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mlsync(freshmeat) Mailing List Synchronizer mlsync is a command-line tool that can be used ... Télécharger
yappa(freshmeat) YAPPA YAPPA (Yet Another PHP Photo Album) is an easy-... Télécharger
emum(freshmeat) Easy Mysql User Manager Emum is a PHP tool to manage a MySQL database a... Télécharger
pgosd(freshmeat) PHP Generator of Object SQL Database PHP Generator of Object SQL Database generates ... Télécharger
reaperscripts(freshmeat) Reaper Scripts Reaper is a set of tcl/bash scripts designed to... Télécharger
parpdb(freshmeat) par Palm File Tool The par utility creates and manipulates PalmOS ... Télécharger
net-pipe(freshmeat) net-pipe net-pipe is a set of shell level tools to redir... Télécharger
yafig(freshmeat) yafig Yafig is a LAMP-based firewall rule generator t... Télécharger
paradigem(freshmeat) ParaDigEm ParaDigEm is a broadcast-based chat client for ... Télécharger
templage(freshmeat) Templage Templage is a simple PHP template system that a... Télécharger
kmag(freshmeat) KMagnifier KMagnifier is a screen magnifier for Linux/Unix... Télécharger
tinysoar(freshmeat) TinySoar TinySoar is an implementation of the Soar artif... Télécharger
mm_mysql(freshmeat) MM.MySQL MM.MYSQL is a JDBC driver for the MySQL databas... Télécharger
gtkmathview(freshmeat) GtkMathView Widget GtkMathView is a GTK widget for rendering MathM... Télécharger
pop3-checker(freshmeat) POP3-Checker POP3-Checker is a POP3 email interface for the ... Télécharger
unpack(freshmeat) Unpack Unpack automates the process of extracting sour... Télécharger
mylua(freshmeat) MyLUA MyLUA is a patch to MySQL that embeds a script ... Télécharger
esearch(freshmeat) eSearch eSearch is a server side Java-based search engi... Télécharger
mechapoint(freshmeat) Mechapoint Mechapoint is a simple presentation program for... Télécharger
inheritance(freshmeat) inheritanCe inheritanCe is a Perl script that provides an i... Télécharger
salt(freshmeat) Swiss Army LDAP Tool The Swiss Army LDAP Tool (SALT) is a generic LD... Télécharger
blognix(freshmeat) BlogniX BlogniX is a blogger client for Linux. It uses ... Télécharger
cost(freshmeat) Cost Cost is a structure-controlled XML/SGML applica... Télécharger
pdftemplate(freshmeat) PHP PDFTemplate PDFTemplate is a PHP 4 class that generates mul... Télécharger
associates(freshmeat) Business::Associates Business::Associates is a library to handle the... Télécharger
gps(freshmeat) gPS gPS (graphical Process Statistics) is a system ... Télécharger
diald(freshmeat) Diald Diald manages network links, particularly on-de... Télécharger
qnews(freshmeat) QNews QNews is a gateway between the qmail mail syst... Télécharger
lazy-l(freshmeat) Lazy-L Lazy-L is an interpreter for pure untyped lambd... Télécharger
pjbot(freshmeat) PjBOT PjBOT is a fun-oriented IRC bot. It lets you an... Télécharger
wdtsc520(freshmeat) WDTSC520 WDTSC520 is a Linux driver for the AMD Elan SC... Télécharger
dbixbrowse(freshmeat) DBIx::Browse DBIx::Browse handles the browsing of relational... Télécharger
site-dater_pl(freshmeat) site-dater.pl site-dater.pl is a short script which will scan... Télécharger
greq(freshmeat) greq Greq is a program that lets you build simple GT... Télécharger
neticq2k(freshmeat) Net::ICQ2000 Net::ICQ2000 is a Perl module for handling the ... Télécharger
shexpenses(freshmeat) SharedExpenses SharedExpenses is a web-based expense manager. ... Télécharger
jooky(freshmeat) Jooky Jooky is a frontend for MP3 players which can r... Télécharger
wmacpiclecourt(freshmeat) wmacpi+clecourt wmacpi+clecourt is a Window Maker dockapp for ... Télécharger
ptprint(freshmeat) PT Print PT is an easy-to-use, fast, and configurable p... Télécharger
infokeep(freshmeat) InfoKeep InfoKeep is a tool for managing and maintainin... Télécharger
jbot(freshmeat) Jbot Jbot is an IRC client library and an example bot. Télécharger
wct(freshmeat) Web Components Toolit Web Component Tookit is a library for Servlet ... Télécharger
xbelette(freshmeat) XBELette XBELette is a client-server solution for managi... Télécharger
tableclass(freshmeat) Table Class Table Class allows you to create highly dyanami... Télécharger
archserv(freshmeat) Archive Webserver The Archive Webserver will redirect all Web cl... Télécharger
openaether(freshmeat) OpenAether OpenAether is a collection of libraries and pr... Télécharger
sastragraph(freshmeat) SAS's traffic grapher Sastragraph is an IP accounting package used fo... Télécharger
kio_sieve(freshmeat) kio_sieve kio_sieve lets you manage mail filtering Sieve ... Télécharger
scanerrlog(freshmeat) ScanErrLog ScanErrLog is a Python module that allows you t... Télécharger
gpprog(freshmeat) gpprog gpprog is a software programmer for the Microch... Télécharger
libpackman(freshmeat) libpackman libpackman, the GNUpdate Package Management lib... Télécharger
xawdeinterlace(freshmeat) xaw-deinterlace xaw-deinterlace is a collection of plugins for ... Télécharger
debpromise(freshmeat) Debian Promise FastTrak RAID HOWTO The Debian Promise FastTrak RAID HOWTO explains... Télécharger
juked(freshmeat) juked juked is a daemon that turns a server into a mu... Télécharger
jacol(freshmeat) JACOL JACOL is a framework that allows bidirectional ... Télécharger
flap(freshmeat) flap mail user agent flap is a mail user agent written in pure Java.... Télécharger
xpcm(freshmeat) XPcm XPcm is a flexible PHP based content management... Télécharger
openpgpwebmail(freshmeat) OpenPGP Webmail OpenPGP Webmail is a set of PHP scripts which a... Télécharger
angkor(freshmeat) Angkor Web Framework Angkor Web Framework is an easy-to-use compone... Télécharger
docserv(freshmeat) DocServ DocServ is a small tool this is designed for i... Télécharger
pinepgp(freshmeat) PinePGP PinePGP provides PGP and GnuPG filters for pine... Télécharger
sneakyman(freshmeat) SneakyMan SneakyMan is an easy GTK+/GNOME-based snort rul... Télécharger
hla3dsimviewer(freshmeat) Higher Level Architecture 3D Simulation Viewer Higher Level Architecture 3D Simulation Viewer ... Télécharger
gozer(freshmeat) gozer gozer is a commandline text rendering utility f... Télécharger
rustem(freshmeat) RuStem RuStem is a fast Ruby module with the the Porte... Télécharger
xkobo(freshmeat) XKobo XKobo is a fastpaced multiway scrolling shoot-e... Télécharger
pyxdialog(freshmeat) pyxdialog pyxdialog eases the use of the dialogs provided... Télécharger
mod_trace_output(freshmeat) mod_trace_output Mod_trace_output is an Apache module that is de... Télécharger
raytraccio(freshmeat) RayTraccio RayTraccio uses a fully object-oriented design ... Télécharger
wmmclient(freshmeat) wmmclient wmmclient is a small Window Maker dock applet t... Télécharger
wmmenu(freshmeat) wmmenu wmmenu is a "dock application" for Wi... Télécharger
voxpak(freshmeat) Voxpak Voxpak is a GUI for playing, editing, renaming,... Télécharger
trophy(freshmeat) Trophy Trophy is an action car racing game for Linux. ... Télécharger
exb(freshmeat) ExB Xenophobic Bot ExB Xenophobic Bot is a fast and fully extensib... Télécharger
alfj(freshmeat) Automated Logging Framework for Java ALF is a native logging framework for Java with... Télécharger
claraocr(freshmeat) Clara OCR Clara OCR is an Optical Character Recognition p... Télécharger
kcommander3(freshmeat) KCommander3 KCommander3 is a file manager like MC or the Wi... Télécharger
mod_roaming(freshmeat) mod_roaming With mod_roaming you can use your Apache webser... Télécharger
kmandel(freshmeat) KMandel KMandel is a powerful fractal generator. Télécharger
expatxbel(freshmeat) expatXBEL expatXBEL is a PHP class that provides a simple... Télécharger
quickanddirtypacketforwarder(freshmeat) Quick and Dirty Packet Forwarder QDPF was written to solve the problem of exposi... Télécharger
darkroom(freshmeat) darkroom darkroom is a little bash script which can help... Télécharger
groundhog(freshmeat) Groundhog Groundhog is a small logic game written in C++.... Télécharger
vasc(freshmeat) Very Advanced Samba Configuration VASC is a configuration fileset for Samba, the ... Télécharger
sig2dot(freshmeat) sig2dot sig2dot.pl can be used to generate a graph of a... Télécharger
xcounter(freshmeat) XCounter XCounter is an X11-based traffic monitoring pro... Télécharger
myphp4mysql(freshmeat) MyPHP for MySQL MyPHP is a UDF for MySQL that embeds PHP4 in My... Télécharger
gnmm(freshmeat) GNMM GNMM is an implementation of the game "Nin... Télécharger
weeblefm(freshmeat) Weeble File Manager Weeble File Manager (WeebleFM) is a PHP file ma... Télécharger
deal_ii(freshmeat) deal.II finite element library deal.II is a C++ library supporting the generat... Télécharger
agemail(freshmeat) Agemail Agemail is a Tcl utilty which removes old messa... Télécharger
rpmproc(freshmeat) rpmproc rpmproc is a simple Perl program to help manage... Télécharger
jteg(freshmeat) JTEG JTEG contains a Java client/server for the TEG ... Télécharger
theclans(freshmeat) The Clans BBS Door Game The Clans was a game written for BBSes back in ... Télécharger
mod_log_sqlite(freshmeat) mod_log_sqlite mod_log_sqlite is an Apache logging module whic... Télécharger
asaplate(freshmeat) ASAPlate ASAPlate separates PHP source code from templat... Télécharger
stoical(freshmeat) STOICAL STOICAL is a modern re-implementation of the cl... Télécharger
ffes(freshmeat) Freehand Formula Entry System The Freehand Formula Entry System is a research... Télécharger
xwrits(freshmeat) Xwrits Xwrits reminds you to take wrist breaks, which ... Télécharger
evos(freshmeat) EV-OS EV-OS is an operating system which runs in real... Télécharger

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