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networklens(freshmeat) NetworkLens NetworkLens is designed to be a simple-to-use W... Télécharger
dimage-color(freshmeat) GIMP Dimage color plugin The GIMP Dimage color plugin allows GIMP users ... Télécharger
tkxinput(freshmeat) tkxinput tkxinput contains Xi, a library that adds Xinpu... Télécharger
hypernon(freshmeat) Hypernon Hypernon is a tool to create and maintain hyper... Télécharger
snmp-audit(freshmeat) SNMP Network Auditor SNMP Network Auditor is a small collection of P... Télécharger
sucs(freshmeat) Simple Utility Classes The Simple Utility Classes are a compilation of... Télécharger
unicron(freshmeat) UniCron UniCron is a scheduler that can easily and simp... Télécharger
poplar(freshmeat) POPLAR Virtual Mail System POPLAR provides a framework for pure-virtual em... Télécharger
xpuzzle(freshmeat) Xpuzzle Xpuzzle is a puzzle bubble clone using OpenGL. Télécharger
lomac(freshmeat) LOMAC LOMAC uses Low Water-Mark Mandatory Access Cont... Télécharger
yasis(freshmeat) Yet Another System Information Script YASIS is a Perl port of phpSysInfo which, when ... Télécharger
zbcenterprise(freshmeat) Zephyr Basecamp Zephyr Basecamp is a functioning GTK frontend a... Télécharger
tinyldap(freshmeat) tinyldap tinyldap is a small (11k uncompressed static bi... Télécharger
cascade(freshmeat) Cascade Cascade is a Web-based content management syste... Télécharger
jcmd(freshmeat) JCmd JCmd is a pure Java command shell that is highl... Télécharger
sinfg(freshmeat) Sinfg SINFG is a flexible resolution-independent imag... Télécharger
ohtml(freshmeat) Objective HTML The Objective HTML toolkit allows programming o... Télécharger
tavi(freshmeat) WikkiTikkiTavi WikkiTikkiTavi is a full featured PHP based Wik... Télécharger
netlogon(freshmeat) NetLogon NetLogon dynamically generates netlogon scripts... Télécharger
badram(freshmeat) BadRAM BadRAM is a Linux kernel patch which attempts t... Télécharger
binarypatch(freshmeat) BinaryPatch BinaryPatch creates patch kits for all file typ... Télécharger
transitmount(freshmeat) transitmount transitmount is simple rack/removable hard disk... Télécharger
parp(freshmeat) parp parp is a powerful, extensible e-mail filter wi... Télécharger
pyos-chess(freshmeat) Python chess module pyos-chess (Python chess module) does not know ... Télécharger
vgettyservlet(freshmeat) vgetty-servlet The vgetty servlet allows you to listen to answ... Télécharger
id3edit(freshmeat) id3edit Id3edit allows you to edit MP3 ID3v1.1 tags. It... Télécharger
lcdmodxmms(freshmeat) lcdmodxmms lcdmodxmms is a XMMS visualisation plugin for L... Télécharger
mysqlconf(freshmeat) mysqlconf mysqlconf aims to be a full configuration modul... Télécharger
arnmusicmanager(freshmeat) Aurion Music Manager Aurion Music Manager (AMM) has been designed to... Télécharger
bomberinstinct(freshmeat) Bomber Instinct Bomber Instinct is a multiplayer-only bomberman... Télécharger
yahtzee(freshmeat) Palm Pilot Yahtzee Palm Pilot Yahtzee is an implementation of the ... Télécharger
mboxsecretary(freshmeat) mboxSecretary mboxSecretary is a tool to generate statistics ... Télécharger
nuweb(freshmeat) nuweb nuweb is a lightweight, fast Literate Programmi... Télécharger
acidlaunch(freshmeat) acidlaunch acidlaunch is a small, simple application launc... Télécharger
gn(freshmeat) GN gopher server GN is a fast, light and (for 1995 standards) se... Télécharger
graft(freshmeat) graft Graft provides a mechanism for managing multipl... Télécharger
ya-wipe(freshmeat) ya-wipe ya-wipe is a tool that effectively degausses th... Télécharger
bls-sendmail_pgsql(freshmeat) Sendmail+PostgreSQL patch The Sendmail+PostgreSQL patch adds PostgreSQL s... Télécharger
snortkonsole(freshmeat) SnortKonsole SnortKonsole is a Java frontend to the Intrusio... Télécharger
astroinfo(freshmeat) Astro Info Astro Info is an astronomical ephemeris/almanac... Télécharger
openrush(freshmeat) Open RUSH Project OpenRUSH aims to provide support for the Philip... Télécharger
vetk(freshmeat) Virtual Environment Toolkit VETk is a toolkit for developing complex and di... Télécharger
bras(freshmeat) bras Bras is a rules-based command execution system,... Télécharger
makejail(freshmeat) Makejail Makejail employs short configuration files to h... Télécharger
teak(freshmeat) Teak Teak is an IMAP mail client written using PHP/G... Télécharger
houston-cloud-manager(freshmeat) Houston Cloud Manager Houston Cloud Manager is a desktop cloud server... Télécharger
virushammer(freshmeat) OpenAntivirus' VirusHammer OpenAntivirus' VirusHammer is a standalone tool... Télécharger
jcharts(freshmeat) jCharts jCharts is a Java-based charting utility that o... Télécharger
compror(freshmeat) Compror Compror is a new data compression method. It ca... Télécharger
mymiggy(freshmeat) MyMiggy UAE is a superb piece of software but perhaps a... Télécharger
python-mcrypt(freshmeat) python-mcrypt Python-mcrypt is a comprehensive Python interfa... Télécharger
newsdaemon(freshmeat) NewsDaemon NewsDaemon is a PHP based content management sy... Télécharger
narval(freshmeat) Narval Narval is a framework dedicated to the setting ... Télécharger
infopal(freshmeat) Narval::infopal Infopal is an extension set for Narval. It lets... Télécharger
tmta(freshmeat) tMTA tMTA is a miniature Mail Transport Agent that v... Télécharger
podium(freshmeat) Podium Presentation System Podium is inspired by, and in some respects bas... Télécharger
webmin-openldap(freshmeat) Webmin OpenLDAP Webmin OpenLDAP provides the ability to edit th... Télécharger
slfm(freshmeat) Simple Little Firewall Monitor slfm is a simple firewall monitor that processe... Télécharger
zeitreise(freshmeat) zeitreise zeitreise is a timeshift-capable video/TV viewe... Télécharger
avpmilter(freshmeat) avpmilter avpmilter is a sendmail milter interface to the... Télécharger
jpg2swf(freshmeat) jpg2swf jpg2swf is a PHP script which converts JPEGs to... Télécharger
idoc(freshmeat) Haskell IDoc Haskell IDoc extracts interface documentation a... Télécharger
ethgraph(freshmeat) EthGraph EthGraph is a graphical network device traffic ... Télécharger
xempim(freshmeat) XEMPIM XEMPIM is a complete rewrite of EMPIM (the Exce... Télécharger
spython(freshmeat) SPYthon SPYthon is a Gamespy and other internet game st... Télécharger
picture-applet(freshmeat) Picture Applet Picture Applet displays pictures or slideshows ... Télécharger
dial-spam-block(freshmeat) dialin-spammer-block dialin-spammer-block can be used to detect and ... Télécharger
bofhlog(freshmeat) bofhlog Bofhlog is a simple tool for "active"... Télécharger
bls-qra(freshmeat) Quota Report Assistant QRA is a tool for generating quota reports in H... Télécharger
photoarch(freshmeat) PhotoArch PhotoArch is written in PHP with some javascrip... Télécharger
tledsxtleds(freshmeat) tleds xtleds tleds and xtleds are programs which blink keybo... Télécharger
ptl(freshmeat) PTL PTL (Path and Textbased Layoutengine) is a Web ... Télécharger
jaugment(freshmeat) jAugment jAugment is a JINI-based, network-aware framewo... Télécharger
asta-cms(freshmeat) AStA-CMS AStA-CMS is a simple content managment system (... Télécharger
epsmerge(freshmeat) epsmerge Epsmerge is a Perl 5 program for merging one or... Télécharger
jvmbridge(freshmeat) Java VM Bridge for Functional Languages jvmbridge is a bridge to the Java virtual machi... Télécharger
ems(freshmeat) Event Management System EMS is an event manager for PIKT and other moni... Télécharger
ip_accountant(freshmeat) IP Accountant IP Accountant allows you to keep an Rx/Tx byte ... Télécharger
epssplit(freshmeat) epssplit epssplit is a Perl program that allows an encap... Télécharger
objcdoc(freshmeat) ObjcDoc ObjcDoc is a tool for documenting Objective C c... Télécharger
sget(freshmeat) SGet SGet is a GTK+ application to download files ov... Télécharger
mpkg(freshmeat) mpkg Mpkg is a ports collection. Each port contains ... Télécharger
ksamstat(freshmeat) KSamStat KSamStat is a KDE-based monitor for Samba serve... Télécharger
mydynaweb(freshmeat) MyDynaWeb MyDynaWeb provides everything you need to build... Télécharger
nslint(freshmeat) nslint nslint is a lint-like program that checks DNS f... Télécharger
md5bfcpf(freshmeat) md5bfcpf MD5BFCPF is another brute-force MD5 password cr... Télécharger
nomad(freshmeat) Nomad Nomad is a network mapping program designed to ... Télécharger
linux-acl(freshmeat) Linux ACL support This package provides ACL support for the Linux... Télécharger
greatcharts(freshmeat) GreatCharts GreatCharts is used for creating good-lookings ... Télécharger
ahc(freshmeat) ananas.org HC ananas.org HC automatically generates a SAX Co... Télécharger
colossus(freshmeat) Colossus Colossus is an attempt to create a Java clone o... Télécharger
cdbkup(freshmeat) cdbkup cdbkup performs full or incremental backups of ... Télécharger
photonovilab(freshmeat) Photo Novilab Photo Novilab is an highly customizable program... Télécharger
kew(freshmeat) Kew Kew is a simple, embeddable, container-based, o... Télécharger
cistronradiusserver(freshmeat) Cistron Radius Server The Cistron Radius server is mostly compatible ... Télécharger
gdkxft(freshmeat) gdkxft gdkxft transparently adds anti-aliased font sup... Télécharger
swiftsurf(freshmeat) SwiftSurf SwiftSurf is an HTTP proxy that lets you do a l... Télécharger
ophis(freshmeat) Ophis Assembler The Ophis assembler is a full-featured cross-as... Télécharger
xpilot(freshmeat) XPilot XPilot is a graphical multi-player maneuvering ... Télécharger
gtoolkit(freshmeat) GToolKit GToolKit is a (relatively) small library that i... Télécharger

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