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jgal(freshmeat) jGal jGal is a Perl script that generates static XHT... Télécharger
ticatk(freshmeat) TicaTK TicaTK is a GUI toolkit for Web applications ba... Télécharger
kstars(freshmeat) KStars KStars is a graphical desktop planetarium for K... Télécharger
sirobot(freshmeat) Sirobot Sirobot is a Perl script that downloads Web pag... Télécharger
ttkcruncher(freshmeat) TTKCruncher TTKCruncher is a fast Javascript Cruncher. Writ... Télécharger
gnum4(freshmeat) GNU m4 GNU m4 is an implementation of the traditional ... Télécharger
bengsaver(freshmeat) bengsaver bengsaver is a screensaver for KDE. It shows bo... Télécharger
spin(freshmeat) Spin Every non trivial GUI sooner or later encounter... Télécharger
nbase4(freshmeat) NBASE 4.0 NBASE is a set of standard libraries for rapid ... Télécharger
pyd20(freshmeat) pyD20 pyD20 is a combat manager meant to be used by a... Télécharger
inti-gconf(freshmeat) Inti-GConf Inti-GConf is the second module in the Integrat... Télécharger
wlanmeter(freshmeat) wlanmeter wlanmeter is a simple C program for monitoring ... Télécharger
drumpiler(freshmeat) Drumpiler Drumpiler is a drum machine compiler. You write... Télécharger
myxmludf(freshmeat) MyXML UDF MyXML is a UDF extension to the MySQL database.... Télécharger
phpcommander(freshmeat) PhpCommander PhpCommander is a Web-based file manager that m... Télécharger
wmxmms(freshmeat) WMxmms WMxmms is a dockable xmms frontend for Window M... Télécharger
rubum(freshmeat) Rubum Rubum is the RUby alBUM software. It generates ... Télécharger
gnu-barcode(freshmeat) GNU-barcode GNU-barcode is meant to solve most needs in bar... Télécharger
gri(freshmeat) gri Gri is an extensible plotting program designed ... Télécharger
grt(freshmeat) GRT Raytracer GRT is a Common Lisp raytracing system. It is ... Télécharger
xenom(freshmeat) XenoM XenoM is a remake of the popular Spectrum game,... Télécharger
scat(freshmeat) Simple Cyrus Administration Tool Simple Cyrus Administration Tool is a shell scr... Télécharger
pclt(freshmeat) Palm Commandline Tools The Palm Commandline Tools are a set of Perl sc... Télécharger
yappa2(freshmeat) yappa2 yappa stands for "Yet Another Php Photo Al... Télécharger
o3(freshmeat) O3 O3 is a mail system (SMTP and POP4) that implem... Télécharger
makedocj(freshmeat) MakeDocJ/MakeDocGUI/ReadDocJ MakeDocJ and MakeDocGUI make it easier to creat... Télécharger
mysql-dbx(freshmeat) MySQL DBXpress Driver MySQL DBXpress Driver is a MySQL driver for the... Télécharger
jinsitu(freshmeat) JinSitu JinSitu is an interactive introspection environ... Télécharger
opentnef(freshmeat) openTNEF openTNEF is a TNEF decoding program developed u... Télécharger
wmstradio(freshmeat) wmstradio wmstradio is a dock app that acts as a radio fo... Télécharger
arbsramdrv(freshmeat) ARB SRAM Linux driver ARB SRAM Linux driver is a device driver for AR... Télécharger
chaperon(freshmeat) Chaperon Chaperon is a LALR parser, which parses structu... Télécharger
phpbabel(freshmeat) PHPBabel PHPBabel makes PHP internationalization easier ... Télécharger
awbmtools(freshmeat) AWBMTools AWBMTools is a pair of programs to convert betw... Télécharger
kmakefaq(freshmeat) KMakeFaq KMakeFaq is a frontend for the popular Web FAQ ... Télécharger
cduck(freshmeat) Capibara Distributed URL Cloaking Kit The Capibara Distributed URL Cloaking Kit is a ... Télécharger
s6-dns(freshmeat) s6-dns s6-dns is a small, efficient, complete, and IPv... Télécharger
pyui(freshmeat) Pyui PyUI is a user interface library written entire... Télécharger
basicportal_com(freshmeat) basicPortal.com basicPortal is a simplest struts-based portal. ... Télécharger
alfandega(freshmeat) Alfandega Firewall Alfandega is a strong and modular iptables fire... Télécharger
ectemplate(freshmeat) ecTemplate ecTemplate seperates your PHP code from the HT... Télécharger
smant(freshmeat) SMaNT SMaNT is a Systems Management and Network Toolk... Télécharger
eclipse-sftp(freshmeat) SFTP Team provider for Eclipse SFTP Team provider for Eclipse provides file an... Télécharger
validatorpy(freshmeat) validator.py validator.py is a tool for ensuring that data c... Télécharger
diamond_rio(freshmeat) Diamond Rio Tools Diamond Rio Tools is a utility to upload and do... Télécharger
sheerdns(freshmeat) sheerdns sheerdns is a master DNS server whose zone reco... Télécharger
wmsmixer(freshmeat) WMsmixer WMsmixer is a hack to wmmixer which makes some ... Télécharger
sonda(freshmeat) Sonda Sonda is a powerful and simple way to implement... Télécharger
sqloco(freshmeat) SQLoco SQLoco is a C++ wrapper for SQL libraries that... Télécharger
mozexp(freshmeat) Mozilla Exporter Mozilla Exporter is a utility that converts the... Télécharger
fr1(freshmeat) Fast Intelligent Software RAID1 This is a Linux kernel driver that adapts the k... Télécharger
stardicx(freshmeat) Stardic X Stardic X is an English-Chinese dictionary whic... Télécharger
redhatlinux(freshmeat) Red Hat Linux Red Hat Linux is a versatile distribution that ... Télécharger
fam(freshmeat) FAM FAM, the File Alteration Monitor, provides an A... Télécharger
geskoctrl(freshmeat) geskoctrl geskoctrl is an application to download/upload ... Télécharger
acidrain(freshmeat) Acid Rain Acid Rain is a dynamic (theoretically endless) ... Télécharger
kops(freshmeat) KOPS Kops is a two-dimensional gravitational shoot'y... Télécharger
kaybot(freshmeat) KayBot KayBot is a bot written to guard IRC channels. ... Télécharger
sfftfilter(freshmeat) simpleFFTfilter simpleFFTfilter is a small program to smooth sa... Télécharger
krazhkoder(freshmeat) krazhkoder krazhkoder is a portable GUI Ogg, Speex, and FL... Télécharger
atkins(freshmeat) atkins Atkins can be used to examine variables, tables... Télécharger
jfreereport(freshmeat) JFreeReport JFreeReport is a Java report generator. Using d... Télécharger
waimeaconfig(freshmeat) waimeaconfig waimeaconfig is a Waimea and Kahakai configurat... Télécharger
sourcewell(freshmeat) SourceWell SourceWell is a highly configurable, well-docum... Télécharger
sval(freshmeat) Sval Sval is a Web service which charts the closing ... Télécharger
rwhois_py(freshmeat) rwhois.py rwhois.py is a python module and application fo... Télécharger
finch(freshmeat) The Finch Project The Finch project is a multi-purpose data trans... Télécharger
qttv(freshmeat) QtTV QtTV is a TV guide that uses XMLTV as a backend... Télécharger
smtpmap(freshmeat) SMTP map SMTP map uses a fingerprinting technology to sc... Télécharger
mrpostman(freshmeat) MrPostman MrPostman is a Java program that acts as a POP ... Télécharger
displayusers(freshmeat) displayusers displayusers generates a user list based on tex... Télécharger
telemon(freshmeat) teleMon teleMon is an Internet bandwidth quota monitor ... Télécharger
wwwdb(freshmeat) WWWdb WWWdb allows you to set up an application-frame... Télécharger
gnutime(freshmeat) time time measures many of the CPU resources, such a... Télécharger
emo2html(freshmeat) Emacs Outline to HTML Converter Emacs Outline to HTML Converter generates reade... Télécharger
jrioutil(freshmeat) JRioUtil JRioUtil is a GUI utility that works on top of ... Télécharger
graphopt(freshmeat) graphopt graphopt is a graph layout optimizer based on t... Télécharger
gcvs(freshmeat) gCVS gCVS is a GTK port of WinCVS, a Windows-based C... Télécharger
transluxent(freshmeat) TransluXent TransluXent is an implementation of an X server... Télécharger
swfm(freshmeat) Simple File Manager Simple File Manager is a PHP-based file manage... Télécharger
panorama(freshmeat) Panorama Panorama is a framework for 3D graphics product... Télécharger
gdf(freshmeat) Graphical df Graphical df provides a scrollable graphical pi... Télécharger
verilator(freshmeat) Verilator Verilator is a cycle based synthesizable Verilo... Télécharger
japach(freshmeat) japach Japach is simple Web server, providing simple s... Télécharger
door(freshmeat) door door is a password storage system. It allows y... Télécharger
aseqjoy(freshmeat) aseqjoy aseqjoy monitors a joystick device of your choi... Télécharger
goben(freshmeat) Goben Goben is a GTK+ 1.2 GUI for playing Go. It allo... Télécharger
ric(freshmeat) Remote Internet Connect Remote Internet Connect simplifies connecting a... Télécharger
metalserve(freshmeat) MetalServe MetalServe is a standalone DCC file server that... Télécharger
abispell(freshmeat) AbiSpell AbiSpell is a spell checker for the AbiWord wor... Télécharger
cxmame(freshmeat) Cxmame Cxmame is a simple console-based frontend for x... Télécharger
mishigame(freshmeat) MishiGame MishiGame is a tetris-like game which uses the ... Télécharger
jcs(freshmeat) Java Calculator Suite Java Calculator Suite (jcs) is a collection of ... Télécharger
perlcache(freshmeat) Perl Cache The Cache modules are designed to assist a deve... Télécharger
dgd(freshmeat) Depression Glass Debug Library DGD (Depression Glass Debug Library) is a simpl... Télécharger
dal_(freshmeat) Database Abstraction Layer Database Abstraction Layer is a project to prod... Télécharger
usermanage(freshmeat) User Manage User Manage is a compact suite which can easily... Télécharger
yapp(freshmeat) YAPP XSLT YAPP XSLT is a recursive descent parser and lex... Télécharger
ogs(freshmeat) Open Gaming System The Open Gaming System (OGS) is a platform for ... Télécharger
tinypackage(freshmeat) tinypackage tinypackage is a lightweight package manager f... Télécharger

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