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pfinger(freshmeat) PFinger PFinger is a highly configurable, secure and po... Télécharger
rip(freshmeat) rip Rip is a commandline-based Perl script which ri... Télécharger
animenu(freshmeat) Animenu Animenu is an on-screen animated menu controlle... Télécharger
irmix(freshmeat) IRMix IRMix is an audio mixer application for Linux. ... Télécharger
gstp(freshmeat) GSTP GSTP is a binary file transfer protocol that fo... Télécharger
socket_poll(freshmeat) Socket_poll Socket_poll is the first part of a set of libra... Télécharger
grande(freshmeat) Grande Grande is a "ZANAC"-esque 2D scrollin... Télécharger
sl45c(freshmeat) Siemens SL45 Data Suite Siemens SL45 Data Suite (SL45c) is a Linux impl... Télécharger
xbox-linux(freshmeat) xbox-linux The Xbox Linux project aims to create a version... Télécharger
nanoftpd(freshmeat) nanoFTPd nanoFTPd is a basic FTP daemon written in PHP. ... Télécharger
oracle_hotbackup(freshmeat) Oracle Perl Hotbackup for Unix Oracle Perl Hotbackup for Unix uses DBI to conn... Télécharger
cnikmp3(freshmeat) cnik MP3 cnik MP3 is a Java-based MP3 player. Télécharger
kbox(freshmeat) kbox kbox allows users of KDE/kwin to use styles tha... Télécharger
vtwatch(freshmeat) vtwatch vtwatch automatically switches the active virt... Télécharger
terminalapp(freshmeat) Terminal.app Terminal.app is a terminal emulator for GNUstep. Télécharger
mnet(freshmeat) Mnet Mnet is a universal file space (a single, globa... Télécharger
imagemagickclass(freshmeat) PHP ImageMagick Class PHP ImageMagick Class makes it possible to proc... Télécharger
caramel(freshmeat) Caramel Caramel is a collection of open-source Java uti... Télécharger
vcdmeta(freshmeat) VCDMeta VCDMeta is a Perl script which makes creating a... Télécharger
snarl-snmp(freshmeat) SNARLsnmp SNARLsnmp is a monitoring tool for dynamic Web ... Télécharger
mtftpd(freshmeat) mtftpd mtftpd is an FTP server, based in a multiple p... Télécharger
ermixer(freshmeat) ermixer ermixer is an OSS mixer with a lot of useful fe... Télécharger
stardork(freshmeat) stardork Stardork is a console-based game where you move... Télécharger
mod_bandwidth(freshmeat) mod_bandwidth mod_bandwidth is a module for the Apache Web se... Télécharger
session_pgsql(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Session Save Handler The PostgreSQL Session Save Handler is a C prog... Télécharger
tilp(freshmeat) TiLP TiLP is a linking program for Texas Instrument... Télécharger
mdbtools(freshmeat) MDB Tools MDB Tools is a library and set of utilities for... Télécharger
guiftp(freshmeat) guiftp Guiftp is a simple FTP client using the GTK+ to... Télécharger
paralogger(freshmeat) Paralogger Paralogger is a script to "tail" the ... Télécharger
pjs(freshmeat) Polar Jukebox System The Polar Jukebox System (PJS) is a set of curs... Télécharger
arpoison(freshmeat) ARPoison ARPoison is a network analysis tool that sends ... Télécharger
autools(freshmeat) autools autools is a collection of several C programs t... Télécharger
masmz80(freshmeat) masmz80 masmz80 is a very lightweight assembler for the... Télécharger
phpmailadmin(freshmeat) phpMailAdmin phpMailAdmin is a Web-based mail administration... Télécharger
phpsamba(freshmeat) PHPSambaExplorer PHPSambaExplorer is an easy to use file explore... Télécharger
sematree(freshmeat) sematree sematree is a long lived lock manipulation util... Télécharger
gmmusic(freshmeat) gmmusic gmmusic is a GNOME database frontend to handle ... Télécharger
gammp(freshmeat) Alceri Multimedia Player AMmP is a Multimedia Player which uses GTK+ 2. ... Télécharger
knob(freshmeat) Knob Knob is a simple volume control applet for KDE.... Télécharger
phreakpic(freshmeat) PhreakPic PhreakPic is a Web gallery designed for any kin... Télécharger
k2d(freshmeat) KDE 2D Workbench The KDE 2D Workbench is a Scalable Vector Graph... Télécharger
acme(freshmeat) ACME ACME is a small GNOME tool to make use of the m... Télécharger
bug-buddy(freshmeat) bug-buddy The goal of bug-buddy is to make reporting bugs... Télécharger
fileroller(freshmeat) File Roller File Roller is an archive manager for the GNOME... Télécharger
jpilot-syncmal(freshmeat) jpilot-syncmal jpilot-syncmal is a MAL (Mobile Application Lin... Télécharger
gtk-engines(freshmeat) gtk-engines gtk-engines is a collection of basic theme eng... Télécharger
isdn2dbox(freshmeat) isdn2dbox isdn2dbox checks the Linux logfile for ISDN cal... Télécharger
htmlcodeconvert(freshmeat) HTML Code Convert HTML Code Convert helps speed up the conversion... Télécharger
voot(freshmeat) Vanilla Object Oriented Templates VOOT (Vanilla Object Oriented Templates) is a s... Télécharger
stupid-ftpd(freshmeat) Stupid-FTPd stupid-ftpd is an ftp server which provides nor... Télécharger
libsvgtoswf(freshmeat) libsvgtoswf libsvgtoswf converts Scalable Vector Graphics (... Télécharger
cnikjeditor(freshmeat) cnikJEditor cnikJEditor allows you to edit text, HTML pages... Télécharger
krio500(freshmeat) KRio500 KRio500 is a Kongueror plugin that interfaces ... Télécharger
topiq(freshmeat) Topiq Topiq is a document management system based on ... Télécharger
renbrowser(freshmeat) RenBrowser RenBrowser is an OS X application that allows y... Télécharger
jcard2(freshmeat) JCard2 JCARD2 is a simple cross-platform, multi-user, ... Télécharger
deliverancemail(freshmeat) DeliveranceMail DeliveranceMail is an email server that feature... Télécharger
tree_pl(freshmeat) tree.pl tree.pl creates a sitemap for all kinds of file... Télécharger
asfpga(freshmeat) asfpga asfpga is an assembler written for use in FPGA ... Télécharger
mozpos(freshmeat) MozPos MozPos is a modern, full-fledged Point-of-Sale ... Télécharger
promisc(freshmeat) Promisc Promisc is a sniffer based on the AF_PACKET dom... Télécharger
footools(freshmeat) foo-tools foo-tools is a collection of useful tools for u... Télécharger
crmme(freshmeat) CRM Made Easy CRMME (prounounced "Cream-Me") proces... Télécharger
mbox2mysql(freshmeat) mbox2mysql mbox2mysql takes mailbox files used by email cl... Télécharger
gtkgep(freshmeat) GTK Guitar Effects Processor GtkGEP turns your computer into a realtime effe... Télécharger
emuga(freshmeat) Extended Modelling of Group Access This software makes it easier to define complex... Télécharger
clxmms(freshmeat) clxmms clxmms is a client of xmms, working in command-... Télécharger
rvtest(freshmeat) RvTest RvTest is an extension to JUnit that allows for... Télécharger
mplib(freshmeat) mplib mplib is a library that is able to handle ID3 t... Télécharger
svinepalsen(freshmeat) Svinepalsen In Svinepalsen, the year is 2223 and the popula... Télécharger
fmsync(freshmeat) FMSync FMSync synchronizes the contents of a FileMaker... Télécharger
imdbadmin(freshmeat) Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) runs on... Télécharger
xm(freshmeat) XM XM (XSLT Make) is a simple and affordable Web- ... Télécharger
asqredir(freshmeat) asqredir asqredir is a small, fast, and simple redirect ... Télécharger
dbaliasd(freshmeat) dbaliasd dbaliasd is a simple proxy daemon for MySQL whi... Télécharger
rpmwiz(freshmeat) RPM Wizard RPM Wizard is an installation program for RPM p... Télécharger
clanadmin(freshmeat) Clan Admin Clan Admin is a Perl CGI script to administer a... Télécharger
gnumexp(freshmeat) gNumExp gNumExp is a GUI frontend to numexp-core, a mat... Télécharger
udpbridge(freshmeat) UDP Bridge UDP-Bridge is a transparent proxy for UDP traff... Télécharger
faxmail(freshmeat) FaxMail FaxMail is a small program to help send faxes f... Télécharger
jnetmaze(freshmeat) jnetmaze jnetmaze is a clone of netmaze written in Java. Télécharger
kemistry(freshmeat) Kemistry Kemistry is a collection of chemistry applicati... Télécharger
leafwa(freshmeat) Leafwa Leafwa is a simple Web-based administration pac... Télécharger
makecheque(freshmeat) Makecheque Makecheque is a tool (written in Ruby) to print... Télécharger
umail(freshmeat) uMail uMail is a very simple message box for local sy... Télécharger
gash(freshmeat) GAim SHell gash (GAim SHell) is a simple Perl plugin for g... Télécharger
searchtool(freshmeat) searchtool searchtool is a server browser for Internet gam... Télécharger
busca(freshmeat) Busca Busca is based on a popular Italian card game s... Télécharger
webtools(freshmeat) WebTools Pure Perl WebTools is "system" of multiple modu... Télécharger
v4lgrab(freshmeat) Video4Linux Grab The v4lgrab project is real-time capturing soft... Télécharger
tcm(freshmeat) TCM The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) is a ... Télécharger
bastrama(freshmeat) BASTRAMA Bastrama is a command line tool to manage backu... Télécharger
emergencycd2(freshmeat) Emergency CD 2 Emergency CD 2 is a is console-only mini live L... Télécharger
easta(freshmeat) Easta Easta is a Napster-inspired peer to peer filesh... Télécharger
mminstance(freshmeat) mminstance The mminstance package creates instances of Pos... Télécharger
debianutils(freshmeat) Debian Utilities Debianutils includes installkernel, mkboot, mkt... Télécharger
wsif(freshmeat) Apache WSIF WSIF (the "Web Services Invocation Framewo... Télécharger
rcheck(freshmeat) RealizationEngine Desktop Status Checker A stand alone desktop client to alert you to ne... Télécharger
openmosixapplet(freshmeat) openMosixApplet The openMosixApplet allows users to see the rea... Télécharger
htadmin(freshmeat) Htadmin Htadmin is a PHP module for Apache to handle us... Télécharger

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