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snmpwatch(freshmeat) snmpwatch snmpwatch can be used to remotely watch via SN... Télécharger
mincombase(freshmeat) Mincom Base Mincom Base is the lowest level of the Java cod... Télécharger
witme-fileutils(freshmeat) Witme-fileutils Witme-fileutils is a version of GNU fileutils t... Télécharger
gnome-todo(freshmeat) GNOME-ToDo GNOME-todo is a simple reminder program that gi... Télécharger
fngrab(freshmeat) Freenet Grab Freenet Grab is a replacement for the official ... Télécharger
gtkup(freshmeat) Gtk Up Library Gtk Up Library is a user interface development ... Télécharger
sqmail(freshmeat) SQmaiL SQmaiL is a mail reader for GNOME that stores a... Télécharger
cfx_echo_secure_payment_cfml(freshmeat) CFX_ECHO Secure Payment Cold Fusion Tag ECHO Custom Tag drives all types of real-time c... Télécharger
yaesockets(freshmeat) Yet Another Eiffel Sockets Yet Another Eiffel Sockets (yeasockets) provide... Télécharger
webperf(freshmeat) WorldWide Web Performance Monitoring WorldWide Web Performance Monitoring (webperf) ... Télécharger
dwl-1000ap-conf(freshmeat) dwl-1000ap-config dwl-100ap-config is a command-line configuratio... Télécharger
gleave(freshmeat) Graham's Leave GLeave, short for Graham's Leave, is an evolvin... Télécharger
cosmix(freshmeat) COSMIX COSMIX is a general purpose N body integrator. ... Télécharger
wdms(freshmeat) Web Document Management System Web Document Management System (WDMS) is a Web-... Télécharger
ljsh(freshmeat) Lloyd's Java Shell Lloyd's Java Shell is a java scripting tool (it... Télécharger
webdhcp(freshmeat) WebDHCP WebDHCP is intended to ease the administrative ... Télécharger
filter_plugin(freshmeat) XMMS hiss filter plugin The XMMS hiss filter plugin dynamically filters... Télécharger
ps-i(freshmeat) Ps-i PS-I is an enviroment for running agent-based s... Télécharger
hurd(freshmeat) The GNU Hurd The GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement f... Télécharger
send_isdncaller(freshmeat) send_isdncaller send_isdncaller gets ISDN callerid from isdnlog... Télécharger
libpexeso(freshmeat) PEXESO Evolutionary Methods Library PEXESO Evolutionary Methods Library is the libr... Télécharger
2dcbuilder(freshmeat) 2Dcbuilder 2Dcbuilder is a small, self-contained Tcl/Tk co... Télécharger
wmixer(freshmeat) WMixer WMixer is a complete OSS mixer solution in dock... Télécharger
wmcpu(freshmeat) WMCpu WMCpu is a Window Maker dockapp that looks like... Télécharger
kgesture(freshmeat) KGesture KGesture is a gesture recognition application f... Télécharger
ds3(freshmeat) ds3 ds3, short for dialup service 3, is a modem sha... Télécharger
gnuv_e_r_a_(freshmeat) GNU V.E.R.A. GNU V.E.R.A. (Virtual Entity of Relevant Acrony... Télécharger
kpuzzle(freshmeat) KPuzzle This program provides a jigsaw puzzle for KDE. ... Télécharger
imgcolor(freshmeat) Image Colorizer imgcolor takes a greyscale JPEG, PNG, or XBM an... Télécharger
objectartist(freshmeat) ObjectArtist ObjectArtist is a development tool to create ob... Télécharger
wmfishtime(freshmeat) WMFishTime WMFishTime is a silly little dockapp that displ... Télécharger
qsd(freshmeat) QSD QSD is a *nix daemon for administering game ser... Télécharger
unis(freshmeat) The Unis Game In the Unis game, bricks of two different colou... Télécharger
emm(freshmeat) eXtremail manager eXtremail manager is a PHP-based SMTP/POP serve... Télécharger
techbot(freshmeat) TechBot Techbot is a small, modular IRC bot written in ... Télécharger
xin(freshmeat) Xin Xin reads from standard input and splits the da... Télécharger
austhex(freshmeat) Austhex IRCD The Austhex IRCD is the irc daemon used on Aust... Télécharger
purp(freshmeat) PURP Purp is an acronym for Pugo-RPM, and it's a too... Télécharger
pagetool(freshmeat) Pagetool Pagetool, designed using PHP and MySQL, is a We... Télécharger
directorymanager(freshmeat) Directory Manager Directory Manager is a tool for managing LDAP d... Télécharger
autonap(freshmeat) AutoNap Initially intended as a Napster/OpenNap 'robot,... Télécharger
xlassie(freshmeat) XLassie XLassie is like XBiff but smarter. It can query... Télécharger
dream(freshmeat) DREAM DREAM (The Distributed Resource Evolutionary A... Télécharger
kss(freshmeat) kSoundStream kSoundStream allows you to sample audio tracks.... Télécharger
opengiggle(freshmeat) Opengiggle The giggle protocol has been developed after li... Télécharger
grustibus(freshmeat) gRustibus gRustibus is a M.A.M.E. frontend for the GNOME ... Télécharger
kunit(freshmeat) KUnit KUnit is a tool to convert between different un... Télécharger
flex_rb(freshmeat) flex.rb flex.rb is a regexp matching and scanning libra... Télécharger
novamail(freshmeat) NovaMail NovaMail is a script that extends the flexibili... Télécharger
java_syn_pl(freshmeat) java_syn.pl java_syn.pl is a syntax highlighter for Java th... Télécharger
bitcluster(freshmeat) BitCluster BitCluster is a set of handy tools for clustere... Télécharger
mint(freshmeat) Mint Mint is a small X toolbar that can switch netwo... Télécharger
pspell(freshmeat) Pspell The goal of the Portable Spell Checker Interfac... Télécharger
tickletux(freshmeat) TickleTux Hangman Tickletux Hangman s a Hangman game written in T... Télécharger
nbc-vbi(freshmeat) NBC-VBI - Linux R@dio.MP3 saver NBC-VBI is a recording tool for the German Radi... Télécharger
cons(freshmeat) Cons Cons is a Perl-based software construction tool... Télécharger
quote_rb(freshmeat) quote.rb quote.rb is a Ruby script which defines more th... Télécharger
hpgs(freshmeat) hpgs hpgs is a printer driver that lets you to print... Télécharger
taat2001(freshmeat) tAAt 2001 new year production This is the first production for the year 2001 ... Télécharger
zrcube(freshmeat) zRcube zRcube aims to be a powerful 3D image renderer.... Télécharger
snarfzilla(freshmeat) Snarfzilla Snarfzilla is a GUI for the official Freenet Ja... Télécharger
libfssearch(freshmeat) libfssearch libfssearch is a C++ library that provides file... Télécharger
gfort(freshmeat) GFort GFort is a GTK interface of fortune. On my old ... Télécharger
mod_bf(freshmeat) mod_bf mod_bf is an Apache module that creates dynamic... Télécharger
tinylib(freshmeat) TinyLIB TinyLIB is an emulation layer to make all platf... Télécharger
jinais(freshmeat) Jinais Is Not An IRC Server Jinais Is Not An IRC Server is an IRC server wr... Télécharger
quakemud(freshmeat) QuakeMUD QuakeMUD is a simple and silly Quake themed MUD... Télécharger
gnukeyring(freshmeat) Keyring for PalmOS Keyring for PalmOS lets you securely store secr... Télécharger
libclfw(freshmeat) CoreLinux++ Framework The CoreLinux++ Abstract Framework Library (lib... Télécharger
pybot(freshmeat) Pybot Pybot is a modular, multi-server, multi-channel... Télécharger
qub(freshmeat) QUB QUB (the Q Universal Boardgame) is an electroni... Télécharger
sitescooper(freshmeat) sitescooper Sitescooper automatically retrieves the stories... Télécharger
pikview(freshmeat) PikView PikView is an image viewer which uses the KDE l... Télécharger
limpoo(freshmeat) LiMpOo LiMpOo is a multimedia player platform based on... Télécharger
think(freshmeat) think Think is an outliner. It allows you to organize... Télécharger
gwifiapplet(freshmeat) GNOME Wireless Applet The GNOME Wireless Applet is a wireless link qu... Télécharger
gnapster(freshmeat) Gnapster Gnapster is a powerful client to the napster on... Télécharger
fortune-mod-futurama(freshmeat) fortune-mod-futurama fortune-mod-futurama is a compilation of quotes... Télécharger
dbbalancer(freshmeat) DBBalancer DBBalancer is a load-balancing, multithreaded P... Télécharger
dune(freshmeat) Dune Dune is a tiny Web server implementation, featu... Télécharger
dbench(freshmeat) dbench dbench is a filesystem benchmark that generates... Télécharger
gcms(freshmeat) Generic Colour Management System GCMS is meant to provide a free alternative to ... Télécharger
plwarlock(freshmeat) Playlist Warlock Playlist Warlock is a text-based frontend for m... Télécharger
iolib-filters(freshmeat) IOLib-Filters IOLib-Filters is a filter package for IOLib. It... Télécharger
blog(freshmeat) blog blog is an interface for managing a multi-topic... Télécharger
fdat(freshmeat) PHP File Database PHP File Database is a project designed to be u... Télécharger
yagoburn(freshmeat) Yagoburn Yagoburn (Yet Another Gui Optical BURNer) is an... Télécharger
pslash(freshmeat) pSlash pSlash is a modular PHP-based Web portal system... Télécharger
arka(freshmeat) Arka Arka provides a nice GUI for the gp package of ... Télécharger
bibtexml(freshmeat) bibteXML bibteXML is a bibliography DTD for XML that exp... Télécharger
genpak(freshmeat) Genpak Genpak is a small set of utilities designated t... Télécharger
x11rec(freshmeat) x11rec x11rec is a very ad hoc screen capture program ... Télécharger
ypanything(freshmeat) ypAnything ypAnything is an NIS gateway to non-NIS sources... Télécharger
gemini(freshmeat) Gemini Nucleus The Gemini Nucleus is a production-quality micr... Télécharger
chapasswd(freshmeat) chapasswd chapasswd is a set of tools to manipulate the c... Télécharger
sgmltools-lite(freshmeat) sgmltools-lite SGMLtools-Lite is the successor of SGMLtools. I... Télécharger
whisper2(freshmeat) Whisper Whisper is for keeping your private communicati... Télécharger
virtfs(freshmeat) Virtfs Virtfs is a Perl script which aids in creating ... Télécharger
iff(freshmeat) IFF Format Library The IFF Format Library provides header structur... Télécharger
mwhois(freshmeat) Matt's Whois MWhois is a highly configurable and feature-lad... Télécharger

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