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arfg(freshmeat) arfg meta-language arfg, originally intended to generate Fortran c... Télécharger
quickcam_vc(freshmeat) QuickCam VC QuickCam VC develops the video4linux driver for... Télécharger
cdsa2(freshmeat) CDSA 2 CDSA stands for Common Data Security Architectu... Télécharger
timetrackxml(freshmeat) XML Time Track Time Track is a Personal Software Process tool ... Télécharger
l4ka(freshmeat) L4Ka microkernel L4Ka is a microkernel-based system with an L4 c... Télécharger
qmail-masq-user(freshmeat) qmail-masq-user Originally based off the program qmail-masq, qm... Télécharger
xmessageoftheday(freshmeat) XMOTD XMOTD shows the message of the day and news ite... Télécharger
psyposter(freshmeat) PsyPoster Message Board PsyPoster Message Board is a small yet robust m... Télécharger
cag(freshmeat) Come And Go Encryption Come And Go Encryption (CAG) is a simple progra... Télécharger
squidguardwebminmod(freshmeat) SquidGuard Configuration Webmin Module The SquidGuard Configuration Webmin Module help... Télécharger
iptables_webminmodule(freshmeat) IPtables Firewall Webmin Module The IPtables Firewall Webmin Module helps you e... Télécharger
vacation-v2(freshmeat) BSD Vacation v2 BSD Vacation v2 is a rewrite of the 'vacation' ... Télécharger
foxcalculator(freshmeat) FOX Calculator The FOX Calculator is a simple desktop calculat... Télécharger
cdr(freshmeat) cdr cdr stands for CDRip. It is a Perl program that... Télécharger
trainwreq(freshmeat) trainwreq trainwreq is a fork of Yu's wreq that moves wre... Télécharger
apachebcel(freshmeat) Apache Byte Code Engineering Library Apache Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly ... Télécharger
fuellog(freshmeat) Palm Fuel Log The Palm Fuel Log is a program for recording pe... Télécharger
mrtg-eth(freshmeat) MRTG-eth-probe MRTG-eth-probe provides a probe for the Multi ... Télécharger
rep-xmms(freshmeat) rep-XMMS rep-xmms is a module for the rep dialect of Lis... Télécharger
0verkill(freshmeat) 0verkill 0verkill is a client-server 2D deathmatch-like ... Télécharger
pcash(freshmeat) PCash PCash is a simple checking account and budget m... Télécharger
audiere(freshmeat) Audiere Audio System The Audiere Audio System is a portable audio li... Télécharger
pysol-cardsets(freshmeat) PySol-Cardsets PySol-Cardsets is a collection of 69 free cards... Télécharger
sqlpp11(freshmeat) sqlpp11 sqlpp11 is an embedded domain-specific language... Télécharger
axisphp(freshmeat) AxisPHP AxisPHP is a library that provides PHP objects ... Télécharger
schedutils(freshmeat) Scheduling Utils Scheduling Utils are a collection of tools rela... Télécharger
digestextension(freshmeat) MzScheme Digest Extension MzScheme Digest Extension is an extension libra... Télécharger
gtkextramm(freshmeat) gtkextramm gtkextramm (previously known as GtkExtra--) pro... Télécharger
monitord(freshmeat) Network Security Monitor Daemon The Network Security Monitor Daemon is a lightw... Télécharger
sophosticated(freshmeat) Sophosticated Sophosticated consists of two BASH scripts. One... Télécharger
hsclock(freshmeat) HsClock hsclock is an accurate, multi-zone GTK clock th... Télécharger
tictactoe(freshmeat) tictactoe This implementation of tictactoe can have an Nx... Télécharger
databind(freshmeat) DataBind DataBind is a library to simplify the persistan... Télécharger
build(freshmeat) build build simplifies C and C++ development on Linux... Télécharger
cylindrix(freshmeat) Cylindrix Cylindrix is a polygonal 3D action strategy sho... Télécharger
4p(freshmeat) 4P 4P is a pixel-based image editor. Its strength ... Télécharger
mavbiff(freshmeat) MavBiff MavBiff is an X11 (GTK12) based new mail alerte... Télécharger
netzbrett(freshmeat) Netzbrett Netzbrett is a Web board / forum system written... Télécharger
ocicpplib(freshmeat) OCI C++ Library ocicpplib is a C++ library to communicate with ... Télécharger
smslink(freshmeat) SMSLink SMSLink implements a client/server gateway to t... Télécharger
euroregister(freshmeat) EuroRegister EuroRegister provides an interface for a retail... Télécharger
lmb(freshmeat) lmb (011219) LMB is a tool to browse the web using a dumb t... Télécharger
mwavelan(freshmeat) MWavelan MWavelan is a kernel network device driver for ... Télécharger
toster(freshmeat) Toster Toster is a system for sharing a set of tools t... Télécharger
palm2nokiavcard(freshmeat) Palm to Nokia vcards convertion Palm to Nokia vcards convertion is a set of two... Télécharger
kbooks(freshmeat) KBooks KBooks is an accounting/bookkeeping application... Télécharger
ocd(freshmeat) Object Component Desktop Object Component Desktop (OCD) is an open-sourc... Télécharger
roap(freshmeat) region oriented ascii processor Roap is a text file processor. It scans a text ... Télécharger
mifayn(freshmeat) MIFAYN MIFAYN is a Web site compiler written in PHP3 t... Télécharger
pbm2palm(freshmeat) PBM2Palm PBM2Palm is a utility for converting black and ... Télécharger
jideal(freshmeat) JIDEAL JIDEAL (Java IDE Abstraction Layer) provides a ... Télécharger
moxy(freshmeat) Moxy The Moxy Mail Proxy acts as a mail server for m... Télécharger
flea(freshmeat) Flea Flea is a set of Ruby scripts which grows 3D fr... Télécharger
webmin-batch-apache(freshmeat) Batch-Apache Module Batch-Apache Module simplifies the task of addi... Télécharger
webmin-batch-dns(freshmeat) Batch-DNS Module Batch-DNS Module simplifies adding any number o... Télécharger
hrprof(freshmeat) High Resolution Profiler High Resolution Profiler uses the Pentium time ... Télécharger
bcr(freshmeat) Bind Controler Bind Controler is a tool that can be used to r... Télécharger
losr(freshmeat) LOSR LOSR (Library for Optical Systems Raytracing) i... Télécharger
workbench(freshmeat) workbench workbench is a powerful PHP/MySQL bug-tracking ... Télécharger
rbagenda(freshmeat) Ruby Agenda Ruby Agenda is an agenda/scheduler application ... Télécharger
mktemp(freshmeat) mktemp mktemp takes an optional filename template and ... Télécharger
lithp(freshmeat) Lithp Lithp is an expandable LISP interpreter with a ... Télécharger
pdf417decode(freshmeat) pdf417decode Pdf417decode can decode PDF417 barcode informat... Télécharger
fsh(freshmeat) fsh fsh is a tool for establishing an ssh tunnel fo... Télécharger
antivir_update(freshmeat) AntiVir Update Announcer AntiVir Update Announcer is a Perl script can b... Télécharger
hlmaster(freshmeat) Half-Life Master Server HLMaster is a fully automatic master server dae... Télécharger
hoverbots(freshmeat) hoverbots Hoverbots is a competition of artificial intell... Télécharger
thatware(freshmeat) Thatware Thatware is a Slash lookalike. It is a Web-base... Télécharger
htmlslide(freshmeat) HTML Slide generator HTML Slide Generator is a Linux-only script wri... Télécharger
defx(freshmeat) DeFX plug-in for XMMS DeFX is a multi-effects processor for XMMS whic... Télécharger
redpixel(freshmeat) Red Pixel Red Pixel is a platform deathmatch game for two... Télécharger
make-debian-x11(freshmeat) Make-Debian-X11 Make-Debian-X11 is an add-on which makes a temp... Télécharger
dmcat(freshmeat) dmcat dmcat is a Digital Music CATalog program. Writt... Télécharger
cfl3(freshmeat) Compressed File Library CFL (Compressed File Library) is meant for the ... Télécharger
version(freshmeat) Version Version is used to port changes between differe... Télécharger
backupit(freshmeat) backupIT backupIT is a script to backup local and remote... Télécharger
keurochange(freshmeat) Keurochange Keurochange is a simple currency converter with... Télécharger
ucron(freshmeat) Ucron Ucron is a cron daemon which allows crontabs to... Télécharger
idebug(freshmeat) IDebug IDebug is an advanced debugging framework for J... Télécharger
kindftp(freshmeat) KindFTP KindFTP is meant to be a complete implementatio... Télécharger
transconnect(freshmeat) TransConnect TransConnect is an implementation of function i... Télécharger
hotsheet(freshmeat) HotSheet HotSheet is an RSS news reader built on top of ... Télécharger
rccg(freshmeat) Realtor-Client Communication Gateway The Realtor-Client Communication Gateway (RCCG)... Télécharger
edencrm(freshmeat) EdenCRM EdenCRM is a Customer Relationship Management ... Télécharger
webmagick(freshmeat) WebMagick WebMagick makes image collections available on ... Télécharger
stamos(freshmeat) STAMOS Some Things About My Own Server (STAMOS) is a p... Télécharger
fbgetty(freshmeat) fbgetty fbgetty is a console getty like mingetty, which... Télécharger
banjo(freshmeat) Banjo Banjo is non-GUI javabean that provides consume... Télécharger
apsfilter(freshmeat) apsfilter Apsfilter is a magic printfilter, allowing you ... Télécharger
newsleech(freshmeat) newsleech Newsleech is an NNTP client that automatically ... Télécharger
linkcont(freshmeat) Link Controller LinkController is a software package designed t... Télécharger
gscommander(freshmeat) GSCommander GSCommander is a simple Unix command monitor fo... Télécharger
powerjournal(freshmeat) PowerJournal PowerJournal is an easy-to-use journal/diary ap... Télécharger
aaquake2(freshmeat) aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II is simply Quake I... Télécharger
valiases(freshmeat) valiases valiases mimics the sendmail behavior of evalua... Télécharger
pack-age(freshmeat) Slackware Package Usage Checker Slackware Package Usage Checker checks if any o... Télécharger
spurtg(freshmeat) spurtg spurtg is an opensource (GPL) software package ... Télécharger
mail2thread(freshmeat) mail2thread mail2thread finds threads in a bunch of mail me... Télécharger
yac(freshmeat) YAC YAC (Yet Another Counter) is a Web counter and ... Télécharger
dia2code(freshmeat) Dia2Code Dia2Code is a small utility to make code from a... Télécharger

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