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tgt(freshmeat) Text GUI Toolkit Text GUI Toolkit (TGT) allows the programmer to... Télécharger
vpwd2sql(freshmeat) EnderUNIX Vpwd2SQL EnderUNIX Vpwd2SQL is a tool written in PERL th... Télécharger
sftdisk(freshmeat) Suffix tree implementation library Suffix tree implementation library is a C libra... Télécharger
perlssh(freshmeat) PerlSSH PerlSSH is a Perl module to make SSH and SCP u... Télécharger
va(freshmeat) va va (virtual administration) is a console based ... Télécharger
igloo(freshmeat) Igloo Weblog Igloo is a new PHP-based weblog, used by such s... Télécharger
xcyr-fonts(freshmeat) xcyr-fonts Xcyr-fonts is a package of Cyrillic screen font... Télécharger
daitanmarks(freshmeat) Daitanmarks Bookmark Engine Daitanmarks is a web application for sharing, ... Télécharger
bcv(freshmeat) bcv bcv is a simple command-line tool that take var... Télécharger
rndgen(freshmeat) Leon's Random Generators rndgen is a Java application that mirrors the f... Télécharger
nettoe(freshmeat) netToe netToe is a Tic Tac Toe-like game for the Linux... Télécharger
uri(freshmeat) uri uri is a library that analyses URIs and transfo... Télécharger
multislicertp(freshmeat) MultiSlice RTP Environment MultiSlice RTP is a radiotherapy treatment plan... Télécharger
vmapj(freshmeat) VMap/J VMap/J is a Java-based dynamic video mapping sy... Télécharger
mape(freshmeat) The Modular APplication Engine The Modular Application Engine (MAPE) allows pr... Télécharger
mifluz(freshmeat) mifluz The purpose of mifluz is to provide a C++ libra... Télécharger
phplib(freshmeat) PHPLIB PHPLIB is a base library for the PHP language. ... Télécharger
inlineguile(freshmeat) Inline::Guile The Inline::Guile module allows you to add bloc... Télécharger
evileye(freshmeat) EvilEye EvilEye is the EyeCandy of all image browsers, ... Télécharger
modefix_pl(freshmeat) modefix.pl modefix.pl combines find, chmod, and chown into... Télécharger
thejavasshtelnetapplicationapp(freshmeat) The Java SSH/Telnet Application/Applet The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is a fully featured ... Télécharger
domainstat(freshmeat) Domainstat Domainstat helps you find out where your websit... Télécharger
chordpack(freshmeat) Chordpack Chordpack is a tool written in Perl, whose purp... Télécharger
adq(freshmeat) ADQ ADQ is a project that aims to provide device dr... Télécharger
loggrep(freshmeat) loggrep loggrep greps kernel logfiles for ipchains fire... Télécharger
rseti(freshmeat) Remote Seti Remote Seti's purpose is to build a client-serv... Télécharger
cctrlin(freshmeat) Ccontrol Linux Ccontrol Linux is a development toolkit for a ... Télécharger
libgocr(freshmeat) libgocr libgocr is a library to help the creation of OC... Télécharger
herowarsprogram(freshmeat) Hero Wars Hero Wars implements the core rules of Issaries... Télécharger
mail-me(freshmeat) Mail-Me Mail-Me messenger includes a server and client ... Télécharger
jwhich(freshmeat) JWhich Given a class name, JWhich displays the absolut... Télécharger
mooircd(freshmeat) mooircd mooircd is essentially aiming to be a clone of ... Télécharger
pscan-plugin(freshmeat) PortScan Plugin The Portscan plugin for snort allows you to mon... Télécharger
tac(freshmeat) Tac Tac is a pure Tcl version of AOL Instant Messen... Télécharger
joseph(freshmeat) Joseph Joseph is a Python class and program that parse... Télécharger
myphpim(freshmeat) MyPhPim MyPhPim contains a Web-based email client, todo... Télécharger
adeos(freshmeat) Adeos Filesystem Security Scanner Adeos Filesystem Security Scanner is an automat... Télécharger
isms(freshmeat) iSMS The iSMS package is a mobile messaging gateway.... Télécharger
publicbookmarkgenerator(freshmeat) Public Bookmark Generator Public BookMark Generator (PBM) is a perl scrip... Télécharger
mod_erl(freshmeat) mod_erl mod_erl lets you embed Erlang statements in HTM... Télécharger
aspectj(freshmeat) aspectj aspectj is an aspect-oriented extension to Java... Télécharger
iptablesscript(freshmeat) seven's IPtables script seven's IPtables script features extensive logg... Télécharger
xpathvis(freshmeat) XPath Visualizer XPath Visualizer is graphical Java tool allowin... Télécharger
makrokosmos(freshmeat) Makrokosmos An ncurses-based multiplayer/multispecies space... Télécharger
mailverify(freshmeat) Mail::Verify Mail::Verify provides a function CheckAddress ... Télécharger
functional-php(freshmeat) Functional PHP Extension The Functional PHP Extension is a set of higher... Télécharger
acid(freshmeat) ACID The Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (A... Télécharger
anonvelope(freshmeat) anonvelope anonvelope is a mail-message processing program... Télécharger
mininux(freshmeat) Mininux Mininux is a rescue disk with ext2, reiserfs, v... Télécharger
vt52vnc(freshmeat) vdt52 VNC Viewer vt52vnc is a VNC viewer which can be used on pr... Télécharger
date-ical(freshmeat) Date::ICal Date::ICal is a base module for date and time o... Télécharger
gs4500(freshmeat) Genius GS-4500 handheld scanner driver This is a device driver for the Genius handheld... Télécharger
tdns-conv(freshmeat) tdns-conv tdns-conv is a tool to work with DJBDNS datafil... Télécharger
modmylog(freshmeat) mod_mylog mod_mylog is suite of Apache modules which prov... Télécharger
smoothmetal(freshmeat) Smooth Metal Look And Feel The Smooth Metal Look And Feel is an upgrade to... Télécharger
freereign(freshmeat) Free Reign Free Reign is a fully-3D city simulator, with a... Télécharger
smartui(freshmeat) SmartUI SmartUI is a lightweight Java library for user ... Télécharger
contour(freshmeat) Contour Contour consists of a viewer for bathymetric da... Télécharger
appswitch(freshmeat) Application Switch The Application Switch sits between application... Télécharger
pdumpq(freshmeat) pdumpq pdumpq can be used to take queued packets from ... Télécharger
cdxa(freshmeat) CDXA CDXA is an Audio XA file decoder/player that ha... Télécharger
svg2swf(freshmeat) svg2swf svg2swf is a Python script which converts W3C S... Télécharger
ti85emu(freshmeat) TI85 Emulator ti85emu is a free TI85 calculator emulator for ... Télécharger
muzcat(freshmeat) muZCat muZCat is Flate uncompression filter that can ... Télécharger
dev-cpp(freshmeat) Dev-C++ for Linux Dev-C++ is a full-featured IDE for C/C++ which ... Télécharger
photolib(freshmeat) Photolib Photolib is a Web-based photo gallery program, ... Télécharger
ddgen(freshmeat) Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator is a ... Télécharger
formatfloppy(freshmeat) format floppy format floppy formats your floppies with differ... Télécharger
elmpd(freshmeat) ELMP:TNG Server ELMP:TNG Server is the server component of the ... Télécharger
lune(freshmeat) Lune Lune is a MUD server written from scratch in th... Télécharger
virtusergen(freshmeat) Virtusergen Virtusergen allows you to specify address mappi... Télécharger
faqpool(freshmeat) FAQ-Pool FAQ-Pool is a Web-based FAQ administration tool... Télécharger
itm_libnetcomm(freshmeat) IT/m libnetcomm IT/m libnetcomm is a library which provides the... Télécharger
gnome-gcj(freshmeat) Gnome-GCJ Gnome-GCJ is a set of GTK+ and GNOME bindings f... Télécharger
standardfaq(freshmeat) StandardFAQ StandardFAQ is a simple FAQ manager, orginally ... Télécharger
nexus(freshmeat) Nexus framework Nexus is an infrastructure for component-based ... Télécharger
sitetools(freshmeat) Perl Site Tools The site tools package has classes to support a... Télécharger
cms2cvs(freshmeat) cms2cvs cms2cvs is a set of expect scripts to migrate e... Télécharger
xlogical(freshmeat) XLogical XLogical is a puzzle game based on an Amiga gam... Télécharger
crazybeans(freshmeat) CrazyBeans CrazyBeans provides an API to read, analyze, mo... Télécharger
l2micq(freshmeat) l2mICQ l2mICQ is a Perl-script intended for users swit... Télécharger
battstatapplet(freshmeat) Battstat applet Battstat is a battery status applet that monito... Télécharger
nethttpclient(freshmeat) HTTP Client class Net_HTTP_Client is a PHP class that provides an... Télécharger
kraftwurfel(freshmeat) Kraftwurfel The Kraftwurfel is a Linux-based appliance serv... Télécharger
maso(freshmeat) Merlinz AD&D Spell Organizer MASO (Merlinz AD&D Spell Organizer) is a GT... Télécharger
davidsperlgames(freshmeat) David's Perl Games These games are recreations of simple ASCII gra... Télécharger
ryansiob(freshmeat) Ryan's In/Out Board Ryan's In/Out Board is a Perl driven in/out boa... Télécharger
v3proxy(freshmeat) v3 v3 allows any user that has restricted net acce... Télécharger
magnetic_poetry(freshmeat) PHP Magnetic Poetry PHP Magnetic Poetry is Web-based bi-polar elect... Télécharger
net-ical(freshmeat) Net::ICal Net::ICal is an object-oriented Perl module for... Télécharger
siglab(freshmeat) SigLab SigLab is a calculator designed for working on ... Télécharger
hierarchic_sitemapper(freshmeat) Hierarchical Sitemapper Hierarchical Sitemapper is a Python script that... Télécharger
epgsqldb(freshmeat) PostgreSQL BIND-9 SDB interface PostgreSQL BIND-9 SDB interface is an enhanced ... Télécharger
super(freshmeat) super Super allows an admin to control access to file... Télécharger
nabn(freshmeat) NaBN NaBN is a small graphical text editor that auto... Télécharger
grpmerizor(freshmeat) Gtk::RPMmerizor The Gtk:RPMerizor is a graphical frontend for r... Télécharger
getxml(freshmeat) getxml getxml is an XML internationalization tool; it ... Télécharger
spacecraft(freshmeat) Spacecraft Analysis Spacecraft analysis is a set of four increasing... Télécharger
pinole(freshmeat) Pinole Pinole is a Perl-based script that allows you t... Télécharger
inphorm(freshmeat) inPhorm PHP Form Processing Class inPhorm is an all-in-one HTML form handling cla... Télécharger

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