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gltlife(freshmeat) GltLife GltLife is an object-oriented implementation of... Télécharger
emptytree-seedy(freshmeat) Emptytree Seedy Emptytree Seedy is a distributed digital music ... Télécharger
pxpproject(freshmeat) pXp pXp is a framework to develop dynamic Web sites... Télécharger
mod_trigger(freshmeat) mod_trigger mod_trigger gives you hooks into each Apache r... Télécharger
timesheet_php(freshmeat) Timesheet.php Timesheet.php is a Web-based application design... Télécharger
xml_xpath(freshmeat) XML_XPath PEAR Class The XML_XPath PEAR Class allows easy manipulati... Télécharger
mimetypes(freshmeat) mimetypes mimetypes is a utility that generates mime.typ... Télécharger
mcnews(freshmeat) mcNews mcNews allows you and your visitors to publish ... Télécharger
poop-pop3(freshmeat) poop POP3 Server poop is a small and simple POP3 server designed... Télécharger
icebreaker(freshmeat) IceBreaker IceBreaker is an action-puzzle game in which yo... Télécharger
qtutils(freshmeat) QuickTime Utilities Qtutils is a collection of command line program... Télécharger
sqlrepository(freshmeat) SQL Schema Repository The SQL Schema Repository is a collection of SQ... Télécharger
a2ps(freshmeat) a2ps a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter. Of course ... Télécharger
xaq(freshmeat) Xaq Xaq is a web application environment for Perl. ... Télécharger
vpnscripts(freshmeat) InitScripts VPN Extensions InitScripts VPN Extensions consists of two pac... Télécharger
ldap2zaurus(freshmeat) ldap2zaurus ldap2zaurus is a simple PHP script for exportin... Télécharger
rip-utils(freshmeat) rip-utils rip-utils is a comprehensive command line toolk... Télécharger
mrtg-misc-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-misc-probe mrtg-misc-probe probes different system feature... Télécharger
colibri(freshmeat) colibri colibri is an RTOS subset, designed for small e... Télécharger
dblog(freshmeat) dblog dblog is a simple shell script blogging utility. Télécharger
docxp(freshmeat) docXP docXP is a programmer's tool that can be used t... Télécharger
python-webmin(freshmeat) python-webmin python-webmin is a Python implementation of th... Télécharger
agcontrol(freshmeat) AGControl AGControl is a simple Bash script which monitor... Télécharger
gdp(freshmeat) Zaval GUI Designer Package Zaval GUI Designer Package is a set of componen... Télécharger
weblech(freshmeat) WebLech WebLech is a Web site download tool written in ... Télécharger
nobjects(freshmeat) NObjects NObjects is a library of PHP scripts that perfo... Télécharger
adoc(freshmeat) adoC adoC is a source code documenting system writte... Télécharger
develprofiler(freshmeat) Devel::Profiler Devel::Profiler is a Perl profiler designed as ... Télécharger
comparametric(freshmeat) VideoOrbits VideoOrbits is a set of computer programs that ... Télécharger
php_svggraph(freshmeat) svgGraph svgGraph takes an array or multiple arrays of d... Télécharger
getdata(freshmeat) Getdata Getdata protocol analyzer is a simple but usefu... Télécharger
chinesepython(freshmeat) chinesepython ChinesePython is a translation of Python script... Télécharger
portalapi(freshmeat) Portal API Portal API is a PHP framework that let develope... Télécharger
vms(freshmeat) V Mail Server V Mail Server (VMS) is a small SMTP server de... Télécharger
axpoint(freshmeat) AxPoint AxPoint generates beautiful slideshows in PDF f... Télécharger
pcwd(freshmeat) pcwd pcwd is a Linux Kernel driver for Berkshire Pro... Télécharger
mp3cd-mysql(freshmeat) mp3cd-mysql mp3cd-mysql is an MP3 CD index program which us... Télécharger
axkit(freshmeat) AxKit AxKit is a mod_perl-based XML Application Serve... Télécharger
rsvp(freshmeat) RSVP RSVP is a solution along the same lines of evit... Télécharger
ocomonphp(freshmeat) OcoMon OcoMon is a trouble ticket system based in PHP ... Télécharger
xgrabber(freshmeat) xgrabber xgrabber is designed to prevent folks with rep... Télécharger
gnujaxp(freshmeat) GNU JAXP GNU JAXP, a part of the GNU Classpath Extension... Télécharger
touchgraph(freshmeat) TouchGraph TouchGraph is a set of interfaces for graph vis... Télécharger
pop3vscan(freshmeat) POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy POP3 Virus Scanner Proxy is a full-transparent ... Télécharger
alcovebook(freshmeat) AlcoveBook DTD and stylesheets AlcoveBook DTD and stylesheets is a strict subs... Télécharger
png2linuxlogo(freshmeat) png2linuxlogo png2linuxlogo takes an 80x80 color-mapped (pal... Télécharger
aegisvm(freshmeat) The Aegis VM Project The Aegis VM Project is an ongoing effort to de... Télécharger
httpdstats(freshmeat) httpdstats httpdstats is a Perl script that generates a st... Télécharger
bitcoinproof(freshmeat) Bitcoinproof Bitcoinproof creates a forgery-proof timestamp ... Télécharger
blaim(freshmeat) blaim blaim is a 2kb D-H key exchange and 448-bit blo... Télécharger
razorback(freshmeat) RazorBack RazorBack is a log analysis program that interf... Télécharger
ntxshape(freshmeat) NTXShape - NTX to Shapefile Converter NTXShape is a GIS data conversion tool that t... Télécharger
libqsearch(freshmeat) libqsearch libqsearch provides an API for searching for a ... Télécharger
fvwm-ewmh(freshmeat) fvwm-ewmh fvwm-ewmh is made up of a module, FvwmNetHints,... Télécharger
mail2sms(freshmeat) mail2sms mail2sms converts a (MIME) mail to a short mess... Télécharger
phpeventcalendar(freshmeat) phpEventCalendar phpEventCalendar is a simplistic approach to a ... Télécharger
yawtb(freshmeat) Yet Another Wavelet toolbox The aim of the YAWtb is to provide a clear and ... Télécharger
playerstage(freshmeat) Player/Stage Player provides a language-independent networke... Télécharger
zoneadm(freshmeat) zoneadm Zoneadm is a CGI application to allow a DNS ho... Télécharger
nu(freshmeat) nu nu parses a Web page (currently Yahoo! TV), and... Télécharger
jarspy(freshmeat) JarSpy - Java Archive Spying Utility JarSpy is a utility for "spying" the ... Télécharger
odsupdate(freshmeat) odsupdate odsupdate is an IP update client for Open Domai... Télécharger
mcplay(freshmeat) mcplay mcplay is a ncurses-based frontend for command-... Télécharger
remailckd(freshmeat) remailckd remailckd is an RFC 1339 ("Remote Mail Che... Télécharger
glickomania(freshmeat) Glickomania Glickomania is a simple but addictive puzzle ga... Télécharger
cvsgrab(freshmeat) CVSGrab CVSGrab is a CVS client that reads the files fr... Télécharger
lintar(freshmeat) LinTar LinTar is a decompressing tool written in GTK+.... Télécharger
rbl-milter(freshmeat) rbl-milter Rbl-milter extends the capability of sendmail t... Télécharger
advancedform(freshmeat) Advanced Form Framework with PHP Advanced Form Framework with PHP lets you gener... Télécharger
phpnotes(freshmeat) PHPNotes PHPNotes is a reminder program that uses the PH... Télécharger
palmrpn(freshmeat) RPN RPN is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator. Télécharger
mycts(freshmeat) MyCTS My Centralized Timeregistration System (MyCTS) ... Télécharger
diald-top(freshmeat) diald-top diald-top maintains a top-like listing of all p... Télécharger
netdevicelib(freshmeat) netdevicelib netdevicelib is a Python module for interacting... Télécharger
perlsgml(freshmeat) perlSGML perlSGML is a collection of Perl programs and ... Télécharger
wmmixer(freshmeat) WMMixer WMMixer is a non-dockable Mixer application for... Télécharger
php-fortune(freshmeat) PHP Fortune script PHP Fortune is a small script capable of readin... Télécharger
phpshare(freshmeat) phpShare phpShare is a file browser written in PHP4. It ... Télécharger
macwatch(freshmeat) macwatch macwatch is a small daemon that counts in- and ... Télécharger
exact-audio(freshmeat) ExactAudio ExactAudio is a C++ digital audio signal proces... Télécharger
fscvs(freshmeat) CVS for filesystem The fscvs is a group of tools to manage fspatch... Télécharger
djbdns-conf(freshmeat) djbdns-conf djbdns-conf is a configuration tool for djbdns.... Télécharger
axkit-wiki(freshmeat) AxKit Wiki AxKit Wiki is a Wiki built specifically for Apa... Télécharger
knetscan(freshmeat) KNetScan KnetScan is a full-featured frontend for nmap, ... Télécharger
kjsplit(freshmeat) KJSplit KJsplit is a file joiner and splitter. It can s... Télécharger
pperl(freshmeat) PPerl PPerl is a persistent Perl interpreter that was... Télécharger
htmldefaultify(freshmeat) HTML::Defaultify The HTML::Defaultify Perl module is designed t... Télécharger
bonk-xmms(freshmeat) bonk-xmms bonk-xmms is an XMMS input plugin to play bonk ... Télécharger
jregex(freshmeat) jregex jregex is a regular expression library for Java... Télécharger
libformat1(freshmeat) libformat1 libformat is an adaptation of the mod_format A... Télécharger
async(freshmeat) Asynchronous Socket Library The Asynchronous Socket Library provides event-... Télécharger
pnmtopng(freshmeat) pnmtopng The pnmtopng package contains the official pnmt... Télécharger
xoopsforge(freshmeat) XoopsForge XoopsForge is a SourceForge clone built on top ... Télécharger
bondlog(freshmeat) James Bond Log James Bond Log is a daemon log watcher written ... Télécharger
xleague(freshmeat) xleague xleague is a Motif 2.1 frontend for myleague, a... Télécharger
remote_update_pl(freshmeat) remote_update.pl remote_update.pl is a script that utilizes Expe... Télécharger
mod_pointer(freshmeat) mod_pointer mod_pointer is an Apache module for making doma... Télécharger
mockmarket(freshmeat) mock market mock market is a program that lets users create... Télécharger
web-panacea(freshmeat) web panacea panacea is the overly pretentious name for an o... Télécharger
dcalc(freshmeat) dcalc dcalc(1) is a (fairly) portable character-based... Télécharger

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