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irogue(freshmeat) iRogue iRogue is a port of Rogue, a classic game. It r... Télécharger
biggles(freshmeat) Biggles Biggles is a Python module for the creation of ... Télécharger
easymaths(freshmeat) EasyMaths EasyMaths is a mathematics program for Linux. E... Télécharger
quickhp(freshmeat) QuickHP QuickHP is an easy to use tool to keep your hom... Télécharger
knocker(freshmeat) knocker Knocker is a simple, versatile, and easy-to-use... Télécharger
ng_fwdswitch(freshmeat) ng_fwdswitch ng_fwdswitch is a FreeBSD kernel module based o... Télécharger
riesamp(freshmeat) riesamp riesamp is a simple car MP3 player using the fm... Télécharger
espere(freshmeat) Espere Espere is an IRC bot written in Java, designed ... Télécharger
wmlj(freshmeat) wmlj wmlj is a Window Maker dock application that mo... Télécharger
objex(freshmeat) The Objex Project The Objex Project (like the GNU Project) aims t... Télécharger
whatpix(freshmeat) whatpix whatpix is a Perl console application which fin... Télécharger
unitsconversionlibrary(freshmeat) Units Conversion Library The Units Conversion Library provides a facili... Télécharger
prevayler(freshmeat) Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java i... Télécharger
mst(freshmeat) MST MST is a very simple Java application for calcu... Télécharger
gtkthemeswitch(freshmeat) Gtk Theme Switch GTK Theme Switch is a small and fast command li... Télécharger
pronto!(freshmeat) Pronto! Pronto! is a full-featured mail client written ... Télécharger
ssrc(freshmeat) Shibatch sampling rate converter This program converts the sampling rate of a PC... Télécharger
bootsagem(freshmeat) Sagem Bootstrap Loader The Sagem Bootstrap Loader can be used to ente... Télécharger
janino(freshmeat) Janino Janino is a compiler that reads a Java express... Télécharger
ac3play(freshmeat) ac3play ac3play is a tiny tool that forwards AC3 (Dolby... Télécharger
sdlhan(freshmeat) SDLHan SDLHan provides Korean support for SDL applicat... Télécharger
scope(freshmeat) Scope Scope is a framework built around an extensible... Télécharger
yasc(freshmeat) YASC YASC is a lightweight SETI@Home client controll... Télécharger
midi-howto(freshmeat) Linux MIDI-HOWTO The Linux MIDI HOWTO describes the hardware, so... Télécharger
tk75(freshmeat) tk75 tk75 is a multiplatform control and cloning pro... Télécharger
kmusicchoice(freshmeat) KMusicChoice KMusicChoice fetches information about the curr... Télécharger
agranger(freshmeat) AGRanger AGRanger is an open source client for AudioGal... Télécharger
calypso(freshmeat) Calypso MUD Calypso is a MUD code base written in C. The go... Télécharger
diff_memtest(freshmeat) Disk and CPU memory test The Disk and CPU memory test is a memory testin... Télécharger
sdlcam(freshmeat) SDLcam SDLcam is an SDL GUI for the Philips Webcams th... Télécharger
slight(freshmeat) SLight SLight is a DMX-512 theater lighting control sy... Télécharger
gtk_path(freshmeat) gtk path widget for GTK 2 gtk_path is a widget for GTK 2 that allows for ... Télécharger
htmlcat(freshmeat) htmlcat htmlcat is a script which combines a number of ... Télécharger
gnomoku(freshmeat) Gnomoku Gnomoku is a GTK-based Gomoku game for X. It ca... Télécharger
dolt(freshmeat) dolt dolt is a cross platform HTML preprocessor, whi... Télécharger
advanced_http_client(freshmeat) Advanced HTTP Client Advanced HTTP Client is a PHP class which imple... Télécharger
ctmail(freshmeat) Ctmail CTmaiL is a Web-based mail account manager for ... Télécharger
arisyahooclient(freshmeat) Ari's Yahoo Client Ari's Yahoo Client is a compact, easy-to-use, t... Télécharger
kwhois(freshmeat) KWhois KWhois is a native KDE whois client. Télécharger
phpmydoc(freshmeat) phpMyDoc phpMyDoc is a tool for documenting MySQL datab... Télécharger
fame(freshmeat) FAME FAME is a project to bring real-time MPEG encod... Télécharger
nxzilla(freshmeat) NxZilla NxZilla (formerly nanozilla) is a set of librar... Télécharger
devfsd(freshmeat) devfsd The devfsd program is a daemon, run by the syst... Télécharger
advance(freshmeat) Advance Advance is an open source personal information ... Télécharger
mrtgtraffgen(freshmeat) MRTG Total Traffic Generator The MRTG Total Traffic Generator is a PHP scrip... Télécharger
yafp(freshmeat) Yet Another Filter Proxy YAFP is a proxy to filter out advertising banne... Télécharger
advi(freshmeat) Active-DVI Active-DVI is a DVI previewer and a programmabl... Télécharger
dupiso(freshmeat) DupISO DupISO is a frontend for cdrecord, living in a ... Télécharger
largefiles(freshmeat) Abstract Large Files The Abstract Large File (ALF) project is a port... Télécharger
filemenuapplet(freshmeat) File Menu Applet File Menu Applet is a small applet which allows... Télécharger
mysql_cbn(freshmeat) MySQL_CBN MySQL Check/Backup/Notification periodically ch... Télécharger
krio(freshmeat) Krio Krio is a graphical interface to your Diamond R... Télécharger
ngmlstat(freshmeat) ngmlstat ngmlstat is a Perl program for producing report... Télécharger
aub(freshmeat) aub aub is a time-tested Perl program to download a... Télécharger
wy60(freshmeat) Wy60 Terminal Emulator Wy60 is a curses-based terminal emulator of the... Télécharger
phpwx(freshmeat) phpWX phpWX is a small PHP script that displays curre... Télécharger
turboc(freshmeat) Turbo C to gcc porting tool TurboC is a function library and a set of heade... Télécharger
plushs(freshmeat) Plushs PluSHS allows you to resolve the names of a dir... Télécharger
pamexim(freshmeat) pam_exim pam_exim is a patched version of pam_unix that ... Télécharger
javaguard(freshmeat) JavaGuard JavaGuard is a general purpose bytecode obfusca... Télécharger
kio_fish(freshmeat) kio_fish kio_fish is a kioslave for KDE 2 and KDE 3 that... Télécharger
kahuna(freshmeat) Kahuna Kahuna is a KDE application to manage hubs and ... Télécharger
snts(freshmeat) SNTS SNTS (Simple Network Time Sync) is a simple, fa... Télécharger
ufpb_tool(freshmeat) ufpb_tool ufpb_tool is a small utility that makes it pos... Télécharger
oasis(freshmeat) OASIS OASIS is a high-performance ad server built usi... Télécharger
reqtool(freshmeat) Reqtool Reqtool handles email requests and provides a W... Télécharger
gsubedit(freshmeat) GNOME Subtitle Editor GNOME Subtitle Editor is a GNOME tool for editi... Télécharger
notespam(freshmeat) notespam notespam is a Unix filter-style spam-marking sc... Télécharger
xnbtscan(freshmeat) xNBTscan xNBTScan is a GTK 2 interface to the NBTscan pr... Télécharger
phpsysinfo(freshmeat) phpSysInfo phpSysInfo is a customizable PHP script that pa... Télécharger
beonex-comm(freshmeat) Beonex Communicator Beonex Communicator is Mozilla polished for end... Télécharger
novadns(freshmeat) NovaDNS NovaDNS is a program to manage many BIND zonefi... Télécharger
untzuntzlan(freshmeat) UntzUntz LAN Scan UntzUntz LAN Scan finds and creates a listing o... Télécharger
monitorit(freshmeat) MonitorIT! MonitorIT! is a multi-purpose monitoring tool. Télécharger
gsendfile(freshmeat) gsendfile gsendfile is a frontend to the Unix tools sendf... Télécharger
mserver(freshmeat) mserver mserver is a collection of software to allow ea... Télécharger
netstation(freshmeat) Netstation Linux NetStation is a Linux distribution for diskless... Télécharger
gknut(freshmeat) GKrellM NUT Plugin The GKrellM NUT Plugin is a simple UPS monitori... Télécharger
freewrl(freshmeat) FreeWRL FreeWRL is a VRML browser for Linux and OS X. ... Télécharger
s-news(freshmeat) s-news S-news is a simple news server for hosts with o... Télécharger
gltlife(freshmeat) GltLife GltLife is an object-oriented implementation of... Télécharger
emptytree-seedy(freshmeat) Emptytree Seedy Emptytree Seedy is a distributed digital music ... Télécharger
pxpproject(freshmeat) pXp pXp is a framework to develop dynamic Web sites... Télécharger
mod_trigger(freshmeat) mod_trigger mod_trigger gives you hooks into each Apache r... Télécharger
timesheet_php(freshmeat) Timesheet.php Timesheet.php is a Web-based application design... Télécharger
xml_xpath(freshmeat) XML_XPath PEAR Class The XML_XPath PEAR Class allows easy manipulati... Télécharger
mimetypes(freshmeat) mimetypes mimetypes is a utility that generates mime.typ... Télécharger
mcnews(freshmeat) mcNews mcNews allows you and your visitors to publish ... Télécharger
poop-pop3(freshmeat) poop POP3 Server poop is a small and simple POP3 server designed... Télécharger
icebreaker(freshmeat) IceBreaker IceBreaker is an action-puzzle game in which yo... Télécharger
qtutils(freshmeat) QuickTime Utilities Qtutils is a collection of command line program... Télécharger
sqlrepository(freshmeat) SQL Schema Repository The SQL Schema Repository is a collection of SQ... Télécharger
a2ps(freshmeat) a2ps a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter. Of course ... Télécharger
xaq(freshmeat) Xaq Xaq is a web application environment for Perl. ... Télécharger
vpnscripts(freshmeat) InitScripts VPN Extensions InitScripts VPN Extensions consists of two pac... Télécharger
ldap2zaurus(freshmeat) ldap2zaurus ldap2zaurus is a simple PHP script for exportin... Télécharger
rip-utils(freshmeat) rip-utils rip-utils is a comprehensive command line toolk... Télécharger
mrtg-misc-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-misc-probe mrtg-misc-probe probes different system feature... Télécharger
colibri(freshmeat) colibri colibri is an RTOS subset, designed for small e... Télécharger
dblog(freshmeat) dblog dblog is a simple shell script blogging utility. Télécharger

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