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kreator(freshmeat) Kritter Kreator Kritter Kreater uses Kritters in an RTS game to... Télécharger
gencoder(freshmeat) gencoder - Simple PHP encoder gencoder - Simple PHP encoder is a simple PHP ... Télécharger
zdisk(freshmeat) Zdisk The purpose of zdisk is to have a kernel of you... Télécharger
siga(freshmeat) siga siga, System Information GAthering, collects v... Télécharger
pin(freshmeat) pin pin, Package InformatioN, searches the installe... Télécharger
unitpp(freshmeat) The unit++ test framework unit++ is a C++ alternative to the C++ port of ... Télécharger
searchandreplace(freshmeat) Search and Replace Search and Replace can search and replace data ... Télécharger
mp3format(freshmeat) mp3format.pl imp3format.pl is a Perl script which attempts t... Télécharger
cvs2cl_pl(freshmeat) cvs2cl.pl cvs2cl.pl generates GNU-style ChangeLogs for a ... Télécharger
marta(freshmeat) Make And Render Table Analysis Make And Render Table Analysis (Marta) parses o... Télécharger
libgmonopd(freshmeat) libgmonopd Libgmonodp enables monopd-compatible boardgame ... Télécharger
gtkmonop(freshmeat) GTKmonop GTKmonop is a client for Rob Kaper's monopd m... Télécharger
saswire(freshmeat) Saswire Saswire is a Perl program which generates a dat... Télécharger
phptrack(freshmeat) PHPtrack PHPtrack is a Web tool written in PHP, which he... Télécharger
kernin(freshmeat) Kernin Kernin is an easy-to-follow, menu-driven script... Télécharger
phptidyht(freshmeat) phpTidyHt phpTidyHt is a set of PHP functions that allows... Télécharger
itm_libtool(freshmeat) IT/m libtool IT/m libtool is a C++ library that provides som... Télécharger
pglogd(freshmeat) pgLOGd pgLOGd (PostgreSQL Logging Daemon) records Apa... Télécharger
humanity(freshmeat) Humanity - The Movie Humanity - The Movie is the bazaar way of writi... Télécharger
gtk-cfs(freshmeat) gtk-cfs gtk-cfs is a set of scripts for the simple crea... Télécharger
wallpapercontrol(freshmeat) Wallpaper Control Wallpaper Control is a non-window manager-speci... Télécharger
heh(freshmeat) heh heh associates file extensions/types and URLs w... Télécharger
blitzed-trivia(freshmeat) Blitzed Trivia Blitzed Trivia is an IRC trivia bot written fro... Télécharger
spork(freshmeat) Spork Spork is a library that implements cooperative ... Télécharger
futuresqlwebdatabaseadministra(freshmeat) FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool FutureSQL is a Rapid Application Development we... Télécharger
issuewebmin(freshmeat) Issue files Webmin Module Issue files configuration Webmin Module allows ... Télécharger
phpweblog(freshmeat) phpWebLog phpWebLog is a Web-based news management system... Télécharger
xterminal(freshmeat) Xterminal Xterminal is an Object Oriented User Interface ... Télécharger
tinysql(freshmeat) tinySQL tinySQL is a lightweight, extensible SQL engine... Télécharger
benzo(freshmeat) benzo Benzo is a pseudo-AI bot written in Python. In ... Télécharger
csl(freshmeat) C Scripting Language C Scripting Language (CSL) is an embeddable scr... Télécharger
verynice(freshmeat) VeryNice VeryNice is a tool for dynamically adjusting th... Télécharger
psunamibulletinboard(freshmeat) Psunami Bulletin Board Psunami Bulletin Board is an Open Source altern... Télécharger
ixlib(freshmeat) ixlib ixlib is a C++ tools library based upon the STL... Télécharger
sdlucid(freshmeat) SDLucid SDLucid is a C++ wrapper library for the SDL me... Télécharger
margana(freshmeat) Margana Margana is a general purpose interactive anagra... Télécharger
adsl(freshmeat) ADSL with PPTP ADSL with PPTP makes ADSL easy; you just have t... Télécharger
wapcontrol(freshmeat) WAP Control WAP Control is a collection of PHP scripts and ... Télécharger
trovesendtwo(freshmeat) TroveSendTwo TroveSendTwo is a client which automates change... Télécharger
tunerd(freshmeat) tunerd tunerd is an FM radio tuner daemon and commandl... Télécharger
smurfsoundfonteditor(freshmeat) Smurf SoundFont Editor Smurf is a GTK-based SoundFont editor. SoundFon... Télécharger
phphamlog(freshmeat) phpHamLog phpHamLog is an amateur radio log program writt... Télécharger
opendrda(freshmeat) OpenDRDA OpenDRDA is an open source implementation of th... Télécharger
mml(freshmeat) MML MML is an HTML templating preprocessor. Many si... Télécharger
efont-unicode-bdf(freshmeat) efont-unicode-bdf efont-unicode-bdf is a comprehensive collection... Télécharger
bugtracer(freshmeat) BugTracer BugTracer manages entries in a MySQL database v... Télécharger
hlib(freshmeat) HLib DHTML cross-browser API HLib is a cross-browser API designed for real-w... Télécharger
vis5dp(freshmeat) Vis5d+ Vis5d+ is a volumetric visualization program fo... Télécharger
kbatt(freshmeat) KBatt KBatt is a KDE panel applet to measure the batt... Télécharger
wrchat(freshmeat) WRChat WRChar is a program which uses MySQL and PHP 4 ... Télécharger
hexmap(freshmeat) The Hexmap Library The Hexmap Library is a library for handling h... Télécharger
libservlet(freshmeat) libservlet The Servlet API for Perl (libservlet) is a form... Télécharger
praya(freshmeat) Praya Praya is a window to all your messages. It ship... Télécharger
wombat(freshmeat) Wombat Wombat is a Perl library that provides a servle... Télécharger
apache-wombat(freshmeat) Apache::Wombat Apache::Wombat is a Perl module that embeds a ... Télécharger
ircu2_10(freshmeat) Universal Internet Relay Chat Daemon The Universal Internet Relay Chat Daemon is the... Télécharger
fmpegplayer(freshmeat) FmpegPlayer FmpegPlayer is an MP3/MPEG/audio CD player for ... Télécharger
fw1response(freshmeat) Firewall-1 Response Firewall-1 Response is a Perl script for perfor... Télécharger
avantemplate(freshmeat) AvanTemplate AvanTemplate is a template engine for PHP. It i... Télécharger
bsdproxy(freshmeat) BSDProxy bsdproxy is an event-driven TCP proxy for FreeB... Télécharger
mod_dav(freshmeat) mod_dav mod_dav enables Apache to understand the WebDAV... Télécharger
cricket(freshmeat) Cricket Cricket is a high performance, flexible system ... Télécharger
cban(freshmeat) CBan Current Bandwidth (CBan) displays current traff... Télécharger
turma(freshmeat) Turma Turma (Text Utils with Recursive Mambojambo Ac... Télécharger
mpeg4ip(freshmeat) MPEG4IP The MPEG4IP package provides a set of tools to ... Télécharger
globecomjukebox(freshmeat) GlobeCom Jukebox The GlobeCom Jukebox is a music jukebox with in... Télécharger
ezimail(freshmeat) Ezimail - IMAP mail client Ezimail is a port of the Carnegie Mellon AMS cl... Télécharger
swatch(freshmeat) swatch Swatch was originally written to actively monit... Télécharger
phpcron(freshmeat) Phpcron Phpcron is a PHP command line program, which a... Télécharger
sphere(freshmeat) Sphere RPG Engine Sphere is a RPGCE (a role-playing game (RPG) cr... Télécharger
wp8fix(freshmeat) WordPerfect 8 conversion fix Since September 9, 2001, the routines in Corel ... Télécharger
etach(freshmeat) etach Etach is an Emacs add-on that allows easy manag... Télécharger
channel16(freshmeat) Channel 16 Channel16 is graphical tool that allows users t... Télécharger
omnigene(freshmeat) OmniGene OmniGene is a bioinformatics solution with a u... Télécharger
jmodbus(freshmeat) jModbus Project The jModbus project is a Java based master &... Télécharger
xloops(freshmeat) xloops-GiNaC The aim of xloops is to calculate 1PI Feynman d... Télécharger
schemadiff(freshmeat) Oracle SchemaDiff Oracle SchemaDiff is a script which will compar... Télécharger
php-lugmembers(freshmeat) php-LugMembers php-LugMembers is a Web interface written in PH... Télécharger
gmonsters(freshmeat) GMonsters GMonsters is a game somewhat like Monster Ranch... Télécharger
sha2(freshmeat) SHA-256/384/512 implementation This library is a C implementation of www.nist.... Télécharger
aguia(freshmeat) Aguia, lua module Aguia is an apache module to create lua handler... Télécharger
dm(freshmeat) DeepManager DeepManager aims to be a package dependency ma... Télécharger
nettop(freshmeat) nettop This program has a top like display which shows... Télécharger
peng(freshmeat) Peng Peng is a free program for Linux that sets up a... Télécharger
thoth(freshmeat) Thoth Network Integrity Assurance Thoth is a database-backed network monitoring s... Télécharger
frumailer(freshmeat) fruMailer FruMailer is a project written in Perl/Tk that ... Télécharger
psc(freshmeat) PSC PSC (Perl Secure Conf) is a setuid wrapper and ... Télécharger
vdr-showmode(freshmeat) VDR Extensions - Showmode Beauty The Showmode Beauty patch to VDR lets you see o... Télécharger
loxy(freshmeat) Loxy Loxy (logging HTTP proxy) records the requests ... Télécharger
ccmath(freshmeat) ccmath CCMATH is a mathematics library, coded in C, th... Télécharger
spamrule(freshmeat) spamrule Spam Rule is a shell script that is designed to... Télécharger
mrtgconfig(freshmeat) Mrtgconfig Mrtgconfig is a Perl script which, in conjuctio... Télécharger
libmousetrap(freshmeat) libmousetrap libmousetrap is a C library for the creation an... Télécharger
libsimpleparser(freshmeat) libsimpleparser libsimpleparser allows for quick and easy imple... Télécharger
scrambledeggs(freshmeat) Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs allows for a variety of encrypti... Télécharger
pine2mutt(freshmeat) pine2mutt pine2mutt is a simple Perl script interesting t... Télécharger
tie_array_filewriter(freshmeat) Tie::Array::FileWriter Tie::Array::FileWriter is a Perl module. Perl ... Télécharger
httpmail(freshmeat) HTTPMail HTTPMail is a project whose goals are to docume... Télécharger
slide(freshmeat) Jakarta Slide Jakarta Slide is a content management system c... Télécharger
netbackup(freshmeat) NetBackup NetBackup makes an incremental tar backup, com... Télécharger

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