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kcdlabel(freshmeat) KCDLabel KCDLabel is a program to create labels, covers,... Télécharger
xdirectfb(freshmeat) XDirectFB XDirectFB is a rootless X Server using DirectFB... Télécharger
accessserver(freshmeat) iiitAccessServer The iiitAccessServer is a rule-based enterprise... Télécharger
whichman(freshmeat) whichman This is a set of fault tolerant search utilitie... Télécharger
quiche(freshmeat) Quiche Music Player Quiche is an open source, cross-platform MP3 pl... Télécharger
mpro(freshmeat) MakeProcessor MakeProcessor is a platform-independant Perl sc... Télécharger
microcode(freshmeat) microCODE PHP encoder microCODE allows you to encode your PHP script ... Télécharger
at76c503(freshmeat) at76c503 linux driver at76c503 is a Linux driver for the wlan USB ada... Télécharger
polipo(freshmeat) Polipo Polipo is a lightweight caching Web proxy that ... Télécharger
xplot(freshmeat) XPlot XPlot is a Mathematics function plotting progra... Télécharger
libsigcx(freshmeat) libSigC++ Extras libSigC++ Extras is a library consisting of new... Télécharger
airctl(freshmeat) Airport Control Airport Control is a Unix command-line utility ... Télécharger
serveez(freshmeat) Serveez Serveez is a server framework which provides ro... Télécharger
gsoko(freshmeat) gSoko gSoko is GTK+ clone of Sokoban, a puzzle game w... Télécharger
itps(freshmeat) Interactive Television Publishing System The Interactive Television Publishing System (I... Télécharger
fontedit(freshmeat) Font Editor Font Editor is a Java font editor that is targ... Télécharger
qmwedit(freshmeat) Qt Multi Window Editor (qmwedit) QMWEdit stands for Qt Multi Window Editor. It i... Télécharger
quake2-opensource(freshmeat) Quake II Open Source Quake II Open Source is the open source version... Télécharger
boxmenu(freshmeat) boxmenu boxmenu is a Python module for reading, writing... Télécharger
mycsv(freshmeat) MyCSV MyCSV is a PHP library that provides a fast and... Télécharger
looplinux(freshmeat) LoopLinux LoopLinux (a.k.a. loopslak) is a way to install... Télécharger
blojsom(freshmeat) blojsom blojsom is a lightweight blog package written ... Télécharger
trickle(freshmeat) trickle trickle is a lightweight, portable, per-applica... Télécharger
php-kadm5(freshmeat) php-kadm5 php-kadm5 is a PHP extension (PECL module) whic... Télécharger
squideral(freshmeat) SquiDeral SquiDeral is an easy to use, configurable Web-b... Télécharger
svgl(freshmeat) svgl svgl is a library that displays SVG documents u... Télécharger
db4obrowser(freshmeat) db4oBrowser With db4oBrowser, you can browse through a db4o... Télécharger
xparam(freshmeat) XParam XParam is an extensible, type-safe, non-intrusi... Télécharger
crget(freshmeat) crget crget provides a Unix-based data access utility... Télécharger
carbonframework(freshmeat) Carbon services framework The Carbon Framework is a set of core functiona... Télécharger
pgcounter(freshmeat) PG_counter PGcounter is a module for Apache for counting p... Télécharger
mill2xv(freshmeat) Matrox Millennium II Xv extension This is an XFree86 driver to add Xv (Xvideo) su... Télécharger
flighttrack(freshmeat) FlightTrack FlightTrack is a GPS track viewing and download... Télécharger
xmmsnp(freshmeat) nowplaying nowplaying is a plugin for XMMS that records i... Télécharger
yuburner(freshmeat) YuBurner YuBurner is CD/DVD recording software. Télécharger
soapbox(freshmeat) Soapbox Soapbox is a preload (sandbox) library that all... Télécharger
pyadvsearch(freshmeat) pyadvsearch pyadvsearch is a text search utility similar to... Télécharger
termpkg(freshmeat) termpkg termpkg is a terminal server daemon that allows... Télécharger
cmt(freshmeat) CMT The CMU Midi Toolkit (CMT) is a collection of ... Télécharger
logdog(freshmeat) Logdog LogDog monitors messages passing through syslog... Télécharger
testitool(freshmeat) Testitool Testitool is a Web-based application for QA tes... Télécharger
pizza-business(freshmeat) Pizza Business Pizza Business is a platform-independent restau... Télécharger
tquotes(freshmeat) tQuotes tQuotes is a set of PHP4 scripts to provide and... Télécharger
beaver(freshmeat) Beaver Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR, for Linux a... Télécharger
nyquist(freshmeat) Nyquist Nyquist is an elegant and powerful language for... Télécharger
jsimplex(freshmeat) jSimpleX jSimpleX is a visual XSL transformation tool. ... Télécharger
xtas(freshmeat) XTAS The XTAS library provides simplification for Ja... Télécharger
jtictactoe(freshmeat) JTicTacToe JTicTacToe is a version of the popular boardgam... Télécharger
qtide(freshmeat) QTide QTide is a Qt-based text ditor with some nice f... Télécharger
c-comiccollect(freshmeat) C Comic Collection C Comic Collection is a GTK+ application for d... Télécharger
revirt(freshmeat) ReVirt ReVirt is part of the CoVirt project, which inv... Télécharger
mailbouncer(freshmeat) MailBounce MailBounce adds a bounce feature to Mozilla/Net... Télécharger
aarchives(freshmeat) Alexandria Archives Alexandria Archives is designed to catalog your... Télécharger
nylon(freshmeat) nylon nylon is a Unix SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy server. It ... Télécharger
plconfig(freshmeat) plconfig plconfig allows setting up of an encryption key... Télécharger
pinball(freshmeat) Emilia Pinball Project The Emilia Pinball Project is a pinball simulat... Télécharger
followmeip(freshmeat) FollowMeIP FollowMeIP is a small client that allows you to... Télécharger
vlevel(freshmeat) VLevel VLevel is a dynamic compressor that amplifies ... Télécharger
magiccube4d(freshmeat) Magic Cube 4D MagicCube4D is a fully functional four-dimensi... Télécharger
civil(freshmeat) Civil Civil is a cross-platform, turnbased, networked... Télécharger
tkpasman(freshmeat) TkPasMan TkPasMan is a simple program that lets you stor... Télécharger
tarproxy(freshmeat) TarProxy TarProxy is a statistically driven, pluggable S... Télécharger
openxades(freshmeat) OpenXAdES OpenXAdES enables people to work with legally-b... Télécharger
jkiska(freshmeat) jKiska jKiska provides some utility classes to solve c... Télécharger
gos4j(freshmeat) Gos4j Gos4j is a way of organising processing priorit... Télécharger
veloedit(freshmeat) Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse Velocity editor plugin for Eclipse provides an ... Télécharger
xtermset(freshmeat) xtermset xtermset is a command line utility to change se... Télécharger
binpost(freshmeat) BinPost BinPost is multi-platform tool for posting mul... Télécharger
keylime(freshmeat) Keylime for Zope Keylime for Zope is a set of generic objects to... Télécharger
pandascript(freshmeat) PandaScript PandaScript is a frontend to the Panda PDF gene... Télécharger
bicyclerepairman(freshmeat) Bicycle Repair Man! The Python Refactoring Browser helps Pythonista... Télécharger
rclean(freshmeat) rclean rclean provides a command-line tool to order an... Télécharger
minit(freshmeat) minit minit is an attempt to cross-breed DJ Bernstein... Télécharger
guru4self(freshmeat) Guru for SELF Given a collection of Self objects, Guru produc... Télécharger
condenser(freshmeat) Condenser Condenser is a tool for finding and removing du... Télécharger
doclite(freshmeat) DocLite DocLite is a simple documentation authoring sys... Télécharger
khttrack(freshmeat) Khttrack Khttrack is a easy-to-use offline browser utili... Télécharger
stmpclean(freshmeat) stmpclean The stmpclean utility removes old files (and ol... Télécharger
pdba(freshmeat) Perl Database Admin pDBAdmin is a Web-based administration tool for... Télécharger
passcheck(freshmeat) Passcheck Passcheck is a drop-in replacement or rewrite o... Télécharger
partyfish(freshmeat) Partyfish Partyfish is a content managment system with ma... Télécharger
charlemagne(freshmeat) Charlemagne Charlemagne is a versatile genetic programming ... Télécharger
2c(freshmeat) twocrypt twocrypt (2c) is a tool for the ultra-paranoid,... Télécharger
hffzip(freshmeat) HFFzip HFFzip is a file compressor for Linux and FreeB... Télécharger
talinux(freshmeat) TA-Linux TA-Linux is a Linux distribution that targets p... Télécharger
agt(freshmeat) AGT AGT is a powerful console frontend to iptables,... Télécharger
atr3d(freshmeat) Avoid The Roid 3D Avoid The Roid 3D is a 3D asteroids-like multip... Télécharger
naamah(freshmeat) Naamah Naamah is a Web application that stores the ID... Télécharger
konspire2b(freshmeat) konspire2b konspire2b is a content distribution system tha... Télécharger
termim(freshmeat) Termim Termim is an input method system for Unix syste... Télécharger
series(freshmeat) series A series is a data structure much like a sequen... Télécharger
voodoopm(freshmeat) Voodoo Package Manager Voodoo Package Manager is a package manager tha... Télécharger
inline_smtp(freshmeat) inline_smtp The inline_smtp Perl script was created to allo... Télécharger
satellitarium(freshmeat) Satellitarium Satellitarium is a graphical application that c... Télécharger
vsdb(freshmeat) VSDB VSDB is an experimental database based on atomi... Télécharger
ssltunnel(freshmeat) ssltunnel.pl ssltunnel.pl is an SSL tunnelling script that s... Télécharger
sdlpong(freshmeat) SDLPong SDLPong is a Pong clone that is intended to fee... Télécharger
dbmjui(freshmeat) dbmjui DMBJUI is an attempt to clone DBMGUI, the datab... Télécharger
jife(freshmeat) Jife Jife is a spell checking IRC robot written in J... Télécharger
rteq(freshmeat) rtEq rtEq is a realtime 31-band equalizer. It suppor... Télécharger

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