(freshmeat) bOUNCE iT! bOUNCE iT! is a small oldschool demoscene intro... Télécharger
websearcher(freshmeat) Web Searcher Web Searcher is an applet for GNOME that allows... Télécharger
phpwebedit(freshmeat) PHPWebEdit PHPWebEdit is an applet text editor and file ma... Télécharger
magicstats(freshmeat) MagicStats MagicStats is a Web server log analysis tool th... Télécharger
perlcomposer(freshmeat) Perl Composer PerlComposer (formerly known as VisualPerl) is ... Télécharger
pygresql(freshmeat) PyGreSQL PyGreSQL is a Python module that interfaces to ... Télécharger
stripmime-alt(freshmeat) Stripmime-alt Stripmime removes non-MIME sections from email.... Télécharger
winie(freshmeat) Winie Winie is a W3C network utility (implemented in ... Télécharger
nc100em(freshmeat) nc100em nc100em is an Amstrad NC100/NC200 emulator; the... Télécharger
dldialog(freshmeat) DLDialog DLDialog offers the capability to draw a variet... Télécharger
signaturedb(freshmeat) SignatureDB SignatureDB is actually two components, an Inte... Télécharger
kdao(freshmeat) KDisk-At-Once kdao (KDisk-At-Once) edits tables of content (T... Télécharger
lilo-colors(freshmeat) Lilo-Colors Lilo-Colors is a patch to LILO 21 that enables ... Télécharger
unrm(freshmeat) unrm unrm is a small shell utility which can, under ... Télécharger
koog(freshmeat) Koog Epsilon Koog Epsilon is an integrated Napster client us... Télécharger
stellashell(freshmeat) Stella Shell Stella Shell is a shell/GUI to allow easy selec... Télécharger
efingerd(freshmeat) efingerd efingerd is a finger daemon which executes prog... Télécharger
kbmon(freshmeat) KBMon KBMon is a bandwidth-monitor for local network ... Télécharger
plauncher(freshmeat) pLauncher pLauncher allows you to centralize all of your ... Télécharger
phpsched(freshmeat) phpSched phpSched is an application for the creation and... Télécharger
khrono(freshmeat) khrono Khrono is a simple timer for KDE. It features a... Télécharger
revava(freshmeat) revava revava is a single-pass disassembler that reads... Télécharger
xmlrpctcl(freshmeat) XML-RPC for Tcl XML-RPC for Tcl is a Tcl implementation of XML-... Télécharger
mod_dns(freshmeat) mod_dns mod_dns is an Apache module that provides effic... Télécharger
autorun(freshmeat) autorun autorun automagically recognizes all available ... Télécharger
regexx(freshmeat) Regexx Regexx is a complete regular expressions C++ so... Télécharger
gnuoleo(freshmeat) GNU Oleo GNU Oleo is a lightweight spreadsheet applicati... Télécharger
aee(freshmeat) aee aee is a text editor that is intended to be usa... Télécharger
gradient-fu(freshmeat) gradient-fu gradient-fu is a patch for the GIMP that expose... Télécharger
peepdb(freshmeat) PeepDB PeepDB is a Python module for working with PDB ... Télécharger
surfd(freshmeat) Surfboard HTTPd Surfboard is a simple HTTP server. It supports ... Télécharger
bc(freshmeat) bc bc' is an arbitrary precision calculator langua... Télécharger
quotation-tools(freshmeat) quotation-tools quotation-tools contains Python code for parsin... Télécharger
winux(freshmeat) Winux Winux is a graphical configuration interface fo... Télécharger
irclog2html_pl(freshmeat) irclog2html.pl irclog2html.pl converts your IRC log files into... Télécharger
smart(freshmeat) SMArT SMArT is a webconfig tool for MARS_NWE (a Novel... Télécharger
dateit(freshmeat) PHP DateIt PHP DateIt is a calender where you can add appo... Télécharger
plhtml(freshmeat) plhtml plhtml is a preprocessor for html documents. It... Télécharger
razip(freshmeat) RAZip The RAZip bitstream format was designed to prov... Télécharger

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