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reliquary(freshmeat) Reliquary Reliquary is a cross-platform framework, ideal ... Télécharger
inpath2dot(freshmeat) inpath2dot inpath2dot takes the data generated by inpath a... Télécharger
neohunt(freshmeat) Neohunt Neohunt is an enhanced variant of hunt, a multi... Télécharger
wrepscript(freshmeat) WREP WREP is a small language designed for processin... Télécharger
jtcfrost(freshmeat) jtcFrost Frost is a Freenet client written in Java that ... Télécharger
pods(freshmeat) Pods Pods is a peer-to-peer resource sharing system ... Télécharger
noodleinstaller(freshmeat) NoodleInstaller NoodeInstaller attempts to make distributing so... Télécharger
rpm-supervisor(freshmeat) RPM SuperVisor RPMSV manages RPM packages installed on a syste... Télécharger
pdfasm(freshmeat) pdfasm pdfasm.pl is a simple preprocessor for PDF file... Télécharger
amber(freshmeat) amber amber aims to be an easy-to-use granular synthe... Télécharger
vr7(freshmeat) Visual Raptor Visual Raptor is a full-featured Unix system a... Télécharger
libcardterm(freshmeat) Card Terminal Driver Library Card Terminal Driver Library aims to add suppor... Télécharger
omdat(freshmeat) Omdat IRC Services Omdat IRC Services is an IRC services package w... Télécharger
rymo(freshmeat) rymo rymo (Read Your Mail Online) is written in PHP.... Télécharger
compaqsmart-2driver(freshmeat) Compaq Smart-2 Driver This is cpqarray, the Linux driver for the Comp... Télécharger
pyopengl(freshmeat) PyOpenGL PyOpenGL is a cross-platform Python binding to ... Télécharger
webmailform(freshmeat) Web Mailform The Web MailForm allows the administrator of a ... Télécharger
uct(freshmeat) The Universal Configuration Tool The Universal Configuration Tool (UCT) aims to ... Télécharger
snmpdscotty(freshmeat) Snmpd (Scotty) This is an SNMP daemon on host resources MIB of... Télécharger
snmpmonitor(freshmeat) Snmp Monitor Snmp Monitor is a Scotty extension to monitor ... Télécharger
qcppunit(freshmeat) QCppUnit The QCppUniut framework allows you to perform u... Télécharger
gauztris(freshmeat) gauztris gauztris is a Tetris clone with High Score supp... Télécharger
dtv(freshmeat) DTV DTV is intended to turn a personal computer int... Télécharger
hilite(freshmeat) hilite hilite is a utility which executes whatever com... Télécharger
stringtaglib(freshmeat) String JSP Taglib String JSP Taglib provides Java with the improv... Télécharger
simplenetworktop(freshmeat) sntop Simple network top (sntop) is a curses-based co... Télécharger
funes(freshmeat) Funes Funes is a Java program that enables you to sea... Télécharger
statftime(freshmeat) StatFTime StatFTime is a Linux commandline utility for lo... Télécharger
linkchk(freshmeat) link check linkchk is a network link ping monitor. It sup... Télécharger
gphotocoll(freshmeat) GNOME Photo Collector GNOME Photo Collector is a tool used to classif... Télécharger
lvcool(freshmeat) LVCool LVCool will cool your Athlon/Duron processor by... Télécharger
beget(freshmeat) BEGET BEGET is the first in a series of programs that... Télécharger
mpgmover(freshmeat) MpegMover MpegMover is an application that enables the f... Télécharger
ippp_pl(freshmeat) ISDN FreeBSD Configuration ippp.pl is a Perl script to configure ISDN unde... Télécharger
psrender(freshmeat) psrender psrender calls Ghostscript to convert any Post... Télécharger
pop3check(freshmeat) pop3check pop3check is small, fast mail checking applicat... Télécharger
xmiditests(freshmeat) Mac OS X MIDI Testing Tools Mac OS X MIDI Testing Tools contains several to... Télécharger
pagey(freshmeat) Pagey Pagey is a paging/SMS daemon written entirely i... Télécharger
menushki(freshmeat) menushki Menushki is a console menu converter and editor... Télécharger
urlator(freshmeat) URLator URLator is a URL submit engine, written entirel... Télécharger
simuwan_usr(freshmeat) simuwan_usr simuwan_usr a small tool to "simulate"... Télécharger
dosunix(freshmeat) DosUnix The suite of utilities known as DosUnix provide... Télécharger
openverse(freshmeat) OpenVerse Visual Chat OpenVerse is similar to other graphical chat sy... Télécharger
slam(freshmeat) Simple LAN Monitor SLAM aims to develop a tool to measure local n... Télécharger
microwindows(freshmeat) The Microwindows Project Microwindows is an Open Source project aimed at... Télécharger
xbill(freshmeat) xbill xbill is a game that tests your reflexes as you... Télécharger
jode(freshmeat) Jode JODE is a Java package containing a decompiler ... Télécharger
tobyids(freshmeat) Toby IDS The Toby intrusion detection system is a fairly... Télécharger
gpsconf(freshmeat) GPS Configurator GPS Configurator configures Garmin's GPS 35-xVS... Télécharger
postcard(freshmeat) Send an e-card Send an e-card allows you to send e-cards very ... Télécharger
mapi(freshmeat) MAPI MAPI is a general API for interfacing with any ... Télécharger
pythontheater(freshmeat) PythonTheater PythonTheater is a multimedia player capable of... Télécharger
esms(freshmeat) esms esms is a simple program which sends SMSes to c... Télécharger
jrrd(freshmeat) jRRD jRRD enables reading and manipulation of MRTG R... Télécharger
minml(freshmeat) MinML MinML is an XML parser written in Java which im... Télécharger
projectb(freshmeat) Project B Project B is a platform for various Bible progr... Télécharger
bchat(freshmeat) bingo chat bchat is a communication system currently based... Télécharger
jabex(freshmeat) JaBEx JaBEx is a simple JavaScript-powered banner-exc... Télécharger
leoini(freshmeat) LeoIni LeoIni is a simple C++ library that provides ea... Télécharger
hpt(freshmeat) Hierarchical Project Tree Hierarchical Project Tree is designed to help b... Télécharger
tutorbase(freshmeat) TutorBase TutorBase is a PHP application to manage class ... Télécharger
smsdaemon(freshmeat) SMSDaemon SMSDaemon is an SMS sender written in Python. I... Télécharger
crypt(freshmeat) crypt++.el crypt++.el is a package of Lisp functions that ... Télécharger
gnewsserver(freshmeat) gnews applet backend server gnews applet backend server contains the server... Télécharger
pennaspect(freshmeat) PennAspect PennAspect is a software implementation of the ... Télécharger
emacspeak(freshmeat) Emacspeak Emacspeak is the first full-fledged speech outp... Télécharger
pup(freshmeat) pup pup is a GTK+ GUI utility for maintaining your ... Télécharger
installwatch(freshmeat) Installwatch Installwatch is a simple utility which keeps tr... Télécharger
zzip-zzlib(freshmeat) Zzip-zzlib Zzip-zzlib is a compression utility and library... Télécharger
enzyme(freshmeat) Enzyme Enzyme is an architecture for creating user-sea... Télécharger
tclp(freshmeat) Tribes Console Log Parser Tribes Console Log Parser (TCLP) parses Starsie... Télécharger
sms4nothing(freshmeat) SMS4NOTHING SMS4NOTHING is a command-line Perl script that ... Télécharger
sdpxml(freshmeat) SDPXML SDPXML is an XML parser written in C++ with a c... Télécharger
sdpgtk(freshmeat) SDPGTK SDPGTK wraps GTK using simple, clean C++ classe... Télécharger
sdpsl(freshmeat) SDPSL SDPSL provides tools for discovering a RenderMa... Télécharger
albumeasy(freshmeat) AlbumEasy AlbumEasy is a layout program for generating cu... Télécharger
mh-sync(freshmeat) MH-sync MH-sync is a small suite of command-line tools ... Télécharger
pshell(freshmeat) PShell PShell is a secured shell written entirely in P... Télécharger
protux(freshmeat) PROTUX Protux is being developed to be a complete Digi... Télécharger
forthish(freshmeat) forthish forthish is an interpreter for a minimalist For... Télécharger
fgt(freshmeat) Flexible Graphing Tool Flexible Graphing Tool is a CGI for producing g... Télécharger
rstatus(freshmeat) rstatus rstatus is a package containing rwho, ruptime a... Télécharger
setex2latex(freshmeat) Setext2LaTeX Setext2LaTeX generates a LaTeX output file from... Télécharger
squidstat(freshmeat) SquidStat SquidStat is log analyzer designed to show whic... Télécharger
supersparrow(freshmeat) Super Sparrow Super Sparrow enables users to load balance tr... Télécharger
i740fb-xfree(freshmeat) i740fb-xfree i740fb-xfree is an improved and fixed driver fo... Télécharger
pybook(freshmeat) PyBook PyBook is a console-based reader for Project Gu... Télécharger
ipfwgraph(freshmeat) IPFW grapher ipfw-graph displays a graphical overview of the... Télécharger
mbootp(freshmeat) Multicast BOOTP Java server and C/Linux client Multicast BOOTP Java server and C/Linux client'... Télécharger
glatex(freshmeat) glatex glatex is a small program designed to help you ... Télécharger
protomatter(freshmeat) The Protomatter Classes Protomatter is a collection of useful java clas... Télécharger
gcallerid(freshmeat) GNOME Caller ID GNOME Caller ID is an application to read/disp... Télécharger
mnsetup(freshmeat) mnsetup mnsetup is a script that helps you set up mail ... Télécharger
gtk-thse(freshmeat) rico_GTK-Theme-Selector rico_GTK-Theme-Selector is a small GTK-applicat... Télécharger
mii-diag(freshmeat) mii-diag The 'mii-diag' program for Linux reports the li... Télécharger
mp1e(freshmeat) MP1E MP1E is a small MPEG1 encoder based on ffmpeg w... Télécharger
expresso(freshmeat) exPHPresso exPHPresso uses PHP/MySQL for dynamic content ... Télécharger
nqxml(freshmeat) NQXML NQXML is a pure Ruby implementation of a non-va... Télécharger
xcms(freshmeat) xcms The Xitnalta Content Management System (xcms) p... Télécharger
easygb(freshmeat) easyGB easyGB is a fully functional guestbook system w... Télécharger

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