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calendarioclass(freshmeat) Calendario Class Calendario Class is a PHP class that helps you ... Télécharger
panoptis(freshmeat) Panoptis Panoptis is a tool to detect and stop DoS/DDoS ... Télécharger
ovv(freshmeat) Online Video Viewer Online Video Viewer (ovv) is a Web-based system... Télécharger
erec(freshmeat) audio recording server erec is a tool program for recording raw audio ... Télécharger
softballstats(freshmeat) SoftballStats SoftballStats is a collection of PHP scripts an... Télécharger
pywiew(freshmeat) PyWiew PyWiew is an image viewer/editor written in wxP... Télécharger
smatch(freshmeat) SMATCH SMATCH is a neat program designed to locate pro... Télécharger
sniffdet(freshmeat) Sniffdet Sniffdet is an implementation of a set of tests... Télécharger
eps(freshmeat) Elgaard Positioning System Elgaard Positioning System (EPS) is a moving ma... Télécharger
a-a-p(freshmeat) A-A-P The goal for A-A-P is to make it easy to locate... Télécharger
bos(freshmeat) Broadcast Oracle SQL Broadcast Oracle SQL is a simple and powerful P... Télécharger
proctool(freshmeat) Asymptopia Linux Process Tool Asymptopia Linux Process Tool is a script which... Télécharger
mumabas(freshmeat) MumabAs MumabAs is a GUI for configuring which mailboxe... Télécharger
gpsmgr(freshmeat) GPS Manager GPS Manager is a GUI for organizing GPS data su... Télécharger
funprog(freshmeat) FunProg FunProg is Linux programmer software for the Fu... Télécharger
jed(freshmeat) jed Jed is a powerful editor, terminal and X11 inte... Télécharger
duali(freshmeat) Duali Duali, named after the legendary founder of the... Télécharger
ircmapc2(freshmeat) IrcMap C2 IRcMap C2 is a Java applet to show tree structu... Télécharger
javagroups(freshmeat) JavaGroups JavaGroups is a Java package for reliable group... Télécharger
ids(freshmeat) Image Display System IDS is a CGI written in Perl that generates a m... Télécharger
teapot(freshmeat) Teapot Teapot (Table Editor And Planner) is a 3D spre... Télécharger
weewm(freshmeat) WeeWM WeeWM (Wee Enhanced Environment) is a fast and ... Télécharger
doc2xml(freshmeat) doc2xml doc2xml converts Microsoft Word files to XML, w... Télécharger
remstats(freshmeat) remstats Remstats is a system of Perl scripts to collect... Télécharger
dnsqlpanel(freshmeat) dnSQLpanel dnSQLpanel is an easy to use control panel for ... Télécharger
ped-editor(freshmeat) |ped| |ped| is a console-based, portable text editor ... Télécharger
rexima(freshmeat) rexima rexima is a curses-based interactive mixer whic... Télécharger
ranquel(freshmeat) Ranquel Ranquel is a small Web server written in Perl. ... Télécharger
litestream(freshmeat) Litestream Litestream is a MP3 streaming server based on t... Télécharger
thinlet(freshmeat) Thinlet Thinlet is a GUI toolkit, implemented as a sing... Télécharger
gmrun(freshmeat) Gnome Run Program Utility gmrun provides a small window which lets you la... Télécharger
callflow(freshmeat) Callflow Callflow is a collection of awk and shell scrip... Télécharger
mnc(freshmeat) MNC MNC is a software package of error-correction a... Télécharger
sysklogd-sql(freshmeat) sysklogd-sql sysklogd-sql is a port of the sysklogd daemon t... Télécharger
spyce(freshmeat) Spyce - Python Server Pages SPYCE is a server-side language that supports s... Télécharger
antichess(freshmeat) AntiChess AntiChess is an anti-chess game written in Java... Télécharger
citybuilder(freshmeat) CityBuilder CityBuilder is an attempt to automate much of t... Télécharger
javaftpproxyserver(freshmeat) Java FTP Proxy Server Java FTP Proxy Server acts as an application-le... Télécharger
sstree(freshmeat) sstree sstree makes it as easy as possible for develop... Télécharger
pathological(freshmeat) Pathological Pathological is an enriched clone of the game &... Télécharger
umarkup(freshmeat) uMarkup μMarkup is a Java library designed to ease the ... Télécharger
opendp500(freshmeat) Open DP-500 Open DP-500 is a replacement for the PC-Link so... Télécharger
kqlives(freshmeat) KQ Lives! KQ is a old school console-style RPG. Take the ... Télécharger
powertweak-linux(freshmeat) Powertweak-Linux Powertweak-Linux is a tool to tune your system ... Télécharger
yaret(freshmeat) YaRET YaRET is a Perl script that automates the rippi... Télécharger
blockautosubmit(freshmeat) Block Automated Submissions Block Automated Submissions uses PHP image crea... Télécharger
flamecalc(freshmeat) FlameCalc FlameCalc is an RPN calculator written in Java,... Télécharger
jfl(freshmeat) Java Financial Library The Java Financial Library is a library for Jav... Télécharger
btcid(freshmeat) btcid btcid connects to a Bluetooth telephone and dis... Télécharger
wycode(freshmeat) WyCode WyCode is a code analyzer that parses PHP code ... Télécharger
ece(freshmeat) ECe ECe is another clone of the ncurses-based edito... Télécharger
uds(freshmeat) UDS Collection The UDS (Useful Development Stuff) Collection i... Télécharger
s3fc(freshmeat) Stone Three Foundation Classes Stone Three Foundation Classes (S3FC) is a soft... Télécharger
cricket-modules(freshmeat) cricket modules cricket modules is collection of modules for cr... Télécharger
mon-modules(freshmeat) mon modules mon modules is collection of modules for mon wh... Télécharger
esclass(freshmeat) ES Class ES Class provides an easy to use interface to p... Télécharger
mmixer(freshmeat) mmixer mmixer is Perl-based audio mixer that features ... Télécharger
xmmssndfile(freshmeat) xmms sndfile Xmms_sndfile is an input plugin for XMMS. Using... Télécharger
jeweldate(freshmeat) JewelDate JewelDate is a PHP library for Julian and Grego... Télécharger
wamcom(freshmeat) WaMCom The WaMCom project tries to create versions of ... Télécharger
htmlex(freshmeat) htmlex htmlex is a small but powerful HTML preprocesso... Télécharger
tpleng(freshmeat) Template Engine Template Engine is an add-on for PHP developers... Télécharger
vle-java(freshmeat) Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Vapour Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) is a Java appl... Télécharger
mailsleuth(freshmeat) MailSleuth Email Management Package Mailsleuth is an email content management syste... Télécharger
g_ift(freshmeat) giFT project giFT is a framework for bridging multiple backe... Télécharger
hashzip(freshmeat) Hash Zip Hash Zip is a compression algorithm that trades... Télécharger
oidentd(freshmeat) oidentd oidentd is an RFC 1413 compliant ident daemon w... Télécharger
penetrator(freshmeat) Penetrator Penetrator is a tool for indexing big trees of ... Télécharger
ifp-driver(freshmeat) iRiver iFP driver iRiver iFP driver is an open-source driver for ... Télécharger
xephyrus-fileupload(freshmeat) Xephyrus File Upload Tag Library The File Upload Tag Library provides an easy wa... Télécharger
corewars(freshmeat) Corewars Corewars is a game which simulates a virtual ma... Télécharger
oscommerce(freshmeat) osCommerce osCommerce is an open source e-commerce soluti... Télécharger
icom(freshmeat) iCOM iCOM is a component architecture based on the i... Télécharger
ksendfax(freshmeat) KSendFax KSendFax is an interface to fax packages like H... Télécharger
mousikos(freshmeat) mousikos mousikos is a portable audio/music player manag... Télécharger
alogg(freshmeat) alogg alogg is a library which makes it easier to use... Télécharger
gtranscode(freshmeat) gtranscode gtranscode is a GUI frontend for transcode, a p... Télécharger
rips(freshmeat) Redundancy Information Protection System RIPS can protect data in a manner where minor c... Télécharger
upms(freshmeat) UPMS UPMS (Universal Package Managment System) is ba... Télécharger
tadpole(freshmeat) tadpole Tadpole is a small GUI for editing/executing SQ... Télécharger
spsqliteclass(freshmeat) Simple Power SQLite class SPSQLite class is a class in PHP for easy SQLit... Télécharger
axion(freshmeat) Axion Axion is a small, fast, SQL and JDBC compliant ... Télécharger
dhcp-agent(freshmeat) dhcp-agent dhcp-agent is a UNIX Dynamic Host Configuration... Télécharger
cl-html-template(freshmeat) HTML-TEMPLATE HTML-TEMPLATE is a portable library for Common ... Télécharger
turl(freshmeat) Turl Turl is a TinyUrl clone that checks the URL to ... Télécharger
gspi(freshmeat) gspi gspi is a Guile-based interface to the GNOME AT... Télécharger
swi-prolog(freshmeat) XPCE/SWI-Prolog SWI-Prolog is an implementation of the Prolog l... Télécharger
netbeans_xml(freshmeat) NetBeans XML Project NetBeans XML Project is an open source XML edit... Télécharger
xbgm(freshmeat) Xbox Game Manager Xbox Game Manager allows you to send/receive (e... Télécharger
phpchain(freshmeat) PHPChain PHPChain is a secure Web-based password databas... Télécharger
wmcalendar(freshmeat) wmCalendar wmCalendar is a calendar dockapp with a monthly... Télécharger
http_navigator(freshmeat) HTTP Navigator HTTP Navigator is a set of PHP classes, based o... Télécharger
kickstart-tools(freshmeat) Kickstart Tools Kickstart Tools is a collection of scripts that... Télécharger
larbin(freshmeat) Larbin Larbin is an HTTP Web crawler with an easy inte... Télécharger
srapeh(freshmeat) Srapeh Srapeh is a library, form resource, and macros ... Télécharger
tkltrans(freshmeat) TKLTrans TKLTrans is a dictionary program to help transl... Télécharger
mencal(freshmeat) Menstruation calendar Mencal is a simple variation of the well-known ... Télécharger
smhelper(freshmeat) Stage Manager's Helper SMHelper provides Web-based tools to speed up t... Télécharger
viahss(freshmeat) VIA High Speed Serial VIA High Speed Serial is a little kernel module... Télécharger
egoboo(freshmeat) Egoboo Egoboo is a 3D dungeon crawling adventure in th... Télécharger

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