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jutil(freshmeat) Jutil The Jutil.org project is an attempt to build a ... Télécharger
normalize(freshmeat) Normalize Normalize is a tool for adjusting the volume of... Télécharger
cvsinit(freshmeat) CvsInit CvsInit (cvs_init) imports a working directory ... Télécharger
mkprereqinst(freshmeat) mkprereqinst mkprereqinst creates a prereqinst file, which c... Télécharger
kyra(freshmeat) Kyra Sprite Engine Kyra is a simple, fully featured Sprite engine ... Télécharger
htmlperlseti(freshmeat) HTMLPerlSETI HTMLPerlSETI uses the SETI::Stats Perl module t... Télécharger
rocks(freshmeat) Rocks Rocks (Reliable Sockets) protects sockets-based... Télécharger
simplygnustep(freshmeat) Simply GNUstep (Prometheus) Simply GNUstep (Prometheus) is a Linux/GNU dist... Télécharger
xml-extractor(freshmeat) sourcecode XML metadata extraction tools The sourcecode XML metadata extraction tools a... Télécharger
zeiberbude(freshmeat) Zeiberbude Zeiberbude is a point of sales program for cybe... Télécharger
phpsurvey(freshmeat) phpSurvey phpSurvey is a PHP3 script that allows you to ... Télécharger
fidelio(freshmeat) Fidelio fidelio is a GNOME-based hotline client. It is ... Télécharger
nxgate(freshmeat) Nxgate Nxgate acts as an XML-RPC gateway between an NN... Télécharger
powerdnsoracle(freshmeat) PowerDNS Oracle Backend PowerDNS Oracle Backend is a backend driver for... Télécharger
sdutils(freshmeat) Stochastic Discrimination Utilities Stochastic discrimination is a general methodol... Télécharger
radiok(freshmeat) RadioK Radiok is a KDE interface for bttv cards. Télécharger
vmmi(freshmeat) Virtual Mail ManaGer Interface Virtual Mail ManaGer Interface (vmmi) is a Web... Télécharger
xglobe(freshmeat) XGlobe XGlobe is a toy that displays a globe on your X... Télécharger
mfg(freshmeat) mfg mfg is a fairly simple makefile generator. It t... Télécharger
mod_radius_auth_c(freshmeat) mod_auth_radius.c mod_auth_radius is an Apache RADIUS authenticat... Télécharger
emotionengine(freshmeat) Emotion Engine Emotion Engine is a 3D game engine based on pli... Télécharger
batemail(freshmeat) batemail batemail is a Perl script that you slip between... Télécharger
mod-acct(freshmeat) mod_accounting mod_accounting is a simple Apache module that c... Télécharger
piss(freshmeat) PsycologIcal Security System The PsychologIcal Security System (P.I.S.S.) i... Télécharger
xlaunch(freshmeat) X-Launch X-Launch is a GTK based skinnable run dialog. I... Télécharger
smsauthenticator(freshmeat) SMSAuthenticator SMSAuthenticator is an authentication module fo... Télécharger
enigma3(freshmeat) enigma 3 enigma 3 is a Web-starting Java Jabber client ... Télécharger
kmamerun(freshmeat) KMameRun KMameRun is a KDE frontend for M.A.M.E. It feat... Télécharger
hifn7951(freshmeat) HIFN 7951 Linux Driver HIFN 7951 Linux Driver can manage up to 64 HiFn... Télécharger
tagbox(freshmeat) TagBox TagBox is a system for dynamic XML generation i... Télécharger
doris(freshmeat) Doris Doris is a Lua script-driven OpenGL viewer with... Télécharger
rdc(freshmeat) Remote Desktop Connection Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a graphical ... Télécharger
mp3-org(freshmeat) MP3 Album Organicer MP3 Album Organicer lets you add your large col... Télécharger
schemescribe(freshmeat) Scheme Scribe SCRIBE is a text processor. Even if it is a gen... Télécharger
xbreaky(freshmeat) xbreaky xbreaky is a breakout game for X. Télécharger
procviewer(freshmeat) Proc Viewer Proc Viewer is a GUI interface for the Linux /p... Télécharger
openxl(freshmeat) openxl OpenXL is a multiple purpose C open engine. It ... Télécharger
ldapnavigator(freshmeat) LDAP Navigator LDAP Navigator is an LDAP administration consol... Télécharger
haydn(freshmeat) mod_haydn mod_haydn is an Apache module which allows deve... Télécharger
flatfile(freshmeat) libFlatfile libFlatfile is a C library for reading and writ... Télécharger
trollbridge(freshmeat) Troll Bridge Troll Bridge is an action-adventure game in the... Télécharger
phpsqlgen(freshmeat) phpSQLGen phpSQLGen provides functions for generating SQL... Télécharger
bcrypt(freshmeat) bcrypt bcrypt is a blowfish file encryption utility wh... Télécharger
msyslog(freshmeat) Modular syslog The modular syslog allows for an easy implement... Télécharger
missilecommand(freshmeat) Missile Command Missile Command is a clone of the Atari save-yo... Télécharger
jts(freshmeat) Java Topology Suite The Java Topology Suite is a Java API of spatia... Télécharger
gtkplayer(freshmeat) GtkPlayer GtkPlayer is basically a C file allowing you to... Télécharger
ecartisgui(freshmeat) Ecartis Web GUI The Ecartis Web GUI is a simple but useful Web ... Télécharger
earn(freshmeat) earn earn is a C console program to calculate the mo... Télécharger
smartyform(freshmeat) Smarty Form Plugin Smarty Form Plugin is a set of Smarty plugins t... Télécharger
wmpop(freshmeat) WMpop WMpop is a Window Maker dock app that monitors ... Télécharger
passwordms(freshmeat) Password Management System The Password Management System is a simple pass... Télécharger
nutexframework(freshmeat) Nutex PHP Framework Nutex is a secure and modular PHP framework tha... Télécharger
miditoy(freshmeat) MidiToy MidiToy is an application for playing with a MI... Télécharger
mixer_app(freshmeat) Mixer.app Mixer.app is a mixer utility for Linux/FreeBSD ... Télécharger
pkgutils(freshmeat) pkgutils pkgutils is a set of utilities (pkgadd, pkgrm, ... Télécharger
smartcard(freshmeat) Smartcard Smartcard is a utility for controlling smart ca... Télécharger
tiff2png(freshmeat) tiff2png This is a simple command-line utilitiy to conve... Télécharger
ainvisiclue(freshmeat) aInvisiclue aInvisiclue is a small program to decode the In... Télécharger
eqlplus(freshmeat) eqlplus Eqlplus is a Linux modem combining strategy bas... Télécharger
qtmyadmin(freshmeat) QtMyAdmin QtMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the admi... Télécharger
quicktype(freshmeat) quicktype QuickType is a Palm extension to help improve t... Télécharger
mail_cclient(freshmeat) Mail::Cclient Mail::Cclient is a Perl module and gives access... Télécharger
mod-witch(freshmeat) mod-witch mod-witch is an Apache module that intends to h... Télécharger
log(freshmeat) log log is a command-line work log and to-do list ... Télécharger
bsdsar(freshmeat) BSDsar BSDsar generates a history of usage on a FreeBS... Télécharger
matrixpn(freshmeat) Matrix Public Net MPN (Matrix Public Net) is a peer2peer network,... Télécharger
user-modelinux(freshmeat) User-mode Linux User-Mode Linux lets you run Linux inside Linux... Télécharger
pagerank(freshmeat) Google Page Rank Calculator Google Page Rank Calculator is a front-end to t... Télécharger
ocamlspread(freshmeat) OcamlSpread OcamlSpread is a wrapper around the Spread grou... Télécharger
yahoopops(freshmeat) YahooPOPs! YahooPOPs! is an application which emulates a P... Télécharger
cftp(freshmeat) cftp Cftp (comfortable FTP) is a termcap-based FTP a... Télécharger
pgmaint(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities is a set of pr... Télécharger
chronos(freshmeat) Chronos Chronos is a Web agenda calendar for intranets,... Télécharger
umbra(freshmeat) Umbra Umbra is a simple computer role-playing game, w... Télécharger
dmzs-carte(freshmeat) DMZS-Carte DMZS-Carte processes wireless scanning output ... Télécharger
osaccess(freshmeat) OSAccess OSAccess is an entitlement security engine for ... Télécharger
log4perl(freshmeat) Log::Log4perl Log::Log4perl is a pure Perl port of the widely... Télécharger
phpsniff(freshmeat) PHP Client Sniffer PHP Client Sniffer is a PHP class file that al... Télécharger
gdiva(freshmeat) gdiva gdiva provides an interface for uploading files... Télécharger
kprof(freshmeat) KProf KProf is a visual tool for developers that disp... Télécharger
reportdhcp(freshmeat) reportdhcp.pl Reportdhcp.pl is a CGI script that displays sta... Télécharger
oraschemadoc(freshmeat) oraschemadoc Oraschemadoc creates "JavaDoc"-style ... Télécharger
webknotes(freshmeat) WebKNotes WebKNotes is a Web-based knowledge/notes databa... Télécharger
tptest(freshmeat) TPTEST TPTEST measures Internet throughput between a c... Télécharger
ttt(freshmeat) Ultra Tic Tac Toe Ultra Tic Tac Toe is a console board game packa... Télécharger
myphptracker(freshmeat) MyPhpTracker MyPhpTracker is a Web tracking system that show... Télécharger
cave(freshmeat) Character Animation Viewer for Everyone CAVE provides an (n)curses interface for viewin... Télécharger
linuxtracetoolkit(freshmeat) Linux Trace Toolkit The Linux Trace Toolkit catalogs system events ... Télécharger
xslay(freshmeat) xslay xslay is an X11 utility that destroys all windo... Télécharger
regutils(freshmeat) regutils Regutils is a collection of unix programs that ... Télécharger
pow(freshmeat) Python OpenSSL Wrappers Python OpenSSL Wrappers (POW) is an early rele... Télécharger
osl(freshmeat) OSL OSL is a simple pbbuttonsd (used on Apple lapto... Télécharger
gael(freshmeat) Gnome Assisted Electronics Gael is an electronic design automation tool in... Télécharger
bookmarksync(freshmeat) bookmarksync bookmarksync is a tool used for synchronizing d... Télécharger
mailthread_py(freshmeat) mailthread.py mailthread.py is a Python class that implements... Télécharger
blinky(freshmeat) Blinky Network Usage Monitor Blinky is a GTK network usage monitor for Linux... Télécharger
qtfw(freshmeat) Qtfw Qtfw is a Qt GUI frontend for FreeBSD's ipfw ut... Télécharger
modular(freshmeat) Modular Modular is a Web-development framework that br... Télécharger
pbj(freshmeat) Palm Black Jack Palm Black Jack is a fully-featured Black Jack ... Télécharger

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