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wbl(freshmeat) wbl WBL is a really simple tool that can be used in... Télécharger
apache-motd(freshmeat) Apache::Motd Apache::Motd is an Apache module that allows We... Télécharger
pyaros(freshmeat) PyAROS PyAROS is a port of Python to the Amiga Researc... Télécharger
gnomemm(freshmeat) gnomemm gnomemm (previously Gnome--) is a set of C++ bi... Télécharger
maed(freshmeat) Math And EDucation Math And EDucation (Maed) is a mathematical pro... Télécharger
dogperl(freshmeat) DogPerl DogPerl is an offline Perl/Tk widget documentat... Télécharger
kuickshow(freshmeat) KuickShow KuickShow displays images using all available s... Télécharger
webimage(freshmeat) WebImage WebImage reads a digital photo library and prod... Télécharger
gpppkill(freshmeat) gpppkill gpppkill is a program for Linux that ends a ppp... Télécharger
axis-runner(freshmeat) Axis Runner Axis runner is a 3D game inspired by the Apple ... Télécharger
borsanza(freshmeat) Msn4Lin Msn4Lin is a Microsoft network messenger client... Télécharger
exporia(freshmeat) Exporia Exporia is a PHP photo album storing all the no... Télécharger
moozilla(freshmeat) MOOzilla MOOzilla is an HTML rendering MOO/MU* client d... Télécharger
marko(freshmeat) Marko Marko is a simple toolset that allows you to cr... Télécharger
pycs(freshmeat) Python Community Server Python Community Server is a free replacement f... Télécharger
net-check(freshmeat) net-check The net-check package is a pair of simple perl ... Télécharger
phpsqlxml(freshmeat) MySQL-XML MySQL-XML is a set of PHP classes which combine... Télécharger
hasciicam-pwc(freshmeat) hasciicam-pwc hasciicam-pwc is a quick and dirty hack of hasc... Télécharger
frotz(freshmeat) Frotz Frotz is an interpreter for playing all of Info... Télécharger
find_badblocks(freshmeat) find_badblocks find_badblocks is a script that finds bad block... Télécharger
panelizer(freshmeat) Panelizer Panelizer is a memory efficient desktop panel t... Télécharger
perlbox(freshmeat) perlbox perlbox is a desktop manager for UNIX-type syst... Télécharger
nworks(freshmeat) nWorks nWorks is a Web-based network management system... Télécharger
jopenchart(freshmeat) JOpenChart The JOpenChart library and toolkit provides the... Télécharger
decnetforlinux(freshmeat) DECnet for Linux The DECnet for Linux project aims to provide th... Télécharger
flexms(freshmeat) Flexible SMS Flexible SMS is a Qt frontend to smssend. It sp... Télécharger
phpmember(freshmeat) phpMember phpMember is a PHP3 application that allows you... Télécharger
xbobble(freshmeat) xbobble xbobble is a Puzzle Bobble clone in OpenGL 3D t... Télécharger
xmlchart(freshmeat) XMLChart XMLChart is a project to develop open source so... Télécharger
lups(freshmeat) Lame UPS Lame UPS is an automatic system shutdown and po... Télécharger
spacemapper_datastore(freshmeat) SpaceMapper DataStore DataStore is a Java-based document repository ... Télécharger
spacemapper_mn(freshmeat) SpaceMapper MN8 MN8 is an experimental object oriented scripti... Télécharger
jstatemachine(freshmeat) JStateMachine The JStateMachine aims to allow user interface... Télécharger
myeasymarket(freshmeat) MyEasyMarket MyEasyMarket is a small but powerful eshop solu... Télécharger
gb_list(freshmeat) Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes Green Black List Creator for Procmail Recipes r... Télécharger
safept(freshmeat) SafePt SafePt is a very thin C++ wrapper around the ... Télécharger
vocoditor(freshmeat) Vocoditor Vocoditor is a Ogg/Vorbis sound file comment ed... Télécharger
cardpics(freshmeat) Cardpics Cardpics is a set of free cards sets for use in... Télécharger
waimea(freshmeat) Waimea Waimea is a fast and highly customizable virtua... Télécharger
otto(freshmeat) otto otto is a Web-based MP3 database and jukebox wh... Télécharger
jportscanner(freshmeat) jPortScanner jPortScanner is a Java port scan utility. Télécharger
phpchrystal(freshmeat) phpChrystal phpChrystal is an intranet system designed to b... Télécharger
sherpa_pa(freshmeat) Sherpa hiking system Sherpa is a system for aquiring and and distrib... Télécharger
mugen(freshmeat) Multi-Genome Navigator MuGeN is a package for interactively exploring ... Télécharger
cacho(freshmeat) Cacho mlDonkey Web Admin Cacho is a program for administrating mldonkey ... Télécharger
xutf8(freshmeat) X UTF-8 library Xutf8 is a set of locale independent X11 functi... Télécharger
libsimd(freshmeat) libSIMD libSIMD is a mathematical library utilising SIM... Télécharger
appointment(freshmeat) Appointment Appointment is a Perl-based mail script for re... Télécharger
netpeep(freshmeat) Netpeep Peep is a network monitoring tool that represen... Télécharger
camsrv(freshmeat) camsrv camsrv is intended primarily for the Philips fa... Télécharger
gcompressor(freshmeat) gcompressor gcompressor is a GUI interface for GNOME. It ca... Télécharger
glue(freshmeat) GLUE GLUE is a soapbox engine. It is a PHP/mySQL fra... Télécharger
rsjog(freshmeat) rsjog rsjog is an X11 handler for Sony Vaio jog wheel... Télécharger
tangle(freshmeat) tangle tangle is a system for "Web page entanglem... Télécharger
xchat_speak(freshmeat) Xchat_speak.pl xchat_speak is a small Perl script designed to ... Télécharger
imagesign(freshmeat) Image Sign imagesign is a utility to digitally sign images... Télécharger
elj(freshmeat) The ELJ Project The ELJ Project is a set of Open Source project... Télécharger
glgraph(freshmeat) GLgraph GLgraph is an interactive OpenGL based function... Télécharger
kdelnk2wmaker(freshmeat) kdelnk2wmaker kdelnk2wmaker is a converter which outputs data... Télécharger
alotcl(freshmeat) Admin LDAP On The Command Line ALOCTL is a tool to admin an LDAP database used... Télécharger
dnevnik(freshmeat) Moj Dnevnik Moj Dnevnik is a simple diary that is written i... Télécharger
reapoff(freshmeat) Reapoff Reapoff (Regular Expression, Arbitrary Protoco... Télécharger
rfsync(freshmeat) Remote Filesync RFSync lets you synchronize any file that has s... Télécharger
ekhtml(freshmeat) El-Kabong El-Kabong is a speedy, SAX-stylee HTML parser. ... Télécharger
strutsgenerator(freshmeat) Karapan Sapi Karapan Sapi is a generator that automatically ... Télécharger
cycles3d(freshmeat) Cycles3D Cycles3D is an action-arcade simulation where y... Télécharger
pam_realm(freshmeat) pam_realm pam_realm is a PAM module that checks that the ... Télécharger
seq2(freshmeat) seq2 seq2 is a clone of the unix program called &quo... Télécharger
ls2html(freshmeat) ls2html ls2html is a Perl script which traverses a dire... Télécharger
php_jh_pdf(freshmeat) php_jh_pdf php_jh_pdf is a set of classes intended to simp... Télécharger
reality(freshmeat) Reality Cyanide client Reality is a client for Cyanide. Cyanide is int... Télécharger
jprojecttimer(freshmeat) JProjectTimer JProjectTimer helps you to plan a project timel... Télécharger
ogc(freshmeat) Original Gamer's Client Original Gamer's Client aims to combine the con... Télécharger
p5-palm(freshmeat) p5-Palm p5-palm is a set of Perl modules for reading, m... Télécharger
sjog(freshmeat) S-Jog S-Jog is a program that uses the Sony Vaio lapt... Télécharger
simple-webmail(freshmeat) Simple Webmail Simple Webmail is PHP based. It uses IMAP and S... Télécharger
pgdiff(freshmeat) pgdiff pgdiff compares the structures of two PostgreSQ... Télécharger
glappgrapher(freshmeat) glAppGrapher The glAppGrapher is an interactive OpenGL-based... Télécharger
geki3(freshmeat) Geki3 Geki3 is a 2D horizontal scrolling shooting game. Télécharger
fobbit(freshmeat) Fobbit Fobbit allows Creative VOIP Blaster hardware d... Télécharger
sdw2txt(freshmeat) StarOffice Converter The goal of the StarOffice Converter project is... Télécharger
chipvault(freshmeat) ChipVault ChipVault is a chip development program for org... Télécharger
qvcd(freshmeat) qvcd Qvcd is a graphical frontend for GNU vcdimager ... Télécharger
switchrmi(freshmeat) SwitchRMI SwitchRMI is a framework for remote method invo... Télécharger
lib3ds(freshmeat) Lib3ds Lib3ds is a free alternative to Autodesk's 3DS ... Télécharger
gscmxx(freshmeat) gscmxx gscmxx allows you to access your Siemens cell p... Télécharger
comfigure(freshmeat) comfigure comfigure eases the task of './configure'ing ma... Télécharger
brahms(freshmeat) Brahms Brahms is a sequencer and professional music no... Télécharger
pgettext(freshmeat) pgettext pgettext is a gettext package for Freepascal. I... Télécharger
kmid(freshmeat) KMid KMid is an X11 / KDE based midi player for Linu... Télécharger
trafip(freshmeat) TrafIP TrafIP is a small solution for monitoring your ... Télécharger
fbshot(freshmeat) fbshot fbshot is a utility for making a screenshots of... Télécharger
bubba(freshmeat) Bandwidth Utilization Billing and Basic Accounting Bandwidth Utilization Billing and Basic Account... Télécharger
mynos(freshmeat) MyNOS The MyNOS (My! Not another Operating System!) p... Télécharger
gnpasswd(freshmeat) Generate Passwd Class The Generate Passwd Class generates random pass... Télécharger
auditunlink(freshmeat) auditunlink auditunlink is a Linux shared library that inte... Télécharger
interxim(freshmeat) InterXim InterXim is an international, locale-independen... Télécharger
gnome-acpi(freshmeat) Gnome-ACPI Gnome-ACPI is a GNOME-based ACPI viewer. It ena... Télécharger
sxp(freshmeat) SXP SXP stands for Simple XML Persistence, and is a... Télécharger
sencap(freshmeat) Sencap Sencap is a simple ENCAP software manager. Enca... Télécharger

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