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fmsync(freshmeat) FMSync FMSync synchronizes the contents of a FileMaker... Télécharger
imdbadmin(freshmeat) Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) runs on... Télécharger
xm(freshmeat) XM XM (XSLT Make) is a simple and affordable Web- ... Télécharger
asqredir(freshmeat) asqredir asqredir is a small, fast, and simple redirect ... Télécharger
dbaliasd(freshmeat) dbaliasd dbaliasd is a simple proxy daemon for MySQL whi... Télécharger
rpmwiz(freshmeat) RPM Wizard RPM Wizard is an installation program for RPM p... Télécharger
clanadmin(freshmeat) Clan Admin Clan Admin is a Perl CGI script to administer a... Télécharger
gnumexp(freshmeat) gNumExp gNumExp is a GUI frontend to numexp-core, a mat... Télécharger
udpbridge(freshmeat) UDP Bridge UDP-Bridge is a transparent proxy for UDP traff... Télécharger
faxmail(freshmeat) FaxMail FaxMail is a small program to help send faxes f... Télécharger
jnetmaze(freshmeat) jnetmaze jnetmaze is a clone of netmaze written in Java. Télécharger
kemistry(freshmeat) Kemistry Kemistry is a collection of chemistry applicati... Télécharger
leafwa(freshmeat) Leafwa Leafwa is a simple Web-based administration pac... Télécharger
makecheque(freshmeat) Makecheque Makecheque is a tool (written in Ruby) to print... Télécharger
umail(freshmeat) uMail uMail is a very simple message box for local sy... Télécharger
gash(freshmeat) GAim SHell gash (GAim SHell) is a simple Perl plugin for g... Télécharger
searchtool(freshmeat) searchtool searchtool is a server browser for Internet gam... Télécharger
busca(freshmeat) Busca Busca is based on a popular Italian card game s... Télécharger
webtools(freshmeat) WebTools Pure Perl WebTools is "system" of multiple modu... Télécharger
v4lgrab(freshmeat) Video4Linux Grab The v4lgrab project is real-time capturing soft... Télécharger
tcm(freshmeat) TCM The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) is a ... Télécharger
bastrama(freshmeat) BASTRAMA Bastrama is a command line tool to manage backu... Télécharger
emergencycd2(freshmeat) Emergency CD 2 Emergency CD 2 is a is console-only mini live L... Télécharger
easta(freshmeat) Easta Easta is a Napster-inspired peer to peer filesh... Télécharger
mminstance(freshmeat) mminstance The mminstance package creates instances of Pos... Télécharger
debianutils(freshmeat) Debian Utilities Debianutils includes installkernel, mkboot, mkt... Télécharger
wsif(freshmeat) Apache WSIF WSIF (the "Web Services Invocation Framewo... Télécharger
rcheck(freshmeat) RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker A stand alone desktop client to alert you to ne... Télécharger
openmosixapplet(freshmeat) openMosixApplet The openMosixApplet allows users to see the rea... Télécharger
htadmin(freshmeat) Htadmin Htadmin is a PHP module for Apache to handle us... Télécharger
tuxarcade(freshmeat) TuxArcade TuxArcade is a multi-emulator frontend. It's d... Télécharger
arcavias(freshmeat) Arcavias Core Arcavias is an e-commerce framework for Web sho... Télécharger
libedio(freshmeat) libedio libedio is a network and general I/O library fo... Télécharger
rawwriteforwindows(freshmeat) RawWrite for Windows RawWrite for Windows is a replacement for the D... Télécharger
wf31(freshmeat) WireFusion WireFusion allows interactive, plug-in free, a... Télécharger
jaad(freshmeat) JAAD JAAD is a Java API for TIBCO/ActiveDatabase, wh... Télécharger
messageforge(freshmeat) MessageForge MessageForge is a messaging framework for the ... Télécharger
trickster(freshmeat) Trickster Streaming Server Trickster Streaming Server is a pure Perl MP3 s... Télécharger
w2c(freshmeat) Website for Content and Community Website for Content and Community (w2c for shor... Télécharger
lwjgl(freshmeat) Lightweight Java Game Library The Lightweight Java Game Library is a native ... Télécharger
aapje(freshmeat) Aapje Messenger Aapje Messenger aims to be an open, feature-fil... Télécharger
htmlspeak(freshmeat) HTMLSpeak! HTMLSpeak! is a simple-yet-powerful HTML-based ... Télécharger
libwpcg(freshmeat) libWPCG libWPCG is a basic 2D/3D C++ computer graphics... Télécharger
baseencode(freshmeat) BaseEncode Written with the noweb literate programming too... Télécharger
3dsutils(freshmeat) 3DSutils 3DSutils is a set of Linux/MS-DOS programs to v... Télécharger
mod_spam_die(freshmeat) mod_spam_die mod_spam_die confuses spam crawlers by giving t... Télécharger
vncrypt(freshmeat) vncrypt This is cryptographic disk driver for FreeBSD. ... Télécharger
javasynth(freshmeat) Javasynth Javasynth is a Java-based system for creating ... Télécharger
phpwebmail(freshmeat) PHPwebmail PHPwebmail is a Web-based IMAP and SMTP mail cl... Télécharger
lpp(freshmeat) Linux Progress Patch The Linux Progress Patch is a kernel patch whic... Télécharger
strmod(freshmeat) The StreamModule System The StreamModule system is a result of several ... Télécharger
oak(freshmeat) Oak DNS Server Oak is an authoritative and recursive DNS Serve... Télécharger
python-fam(freshmeat) Python FAM Python FAM is a wrapper module around libfam fr... Télécharger
catkin(freshmeat) Catkin Catkin is a blogging tool written in Perl. Feat... Télécharger
mamant(freshmeat) mamant mamant is a collection of Jakarta Ant extensio... Télécharger
sem(freshmeat) Simple Expenses Manager Simple Expenses Manager is a Perl CGI for enter... Télécharger
gridespresso(freshmeat) Espresso Scientific Grid Interface The Espresso Scientific Grid Interface provides... Télécharger
fcc(freshmeat) Filesystem Charset Converter Filesystem Charset Convertor (fcc) converts fil... Télécharger
monfarm(freshmeat) monfarm Monfarm is an alarm-enabled monitoring system f... Télécharger
gitfs(freshmeat) GitFS GitFS is a fuse- and git-based remote filesyste... Télécharger
mca2(freshmeat) Modular Controller Architecture Modular Controller Architecture us a modular, n... Télécharger
untarka(freshmeat) untarka Untarka extracts TAR (Unix Tape ARchive) files ... Télécharger
tblib(freshmeat) tblib Tblib is a TrackBack library written in Python.... Télécharger
gcombust(freshmeat) gcombust gcombust is a CD burner GUI. It works as a GTK+... Télécharger
pubcrawler(freshmeat) PubCrawler PubCrawler is a script for an "alerting&qu... Télécharger
xenofarm(freshmeat) Xenofarm Xenofarm is a distributed build script similar ... Télécharger
gnu6(freshmeat) GNU6 GNU6 provides an environment for the rapid deve... Télécharger
budget-addon(freshmeat) Finance management module for PHPRojekt budget-addon is a finance management module for... Télécharger
popasm(freshmeat) PopAsm PopAsm is an assembler (an assembly language c... Télécharger
dal_units(freshmeat) Java Units of Measure This is a Java package with abstract data types... Télécharger
revert(freshmeat) revert Revert sets back timestamps on files if they ha... Télécharger
bossman(freshmeat) Bossman Bossman is an end-user server management tool f... Télécharger
airstrike(freshmeat) AirStrike Airstrike is a 2D dogfight game in the traditio... Télécharger
watgfx(freshmeat) watgfx watgfx is a source-compatible, partial implemen... Télécharger
oldrus-ispell(freshmeat) Old-Russian Ispell Set Old-Russian Ispell is a superset of A.I. Lebede... Télécharger
msn2mail(freshmeat) msn2mail msn2mail is a gateway from MSN to email. It log... Télécharger
ezmanage(freshmeat) EzManage Ezmanage provides a simple WWW interface to man... Télécharger
linuxssn(freshmeat) LinuxSSN LinuxSSN is a naval combat simulation. It is ba... Télécharger
tabulizer(freshmeat) Tabulizer Tabulizer provides an easy-to-use interface for... Télécharger
gtkdictionary(freshmeat) GTK+ Dictionary GTK+ dictionary is a frontend to dictionaries s... Télécharger
phpay(freshmeat) phPay phPay is a shopping cart system using a combina... Télécharger
libsmtppp(freshmeat) libsmtp++ libsmtp++ is a library that implements the cli... Télécharger
phpinv(freshmeat) phpInv phpInv is a small yet highly configurable inven... Télécharger
xmerlin(freshmeat) XMerlin XMerlin is a simple character recognition engin... Télécharger
gnuxhippo(freshmeat) GNU xhippo GNU xhippo is a simple GTK-based playlist manag... Télécharger
wordtrans(freshmeat) wordtrans Wordtrans is a frontend for several dictionarie... Télécharger
patentmailer(freshmeat) PatentMailer patentmailer is an easy-to-use CGI and command-... Télécharger
gcm(freshmeat) GNOME Clipboard Manager GNOME Clipboard Manager (GCM) makes copying and... Télécharger
tammi(freshmeat) Tammi Tammi is a Java component based development fra... Télécharger
mother(freshmeat) mother The mother modular generic compiler is designed... Télécharger
vvftp(freshmeat) vvftp vvFTP is a simple, console-based FTP client wri... Télécharger
archangel(freshmeat) Archangel Archangel is a Mozilla Firebird extension which... Télécharger
myobjectivetcl(freshmeat) myObjectiveTcl This is a free implementation of an object-orie... Télécharger
openbechede(freshmeat) openbechede openbechede is a fast and simple way to install... Télécharger
xcruiser(freshmeat) XCruiser XCruiser (formerly known as XCruise) is a files... Télécharger
phpstylesheetviewer(freshmeat) phpStyleSheetViewer phpStyleSheetViewer allows you to preview CSS ... Télécharger
pwc-config(freshmeat) PWC-Config PWC-Config is a graphical user interface for c... Télécharger
taskware(freshmeat) Taskware Taskware is a groupware to-do/task application,... Télécharger
kcurses(freshmeat) kcurses kcurses is a set of simple widgets and UI abstr... Télécharger
jetty(freshmeat) Jetty Jetty is an Open Source HTTP Servlet Server wri... Télécharger

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