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xaw3d(freshmeat) Xaw3d Xaw3d is a general-purpose replacement for the ... Télécharger
inhunmi(freshmeat) Inhunmi Inhunmi is POS, Delivery, Contact, and Stock Co... Télécharger
egnomeicu(freshmeat) E-GnomeICU E-GnomeICU is an enlightenment epplet for contr... Télécharger
reportmagic(freshmeat) Report Magic Report Magic is an add-on for Analog, a Web sit... Télécharger
xps(freshmeat) xps xps dynamically displays in an X Window the Uni... Télécharger
xdmchoose(freshmeat) XDM-Choose XDM-Choose is a replacement chooser for XDM, wh... Télécharger
kpasswdcgi(freshmeat) kpasswd.cgi kpasswd.cgi is a CGI implementation of the kpas... Télécharger
tabula-musica(freshmeat) Tabula-Musica Tabula-Musica is a "swiss knife" juke... Télécharger
printquota(freshmeat) printquota Printquota is a printing service quota tracking... Télécharger
tulka(freshmeat) Tulka Whiteboard Tulka is a Java-based communication tool design... Télécharger
eob(freshmeat) Enterprise Object Broker Enterprise Object Broker (EOB) is an applicatio... Télécharger
avalon(freshmeat) Avalon Avalon is Apache's Java Server Framework projec... Télécharger
pari(freshmeat) PARI/GP PARI/GP is a package aimed at efficient computa... Télécharger
webmlist(freshmeat) webmlist webmlist is a Web mailing list archive system w... Télécharger
remoteinstall(freshmeat) Remoteinstall Remoteinstall helps you install packages on OS ... Télécharger
mcore(freshmeat) In Memory Core Dump In Memory Core Dump uses system memory to save ... Télécharger
debian-ham(freshmeat) Debian-Ham Debian-Ham is a floppy distribution specificall... Télécharger
html2hdml(freshmeat) html2hdml Html2hdml is a HTML to HDML (Handheld Device Ma... Télécharger
betna(freshmeat) Bikkuruinen Etna - Betty Etna Betna is a game where you protect your volcano ... Télécharger
magicsquare(freshmeat) magicSquare magicSquare is inspired by a game played on a H... Télécharger
kalyp(freshmeat) Kalyp Kalyp is a fantasy-based roguelike game written... Télécharger
mrgrid(freshmeat) MrGrid MrGrid is a MR file analyser for statistical su... Télécharger
getmap(freshmeat) Getmap Getmap is a Python program to retrieve maps fro... Télécharger
filefarm(freshmeat) phpFileFarm phpFileFarm is a Web site support tool/director... Télécharger
bilbo(freshmeat) Bilbo Bilbo is a PHP frontend to run scans using the ... Télécharger
jrevproxy(freshmeat) jRevProxy jRevProxy is a lightweight reverse proxy server... Télécharger
fract-o-rama(freshmeat) Fract-O-Rama Fract-O-Rama is a Qt-based fractal generation p... Télécharger
popsneakerconfig(freshmeat) popsneakerconfig popsneakerconfig allows you to comfortably mana... Télécharger
jaimlib(freshmeat) Jaim Jaim is a Java library that implements the AOL ... Télécharger
classjabberphp(freshmeat) Class.Jabber.PHP Class.Jabber.PHP is a class which you can use t... Télécharger
memorychecker(freshmeat) Nitro Technologies Memory Checker Nitro Technologies Memory Checker makes trackin... Télécharger
man2web(freshmeat) man2web man2web converts man (manual) pages to HTML via... Télécharger
openvl(freshmeat) Open Volume Library The OpenVL library is a framework for working ... Télécharger
rend(freshmeat) Rend Rend is a daemon that will automatically renice... Télécharger
pixilate(freshmeat) pixiliate Pixilate is a commandline packet generation uti... Télécharger
buddhaiq(freshmeat) buddhaIq buddhaIq is a Java instant messaging client lib... Télécharger
lazy(freshmeat) Lazy Lazy is a console-based CD player with freedb s... Télécharger
gnometab(freshmeat) Gnometab Gnometab aims to be a WYSIWYG guitar tablature ... Télécharger
mxp(freshmeat) Mandelbrot Explorer Mxp (Mandelbrot explorer) is an X Window System... Télécharger
randim(freshmeat) Randim Randim is an amazing fractal generator. It gene... Télécharger
pybackend(freshmeat) PyBackend PyBackend is a Python module which provides obj... Télécharger
tum(freshmeat) Tapir User Manager Tapir User Manager provides all of the user man... Télécharger
lplants(freshmeat) LPLANTS Lplants is a fractal generator written in C and... Télécharger
ashpool_fm(freshmeat) Ashpool XML Database Ashpool is a lightweight XML Database written i... Télécharger
rsapi(freshmeat) RSApi Rosetta Stone API aims to create a programming ... Télécharger
jwma(freshmeat) jwma jwma is a Web mail implementation based on the ... Télécharger
magic_notebook(freshmeat) The Magic Notebook The Magic Notebook is a CGI script which allows... Télécharger
emacswiki(freshmeat) EmacsWiki EmacsWiki gives you quick access to a hypertext... Télécharger
emrem(freshmeat) Email Reminders Email Reminders is a combination of scripts - a... Télécharger
cla(freshmeat) Courier Log Analyzer Courier Log Analyzer is a log analysis tool for... Télécharger
xchg2mail(freshmeat) xchg2mail xchg2mail is a Perl script that scrapes Web ma... Télécharger
gasm(freshmeat) gasm GASM is a very reliable, fast and stable assemb... Télécharger
ulog(freshmeat) Ulog Ulog enables you to list past and present X11 s... Télécharger
asukphpftp(freshmeat) PHP FTP Client PHP FTP Client is an FTP client that is useful ... Télécharger
pdonkeys(freshmeat) pDonkey Server pDonkeyS is Perl implementation of an eDonkey s... Télécharger
netpisteur(freshmeat) NetPisteur NetPisteur is a Web browser that includes power... Télécharger
suckmt(freshmeat) SuckMT SuckMT is a multithreaded replacement for suck ... Télécharger
phpwslistings(freshmeat) phpwsListings phpwsListings is a PHPWebSite (>= 0.9.1) mod... Télécharger
sfzrpg(freshmeat) StressFreeZone RPG StressFreeZone RPG is a multiplatform RPG syste... Télécharger
eddi(freshmeat) Eddi Eddi is a powerful and easy-to-use text editor ... Télécharger
jjcl(freshmeat) The JarJar ClassLoader The JarJar ClassLoader is a custom class loader... Télécharger
murasaki(freshmeat) murasaki Murasaki automatically loads and unloads module... Télécharger
camsource(freshmeat) Camsource Camsource is a modularized and multithreaded da... Télécharger
dnsreflector(freshmeat) dnsreflector The dnsreflector daemon listens for DNS queries... Télécharger
wboss(freshmeat) WBOSS WBOSS is a Web-based spell checker that when ru... Télécharger
galan(freshmeat) gAlan gAlan is an audio-processing tool for X Windows... Télécharger
cflow2vcg(freshmeat) Cflow2VCG Cflow2vcg converts the result of the cflow util... Télécharger
spammilt(freshmeat) spammilt Spammilt is a sendmail-milter which scans email... Télécharger
libmpc8xx(freshmeat) MPC8XX Debugging Library The MPC8XX Debugging Library lets you debug MPC... Télécharger
wmwork(freshmeat) wmwork wmwork provides a monitor on a 64x64 mini windo... Télécharger
wmpuzzle(freshmeat) wmpuzzle wmpuzzle provides a 4x4 puzzle on a 64x64 mini ... Télécharger
re(freshmeat) RealizationEngine Group Communicator The RealizationEngine is designed from the grou... Télécharger
darkslide(freshmeat) Darkslide Darkslide is a PBS reporting engine that takes ... Télécharger
webcall(freshmeat) WebCall WebCall is a MySQL Linux ticket tracking system... Télécharger
linkbase(freshmeat) LinkBase LinkBase is a Web application written in PHP th... Télécharger
thebridge(freshmeat) thebridge Thebridge is an EchoLink-compatible conference ... Télécharger
phppackage(freshmeat) phpPackage phpPackage is a simple Perl script used to auto... Télécharger
pyndex(freshmeat) Pyndex Pyndex is a simple and fast full-text indexer i... Télécharger
photopnmtools(freshmeat) PhotoPnMTools PhotoPnMTools is a simple toolkit for processin... Télécharger
nflash(freshmeat) nflash nflash is a Perl/CGI script providing an easy t... Télécharger
prtpacker(freshmeat) prtpacker prtpacker (Portable Resource Tree Packer, prono... Télécharger
gdownloader(freshmeat) GDownloader GDownloader is a download manager that allows ... Télécharger
gkrellmgimps(freshmeat) gkrellmGIMPS gkrellmGIMPS is a plugin for the GKrellM monito... Télécharger
snowball-language(freshmeat) Snowball Snowball is a small string processing language ... Télécharger
btemplate(freshmeat) bTemplate bTemplate is a PHP class that facilitates the ... Télécharger
xiangqi-engine(freshmeat) XiangQi Engine XiangQi Engine is a software Chinese chess oppo... Télécharger
tk10(freshmeat) tk10 tk10 is open source, multi-platform software fo... Télécharger
cwebldap(freshmeat) cwebldap cwebldap is a CGI program written in ANSI C whi... Télécharger
millikeys(freshmeat) MilliKeys MilliKeys implements a virtual keyboard on the ... Télécharger
rocket(freshmeat) Rocket Rocket is an arcade-style game where you try to... Télécharger
todolist_php(freshmeat) Todolist.php Todolist.php is a set of PHP scripts that creat... Télécharger
ldif_to_vcard(freshmeat) LDIF to VCard Conversion This is a simple command line Perl script writt... Télécharger
bogo-fe(freshmeat) Bogofilter Web Frontend Bogofilter is a statistical email classifier us... Télécharger
qballsinventory(freshmeat) Inventory Inventory is an inventory program written in GT... Télécharger
pasp(freshmeat) PASP PASP is a Bayesian-like spam filter that can be... Télécharger
openmambo(freshmeat) OpenMambo OpenMambo is an extension of Mambo Open Source ... Télécharger
linux-identd(freshmeat) linux-identd linux-identd is a user identification daemon fo... Télécharger
syncpod(freshmeat) SyncPOD SyncPOD syncs a local directory with your iPod.... Télécharger
tollwut(freshmeat) Tollwut Tollwut is a Perl RSS aggregator for Web sites.... Télécharger
zmogul(freshmeat) zmogul Zmogul is a small Python script that shrinks t... Télécharger

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