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somnifugi(freshmeat) Somnifugi JMS Somnifugi is an implementation of JMS that work... Télécharger
libclp(freshmeat) Command Line Parsing Library The Command Line Parsing Library eases the pro... Télécharger
wirelesstoolshowto(freshmeat) Wireless Tools/Howto The Wireless Tools/HowTo provides a set of gene... Télécharger
erc(freshmeat) ERC ERC is an IRC client for Emacs/XEmacs. It suppo... Télécharger
xmsn(freshmeat) xMSN Server Daemon The xMSN server daemon implements the MSNP7 pro... Télécharger
legasynth(freshmeat) LegaSynth LegaSynth is an old chip/synthesizer emulator o... Télécharger
plextor-tool(freshmeat) plextor-tool plextor-tool allows owners of Plextor CD-ROM or... Télécharger
pam_oci8(freshmeat) Pam-module oracle 8i/9i Pam_oci8 is a PAM authentication backend modul... Télécharger
phpcodebuilder(freshmeat) PHP Code Builder PHP Code Builder generates PHP code automatical... Télécharger
zeta-potential(freshmeat) Zeta potential calculation tools The Zeta potential calculation tools are a C++ ... Télécharger
ecliptsshshell(freshmeat) ECLiPt SSH Shell ECLiPt SSH Shell is a little graphical tool to ... Télécharger
sprinkle(freshmeat) sprinkle sprinkle is a hydraulic flow calculator for fir... Télécharger
gstripchart(freshmeat) Strip Charts for GtkPlot Strip Charts for GtkPlot provides a set of GTK ... Télécharger
werkmail(freshmeat) werkmail werkmail is a browser-based mail client written... Télécharger
dfbpoint(freshmeat) DFBPoint DFBPoint is a presentation program using Direct... Télécharger
xinclude-task(freshmeat) Ant XInclude task The Ant XInclude task allows Jakarta Ant build ... Télécharger
libredblack(freshmeat) libredblack libredblack is a library to implement the RedBl... Télécharger
iofender(freshmeat) I/O Fender I/O Fender provides a simple and efficient bina... Télécharger
gpgkeys(freshmeat) GPG Keys GPG Keys is a GUI frontend to GPG, written with... Télécharger
pcmt(freshmeat) Personal Content Management Toolkit The Personal Content Management Toolkit creates... Télécharger
ndbe(freshmeat) NDBE NDBE is an abstract database layer for PHP with... Télécharger
shapetools(freshmeat) Shape Tools Shape Tools consists of some very simple progr... Télécharger
rrr(freshmeat) Reza's Rio Receiver Reza's Rio Receiver is an open source replacem... Télécharger
apachedeploy(freshmeat) Apache::Deploy Apache::Deploy is a (R)?ex Module to deploy Web... Télécharger
parzeltounge(freshmeat) Parzeltounge Parzeltounge is a Python module for accessing F... Télécharger
jdigraph(freshmeat) JDigraph JDigraph is a Java library for representing an... Télécharger
instutil(freshmeat) Installation Utility Instutil keeps track of software installed from... Télécharger
ifacemon(freshmeat) Zureta IfaceMon Zureta IfaceMon easily displays the activity of... Télécharger
happydoc(freshmeat) HappyDoc HappyDoc is a tool for extracting documentation... Télécharger
jbccm(freshmeat) JBCcm JBCcm is an Opentool that enables JBuilder (3.5... Télécharger
purepost(freshmeat) purepost purepost is an interface between Courier-MTA an... Télécharger
roundrobin(freshmeat) Roundrobin Roundrobin is a PHP class which determines a sc... Télécharger
rau-tu(freshmeat) Rau-Tu Question and Answer System The Rau-Tu Question and Answer System was desi... Télécharger
diction(freshmeat) Diction and style Diction and style are two old standard UNIX com... Télécharger
xparticles(freshmeat) Particle Simulation Particle Simulation is a playful simulation gam... Télécharger
feta(freshmeat) Feta Feta is a frontend to the Debian package manage... Télécharger
pwebs(freshmeat) PWebs PWebS is an HTTP server written in Python. It i... Télécharger
cricketcage(freshmeat) Cricket Cage Cricket Cage automatically creates JUnit TestCa... Télécharger
venusmusic(freshmeat) Venus Music Server Venus Music Server is a compact PHP script that... Télécharger
picprg(freshmeat) picprg picprg is a command line or ncurses based Micro... Télécharger
metacity-setup(freshmeat) Metacity-Setup metacity-setup is simply a much easier way to ... Télécharger
strip2zsafe(freshmeat) strip2zsafe strip2zsafe converts Strip account information ... Télécharger
php-news(freshmeat) php-News php-News is a PHP3 application that allows you ... Télécharger
otasks(freshmeat) oTasks oTasks is a multi-user tasks management system,... Télécharger
httptype(freshmeat) HTTP Server type httptype reads a list of http hosts and optiona... Télécharger
oobench(freshmeat) OO Bench OO Bench compares the speed of the same object-... Télécharger
tendra(freshmeat) The TenDRA compiler The TenDRA compiler is a C/C++ compiler aimed a... Télécharger
simplefirewall(freshmeat) SimpleFirewall Simple Firewall is a easy tool for administrati... Télécharger
jsetimon(freshmeat) Java SETI Monitor Java SETI Monitor tracks the current progress o... Télécharger
poprelay(freshmeat) Mobile POP Relay Control Designed as a Perl framework to support many di... Télécharger
vtqlserver(freshmeat) VTQLserver The VTQLserver package contains a server and cl... Télécharger
phpbanner(freshmeat) phpBanner phpBanner is a PHP3 application that allows you... Télécharger
vtticker(freshmeat) vtticker vtticker is a Perl script that grabs pages from... Télécharger
quickrun(freshmeat) Quickrun Quickrun is a very simple command launcher aime... Télécharger
gtk2forpascal(freshmeat) GTK2 for Pascal GTK2 for Pascal is a translation of the GTK 2, ... Télécharger
phpcalender(freshmeat) phpCalender phpCalender is a PHP3 application that allows y... Télécharger
jsmbget(freshmeat) JSmbGet JSmbGet enables you to browse and download file... Télécharger
mikrop(freshmeat) Mikrop Mikrop is a small, easy to install program for ... Télécharger
phpsquidpass(freshmeat) PHP Squid Pass phpSquidPass is a utility to change user authen... Télécharger
c0r3jim(freshmeat) Multiprotocol IM Architecture The Multiprotocol IM Architecture implements so... Télécharger
popwatcher(freshmeat) popwatcher popwatcher is a daemon that maintains a list of... Télécharger
xmltype(freshmeat) XMLtype The goal of the XMLtype project is to create a ... Télécharger
cvsshell(freshmeat) CvsShell CvsShell is a console-based CVS frontend. It pr... Télécharger
perl-lzo(freshmeat) Perl-LZO Perl-LZO (aka Compress::LZO) provides Perl bind... Télécharger
phpclassads(freshmeat) phpClassAds phpClassAds is a PHP3 application that allows y... Télécharger
hhm(freshmeat) HTML Help Maker HTML Help Maker (hhm) creates ITS files, a type... Télécharger
fx2sx(freshmeat) Flat Xml to Structured Xml converter Flat Xml to Structured Xml converter (fx2sx) c... Télécharger
kchuid(freshmeat) Kernel Change-UID kchuid is an experimental Linux kernel module t... Télécharger
errorhandler(freshmeat) PHP Error Handler Error Handler provides a custom interface to er... Télécharger
pappalapapp(freshmeat) Pappalapapp Pappalapapp can be used for guestbooks, forums,... Télécharger
jimageview(freshmeat) JImageView JImageView is a Java image viewing application.... Télécharger
snippetmaster(freshmeat) SnippetMaster SnippetMaster is a tool for Web developers who ... Télécharger
phpcontact(freshmeat) phpContact phpContact is a PHP3 application that allows yo... Télécharger
ddbugtopbm(freshmeat) ddbugtopbm ddbugtopbm converts sketches from (PalmOS) Didd... Télécharger
mp3cd-tools(freshmeat) mp3cd-tools mp3cd-tools packs directories of MP3 files in a... Télécharger
culprit_pl(freshmeat) culprit.pl culprit.pl shows who is using the bandwidth on ... Télécharger
ppager(freshmeat) ppager PPager is a small pager for X. It displays a c... Télécharger
xstickwin(freshmeat) xstickwin XStickWin is a commandline program to move and ... Télécharger
php-counter(freshmeat) phpCounter phpCounter is a PHP3 application that allows yo... Télécharger
melon(freshmeat) Melon Melon is a mailbox flag for X. It notifies the ... Télécharger
gnometoaster(freshmeat) Gnome Toaster Gnometoaster is a full CD creation suite for X1... Télécharger
radstock_password_patch(freshmeat) Radstock Password Patch This is a patch for the Radstock Radius Analyse... Télécharger
tcl_gtk(freshmeat) Tcl_Gtk Tcl_Gtk is an extension for Tcl providing acces... Télécharger
drs(freshmeat) Document Repository System This program hopes to become a viable MS Sharep... Télécharger
qce-ga(freshmeat) Logitech Quickcam express driver This project is to produce drivers for the logi... Télécharger
catalogo(freshmeat) Catalogo Catalogo helps you manage your CD collection in... Télécharger
bayespam(freshmeat) bayespam Bayespam is a spam filter for Qmail, although i... Télécharger
chinchorin(freshmeat) Chinchorin Chinchorin is a dice game based on one seen in ... Télécharger
punch(freshmeat) Punch Punch is a time tracker that runs from your ph... Télécharger
xsu(freshmeat) Gnome Xsu Gnome Xsu is an interface for the command "... Télécharger
wmpasman(freshmeat) wmpasman wmpasman stores passwords and makes them availa... Télécharger
isectd(freshmeat) isectd isectd is a middleware daemon that manages net... Télécharger
poster(freshmeat) poster Poster is a PostScript utility which resizes PS... Télécharger
phpdirectory(freshmeat) phpDirectory phpDirectory is a PHP application that allows y... Télécharger
gjal(freshmeat) Generic Java Algebra Library GJAL is a set of interfaces implementing standa... Télécharger
py-xmlprinter(freshmeat) Python xmlprinter Python xmlprinter is a simple, lightweight modu... Télécharger
kmines(freshmeat) KMines KMines is an adaptation of the classic Mineswee... Télécharger
genmon(freshmeat) Genmon Genmon is a simple graphical network service mo... Télécharger
freud(freshmeat) Freud Freud is a standalone C++ port of the Emacs Psy... Télécharger
dmle(freshmeat) dmle dmle (Dungeon Master - Linux Edition) is a fre... Télécharger

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