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lvmgui(freshmeat) LVM GUI Project The LVM GUI project is a GUI for the Linux Logi... Télécharger
dnsupdate(freshmeat) dnsupdate Dnsupdate creates DNS tables from a hosts file ... Télécharger
lilo-splash(freshmeat) LILO-Splash-Screen Script-Fu LILO-Splash-Screen Script-Fu is a script for th... Télécharger
gnobog(freshmeat) Gnobog Gnobog (GNOME Bookmarks Organizer) helps you ma... Télécharger
sidplay2(freshmeat) sidplay2 Sidplay2 is the second in the Sidplay series or... Télécharger
authpgsql(freshmeat) auth postgresql auth postgresql provides the ability keep all u... Télécharger
qmailwebmin(freshmeat) qmailWebmin qmailWebmin is a Webmin module for administrati... Télécharger
kit(freshmeat) Keep in touch Keep in Touch aims to be a secure IM system for... Télécharger
libxmlement(freshmeat) libXMLement The libXMLement project is designed to provide ... Télécharger
sand(freshmeat) Simple Allpurpose New Diarykeeper Sand is a tool for keeping your diary. It handl... Télécharger
jsdl(freshmeat) Java for SDL Java for SDL is a set of Java bindings for SDL,... Télécharger
su-wrapper(freshmeat) suid wrapper suid wrapper is a wrapper program for executing... Télécharger
deimos(freshmeat) deimos The deimos project provides some platform indep... Télécharger
alamingsmsmsgateway(freshmeat) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway The Alamin GSM SMS Gateway is a group of daemon... Télécharger
startme(freshmeat) STARTME Like Microsoft's SETUP.EXE, STARTME is the star... Télécharger
theaceofpenguins(freshmeat) The Ace of Penguins This package includes freecell, golf, mastermin... Télécharger
modiwrap(freshmeat) ModiWrap ModiWrap is a scriptable, configurable, paranoi... Télécharger
nopeforyepp(freshmeat) nope for yepp nope provides Open Source drivers for the Samsu... Télécharger
pygps(freshmeat) pygps pygps is a GPS user interface. It shows a listi... Télécharger
package-converter(freshmeat) Package Converter Package Converter is an alien frontend . Alien ... Télécharger
rpld(freshmeat) RPLD rpld, which at present runs only under Linux, w... Télécharger
dumpmpeg(freshmeat) dumpmpeg dumpmpeg is a simple program that allows you to... Télécharger
spiralloops(freshmeat) SpiralLoops SpiralLoops is a simple visual tool for looping... Télécharger
viewmasq(freshmeat) Viewmasq Viewmasq displays the currently masqueraded con... Télécharger
cdr_request(freshmeat) CDR Request CDR Request is a web interface which allows a u... Télécharger
freesql(freshmeat) FreeSQL FreeSQL is an attempt to build a SQL layer for ... Télécharger
merchantempires(freshmeat) Merchant Empires Merchant Empires is a multiplayer, Web-based ga... Télécharger
selectedbackup(freshmeat) Selected Backup Selected Backup uses include and exclude files ... Télécharger
deska(freshmeat) Deska Deska provides graphical representations of che... Télécharger
ec_el(freshmeat) evening commander evening commander is a elisp implementation of ... Télécharger
mzfriends(freshmeat) MZFriends MZFriends is a very simple database program for... Télécharger
autoslack(freshmeat) autoslack Autoslack is designed to keep your Slackware Li... Télécharger
cambiasfondo(freshmeat) Cambiasfondo Cambiasfondo is a utility for changing the back... Télécharger
packet-cd(freshmeat) packet-cd CD-R/W discs can be written with a technique ca... Télécharger
landb(freshmeat) LANdb The LANdb Network Management Database provides ... Télécharger
anonynews(freshmeat) AnonyNews AnonyNews is a news server and client package w... Télécharger
pgmail(freshmeat) pgMail pgMail is a small Tcl-based script that you can... Télécharger
kmrml(freshmeat) MRML for KDE MRML for KDE is a KDE MRML client which offers ... Télécharger
k6mult(freshmeat) k6mult The k6mult utility sets the CPU multiplier fact... Télécharger
paraget(freshmeat) paraget Paraget is able to get a file in parallel from ... Télécharger
netstereo(freshmeat) NetStereo NetStereo is a server which runs on a computer ... Télécharger
fireparse(freshmeat) fireparse fireparse is an ADMLogger plugin that emails a ... Télécharger
birch(freshmeat) Birch Birch is a set of PHP scripts that allow you to... Télécharger
mgtk(freshmeat) mGTK mGTK is glue code to make GTK+ accessible from ... Télécharger
perlappserver(freshmeat) Perl Application Server Perl Application Server is an application serve... Télécharger
cwimp(freshmeat) CWimp CWimp (Cosmic Wimpout) is a fun dice game for t... Télécharger
universe(freshmeat) Universe Universe is an Open-Source game which resembles... Télécharger
nwall(freshmeat) nwall Nwall is designed to allow local-system chat. I... Télécharger
drobot(freshmeat) DRobot DRobot provides support (source code, documenta... Télécharger
fancybell(freshmeat) FancyBell for X FancyBell for X replaces the X keyboard bell wi... Télécharger
pconfig(freshmeat) pconfig pconfig is a Perl script to set up other Perl s... Télécharger
qbib(freshmeat) Qbib Qbib is a bibliography management system based ... Télécharger
http_ping(freshmeat) http_ping http_ping is like the regular ping command, exc... Télécharger
module-reloadable(freshmeat) Module::Reloadable Module::Reloadable is a Perl module which can b... Télécharger
cdkeeper(freshmeat) CDKeeper CDKeeper is a cd collection organizer. It helps... Télécharger
libclfll++(freshmeat) CoreLinux++ Function Load Library libclfll++ takes advantage of the abstract Libr... Télécharger
scenelib(freshmeat) sceneLib sceneLib is an OpenGL scene graph library writt... Télécharger
pgpenvelope(freshmeat) pgpenvelope pgpenvelope is an interface to help meld using ... Télécharger
ck(freshmeat) CK Curses Tcl Toolkit This is an excellent widget set for Tcl which r... Télécharger
qtime(freshmeat) Qddb Time Tracking System Qtime is a Qddb application designed to track c... Télécharger
gnudip2(freshmeat) GnuDIP2 GnuDIP2 implements a Dynamic IP DNS service. It... Télécharger
cppisf(freshmeat) C++ Internet Server Framework The aim of this project is to provide an easy w... Télécharger
paranormal(freshmeat) Paranormal Paranormal is an extremely customizable visuali... Télécharger
theskin(freshmeat) the skin The skin is a 2D realtime worms-like multiplaye... Télécharger
ksm(freshmeat) KSM-Scheme KSM-Scheme is a Scheme interprter that integrat... Télécharger
diablo(freshmeat) Diablo Diablo is a backbone news transit system, desig... Télécharger
ai_ga(freshmeat) AI::GA Simple Generalized Genetic Algorithm AI::GA implements a (hopefully) generalized gen... Télécharger
ksiemens(freshmeat) KSiemens KSiemens is a small KDE2 application that manag... Télécharger
taglines(freshmeat) Taglines Taglines is a program that will display a tagli... Télécharger
gdis(freshmeat) GDIS GDIS is a visualization program for small molec... Télécharger
jpckt32(freshmeat) Java Packet Capture Interface Java Packet Capture Inteface is a Java interfac... Télécharger
webuserinterface(freshmeat) Web User Interface Web User Interface is a stripped down version o... Télécharger
cours-perl(freshmeat) Cours de Perl Cours de Perl is a course provided for people t... Télécharger
gruborg(freshmeat) Grub.org client Grub.org's client is a Web crawler which helps ... Télécharger
chngpwd(freshmeat) chngpwd chngpwd is a secure wrapper to change user pass... Télécharger
linux-ftpd-ssl(freshmeat) linux-ftpd-ssl linux-ftdp-ssl is the netkit ftp server with e... Télécharger
myputsms(freshmeat) myputsms myputsms allows you to send SMS messages from t... Télécharger
netkit-ftp-ssl(freshmeat) netkit-ftp-ssl ftp-ssl is similar to the standard FTP client a... Télécharger
ax25-tools(freshmeat) ax25-tools The ax25-tools package contains the tools that ... Télécharger
poc(freshmeat) GNU POC GNU POC (Passwords On Card) allows you to manag... Télécharger
snmpmon(freshmeat) snmpmon snmpmon monitors bandwidth usage on a periodic ... Télécharger
kconfigure(freshmeat) kconfigure Kconfigure is designed to compile programs usin... Télécharger
collaboffice(freshmeat) CollabOffice CollabOffice is a Web-based Personal Informatio... Télécharger
gtkx10(freshmeat) GtkX10 GtkX10 is a tool for controlling home automatio... Télécharger
scrabaid(freshmeat) Scrabaid Scrabaid suggests moves for a player, given a S... Télécharger
aescrypt(freshmeat) AES Encryption for Shell Scripts AES Encryption for Shell Scripts provides stron... Télécharger
z-doc(freshmeat) ZDoc Z-Doc is an Aportis(TM) DOC compatible reader/w... Télécharger
wmquake(freshmeat) wmquake wmquake is a full featured quake 1 game that fi... Télécharger
gcc5(freshmeat) GCC5 - GCC compiler prepared for libc5 GCC5 is an environment prepared to generate lib... Télécharger
e-notes(freshmeat) E-Notes E-Notes is an application delete, create, and c... Télécharger
autosig(freshmeat) AutoSig Autosig is a small utility for generating .sign... Télécharger
psxlsgen(freshmeat) PHP Simple Excel File Generator The PHP Simple Excel File Generator includes so... Télécharger
cdrecorder(freshmeat) CDrecorder CDrecorder is a GUI for cdrecord and mkisofs. I... Télécharger
xoscope(freshmeat) xoscope Xoscope (or oscope) is a digital oscilloscope u... Télécharger
c2-filters(freshmeat) Cronos II Filters Cronos II Filters is a plugin for the Cronos II... Télécharger
turbine-tdk(freshmeat) Apache Jakarta Turbine Developers Kit The Turbine Development Kit (TDK) is a package ... Télécharger
rommanager(freshmeat) RomManager RomManager is a powerful emulator ROM managemen... Télécharger
bibelot(freshmeat) bibelot.pl bibelot.pl is a Perl script that formats and co... Télécharger
pvhost(freshmeat) PVHost PVHost is an ISP/power user tool that lets admi... Télécharger
multiseti(freshmeat) MultiSeti MultiSeti is a utility for the Seti@Home client... Télécharger

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