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ninvaders(freshmeat) nInvaders nInvaders is a Space Invaders clone for ncurses. Télécharger
pipeworks(freshmeat) pipeworks pipeworks is a benchmarking tool for pipelines ... Télécharger
filedb(freshmeat) FileDB FileDB is a PHP class that lets you can easily ... Télécharger
asciijump(freshmeat) asciijump asciijump is an ASCII art game about ski jumpi... Télécharger
shift(freshmeat) ShiFT ShiFT is a Java-based file transfer application... Télécharger
dfbsee(freshmeat) DFBSee DFBSee is an image viewer and video player for ... Télécharger
biophp(freshmeat) BioPHP The BioPHP Project (formerly called GenePHP) is... Télécharger
xpointerapi(freshmeat) XPointerAPI XPointerAPI is a Java API for XPointer. XPointe... Télécharger
cfgstoragemaker(freshmeat) cfgstoragemaker cfgstoragemaker remotely generates an MRTG conf... Télécharger
mod_mono(freshmeat) mod_mono mod_mono is a module that interfaces Apache wit... Télécharger
txt2docbook(freshmeat) txt2docbook txt2docbook allows you to convert an ASCII file... Télécharger
eaglelinux(freshmeat) Eagle Linux Eagle Linux is a Linux distribution that boots ... Télécharger
jproftpd(freshmeat) JProftpd JProftpd is a simple graphic frontend written i... Télécharger
weps(freshmeat) Web Package Surfer Web Package Surfer is a PHP-based package mana... Télécharger
khdrecord(freshmeat) KHdRecord KHdRecord is an audio recorder which writes dir... Télécharger
webcal(freshmeat) WebCal WebCal is a free browser-based calendar program... Télécharger
gnunilink(freshmeat) GNUnilink GNUnilink is a PIC adaptor that emulates a Sony... Télécharger
ipocan(freshmeat) IPoCAN IPoCAN adds the ability to the Linux kernel to ... Télécharger
latex4jed(freshmeat) latex4jed latex4jed is an S-Lang file for the Jed editor ... Télécharger
mailcorral(freshmeat) MailCorral MailCorral is a robust, high-performance virus... Télécharger
pbar(freshmeat) progressbar progressbar will open a window containing a tex... Télécharger
gogoxml(freshmeat) gogoXML gogoXML is a class library for PHP which makes ... Télécharger
audistat(freshmeat) AudiStat AudiStat is a PHP application for generating an... Télécharger
echopoint(freshmeat) EchoPoint The EchoPoint project provides a rich collectio... Télécharger
ftpcluster(freshmeat) ftpcluster ftpcluster integrates a number of individual FT... Télécharger
mod-quota-ldap(freshmeat) mod-quota-ldap mod-quota-ldap is a ProFTPD module that imposes... Télécharger
openglad(freshmeat) Openglad Openglad is an SDL port of an old DOS game call... Télécharger
ccze(freshmeat) CCZE CCZE is a robust and modular log colorizer with... Télécharger
fmio(freshmeat) fmio fmio is a small program to set and change FM ra... Télécharger
opt(freshmeat) Outreach Project Tool OPT (Outreach Project Tool) is a PHP general-pu... Télécharger
texdbi(freshmeat) TeXDBI TeXDBI enables TeX to talk to SQL-compliant dat... Télécharger
taverna(freshmeat) Taverna Taverna is a collection of workflow enactment a... Télécharger
squicki(freshmeat) The Squicki Game The Squicki game is an Allegro-based platform g... Télécharger
goose-search(freshmeat) Goose Search Goose allows you to search Google from the com... Télécharger
iet(freshmeat) IP and Ethernet testing Tool Iet (IP and Ethernet testing Tool) is an Ethern... Télécharger
bootldr(freshmeat) CRL/OHH Bootloader CRL/OHH is a flash bootloader for Linux, QNX, N... Télécharger
fire-biatchux(freshmeat) DMZS-FIRE FIRE, the Forensic and Incident Response Enviro... Télécharger
pyttymon(freshmeat) pyttymon pyttymon is a simple daemon that monitors and l... Télécharger
formulator(freshmeat) Formulator Formulator is a flexible, extensible framework ... Télécharger
audiality(freshmeat) Audiality Audiality is a highly scalable and portable aud... Télécharger
ngl(freshmeat) NGL NGL is a framework intended to work with SGI's ... Télécharger
wot(freshmeat) wot wot is a small effort at diagraph generation of... Télécharger
dailypage(freshmeat) dailypage dailypage periodically sends a Web page by emai... Télécharger
dbwa(freshmeat) DB Web Admin DB Web Admin provides simple access to Oracle d... Télécharger
jreceiver(freshmeat) JReceiver JReceiver is an open source servlet-based audio... Télécharger
libdvdnav(freshmeat) libdvdnav libdvdnav is a DVD navigation library that all... Télécharger
mp4web(freshmeat) Mp4web Mp4web is a PHP script created to manage mp4liv... Télécharger
b2plusplus(freshmeat) b2++ b2++ is a version of the b2 Weblog system that... Télécharger
mytables(freshmeat) Mytables Mytables is a daemon that examines netfilter r... Télécharger
athenacl(freshmeat) athenaCL athenaCL is a modular, object oriented, interac... Télécharger
icommune(freshmeat) iCommune iCommune is an application that extends Apple's... Télécharger
pandalex(freshmeat) PandaLex PDF Parser PandaLex is the PDF parsing code from Panda, wh... Télécharger
crawl(freshmeat) crawl Crawl starts a depth-first traversal of the Web... Télécharger
jget(freshmeat) jget jget is a command-line tool for downloading fil... Télécharger
tklspell(freshmeat) TKLSpell TKLSpell is a spell checker for English, German... Télécharger
subconv(freshmeat) Subconv Subconv converts DivX subtitles from one format... Télécharger
webplayer(freshmeat) Webplayer Webplayer is a Borges-based, Web browser-contro... Télécharger
getcontrol(freshmeat) Getcontrol Getcontrol is a GNOME 2 multimedia frontend. It... Télécharger
ktemplate(freshmeat) KTemplate KTemplate (formerly Apolda Template) is a simpl... Télécharger
jmoviebot(freshmeat) JMovieBot JMovieBot is an IRC bot that uses MySQL to crea... Télécharger
coolray(freshmeat) CoolRay CoolRay is a system for generating photorealist... Télécharger
pjbvfs(freshmeat) pjbvfs pjbvfs is a gnome-vfs method for accessing the... Télécharger
mutt_vc_query(freshmeat) mutt_vc_query mutt_vc_query is a utility that enables mutt us... Télécharger
fastresolve(freshmeat) Fastresolve Fastresolve is a package of programs to process... Télécharger
ft100(freshmeat) ft100 rig control FT100 is a combination of tools used to control... Télécharger
auth_sqlite(freshmeat) auth_sqlite auth_sqlite is an Apache 1.3.x module that allo... Télécharger
wx4j(freshmeat) wx4j wx4j is a Java binding for wxWindows providing ... Télécharger
tk7(freshmeat) tk7 tk7 is software for configuring the ICOM IC-Q7A... Télécharger
dbmarc(freshmeat) dbmarc dbmarc is an online mail archive with a databas... Télécharger
f-watch(freshmeat) F-Watch F-Watch is a kernel module that reports changes... Télécharger
loginmonitor(freshmeat) Login Monitor Login Monitor monitors idle times for logins an... Télécharger
ipsecmonitor(freshmeat) Simple FreeS/WAN IPSec Monitor This is a small script that is used for monitor... Télécharger
memwatch(freshmeat) memwatch memwatch is an ANSI C fault tolerant memory lea... Télécharger
partgui(freshmeat) PartGUI PartGUI is a Qt graphical user interface for pa... Télécharger
solarpack(freshmeat) Solarpack The Solarpack project is a repository of 1400+ ... Télécharger
pylets_cgi(freshmeat) PyLETS_CGI PyLETS_CGI is a simple Web-based accounting dat... Télécharger
athfs(freshmeat) AthFS AthFS is a Linux kernel module for supporting A... Télécharger
vestaweb(freshmeat) vestaweb Vestaweb is a CVSWeb-inspired interface to the ... Télécharger
tksql(freshmeat) TkSQL TkSQL allows you to edit the tables of PostgreS... Télécharger
kopenhbci(freshmeat) KOpenHBCI KOpenHBCI is a simple KDE Homebanking program u... Télécharger
webo(freshmeat) Web Organizer WEBO (Web Organizer) is a Web application suite... Télécharger
presentingxml(freshmeat) Presenting XML Presenting XML is a Java Web application framew... Télécharger
xmysql(freshmeat) xMySQL 2.1 xMySQL is a PHP class that simplifies using My... Télécharger
confix(freshmeat) Confix Confix is a build tool for open source packages... Télécharger
oggvorbisheader(freshmeat) Ogg::Vorbis::Header Ogg::Vorbis::Header is a Perl module for viewin... Télécharger
ft(freshmeat) Ft Ft is a PHP class for working with template fil... Télécharger
linuxcaixamgica(freshmeat) Linux Caixa Mágica Linux Caixa Mágica is a Linux distribution that... Télécharger
oggcarton(freshmeat) OggCarton OggCarton is a free, open source home jukebox s... Télécharger
andromeda-x(freshmeat) Andromeda-X Andromeda-X is a shoot'em'up game with sound an... Télécharger
blootbot(freshmeat) Blootbot Blootbot is an IRC bot based on Infobot. It fea... Télécharger
nss-sqlrelay(freshmeat) nss-sqlrelay nss-sqlrelay is a Name Service Switch module th... Télécharger
py-freetype(freshmeat) Py-FreeType Py-FreeType is a Python extension library that ... Télécharger
jb(freshmeat) Jaimbizzle Jaimbizzle is a simple, extensible AOL Instant ... Télécharger
ktrack(freshmeat) K-Track KTrack is an Linux satellite program that runs ... Télécharger
bbforums(freshmeat) BBForums BB-FORUMS is a Web forum server that creates a ... Télécharger
ose(freshmeat) OSE OSE provides a framework for building event dri... Télécharger
rolo(freshmeat) Rolo Rolo keeps track of contacts and displays with ... Télécharger
docbase(freshmeat) DocBase DocBase is an easy and fast documentation syst... Télécharger
updrem(freshmeat) Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) is a little prog... Télécharger
joap-perl(freshmeat) joap-perl The Jabber Object Access Protocol (JOAP) allows... Télécharger

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