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tleenx(freshmeat) TleenX TleenX is a tlen.pl client written for Linux. I... Télécharger
gtklepin(freshmeat) gtklepin gtklepin is a notebook that uses the GTK+ toolk... Télécharger
c-pecx-isp(freshmeat) C-Pec X-ISP C-Pec X-ISP is a KDE application for "in-s... Télécharger
ezcontents(freshmeat) ezContents ezContents is a Web site content management sys... Télécharger
netvis(freshmeat) NetVis Module The NetVis Module is a free, Open Source, Web-b... Télécharger
pykyra(freshmeat) PyKyra PyKyra is a fast game development framework for... Télécharger
aestimo(freshmeat) Aestimo Aestimo is a 1-dimensional self-consistent Schr... Télécharger
ember(freshmeat) Ember Ember is a C styled scripting language that can... Télécharger
traffacct(freshmeat) TraffAcct TraffAcct is a platform for gathering network t... Télécharger
xidek(freshmeat) XIDEK XIDEK is an extensible interpreter development ... Télécharger
iblm(freshmeat) iCE Breakers Log Monitor iCE Breakers Log Monitor is yet another X-based... Télécharger
tuxpoker(freshmeat) TuxPoker TuxPoker is a poker game that can be played ov... Télécharger
harmless(freshmeat) The Harmless ORB The Harmless ORB does not want to be "the ... Télécharger
xiipm(freshmeat) XIIPM The XIIPM package contains a driver and tools f... Télécharger
resgen(freshmeat) Eigenbase Resource Generator Eigenbase Resource Generator (ResGen) generate... Télécharger
astroads(freshmeat) Astro::ADS Module The Astro::ADS module is an OO Perl interface t... Télécharger
steph(freshmeat) Steph Steph is a portable C library for text mode win... Télécharger
crane(freshmeat) Crane Crane is a customer relations management (CRM) ... Télécharger
pfars(freshmeat) PFARS PFARS For Automatic Replication System is mainl... Télécharger
boust(freshmeat) Boustrophedon Text Reader Boustrophedon Text Reader displays text files i... Télécharger
ircsocket(freshmeat) IRCSocket IRCSocket is a C++ implementation of the IRC p... Télécharger
broadway(freshmeat) Broadway Broadway aims to be an easy way for a user (wit... Télécharger
irc-chess(freshmeat) IRC-Chess IRC Chess is a 2-player chess game for IRC. It ... Télécharger
mailreader(freshmeat) Mailreader Mailreader is the fully-featured, MIME-complian... Télécharger
log-insight-j(freshmeat) Insight logger Insight aims to be an easy to use, GUI-based We... Télécharger
quantumdb(freshmeat) Quantum Database Utility Quantum is a simple database access utility for... Télécharger
bulletinboard(freshmeat) b^2 b^2 (B Squared) is a PHP bulletin board system... Télécharger
yehia(freshmeat) Yehia The Yehia Framework provides plugin management ... Télécharger
gkrellmlaunch(freshmeat) GKrellMLaunch GKrellMLaunch is a plugin for GKrellM which all... Télécharger
meunity(freshmeat) Meunity Community System Meunity is a Web-based community system that u... Télécharger
reaper(freshmeat) Reaper Reaper is a graphics-intensive 3D-game where yo... Télécharger
simbrain(freshmeat) Simbrain Simbrain is a Java-based and visually-oriented ... Télécharger
jcal(freshmeat) JCal JCal is a fast and simple PHP/MySQL driven cale... Télécharger
qmoon(freshmeat) QMoon A tool for observers of the moon. Télécharger
xvif(freshmeat) Xml Validation Interoperability Framework Xml Validation Interoperability Framework (xvif... Télécharger
antomic(freshmeat) Antomic Antomic is a Free operating system. It is a dis... Télécharger
buildfolio(freshmeat) Build Folio Build Folio generates Web pages that lets the u... Télécharger
megamek(freshmeat) MegaMek MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech ... Télécharger
classweb(freshmeat) ClassWeb ClassWeb was designed to allow instructors to e... Télécharger
mobilemail(freshmeat) Mobilemail WAR Mobilemail WAR is a small servlet to check emai... Télécharger
sqlviewer(freshmeat) SQLViewer SQLViewer is a database explorer available as a... Télécharger
gogetty(freshmeat) gogetty gogetty is a tiny getty written from scratch. I... Télécharger
ourcms(freshmeat) OurCMS OurCMS is a modular object-oriented Content Man... Télécharger
ed2k(freshmeat) eDonkey Hash/Link eDonkey Hash/Link is a utility for computing e... Télécharger
pmids(freshmeat) Poor Man's IDS Poor Man's IDS is a couple of scripts which che... Télécharger
pvrusb(freshmeat) pvrusb pvrusb is a Linux driver for the WinTV PVR USB ... Télécharger
dostuff(freshmeat) DoStuff Code DoStuff Code is a complete content management s... Télécharger
rtgrep(freshmeat) rtgrep rtgrep is a bash script which searches for all ... Télécharger
mailcrypt(freshmeat) Mailcrypt Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provid... Télécharger
awbot(freshmeat) AWBot AWbot is a bot that connects to your Web site a... Télécharger
zproxy(freshmeat) Zaval Proxy Suite The Zaval Proxy Suite monitors TCP-based protoc... Télécharger
mod_curb(freshmeat) mod_curb mod_curb is a simple bandwidth limit module for... Télécharger
javafec(freshmeat) Java Forward Error Correction Library Java Forward Error Correction (FEC) Library is ... Télécharger
javadime(freshmeat) Java DIME Library Java DIME Library implements Direct Internet M... Télécharger
gtkftpd(freshmeat) GtkFtpd GtkFtpd is an FTP server designed to provide a ... Télécharger
kalculate(freshmeat) Kalculate Kalculate provides a user-friendly calculator ... Télécharger
rp-l2tp(freshmeat) RP-L2TP RP-L2TP is a user-space implementation of the L... Télécharger
patcher(freshmeat) patcher Patcher is a tool for quick creation of patches... Télécharger
pounder(freshmeat) Pounder Pounder is a utility for testing Java GUIs. It ... Télécharger
jgen(freshmeat) The JGenerator The JGenerator is a Web server production appli... Télécharger
rfasttemplate(freshmeat) PHP FastTemplate clone PHP Fast Template clone is a replacement of the... Télécharger
qgrpx(freshmeat) Sendmail Extended Queue Groups Sendmail Extended Queue Groups is an m4 file t... Télécharger
startrekencyreader(freshmeat) star trek ency reader ency reads the data file(s) from the Star Trek ... Télécharger
eurobudget(freshmeat) EuroBudget Eurobudget is a personal accounting tool, simi... Télécharger
regame(freshmeat) regame regame is a simple game where you have to sort ... Télécharger
xmlizer(freshmeat) xmlizer configurator/server xmlizer configurator/server is a client/server ... Télécharger
scriptbasic(freshmeat) ScriptBasic ScriptBasic is an interpreter for the old langu... Télécharger
atalk(freshmeat) atalk atalk is a little chat server and client, both ... Télécharger
mycdcatalog(freshmeat) My CD Catalog My CD Catalog reads a CDROM volume, traverses t... Télécharger
astrodss(freshmeat) Astro::DSS Module Astro::DSS Module is an object orientated Perl ... Télécharger
netplugd(freshmeat) netplugd netplugd monitors one or more network interface... Télécharger
tagbk(freshmeat) tagbk tagbk is a tool that rearranges XBEL bookmark f... Télécharger
webmail(freshmeat) WebMail WebMail is a WWW mail application that allows u... Télécharger
afinger(freshmeat) Auxio Finger afinger is a configurable finger client, writte... Télécharger
bannerfish(freshmeat) Bannerfish Bannerfish is a small, simple banner ad server.... Télécharger
qtetris(freshmeat) TETRIS Queen TETRIS Queen is a Tetris clone with a "des... Télécharger
coreapm(freshmeat) CORE Advanced Project Manager CORE Advanced Project Manager is a Web based to... Télécharger
ptarmigan(freshmeat) Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML Ptarmigan Media Parser for XML is a SAX event ... Télécharger
tcbnet(freshmeat) Treecast Batch Network The Treecast Batch Network project aims to crea... Télécharger
pdns-dev(freshmeat) PowerDNS Backend Development Kit PowerDNS Backend Development Kit allows a devel... Télécharger
xnetload(freshmeat) xnetload Xnetload displays packet traffic and uptime in ... Télécharger
wmspaceclock(freshmeat) wmspaceclock wmspaceclock (or spaceclock for short) is an an... Télécharger
cm2(freshmeat) cm cm is a flexible mail checking utility that can... Télécharger
perlmudclient(freshmeat) Perl MUD Client pmc (Perl MUD Client) is a text-based MUD clien... Télécharger
archiver(freshmeat) Netfarm Mail Archiver Netfarm is a mail filter written in Python that... Télécharger
unserding(freshmeat) unserding unserding is a simple pub-sub messaging library... Télécharger
wuffsmoviedb(freshmeat) Wuff's MovieDB Wuff's MovieDB (WMDB) is a MySQL database with ... Télécharger
libdbx(freshmeat) LibDBX LibDBX, part of the ol2mbox project, contains C... Télécharger
crm(freshmeat) CRM CRM is a very powerful filtering and mutilation... Télécharger
fpt(freshmeat) filebase php tools filebase php tools is a nice and configurable D... Télécharger
blogmax(freshmeat) BlogMax BlogMax makes it easy to use Emacs to maintain ... Télécharger
wapdict(freshmeat) WapDict WapDict is a WAP frontend for dictd server. It ... Télécharger
nekit(freshmeat) Nekit Applet Nekit Applet is a HTML editor Java applet which... Télécharger
cser(freshmeat) CSer CSer is a library for C++ serialization, also c... Télécharger
sethi_darvas_plotter(freshmeat) Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter plots Darvas ... Télécharger
kobodl(freshmeat) Kobo Deluxe Kobo Deluxe is an enhanced version of Akira Hig... Télécharger
cvswc(freshmeat) CVS Web Client CVS Web Client uses the original CVS backend. ... Télécharger
net-cam(freshmeat) Net-Cam Net-Cam is a free alternative to IP video surve... Télécharger
webnotes(freshmeat) phpWebNotes phpWebNotes is a PHP/MySQL-based Web annotation... Télécharger
gnome-chord(freshmeat) gnome-chord gnome-chord is a guitar chord index that displa... Télécharger

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