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dpcl(freshmeat) Dynamic Probe Class Library Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object... Télécharger
omapper(freshmeat) OMapper OMapper provides a simple library to ease the p... Télécharger
pong(freshmeat) PonG PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating G... Télécharger
phpdaymanage(freshmeat) PHPDayManage PHPDayManage lets you manage your day (tasks, p... Télécharger
toshibapdr(freshmeat) toshibapdr toshibapdr is a command line client for communi... Télécharger
mailadmin(freshmeat) Email Administration Utility The Email Administration Utilities package can ... Télécharger
facile(freshmeat) FaCiLe FaCiLe is a constraint programming library over... Télécharger
parcittox(freshmeat) Parcittox Parcittox is a clipboard manager with network s... Télécharger
libvm68k(freshmeat) libvm68k libvm68k is an M68000 virtual machine library w... Télécharger
auth_ldap(freshmeat) auth_ldap auth_ldap is an LDAP authentication module for ... Télécharger
xirc(freshmeat) xIrc xIrc is a QT based IRC client featuring individ... Télécharger
mod_python(freshmeat) mod_python Mod_python is an Apache module that embeds the ... Télécharger
xtl(freshmeat) XTL The XTL (Externalization Template Library) is a... Télécharger
yahp(freshmeat) Yahp Yahp is an HTML pre-processor. It's largely bas... Télécharger
logn(freshmeat) login-notifier logn (login-notifier) notifies you about logins... Télécharger
kapptemplate(freshmeat) KAppTemplate KAppTemplate is a set of modular shell scripts ... Télécharger
econtrol(freshmeat) EggControl EggControl is a TCL\TK Graphical User Interface... Télécharger
dissocstudio(freshmeat) Dissociated Studio Dissociated Studio plays through a piece of mus... Télécharger
gkvoice(freshmeat) gvoice gvoice enables other GKrellM plugins to use the... Télécharger
gvacm(freshmeat) gvacm gvacm is a VACM plugin for GKrellM that allows ... Télécharger
glogwatch(freshmeat) glogwatch glogwatch is a GKrellM plugin that alllows the ... Télécharger
rebot3_pl(freshmeat) rebot3.pl rebot3.pl renames MP3 files that you have grabb... Télécharger
kdc2tiff(freshmeat) kdc2tiff kdc2tiff is software to convert .kdc images fro... Télécharger
toon(freshmeat) TooN TooN is a very efficient numerics library for C... Télécharger
licen(freshmeat) Licen Licen is a multi platform permission backup too... Télécharger
simplecdr(freshmeat) SimpleCDR SimpleCDR is a console-based, menu-driven front... Télécharger
gaby(freshmeat) Gaby Gaby is a small personal database manager using... Télécharger
tkweather(freshmeat) TkWeather TkWeather is a compact Tcl/Tk GUI that will acc... Télécharger
seek42(freshmeat) Seek42 Seek42 is a fully featured search engine for SM... Télécharger
dirwatch(freshmeat) Directory Watcher Directory Watcher was written to aid in the di... Télécharger
sysinfophp(freshmeat) PHP System Information PHP System Information (pseudo class) is a col... Télécharger
phpjournaler(freshmeat) PHPjournaler PHPjournaler is a PHP frontend and MySQL datab... Télécharger
tt-news(freshmeat) TT-News TT-News (Tick Tick-News) is a news-ticker, writ... Télécharger
recall(freshmeat) Recall Recall is a framework for writing distributed, ... Télécharger
jrmpdownload(freshmeat) RMP Download for Java The RMP Downloader for Java is a library to do ... Télécharger
queue_repair(freshmeat) queue_repair queue_repair can be used to check or correct mo... Télécharger
vfp(freshmeat) vfp vfp (video for Pascal) is a Freepascal interfac... Télécharger
xetoxe2(freshmeat) xetoxe2 xetoxe2 is a tool to convert the old XEphem xe ... Télécharger
rubyx11(freshmeat) Ruby X11 Client Library The Ruby X11 Client Library is an object-orient... Télécharger
jacksorbetter(freshmeat) JacksOrBetter JacksOrBetter is a simple video poker simulator... Télécharger
gametimer(freshmeat) Game Timer Game Timer takes the place of a mechanical game... Télécharger
pygs(freshmeat) PyGS PyGS (the Python Gopher Server) is an asynchron... Télécharger
ps2tiffs(freshmeat) ps2tiffs ps2tiffs extracts the sampled images from a Pos... Télécharger
scribbler(freshmeat) scribbler Scribbler is a quick, easy, minimalistic diary ... Télécharger
mifit(freshmeat) Micro fitter Micro fitter searches the best approximation to... Télécharger
netbiff(freshmeat) NetBiff Netbiff is an advanced version of the tradition... Télécharger
s3dxml(freshmeat) s3dxml s3d is an XML schema for 3d scenes, objects, an... Télécharger
gda-perl(freshmeat) GDA Perl Bindings The GDA Perl Module Library is a set of Perl bi... Télécharger
pgen(freshmeat) pgen pgen is a small set of m4 macros and a tool to ... Télécharger
catalog(freshmeat) Catalog Catalog allows to build and maintain Yahoo! sty... Télécharger
confuse_router(freshmeat) Confuse Router Confuse Router is an ARP cache poisoner. It was... Télécharger
shellsupport(freshmeat) shellsupport shellsupport supports (bourne) shell scripting.... Télécharger
pytele(freshmeat) PyTele PyTele implements an interface to the Linux Tel... Télécharger
e-expr(freshmeat) e e is a tiny command line expression evaluator. ... Télécharger
ipxplugins(freshmeat) The IPX Gimp Plugins The IPX Gimp Plugins package contains many plug... Télécharger
visualtcl(freshmeat) Visual Tcl Visual Tcl (vtcl) is a visual application devel... Télécharger
leegizmos(freshmeat) Lee's Metadot Gizmos Metadot is a nice portal system written in Perl... Télécharger
lunafin(freshmeat) lunafin lunafin is a home banking program that comes in... Télécharger
papad(freshmeat) Publicly Available PAssworDs Publicly Available PAssworDs is a program to ca... Télécharger
awka(freshmeat) Awka Awka is both a translator of AWK programs to AN... Télécharger
jcricket(freshmeat) JCricket JCricket is a cricket management simulation wri... Télécharger
phpopenformgen(freshmeat) phpOpenFormGenerator phpOpenFormGen uses simple definitions to creat... Télécharger
freakout(freshmeat) FreakOut FreakOut is a portable breakout game with lots ... Télécharger
npulse(freshmeat) nPulse nPULSE is a Web-based network monitoring packag... Télécharger
htag(freshmeat) htag htag is a successor to HuggieTag. It's a random... Télécharger
swocket(freshmeat) Swocket Swocket is a cross-platform modular XML Socket ... Télécharger
babytrans(freshmeat) BabyTrans BabyTrans is a very simple GTK+/GNOME front-end... Télécharger
pgp-mime-handler(freshmeat) pgp-mime-handler RFC 2015 defines a proposed Internet standard f... Télécharger
qtxmms(freshmeat) Qt-XMMS Qt-XMMS is an XMMS plugin for playing Quicktime... Télécharger
adesktop(freshmeat) Agenda Desktop Project The Agenda Desktop lets you run the Agenda's PI... Télécharger
cutils(freshmeat) C language utilities The cutils collection is composed of: cdecl and... Télécharger
termserv(freshmeat) GNU/Linux TerminalServer for Schools The GNU/Linux TerminalServer for Schools provid... Télécharger
xtell(freshmeat) xtell xtell allows you to send messages between compu... Télécharger
jpg-recover(freshmeat) JPEG Recovery jpg-recover may be able to recover the images l... Télécharger
sdl4fp(freshmeat) SDL4Freepascal SDL4Freepascal is a set of FreePascal units bin... Télécharger
txt(freshmeat) txt txt is a simple command-line tool that converts... Télécharger
acorn(freshmeat) WorldForge::Acorn Acorn is the second in a series of games create... Télécharger
hypersonicsql(freshmeat) Hypersonic SQL Hypersonic SQL is an Open Source Java database.... Télécharger
pxpvalidate(freshmeat) pxpvalidate pxpvalidate is based on the XML parser PXP, and... Télécharger
webpic(freshmeat) WebPic WebPic is an application used to take a directo... Télécharger
wavnorm(freshmeat) wavnorm wavnorm is a simple command line utility to des... Télécharger
jwebadmin(freshmeat) web server administration platform in java web server administration platform in java is a... Télécharger
mod_gzip(freshmeat) mod_gzip mod_gzip, a content acceleration module for Apa... Télécharger
autoswish(freshmeat) AutoSwish AutoSwish is a front end for Swish-E. It allows... Télécharger
nunit(freshmeat) NUnit NUnit is a unit testing framework for all .NET ... Télécharger
metadotforms(freshmeat) Forms for Metadot Web Portal Forms for Metadot Web Portal is a web based for... Télécharger
jscorba(freshmeat) JS/CORBA Adapter The JS/CORBA Adapter provides a mechanism for a... Télécharger
daf-ftpd(freshmeat) Dumb As Fudge FTP Daemon daf-ftpd (Dumb As Fudge) is a simple FTP daemon... Télécharger
phphelpdesk(freshmeat) PHP Helpdesk PHP Helpdesk is an online helpdesk program for ... Télécharger
zipios(freshmeat) Zipios++ Zipios++ is a java.util.zip-like C++ library fo... Télécharger
wctpxml-python(freshmeat) wctpxml-python wctpxml-python is a Python module to send a pag... Télécharger
codsys(freshmeat) CODSYS CODSYS is a Perl/Web-based system for collabora... Télécharger
gefx(freshmeat) Gefx Gefx is a visualization plugin for XMMS. It is ... Télécharger
sunflash(freshmeat) Sunflash Sunflash is a visualization plugin for XMMS. It... Télécharger
nullcraftpdk(freshmeat) Nullcraft Portal Development Kit Nullcraft Portal Development Kit is a tool for ... Télécharger
vx68k(freshmeat) Virtual X68000 Virtual X68000 is a virtual machine that emulat... Télécharger
tgt(freshmeat) Text GUI Toolkit Text GUI Toolkit (TGT) allows the programmer to... Télécharger
vpwd2sql(freshmeat) EnderUNIX Vpwd2SQL EnderUNIX Vpwd2SQL is a tool written in PERL th... Télécharger
sftdisk(freshmeat) Suffix tree implementation library Suffix tree implementation library is a C libra... Télécharger
perlssh(freshmeat) PerlSSH PerlSSH is a Perl module to make SSH and SCP u... Télécharger

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