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gtk-osx(freshmeat) GTK+OSX GTK+OSX is a GTK+ native port for Macintosh OS ... Télécharger
proxirc(freshmeat) ProxIRC ProxIRC aims to be a proxy through which one ca... Télécharger
cfour(freshmeat) Cfour Cfour is a collection of reusable classes to si... Télécharger
spacklestats(freshmeat) SpackleStats Spackle is designed to be a flexible client/ser... Télécharger
proconfig(freshmeat) proconfig proconfig is a Linux kernel patch which lists t... Télécharger
gnome-games(freshmeat) Games for Gnome2 This package contains games for the GNOME2 desk... Télécharger
bonobo-activation(freshmeat) Bonobo: Object Activation Framework OAF is the Object Activation Framework for GNOM... Télécharger
smsync(freshmeat) SMSync SMSync converts SMS messages from Handspring de... Télécharger
ohioedge(freshmeat) Ohioedge CRM Ohioedge CRM is a Web-based, Enterprise Java (... Télécharger
low(freshmeat) Labyrinth of Worlds LoW is a rewrite of the first-person role-playi... Télécharger
brswitcher(freshmeat) BrSwitcher BrSwitcher is a tool to aid new Linux users in ... Télécharger
gnome-mime-data(freshmeat) GNOME Mime Data GNOME Mime Data is a module which contains the ... Télécharger
phpmysite(freshmeat) PHPMySite PHPMySite is a simple content management system... Télécharger
libbonoboui(freshmeat) Bonobo UI Library The Bonobo UI Library provides UI code for Bono... Télécharger
jawmail(freshmeat) JAWmail JAWmail is a Web mail agent written in PHP. It ... Télécharger
libconfig(freshmeat) libconfig libconfig is an ISO C++ port of the KDE KConfig... Télécharger
wsd(freshmeat) Whamb Share Protocol Daemon Whamb Sharing Protocol Daemon (WSD) is a Perl s... Télécharger
cypress(freshmeat) Cypress Cypress is an open-source Cascading Style Sheet... Télécharger
ipv6calc(freshmeat) ipv6calc ipv6calc can be used by scripts to convert IPv6... Télécharger
iiimf-skk(freshmeat) iiimf-skk IIIMF-SKK is a language engine module for IIIMF... Télécharger
anthillbm(freshmeat) Anthill Bug Manager The Anthill Bug Manager is a tool that aids co... Télécharger
newdocms(freshmeat) newdocms newdocms is a document management system that a... Télécharger
linetd(freshmeat) linetd Linetd is a compact TCP superserver. All settin... Télécharger
jbooks(freshmeat) JBooks JBooks is a Java-based personal finance applica... Télécharger
xmsnclient(freshmeat) X Messenger X Messenger is a messenger client for Linux bui... Télécharger
flakarchiver(freshmeat) Flakarchiver Flakarchiver is a application for extracting an... Télécharger
libufo(freshmeat) LibUFO LibUFO is a C++ core library for graphical user... Télécharger
tc(freshmeat) ThemeChanger ThemeChanger switches your theme in Mac OS X. I... Télécharger
tinylogin(freshmeat) TinyLogin TinyLogin is a suite of tiny UNIX utilities for... Télécharger
ugs3d(freshmeat) UGS3D UGS3D is a base framework to build 3D applicati... Télécharger
dommenu(freshmeat) DOM Menu DOM Menu allows developers to add dynamic, hie... Télécharger
autoauction(freshmeat) Retail Auto Auction Retail Auto Auction provides a complete network... Télécharger
atc(freshmeat) Automated Topic Classifier The Automated Topic Classifier takes a list of ... Télécharger
python-dpkg(freshmeat) Python-dpkg Python-dpkg contains a set of tools that are us... Télécharger
jfreesvg(freshmeat) JFreeSVG JFreeSVG is a fast, light-weight, vector graphi... Télécharger
opencomal(freshmeat) OpenComal OpenComal is a free implementation of the Comal... Télécharger
xdaf(freshmeat) X11 Disk Activity Feedback xdaf (X11 Disk Activity Feedback) is a small to... Télécharger
jpictools(freshmeat) JPicTools JPicTools is a set of development tools for the... Télécharger
lopica(freshmeat) Lopica Lopica is collection of scripts, code snippets,... Télécharger
poookspy(freshmeat) Poooks.py Poooks.py is Python/GTK program for reading boo... Télécharger
sigmapi(freshmeat) SigmaPi Neurosimulator SigmaPi is a simulator for recurrent neural net... Télécharger
knapster(freshmeat) knapster Knapster is a Linux KDE client of Napster, the ... Télécharger
bgrab(freshmeat) bgrab bgrab automates the downloading of binary attac... Télécharger
forceupgrade(freshmeat) forceupgrade forceupgrade recursively installs or upgrades N... Télécharger
cups-mailto(freshmeat) CUPS mailto backend The project provides a mailto backend for the C... Télécharger
acmosisfr(freshmeat) AcmosisFR AcmosisFR is a PHP frontend for IRPd, the shout... Télécharger
rexxwrapper(freshmeat) Rexx/Wrapper Rexx/Wrapper enables Rexx programs to be wrappe... Télécharger
xrick(freshmeat) xrick xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous. Written ent... Télécharger
oggvorbisdecoder(freshmeat) Ogg::Vorbis::Decoder This module provides users with Decoder objects... Télécharger
tclplugin(freshmeat) XChat Tcl Plugin The XChat Tcl Plugin adds the complete Tcl scri... Télécharger
uc(freshmeat) UrlCrawler UrlCrawler is a Web spider which uses the resul... Télécharger
dzt(freshmeat) dzt Dzt is a YATGT (Yet Another Tabbed GNOME Termin... Télécharger
course(freshmeat) course course is a program for sports events (in Frenc... Télécharger
lignumcad(freshmeat) lignumCAD lignumCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) prog... Télécharger
datesync(freshmeat) Datesync Datesync is a Perl program to synchronize your ... Télécharger
pfmon(freshmeat) pfmon Pfmon is a monitoring tool for Linux/ia64. It m... Télécharger
phavon(freshmeat) Phavon Phavon is a 2D vertical scrolling progressive-w... Télécharger
phportal(freshmeat) PHPortal PHPortal is a PHP application development envir... Télécharger
libpst(freshmeat) LibPST LibPST, part of the ol2mbox project, provides f... Télécharger
javareadline(freshmeat) JavaReadline JavaReadline adds readline support to java con... Télécharger
fsviewer(freshmeat) FSViewer FSViewer is a FileViewer lookalike for Window ... Télécharger
syscriptor(freshmeat) Syscriptor Syscriptor is a little program that displays in... Télécharger
autoautofs(freshmeat) auto-autofs Auto-autofs is a Perl script which searches blo... Télécharger
rpgboard(freshmeat) RPGBoard RPGBoard is a WWWBoard-style message board scri... Télécharger
sledd(freshmeat) SLice EDitor SLice EDitor (SLED) is a simple slice viewer fo... Télécharger
defcon(freshmeat) DefCon.epplet The DefCon epplet shows your current Defense Co... Télécharger
libpfm(freshmeat) libpfm libpfm is a helper library to use on Linux/ia64... Télécharger
x86disasm_pl(freshmeat) Perl x86 Disassembler The Perl x86 Disassembler is a full x86 disasse... Télécharger
nabr(freshmeat) Netscape Address Book Recovery Netscape Address Book Recovery is a tool get yo... Télécharger
xfax(freshmeat) xfax xfax is a powerful X fax program, including a f... Télécharger
yaml4r(freshmeat) YAML For Ruby For Ruby developers, YAML is a natural fit for ... Télécharger
prtdiag(freshmeat) prtdiag prtdiag is a bash script that generates a repor... Télécharger
k15(freshmeat) K15 K15 is the KDE version of the fifteen game. It ... Télécharger
phpostman(freshmeat) PHPostMan PHPostman is another FormMail replacement. Like... Télécharger
gplify(freshmeat) GPLify GPLify is a Perl script that adds notice of the... Télécharger
ppd(freshmeat) Project Penguin Database Project Penguin Database (PPD) is a centralized... Télécharger
xslt-process(freshmeat) XSLT-process XSLT-process is a minor mode for (X)Emacs that ... Télécharger
mrtnk(freshmeat) MRTNK MRTNK is a set of scripts that generate RRD dat... Télécharger
autocheck(freshmeat) Autocheck Autocheck is a distributed, extensively configu... Télécharger
nautilus-rpm(freshmeat) nautilus-rpm Nautilus-rpm is a set of tools for viewing the ... Télécharger
dnsredir(freshmeat) dnsredir.pl dnsredir.pl is a simple Perl script that allows... Télécharger
llamachat(freshmeat) LlamaChat LlamaChat is a Java-based chat server/client pa... Télécharger
gspdf(freshmeat) GSPdf GSPdf is a PostScript and PDF Viewer for GNUst... Télécharger
gdraw(freshmeat) GDraw.app GDraw.app is a vector drawing program for GNUst... Télécharger
echolot(freshmeat) echolot echolot sniffs ARP packets on ethernet network ... Télécharger
luxor(freshmeat) Luxor Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Lan... Télécharger
pysmbsearch(freshmeat) PySMBSearch PySMBSearch is a crawler and search engine for ... Télécharger
cdfw(freshmeat) cdfw cdfw is a CDROM-based firewall. It takes Red Ha... Télécharger
subsubsub(freshmeat) SubSubSub SubSubSub allows creation and editing of hierar... Télécharger
echelirc(freshmeat) EchelIRC Echelirc is a IRC channel logging bot written i... Télécharger
pdbs(freshmeat) PDBS PDBS is a secure and simple backup system, dis... Télécharger
banspam(freshmeat) BanSPAM BanSPAM is a pair of TCL scripts for Eggdrop IR... Télécharger
phpcdarchive(freshmeat) PHP CD Archive PHP CD Archive is designed for people who do a ... Télécharger
ipr(freshmeat) Infinite Planes of Reality Infinite Planes of Reality is a next-generation... Télécharger
fluxspace(freshmeat) Fluxspace Fluxspace seeks to add advanced desktop functio... Télécharger
phpform(freshmeat) phpForm phpForm is a PHP3 script that allows you to eas... Télécharger
ctail(freshmeat) ctail ctail is like running tail -f, but can be used ... Télécharger
houston(freshmeat) Houston Houston is an open-source, lightweight status a... Télécharger
libwmf(freshmeat) libwmf libwmf is a library to convert Microsoft's WMF ... Télécharger
kmediagrab(freshmeat) KMediagrab KMediagrab is a media grabber and encoder built... Télécharger

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