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expresso(freshmeat) exPHPresso exPHPresso uses PHP/MySQL for dynamic content ... Télécharger
nqxml(freshmeat) NQXML NQXML is a pure Ruby implementation of a non-va... Télécharger
xcms(freshmeat) xcms The Xitnalta Content Management System (xcms) p... Télécharger
easygb(freshmeat) easyGB easyGB is a fully functional guestbook system w... Télécharger
minml2(freshmeat) MinML2 MinML2 is a namespace-aware XML parser written ... Télécharger
nis-utils(freshmeat) nis-utils The nis-utils package contains the daemons keys... Télécharger
gfocustimer(freshmeat) gfocustimer gfocustimer tracks your movement between window... Télécharger
clusternfs(freshmeat) ClusterNFS ClusterNFS is a set of patches for the "Un... Télécharger
mbx2mbox(freshmeat) mbx2mbox mbx2mbox attempts to convert Microsoft's propri... Télécharger
kurllaunch(freshmeat) KDE URL Link Launcher The KDE URL Link Launcher allows you to launch ... Télécharger
gmp3burn(freshmeat) Gmp3burn Gmp3burn is an easy-to-use frontend to mp3burn.... Télécharger
wmbatppc(freshmeat) wmbatppc wmbatppc is a small battery-monitoring dockapp ... Télécharger
bahamut(freshmeat) Bahamut The Bahamut IRCD is based on the EFNet Hybrid I... Télécharger
biotr(freshmeat) biotr biotr is the first known chatbot for the bChat ... Télécharger
timbersee(freshmeat) Timbersee Timbersee can monitor multiple system logfiles ... Télécharger
autorip-autotag(freshmeat) autorip/autotag autorip/autotag is a pair of shell scripts that... Télécharger
komba(freshmeat) Komba Komba is a Samba share browser for KDE. It can ... Télécharger
xsusockd(freshmeat) Extended SuperUser Socket Daemon XSUSockD is a daemon which runs non-interactive... Télécharger
pdf2html(freshmeat) pdf2html pdf2html converts one PDF into a series of read... Télécharger
py2cmod(freshmeat) Python to C Module Generator Python to C Module Generator was designed to ai... Télécharger
unired(freshmeat) UniRed UniRed is a unicode plain text editor. It suppo... Télécharger
userman(freshmeat) userman userman is a simple Perl script for managing u... Télécharger
mailany(freshmeat) Mailany Mailany is a management tool for centralized em... Télécharger
junkex(freshmeat) JunkEx JunkEx is a non-caching HTTP proxy based on the... Télécharger
c_sane(freshmeat) C_Sane C_Sane is a C++ wrapper for the SANE library. Télécharger
gxmlviewer(freshmeat) gxmlviewer gxmlviewer is a stand-alone XML viewer written ... Télécharger
fd2python(freshmeat) fd2python fd2python creates a python interface to the Xfo... Télécharger
fileextender(freshmeat) FileExtender FileExtender is a Perl script to evaluate embed... Télécharger
leohtml(freshmeat) LeoHTML LeoHTML is an HTML precompiler. It supports sof... Télécharger
failsafewm(freshmeat) failsafewm failsafewm is a frameless window manager design... Télécharger
websecure4linux(freshmeat) WebSecure4Linux WebSecure4Linux is a simple, unofficial Linux c... Télécharger
gsmssend(freshmeat) GNOME SmsSend GNOME SmsSend is a user interface to SmsSend, a... Télécharger
statistx(freshmeat) StatistX StatistX is a GUI frontend for the statistics p... Télécharger
timeration(freshmeat) Timeration Meter runs a process, then if it's still going ... Télécharger
minorfish(freshmeat) Minorfish Minorfish (formerly Minordomo) is a minimalisti... Télécharger
guimauve(freshmeat) Guimauve Guimauve is a graphical user interface to compu... Télécharger
jerukey(freshmeat) JeruKey JeruKey is a small and fast utility that lets y... Télécharger
gnucap(freshmeat) Gnu Circuit Analysis Package Gnu Circuit Analysis Package is a general purpo... Télécharger
gnome-ppp_logger(freshmeat) gnome-ppp_logger This program lets you establish a PPP connectio... Télécharger
csde(freshmeat) CSDE CSDE (CSharp Development Environment for X/Emac... Télécharger
vectoroids(freshmeat) Vectoroids Vectoroids is based on the X-Window PDA game '... Télécharger
xstep(freshmeat) XSTEP Toolkit for X XSTEP is a small toolkit for X applications wri... Télécharger
ksadmin(freshmeat) Kickstart Administrator Kickstart Administrator was created to automate... Télécharger
viztool(freshmeat) viztool viztool generates diagrams of collections of Ja... Télécharger
kekedb(freshmeat) KekeDB KekeDB is a simple Berkley DB based database s... Télécharger
pynfs(freshmeat) pynfs pynfs consists of several Python tools for NFSv... Télécharger
spong-bot(freshmeat) Spong-Bot Spong-Bot is an IRC bot that notifies you about... Télécharger
jpreferences(freshmeat) Java Preferences Library Java Preferences Library is a Java library for ... Télécharger
texttemplate(freshmeat) Text::Template Text::Template is a module for doing dynamic co... Télécharger
jericho(freshmeat) Jericho Jericho can be used as either a GUI or as a lib... Télécharger
jlirc(freshmeat) jlirc jlirc is a Java client API for the LIRC and WI... Télécharger
hpe(freshmeat) HPE HPE provides a configurable way of building new... Télécharger
wx2000(freshmeat) wx2000 wx2000 is a data retrieval program for the Weat... Télécharger
gdia(freshmeat) PG Diagram PG Diagram is a little tool for drawing on the ... Télécharger
wod(freshmeat) Wars of Destiny Wars of Destiny is a real-time strategy game. I... Télécharger
mailagent(freshmeat) mailagent - automatic mail processing tool mailagent uses lex-like rules to match messages... Télécharger
gnulpr(freshmeat) gnulpr GNUlpr version 1.0 is a complete printing syste... Télécharger
grok(freshmeat) Grok Grok is a library of Java components for perfor... Télécharger
thequipuopennlpapi(freshmeat) The Quipu OpenNLP API The Quipu OpenNLP API is a preliminary collecti... Télécharger
liveloops(freshmeat) Live Loops Live Loops allows musicians to play audio loops... Télécharger
jtopen(freshmeat) JTOpen JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM To... Télécharger
empim(freshmeat) EMPIM EMPIM is the Excessively Modular Personal Infor... Télécharger
googolplex(freshmeat) Googolplex Googolplex is simply a Python class that perfor... Télécharger
bigwig(freshmeat) bigwig Bigwig is a domain-specific programming languag... Télécharger
lbrate(freshmeat) lbrate lbrate extracts and decompresses files from CP/... Télécharger
autofs(freshmeat) Autofs autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux.... Télécharger
cvse(freshmeat) CVS Extensions CVS Extensions enables the CVS rdiff/patch comm... Télécharger
rpm-get(freshmeat) rpm-get rpm-get is a simple clone of apt-get for RPM. ... Télécharger
els(freshmeat) Easy Linux Server Easy Linux Server helps you turn Mandrake Linux... Télécharger
efilter(freshmeat) efilter efilter rejects email with invalid or missing h... Télécharger
panasync(freshmeat) Panasync Tools Panasync Tools provides a set of commands that ... Télécharger
threeds(freshmeat) threeDS threeDS is a Python module for loading and disp... Télécharger
kagpro(freshmeat) KaGez-Production KaGez-Production aims to make game developing ... Télécharger
geki2(freshmeat) Geki2 Geki2 is a 2D scrolling shooting game. It was b... Télécharger
openqnx(freshmeat) Open Source Software for QNX The Open Source Software for QNX project provid... Télécharger
coldsync(freshmeat) ColdSync ColdSync is a portable synchronization tool for... Télécharger
twofish-py(freshmeat) Twofish for Python Twofish-py is a Python module and associated su... Télécharger
dbmailadmin(freshmeat) DBMail Admin DBMail Admin is a PHP module that allows a DBMa... Télécharger
simd-viterbi(freshmeat) SIMD Viterbi Decoder SIMD Viterbi Decoder provides library functions... Télécharger
gtex-letter(freshmeat) gtex-letter gtex-letter attempts to deliver an easy alterna... Télécharger
relink(freshmeat) relink relink is a package management tool for the org... Télécharger
evilbricks(freshmeat) Evil Bricks Evil Bricks is an svgalib Breakout clone with m... Télécharger
xfontselector(freshmeat) xfontselector xfontselector is a program that enables easy se... Télécharger
pppoem(freshmeat) pppoem Pppoem monitors the DSL connection of a Linux k... Télécharger
flinch(freshmeat) Flinch Flinch is a powerful and flexible Web link chec... Télécharger
jtrix(freshmeat) Jtrix Jtrix allows developers to build and run dynami... Télécharger
uni-xml(freshmeat) uni-xml Uni-XML is a project to replace standard Unix c... Télécharger
tdb(freshmeat) TDB TDB is a Trivial Database, which in concept, is... Télécharger
mod_backhand(freshmeat) mod_backhand mod_backhand is a load balancing module for Apa... Télécharger
obs(freshmeat) Obsequieuem Obsequqiuem is a network-based streaming MP3 ju... Télécharger
mcntp(freshmeat) Multicast Netnews Transfer Protocol MCNTP is a proctocol and an implementation of t... Télécharger
randtype(freshmeat) randtype Randtype is a small utility to read either stan... Télécharger
guile-ncurses(freshmeat) ncurses wrapper for guile ncurses wrapper for guile allows you to write a... Télécharger
iptoip(freshmeat) iptoip iptoip is a program to maintain a coherent ipvs... Télécharger
yanoid(freshmeat) Yanoid Yanoid is Yet Another arkaNOID/breakout clone, ... Télécharger
metacosm(freshmeat) Metacosm Metacosm is a framework for computer role playi... Télécharger
notetool(freshmeat) NoteTool NoteTool helps you to write and organize your n... Télécharger
enterprisefido(freshmeat) Fido Enterprise Fido is a library of Java classes that accept n... Télécharger
midid(freshmeat) Midid Midid is a portable MIDI interface library for ... Télécharger
ijolt(freshmeat) ijolt ijolt is a basic ISDN keepalive/autodialer for ... Télécharger

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