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kblog(freshmeat) kblog kblog is a Weblog or Web diary tool. It support... Télécharger
jeremi(freshmeat) Jeremi Jeremi is groupware software for realtime docum... Télécharger
pypect(freshmeat) Pypect The purpose of the Pypect module is to make Pyt... Télécharger
popupfortune(freshmeat) Popup Fortune Popup Fortune takes over your root X window and... Télécharger
nngs(freshmeat) No Name Go Server The NNGS (No Name Go Server) is a full-featured... Télécharger
boa(freshmeat) Boa Boa is a single-tasking HTTP server. That means... Télécharger
g-c(freshmeat) gnome-courier gnome-courier is a collection of programs for c... Télécharger
snl(freshmeat) SNL SNL (Simple Network Layer) is a very user-frien... Télécharger
mwalladmin(freshmeat) MWallAdmin Mwalladmin gives you the power to admin message... Télécharger
serel(freshmeat) serel - fast boot software serel is a utility that helps computers to boot... Télécharger
dyn2stat(freshmeat) Dyn2Stat Dyn2stat (dynamic to static) is a Web applicati... Télécharger
avi-xmms(freshmeat) AVI Player for XMMS The AVI player is a plug-in for XMMS, giving it... Télécharger
livewebstats(freshmeat) LiveWebStats LiveWebStats generates live/realtime Web statis... Télécharger
pam_cucipop(freshmeat) pam_cucipop pam_cucipop is a patch that enables cucipop to ... Télécharger
kemerge(freshmeat) Kemerge Kemerge is a KDE graphical front end for Gentoo... Télécharger
examiner(freshmeat) The Examiner The Examiner is a tool to analyze foreign binar... Télécharger
xsslint(freshmeat) HTML::XSSLint HTML::XSSLint is a subclass of LWP::UserAgent t... Télécharger
everysource(freshmeat) EverySource EverySource (formerly known as PyREXX) is an in... Télécharger
tn5250(freshmeat) tn5250 tn5250 is a 5250 terminal emulator, used for co... Télécharger
radiuslib(freshmeat) Radiuslib Radiuslib is a complete RADIUS protocol and ut... Télécharger
libcisco(freshmeat) libcisco libcisco is a Tcl/Expect package that provides ... Télécharger
autotabla(freshmeat) Autotabla Autotabla is a CGI interface to a collection of... Télécharger
riso(freshmeat) RISO RISO is an implementation of heterogeneous, dis... Télécharger
pseudopod(freshmeat) PseudoPod PseudoPod allows users to access a root shell w... Télécharger
gpibtcl(freshmeat) GPIB-Tcl GPIB-Tcl is an extension to the Tcl programming... Télécharger
photogroup(freshmeat) PhotoGroup PhotoGroup is a GNOME program for organising (a... Télécharger
tkrat(freshmeat) TkRat TkRat is a graphical Mail User Agent (MUA) whic... Télécharger
rsip(freshmeat) Realm Specific IP implementation Realm Specific IP implementation involves the c... Télécharger
apalogfilter(freshmeat) ApaLogFilter ApaLogFilter is a Perl script which filters and... Télécharger
pyzoe(freshmeat) PyZOE ZOE (formerly OGLE) is a simple OpenGL graphics... Télécharger
mahc(freshmeat) MAHC Advanced HTML Chat MAHC is a complex PHP system that installs easi... Télécharger
mysql_db(freshmeat) Mysql_db Mysql_db is a set of basic MySQL access classes... Télécharger
recurrance(freshmeat) recurrance recurrance takes a date recurrance expression ... Télécharger
uudeview(freshmeat) uudeview uudeview is a smart multi-file multi-part encod... Télécharger
dml2(freshmeat) DML2 DML2 is an object oriented document formatting ... Télécharger
gdspsim(freshmeat) gDSPsim gDSPsim is a standalone simulator for the TMS32... Télécharger
easyup-nuke(freshmeat) EASYUP-NUKE Easyup-nuke is an upload module and generating ... Télécharger
jtransliterator(freshmeat) JTransliterator JTransliterator is a small Java tool to transli... Télécharger
marbles(freshmeat) Marbles Marbles is very similiar to Atomix and was heav... Télécharger
rarch(freshmeat) rarch rarch (Removable Archive) is a program that kee... Télécharger
exnihilo(freshmeat) ExNihilo ExNihilo is an Open Source 3D engine written in... Télécharger
xmmsd(freshmeat) XMMSd web control plug-in The XMMSd web control plug-in allows XMMS to b... Télécharger
kluje(freshmeat) KLuJe KLuJe is a KDE client for the online journal si... Télécharger
weathercheck(freshmeat) WeatherCheck WeatherCheck is a program that uses Java Swing ... Télécharger
php_spread(freshmeat) Spread Extension for PHP Spread Extension is a PHP extension to allow PH... Télécharger
x10bot(freshmeat) x10bot Home Automation Daemon x10bot is a home automation daemon for the x10 ... Télécharger
oats(freshmeat) OATS OATS (Online Automated Timecard System) is a mu... Télécharger
hush(freshmeat) The Hush Programming Language Hush is a full object-oriented programming lang... Télécharger
spca50x(freshmeat) SPCA50X USB Camera Linux Driver The SPCA50X USB Camera Linux Driver is a stand-... Télécharger
spackle(freshmeat) Spackle Spackle enhances the basic capabilities of CVS.... Télécharger
tmdcwebpad(freshmeat) TMDC WebPad WebPad is a program for organizing links such a... Télécharger
barter(freshmeat) Barter Barter is a tool for increasing the quality of ... Télécharger
echo-interchange(freshmeat) ECHO Interchange Payment Module The ECHO Interchange Payment Module contains th... Télécharger
gcutter(freshmeat) gcutter gcutter is a commandline tool that easily split... Télécharger
pc4p(freshmeat) PC4P PC4P (PDF Class for PHP) is a library of php-cl... Télécharger
stdnet2(freshmeat) stdnet2 stdnet2 aims to simplify networking and multith... Télécharger
efsane2(freshmeat) Efsane II Efsane II is the first Turkish-made and award-w... Télécharger
belt(freshmeat) belt Belt is a foldable menubar that works somewhat ... Télécharger
gasp(freshmeat) GASP GASP is a generic protocol encoder and decoder.... Télécharger
zgal(freshmeat) Zgal Zgal generates a static HTML photo album with t... Télécharger
gtm(freshmeat) GTransferManager GTransferManager (gtm) allows the user to retri... Télécharger
rmp3(freshmeat) rmp3 rmp3 is a receiver for the rmp3 broadcast prot... Télécharger
cthumb(freshmeat) cthumb cthumb allows you to create Web albums of digit... Télécharger
zyan-communication-framework(freshmeat) Zyan Communication Framework Zyan Communication Framework simplifies develop... Télécharger
microcosms(freshmeat) Microcosms in Squeak Microcosms in Squeak is a multi-agent simulati... Télécharger
b2(freshmeat) b2 b2 features a multi-users with levels system, P... Télécharger
aggregate_flim(freshmeat) Aggregate Flim aggregate(8) is a tool for aggregating CIDR n... Télécharger
linda(freshmeat) linda linda is a simple library implementation of the... Télécharger
jfor(freshmeat) jfor jfor converts XML documents conforming to the X... Télécharger
javacelot(freshmeat) Javacelot Javacelot is a Java utility for communicating w... Télécharger
tinwhistler(freshmeat) Tin Whistler Tin Whistler is a set of Perl CGI scripts that ... Télécharger
phptable(freshmeat) PHP Table class PHP Table class is a simple but powerful table ... Télécharger
phpformclass(freshmeat) PHP Form class A companion class to PHP Table class, the PHP F... Télécharger
phpcomment(freshmeat) PHP Comment class PHP Comment Class is a simple, reusable comment... Télécharger
phpguestbook(freshmeat) phpGuestbook phpGuestbook is a PHP3 application that allows ... Télécharger
lcms(freshmeat) Little CMS Little CMS intends to be a small-footprint colo... Télécharger
wrapld(freshmeat) wrapld The system linkers provided with AIX 4.3, HP-UX... Télécharger
xplore(freshmeat) Xplore Xplore is a powerful and highly configurable Mo... Télécharger
mhelpdesk(freshmeat) Mantis Help Desk Mantis Help Desk is a help desk application des... Télécharger
mod_savi(freshmeat) mod_savi mod_savi integrates the Sophos anti-virus scann... Télécharger
proutdns(freshmeat) ProutDNS Dynamic DNS ProutDNS is a set of PHP scripts to create your... Télécharger
wsbasic(freshmeat) wsbasic wsbasic is a BASIC interpreter written in C++ u... Télécharger
sierra(freshmeat) Sierra Sierra is a program for splitting and merging f... Télécharger
a-linux(freshmeat) a-Linux a-Linux is an x86 floppy-based mini-distributio... Télécharger
roadrunnerpk(freshmeat) Roadrunner/pk The Roadruner/pk operating system is a simple r... Télécharger
jedit-syntax(freshmeat) jEdit Syntax Package The jEdit Syntax Package is a stand-alone versi... Télécharger
rubyyahoofinance(freshmeat) RubyYahooFinance RubyYahooFinance is a Ruby library to download ... Télécharger
flip(freshmeat) flip TIFF sequence is loaded into memory and played ... Télécharger
empris(freshmeat) Empris Empris (The Emergencies Personnel Information ... Télécharger
gwiz(freshmeat) Gee Whiz GWiz is a game in the same style of Wizardry(tm... Télécharger
framerd(freshmeat) FramerD FramerD is a semi-structured object database in... Télécharger
libzi(freshmeat) libZI libZI is a portable configuration file API that... Télécharger
fingerbob(freshmeat) Fingerbob Fingerbob is a simple Finger daemon which displ... Télécharger
mytimepunch(freshmeat) MyTimePunch MyTimePunch is a Web-based application that all... Télécharger
menu_buddy(freshmeat) Menu Buddy Menu Buddy currently comprises a couple of Pyth... Télécharger
phpmode(freshmeat) Phpmode phpmode is a mode for jed that helps in editing... Télécharger
somnifugi(freshmeat) Somnifugi JMS Somnifugi is an implementation of JMS that work... Télécharger
libclp(freshmeat) Command Line Parsing Library The Command Line Parsing Library eases the pro... Télécharger
wirelesstoolshowto(freshmeat) Wireless Tools/Howto The Wireless Tools/HowTo provides a set of gene... Télécharger
erc(freshmeat) ERC ERC is an IRC client for Emacs/XEmacs. It suppo... Télécharger

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