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tankcommand(freshmeat) Tank Command Tank Command is a fast paced 2D arcade game in ... Télécharger
elfe(freshmeat) Executable Linkable Format Editor Executable Linkable Format Editor is a program ... Télécharger
aart(freshmeat) aart aart converts PNM (PGM, PBM, PPM) images into c... Télécharger
weblog(freshmeat) Personal Weblog Personal Weblog is a PHP and MySQL (or PostgreS... Télécharger
netboot(freshmeat) netboot The netboot project allows booting a diskless P... Télécharger
bbb(freshmeat) Burn Baby Burn Bbb is a set of utilities for burning to CD-R a... Télécharger
kfilereplace(freshmeat) KFileReplace KFileReplace can replace multiple strings by an... Télécharger
lgcpg(freshmeat) LGC-PG The LGeneral Converter for Panzer General (LGC-... Télécharger
emirror(freshmeat) ECLiPt Mirroring Tool The ECLiPt Mirroring Tool is a full featured FT... Télécharger
procmail(freshmeat) procmail The procmail and formail mail processing packag... Télécharger
fortuneworld(freshmeat) Fortune World The Fortune World project consists of 4 small p... Télécharger
sourcebase(freshmeat) SourceBase SourceBase is a parser library aimed at develop... Télécharger
flavio(freshmeat) Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output F.L.A.V.I.O. is a data grapher for netflow col... Télécharger
cexev(freshmeat) CExEv C Expression Evaluator in C++ CExEv is a package of C++ classes intended to b... Télécharger
transcalc(freshmeat) Transcalc Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for... Télécharger
doli(freshmeat) Doli Doli (Documentation Libre Indexée) is a portabl... Télécharger
cogengine(freshmeat) The Cog Engine Project The Cog Engine Project is a software suite aime... Télécharger
php-proxy(freshmeat) PHP-proxy PHP-Proxy is a PHP script for taking Web pages ... Télécharger
led-editor(freshmeat) Led Led is a small, fullscreen text editor for unix... Télécharger
pstats(freshmeat) Personal Web Statistics Personal Web Statistics (pstats) is a set of CG... Télécharger
spana(freshmeat) Spana/Panorama Spana/Panorama is a protocol and a reference im... Télécharger
appslink(freshmeat) AppsLink Demo Apps and Libs AppsLink is a Web service and platform that let... Télécharger
gpsim-la(freshmeat) gpsim Logic Analyzer Module gpsim Logic Analyzer Module is a module which ... Télécharger
lats(freshmeat) Look at the stars Look at the stars is an extended image viewer ... Télécharger
freealtersoft(freshmeat) Free&Alter Software Distribution The Free&Alter Software Distribution offers... Télécharger
pxtools(freshmeat) pxtools pxtools is a collection of tools to work with P... Télécharger
nacs(freshmeat) Network Access Control System NACS provides you a comfortable and secure way ... Télécharger
osdsh(freshmeat) osdsh osdsh is a daemon that uses XOSD to overlay in... Télécharger
libimdb-perl(freshmeat) Internet Movie Database Perl library The Internet Movie Database Perl library (IMDb... Télécharger
eounicorn(freshmeat) Escape of the Unicorn Escape of the Unicorn is the 2D flying shooter ... Télécharger
schemamap(freshmeat) schema map schema map is a Web-based Oracle database expl... Télécharger
xlv(freshmeat) eXtended Linux Video XLV is a middle-level interface for Audio/Video... Télécharger
dm6210(freshmeat) DM6210 Analog/Digital Device Driver This is a device driver for DM6210 based analog... Télécharger
rusconv(freshmeat) rusconv rusconv is a plugin for Gaim messenger that con... Télécharger
sinek(freshmeat) Sinek Sinek is a GTK+ video player for your MPEG1/2 a... Télécharger
phpgraph(freshmeat) PHPgraph PHPgraph is a very simple tool for creating PNG... Télécharger
alindis(freshmeat) Alindis Alindis - A GNU/Linux Distribution is a compreh... Télécharger
bbconf(freshmeat) bbconf bbconf is a GUI configurator for the Blackbox w... Télécharger
orbis(freshmeat) Orbis Orbis is a simple 3D file browser implemented i... Télécharger
udpeq(freshmeat) udpeq udpeq balances UDP traffic over parallel routes... Télécharger
quarantine(freshmeat) Quarantine firewall Quarantine is yet another firewall that has mas... Télécharger
sws(freshmeat) [simple | small | shell] web server sws was born out of a project requirement for a... Télécharger
cogdevapp(freshmeat) Cog Development Application The Cog Development Application is a complete G... Télécharger
js-menu(freshmeat) JS-Menu JS-Menu is a JavaScript menu for Web pages with... Télécharger
uif(freshmeat) UIF - Userfriendly Iptables Frontend The Userfriendly Iptables Frontend is used to ... Télécharger
imlib(freshmeat) imlib Imlib is an advanced replacement library for li... Télécharger
nebulacards(freshmeat) Nebula Cards Nebula Cards is a networked, modular card game ... Télécharger
eiffelfox(freshmeat) EiffelFox EiffelFox is an Eiffel language wrapper for the... Télécharger
qfd(freshmeat) qmailfordummies qmailfordummies simplifies the installation of ... Télécharger
chesstask(freshmeat) ChessTask ChessTask is a frontend for easily creating che... Télécharger
amazon_webservice_api(freshmeat) Amazon PHP API The Amazon PHP API allows you to use PHP to acc... Télécharger
ffm(freshmeat) The Featurific File Manager The Featurific File Manager allows a user to fi... Télécharger
xmltools(freshmeat) xmltools Python XmlTools is a set of high level tools to... Télécharger
rg(freshmeat) [RG] [RG] is a cool 3D action game that features LAN... Télécharger
covtool(freshmeat) COVTOOL COVTOOL displays test coverage data for C++ pro... Télécharger
chart2d(freshmeat) Chart2D Chart2D is a library written in Java for adding... Télécharger
fultron(freshmeat) Fultron 2002 Fultron 2002 is a cross platform drum machine.... Télécharger
prcs(freshmeat) PRCS PRCS is the front end to a set of tools that pr... Télécharger
gogg(freshmeat) gogg gogg (GTK Ogg Player) is an Ogg player featurin... Télécharger
mx3bot(freshmeat) Mx3bot Mx3bot is an IRC robot capable of connecting to... Télécharger
pynetlibs(freshmeat) py_net_libs py_net_libs is a Python module to dissect netwo... Télécharger
libicq2000(freshmeat) libicq2000 libicq2000 is an opensource C++ library being d... Télécharger
ickle(freshmeat) ickle ickle is an ICQ2000 client using the GTK-- grap... Télécharger
bonk(freshmeat) Bonk Bonk is an audio compression program that can o... Télécharger
tubesock(freshmeat) Tubesock Tubesock is a GTK/GNOME Shockwave file player. ... Télécharger
jspblog(freshmeat) JSP Blog JSP Blog is a Weblog written in pure JSP, built... Télécharger
ics_el(freshmeat) ics.el ics.el is a comint based Emacs major mode for h... Télécharger
informium(freshmeat) Informium Informium is an advanced news script intended f... Télécharger
supercast(freshmeat) Supercast Supercast is a SHOUTcast-compatible streaming ... Télécharger
linguaphile(freshmeat) Linguaphile Linguaphile is a simple command line language t... Télécharger
ascii-invaders(freshmeat) ascii-invaders ascii-invaders is an animated ASCII art clone o... Télécharger
gaim-e(freshmeat) gaim-e gaim-e is an encryption plugin for gaim. It use... Télécharger
mail-freshmeat(freshmeat) Mail::Freshmeat Mail::Freshmeat is a Perl module which provides... Télécharger
phpxmlclasses(freshmeat) PHP XML Classes PHP XML Classes is a set of classes for XML pro... Télécharger
checkservice(freshmeat) Checkservice Checkservice is a Perl script that monitors ser... Télécharger
xpg(freshmeat) XPg XPg is an object oriented platform-neutral edit... Télécharger
aggregate(freshmeat) aggregate aggregate takes a list of prefixes in conventio... Télécharger
amethyst(freshmeat) Amethyst Amethyst started as a port of Infobot to POE, c... Télécharger
f2w(freshmeat) f2w helpdesk f2w helpdesk is a Web-based helpdesk package. I... Télécharger
jukex(freshmeat) JukeX JukeX is a multi-user web Jukebox application i... Télécharger
nrip(freshmeat) NRip NRip is a frontend to CDDA rippers and MP3 enco... Télécharger
formatxml(freshmeat) Format XML Format XML allows data formats to be defined ... Télécharger
g2as(freshmeat) Gnome 2 Applets Simplified Gnome 2 Applets Simplified (g2as) is a library ... Télécharger
picnic(freshmeat) picnic picnic is the effort to bring PICs (8-bit micro... Télécharger
pachydermfw(freshmeat) Pachyderm-fw Pachyderm is graphical firewall management soft... Télécharger
libconnect(freshmeat) libconnect Libconnect is a simple library wrapper written ... Télécharger
xmltangle(freshmeat) XML Tangle XML Tangle (or just xmltangle) is a tool to imp... Télécharger
vgasnap(freshmeat) vgasnap vgasnap is a program that allows Webcams based ... Télécharger
datalinklibrary(freshmeat) Datalink library The datalink library allows sending information... Télécharger
wftk(freshmeat) wftk The wftk is a relatively complete initial impl... Télécharger
jtag-project(freshmeat) JTag JTag is a Java ID3 tagger that should run on al... Télécharger
startalk(freshmeat) StarTalk StarTalk is a program that lets you read and wr... Télécharger
array-info(freshmeat) array-info array-info is a tool that retrieves information... Télécharger
3dterm(freshmeat) 3dterm 3dterm is a 3D terminal-emulator which uses GLF... Télécharger
tadpoles(freshmeat) Tadpoles Tadpoles is an action game for up to 4 players ... Télécharger
pnmstitch(freshmeat) pnmstitch pnmstitch allows you to automatically stitch, t... Télécharger
gep(freshmeat) gep GEP is an encryption plugin for the Gaim Instan... Télécharger
diydynamicdns(freshmeat) Do-It-Yourself Dynamic DNS client and server DIY Dynamic DNS is a set of scripts and related... Télécharger
emacs-sieve(freshmeat) emacs-sieve emacs-sieve contains support for editing and ma... Télécharger
isf(freshmeat) IPSquad Site Framework IPSquad Site Framework is a Web site engine whi... Télécharger

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