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ahts(freshmeat) An HTML Templating System AHTS stands for An HTML Templating System. It i... Télécharger
xmltp(freshmeat) XMLtp XMLtp is a tiny XML parser/processor written in... Télécharger
gfontview(freshmeat) Font Viewer gfontview is a GTK+ font viewer for PostScript ... Télécharger
wctpxml(freshmeat) wctpXml Library (WCTP Toolkit) wctpXml offers C++ developers a class library t... Télécharger
gcr(freshmeat) Games::Chess::Referee Perl Module This is an early conversion of my first chess-r... Télécharger
ltag(freshmeat) ltag A program to list symbolic tags appearing anywh... Télécharger
kledapplet(freshmeat) kledapplet kledapplet is a KDE Kicker applet which shows t... Télécharger
tcap(freshmeat) TCap TCap is a simple video4linux capture applicatio... Télécharger
karin(freshmeat) Karin Karin detects and deletes commercials from vide... Télécharger
comclear(freshmeat) ComClear ComClear is a history cleaner for Netscape Navi... Télécharger
pyada(freshmeat) pyAda pyAda enables programmers to write Python exten... Télécharger
rockbot(freshmeat) RockBot RockBot is a fully functional multi-channel &qu... Télécharger
corelinux++(freshmeat) CoreLinux++ CoreLinux++ is an initiative to normalize metho... Télécharger
mybad(freshmeat) MyBaD MyBaD is an MP3 player that aims to be a rewrit... Télécharger
scandoc(freshmeat) ScanDoc Scandoc is a documentation generator, similar t... Télécharger
original(freshmeat) ORIGINAL ORIGINAL (Open Remote Image Gallery Initially N... Télécharger
qwpython(freshmeat) QuakeWorld Python QWPython is a Python-powered QuakeWorld dedicat... Télécharger
tuxnes(freshmeat) TuxNES TuxNES is an emulator for the 8-bit Nintendo En... Télécharger
sigmaker(freshmeat) sigmaker sigmaker is a random .signature generator. Unli... Télécharger
misterproper(freshmeat) Mister Proper Mister Proper is a GNOME application designed t... Télécharger
fancylogin(freshmeat) fancylogin Fancylogin is one of the most powerful login pr... Télécharger
openai-genetic-algorithm(freshmeat) OpenAI Genetic Algorithm The OpenAI project is centered around the advan... Télécharger
august(freshmeat) August August is a free html editor for the UNIX platf... Télécharger
cavor(freshmeat) CAVOR CAVOR comprises a component-based engine and sc... Télécharger
php-plus-plus(freshmeat) PHP++ PHP++ is an object-oriented version of PHP. It... Télécharger
hammer(freshmeat) Hammer Hammer is JSX, refactored and rewritten. Deser... Télécharger
wraf(freshmeat) Web Resource Application Framework Wraf implements an RDF API that hopes to realiz... Télécharger
phplinkvalidator(freshmeat) phpLinkValidator phpLinkValidator will validate links in the HTM... Télécharger
aa3d(freshmeat) aa3d aa3d generates high quality ascii art stereogra... Télécharger
aavga(freshmeat) aavga aavga is a portable, secure drop-in replacement... Télécharger
geotrace(freshmeat) Geographical Traceroute Geographical Traceroute is written in C and use... Télécharger
pynlq(freshmeat) NLQ.py NLQ.py implements a class that can parse natura... Télécharger
reo-analyze(freshmeat) REO-analyze REO-analyze is a collection of PHP-Scripts to a... Télécharger
compilercache(freshmeat) compilercache Compilercache is a wrapper around your C and C+... Télécharger
pyvigen(freshmeat) vigen.py vigen.py is an implementation of the Vigenere C... Télécharger
rotnn_py(freshmeat) RotNN.py RotNN.py is a python module that allows the use... Télécharger
irccat(freshmeat) irccat irccat concatenates and displays files on a cha... Télécharger
osdb(freshmeat) Open Source Database Benchmark OSDB, the open source database benchmark, is in... Télécharger
clint(freshmeat) Clint Clint is a test bed for static source code chec... Télécharger
pgtk(freshmeat) PGTK PGTK (The Photo-Gallery ToolKit) consists of a ... Télécharger
smash(freshmeat) Smash Smash sends messages to mobile phones and pager... Télécharger
klassie(freshmeat) KLassie KLassie is a Kicker panel applet to allow you t... Télécharger
fifolog(freshmeat) syslog-fifo syslog-fifo reads syslog messages from a fifo p... Télécharger
linuxmasqueraderlogpatch(freshmeat) ip-masq-log The ip-masq-log patch can be used on a masquera... Télécharger
kdestudio(freshmeat) KDEStudio This is an IDE for the development of C++ KDE a... Télécharger
vetetris(freshmeat) vetetris vetetris is a game written in Java. It's simila... Télécharger
actionpoll(freshmeat) actionpoll Actionpoll is a simple PHP script which provide... Télécharger
aime(freshmeat) AIME AIME is a C++ MUD engine with an OO design, des... Télécharger
powerd(freshmeat) Power Daemon Power Daemon (powerd) is a daemon that can moni... Télécharger
mini_httpd(freshmeat) mini_httpd mini_httpd is a small HTTP server. Its performa... Télécharger
ovplayer(freshmeat) Ogg Vorbis Player OVPlayer is a GTK+ based Ogg Vorbis Audio playe... Télécharger
sourcery(freshmeat) Sourcery Sourcery is a cross-platform disassembler with ... Télécharger
algebradb(freshmeat) AlgebraDB AlgebraDB is a relational database with infinit... Télécharger
czoom(freshmeat) Console Zoom Console Zoom is a program to magnify the consol... Télécharger
attackwatch(freshmeat) attackwatch Attackwatch is intended to enhance the security... Télécharger
janszoon(freshmeat) Janszoon Janszoon comprises a library that can parse dat... Télécharger
mp3organizer(freshmeat) MP3Organizer MP3Organizer is designed to organize your MP3 c... Télécharger
xalf(freshmeat) Xalf Xalf is a small utility to provide feedback whe... Télécharger
phpmyboard(freshmeat) phpMyBoard phpMyBoard is a noteboard that uses PHP/MySQL. ... Télécharger
ksendfax(sfnet) KSendFax KSendFax is an interface to known FAX-Packages ... Télécharger
pytrex(freshmeat) PyTREX PyTREX is an open source implementation of TRE... Télécharger
rcxdatalog(freshmeat) RCXDatalog RCXDatalog is a GUI-based Unix tool to interact... Télécharger
djukebox(freshmeat) djukebox djukebox is a distributed MP3 jukebox, designed... Télécharger
sentinel(freshmeat) Sentinel Sentinel is a fast file scanner similar to Trip... Télécharger
lamp-project(freshmeat) Lamp LAMP (Linux Audio Mangling Project) is a GUI-ba... Télécharger
repeatit(freshmeat) RepeatIt RepeatIt is an XMMS plug-in which supports &quo... Télécharger
graphcontrols(freshmeat) OpenGL Graphical ActiveX Controls Graphcontrols is a set of ActiveX controls for ... Télécharger
iscsi(freshmeat) iSCSI Linux Initiator Driver iSCSI Linux Initiator Driver is a kernel module... Télécharger
libxode(freshmeat) libxode libxode is an XML library which wraps expat. It... Télécharger
kvanttisms(freshmeat) Kvanttisms Kvanttisms is a Java class library for sending ... Télécharger
jf-bugtracker(freshmeat) Javafreedom Bugtracker Javafreedom Bugtracker is a simple servlet base... Télécharger
rinn(freshmeat) Rinn Rinn is a CORBA ORB written in Ruby. Currently... Télécharger
aview(freshmeat) aview aview is an high quality image(pnm) browser and... Télécharger
gtk-launch(freshmeat) GTK-Launch GTK-Launch is a program launcher, the equivalen... Télécharger
tinderbox2(freshmeat) Tinderbox2 Tinderbox allows developers and management to s... Télécharger
gnufo(freshmeat) Gnufo GNUfo is a shoot'em up game which is similar to... Télécharger
adsl_sh(freshmeat) adsl.sh adsl.sh is a Bash script to easily manage an AD... Télécharger
libpackage(freshmeat) Open Package Library libpackage is a set of C++ classes for storing ... Télécharger
oxml(freshmeat) Oxml Oxml is a simple C++ wrapper for the expat libr... Télécharger
pngtools(freshmeat) PNGtools PNGtools is a set of utilities for working with... Télécharger
lilypond(freshmeat) LilyPond LilyPond is a music typesetter. It produces bea... Télécharger
adacgi(freshmeat) AdaCGI AdaCGI is an Ada95 interface to the "Commo... Télécharger
lisa(freshmeat) LAN Information Server LISa LISa is a small daemon which provides something... Télécharger
usbmgr(freshmeat) usbmgr The usbmgr loads and unloads Linux USB kernel m... Télécharger
vm-pop3d(freshmeat) virtualmail-pop3d virtualmail-pop3d is a simple and fast POP3 ser... Télécharger
soapy(freshmeat) SOAPy SOAPy is a SOAP/XML Schema Library for Python. ... Télécharger
bbdemo(freshmeat) BB Demonstration of the possibilities of AA-lib, t... Télécharger
tempest-am(freshmeat) Tempest-AM Tempest-AM generates patterns that cause high r... Télécharger
gsnes9x(freshmeat) GSnes9x GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SNE... Télécharger
aalib(freshmeat) AA-lib AA-lib is a low level gfx library just as many ... Télécharger
promp3(freshmeat) ProMP3 ProMP3 allows you to listen to music playing fr... Télécharger
batt(freshmeat) Batt - a GTK apm power monitor Batt is an LCD-like battery power monitor for L... Télécharger
b4wbem(freshmeat) B4wbem B4wbem provides a Perl library to develop CIM/W... Télécharger
sformat(freshmeat) sformat Sformat allows you to format, partition, analyz... Télécharger
diald-scrooge(freshmeat) diald-scrooge Diald-scrooge optimizes your diald up costs by ... Télécharger
phppoker(freshmeat) phpPoker phpPoker is a poker game written in PHP that fe... Télécharger
mtgox-trader(freshmeat) Mt.Gox trader Mt.Gox trader is a fully automatic bitcoin trad... Télécharger
evas(freshmeat) evas Evas is a canvas library, designed to work with... Télécharger
circuslinux!(freshmeat) Circus Linux! Circus Linux! is a clone of the Atari 2600 game... Télécharger
dh-make-text(freshmeat) dh_make_text dh_make_text is a program for quickly convertin... Télécharger

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