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tlb(freshmeat) tiny linux bootdisk tiny linux bootdisk doesn't use a ramdisk, so i... Télécharger
biki(freshmeat) biki biki is a user-level keyboard layout fixup and ... Télécharger
wmalbum(freshmeat) wmalbum wmalbum is a Window Maker dock applet that disp... Télécharger
fopps(freshmeat) Fopps FOPPS (Feature Oriented Product Planning Syste... Télécharger
gpsexplorer(freshmeat) GPSExplorer GPSExplorer is a program for communicating with... Télécharger
jfcunit(freshmeat) JFCUnit JFCUnit enables you to write test cases for Jav... Télécharger
visage-app(freshmeat) Visage Information Organizer Visage is a program you can use to rapidly orga... Télécharger
bitlife(freshmeat) BitLife BitLife is an implementation of life using bool... Télécharger
perlbot(freshmeat) perlbot Perlbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It depen... Télécharger
metalib(freshmeat) metalib metalib is a Python library which reads meta in... Télécharger
trollhunter(freshmeat) trollhunter trollhunter offers various tools to either anal... Télécharger
gkrellmbups(freshmeat) GKrellMBUPS GKrellMBUPS is a plugin for GKrellM which allow... Télécharger
cidfilter(freshmeat) Cid Filter Cid Filter listens for incoming calls on a call... Télécharger
kmon(freshmeat) kmon Kmon is a KDE-based service monitor which allow... Télécharger
vpopmail_vhost(freshmeat) Vpopmail Virtual Mass Hosting Vpopmail Virtual Mass Hosting is an Apache modu... Télécharger
xvnkb(freshmeat) xvnkb xvnkb is a Vietnamese keyboard input program fo... Télécharger
addressscrambler(freshmeat) AddressScrambler AddressScrambler is yet another Javascript emai... Télécharger
phpbaseclasses(freshmeat) PhpBaseClasses PHPBaseClasses is a multi-tier and fully object... Télécharger
gk(freshmeat) glitch killer glitch killer solves the problem of protected C... Télécharger
pathan(freshmeat) Pathan Pathan is an XPath processing library. It is wr... Télécharger
evilbar(freshmeat) evilbar evilbar is small ncurses-based bar which is des... Télécharger
networkutilitiesmoduleforwebmi(freshmeat) Network Utilities Module for Webmin The Network Utilities Module for Webmin feature... Télécharger
ffguestbook(freshmeat) ffGuestBook ffGuestBook is a PHP guestbook for Web sites. I... Télécharger
intercom(freshmeat) Intercom Intercom is a flexible voice communication util... Télécharger
webminupload(freshmeat) File Upload Webmin Module The File Upload Webmin Module allows file uploa... Télécharger
atv(freshmeat) Zaval Advanced TV Guide Zaval Advanced TV Guide (ATV) allows TV schedul... Télécharger
galmast(freshmeat) Galmast Galmast is a space strategy game similar in nat... Télécharger
digest(freshmeat) Digest Digest generates HTML index pages and image pre... Télécharger
oocommon(freshmeat) oocommon oocommon is a flexible object-oriented PHP engi... Télécharger
pycap(freshmeat) Python Packet Capture Library PyCap is a high-level Python interface to the l... Télécharger
u6edit(freshmeat) u6edit u6edit is a world editor for Ultima 6. With u6e... Télécharger
gfilerunner(freshmeat) GFileRunner GFileRunner is a GNOME file manager aimed to be... Télécharger
gsheepdict(freshmeat) GTK sheep dictionary gsheepdict is a GTK GUI for an online Czech-Eng... Télécharger
webpbc(freshmeat) WebPBC WebPBC (Project Budget Consolidator) is a Web-b... Télécharger
quiz_manager(freshmeat) Quiz Manager Quiz Manager is a easy-to-install and adminis... Télécharger
soundmonitor(freshmeat) Sound Monitor Sound Monitor is a GNOME panel applet that disp... Télécharger
fontilus(freshmeat) fontilus Fontilus is a set of extensions for Nautilus to... Télécharger
ezv24(freshmeat) ezV24 The ezV24 library provides an easy to use progr... Télécharger
article_manager(freshmeat) Article Manager PHP Article Manager is a simple content management ... Télécharger
xpuyopuyo(freshmeat) xpuyopuyo Xpuyopuyo is a Tetris-like game in which the ob... Télécharger
im-stats(freshmeat) im-stats im-stats produces HTML statistics from Trillian... Télécharger
viruswriting(freshmeat) The Linux Virus Writing HOWTO The Linux Virus Writing HOWTO describes how to ... Télécharger
skamenu(freshmeat) skaMenu skaMenu is a menu browser. It's controlled with... Télécharger
personalwebmail(freshmeat) Personal WebMail Personal WebMail is a simple Web mail system t... Télécharger
fieryfilter(freshmeat) FieryFilter FieryFilter is an interactive desktop firewall ... Télécharger
pymt(freshmeat) PyMT PyMT is a Python module for easy access to Mova... Télécharger
ganim8(freshmeat) gAnim8 gAnim8 is a suite of tools for building and man... Télécharger
perlqt(freshmeat) PerlQt PerlQt-3 is a full-fledged object oriented inte... Télécharger
sf(freshmeat) StatFreak StatFreak is a generator of skinnable, customiz... Télécharger
aes(freshmeat) AlberT-EasySite AlberT-EasySite is a PHP-based site generation ... Télécharger
ntaim(freshmeat) nTAIM nTAIM is a feature-rich, curses-based TOC AOL I... Télécharger
ioperm(freshmeat) ioperm for Cygwin ioperm for Cygwin adds support for the ioperm()... Télécharger
jcola(freshmeat) JCola JCola is written in pure Java and allows you to... Télécharger
jpgtn(freshmeat) Jpgtn Jpgtn generates smaller JPEGs from larger ones.... Télécharger
contest(freshmeat) Contest The Contest program is designed to test system ... Télécharger
fltkutf8(freshmeat) FLTK-UTF8 FLTK-UTF8 is based on the FLTK 1.1.x widget lib... Télécharger
spinner(freshmeat) Spinner Spinner is useful for keeping telnet and ssh li... Télécharger
monkeychat(freshmeat) MonkeyChat MonkeyChat is a simplistic peer to peer chat pr... Télécharger
chessy(freshmeat) ChessY! ChessY! is a Java application that allows you t... Télécharger
modsql(freshmeat) ModSQL ModSQL is a project whose goal is to develop a ... Télécharger
wmmtr(freshmeat) wmmtr WMMTR is a Window Maker dockable program simila... Télécharger
calvin(freshmeat) Calvin Calvin is a simple PHP based calendar/reminder ... Télécharger
netx(freshmeat) Netx Netx (Network eXecute) is a JNLP (Java Network... Télécharger
udpm(freshmeat) User Dialog Perl Module User Dialog Perl Module is an OOPerl interface... Télécharger
foxtrot(freshmeat) Foxtrot Foxtrot is a small and powerful API for using t... Télécharger
cacheit(freshmeat) CacheIt CacheIt is a PHP class designed to facilitate c... Télécharger
p300drv(freshmeat) P300DRV P300DRV is Linux printer driver for the Olympus... Télécharger
iceme(freshmeat) IceMe IceMe is a graphical menu and shortcut editor f... Télécharger
gldesigner(freshmeat) glDesigner glDesigner is a GTK 2 GUI to work with OpenGL o... Télécharger
jabbertest(freshmeat) Jabber Test Suite The Jabber Test Suite is a suite of tools and ... Télécharger
phpticket(freshmeat) PHP Ticket PHP Ticket is a ticketing system for keeping an... Télécharger
maybeupload(freshmeat) MaybeUpload MaybeUpload is a Java language package intended... Télécharger
btn4ws_pl(freshmeat) btn4ws.pl btn4ws.pl (Buttons for Website) is a Gimp-perl ... Télécharger
cgiappgen(freshmeat) CGI::Application::Generator CGI::Application::Generator provides a means by... Télécharger
notftp(freshmeat) NotFTP NotFTP is a fully-featured and easy-to-use Web-... Télécharger
terrain(freshmeat) Terrain Terrain is a client/server system to visualize ... Télécharger
chiqchaq(freshmeat) Chiq_Chaq Chiq_Chaq is a friendly wiki clone for non-tech... Télécharger
dot_conf(freshmeat) dot.conf dot.conf is a simple configuration-file parser ... Télécharger
polip(freshmeat) Pol-IP Pol-IP is a full traffic control bandwith manag... Télécharger
gphoto2html(freshmeat) Gphoto2html Gphoto2html is a simple GTK-based application w... Télécharger
pmtc(freshmeat) Poor Man's TCO Calculator PMTC (Poor Man's TCO Calculater) gives you a ro... Télécharger
sur(freshmeat) Small Unit Raid Small Unit Raid is a non-OO database abstracti... Télécharger
jcfd(freshmeat) Java Client for Dict jcfd is a client for Dict servers (RFC 2229) wr... Télécharger
mioreaderlite(freshmeat) mioReaderLite mioReaderLite is a Japanese capable text reader... Télécharger
jyusecs(freshmeat) JYUSECS JYUSECS is a unit test tool for SECS (SEMI Equ... Télécharger
smartanalyzer(freshmeat) Smartanalyzer Smartanalyzer provides an ANT task and an API t... Télécharger
xmlboard(freshmeat) XMLBoard XMLBoard is an XML-driven multi-forum message b... Télécharger
swingpbc(freshmeat) SwingPBC SwingPBC (Swing Project Budget Consolidator) i... Télécharger
mathplot(freshmeat) mathplot mathplot is an interactive function grapher. It... Télécharger
jdai(freshmeat) Java Digital Album Infrastructure JDAI is a Java based infrastructure for digital... Télécharger
vvv(freshmeat) VeniVidiVoti Library A VeniVidiVoti Library is a web site where a co... Télécharger
rc4crypt(freshmeat) RC4Crypt RC4Crypt is a small yet extensive library that ... Télécharger
wmnetload(freshmeat) wmnetload wmnetload is a network interface monitor dockap... Télécharger
qish(freshmeat) Qish Qish contains a runtime library with a reusable... Télécharger
intelieditor(freshmeat) InteliEditor InteliEditor is a very lightweight, full-featur... Télécharger
formula(freshmeat) formula and libepe formula is mathematical expression and function... Télécharger
jfuzzylite(freshmeat) jfuzzylite jfuzzylite is a Java fuzzy logic control librar... Télécharger
spkgtool(freshmeat) Spkgtool Spkgtool is a software management system that u... Télécharger
ddmirror(freshmeat) ddmirror ddmirror is another script to mirror a Debian d... Télécharger
ccdoc(freshmeat) ccdoc Ccdoc is a Javadoc-inspired tool that automatic... Télécharger

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