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jxv(freshmeat) Java XML View JXV (Java XML View) is a library which allows f... Télécharger
centipaid-php(freshmeat) Centipaid php module The Centipaid PHP module allows administrators ... Télécharger
javasj(freshmeat) Java::SJ Java::SJ allows developers to very easily run J... Télécharger
link-n-log(freshmeat) Link-n-Log Link-n-Log is a software package to view and st... Télécharger
oser(freshmeat) OSER The purpose of the OSER project is to replace M... Télécharger
evilboss(freshmeat) EvilBoss EvilBoss is a set of utilities to configure/con... Télécharger
webmin-ltsp(freshmeat) Webmin module for LTSP The package is a Webmin module which contains (... Télécharger
seranks(freshmeat) SERanks SERanks is a Java application that obtains the ... Télécharger
nerys(freshmeat) Nerys Nerys is a "Watchdog"-like daemon des... Télécharger
tt-app(freshmeat) Java TimeTracker TimeTracker is a Java desktop application that ... Télécharger
starshiptraders(freshmeat) SST Graphical Console SST is the graphical client for playing the Sta... Télécharger
gsxprog(freshmeat) gSXprog gSXprog is used with the Parallax SX-Key or SX-... Télécharger
perlcron(freshmeat) APcrond APcrond is a very lightweight Perl script origi... Télécharger
pynfo(freshmeat) Pynfo Pynfo is a combination IRC info, search, and n... Télécharger
ktools(freshmeat) ktools ktools is a library of various text-mode user i... Télécharger
encdec(freshmeat) encdec Encdec encodes and decodes C objects such as in... Télécharger
haring(freshmeat) Haring Haring is a tool to manipulate the internals of... Télécharger
jmap-port-scanner(freshmeat) JMap Port Scanner JMap is a Java network portscanner, a security ... Télécharger
qparser(freshmeat) Qparser Qparser is a perl script that reads the output ... Télécharger
juddi(freshmeat) jUDDI jUDDI (pronounced "Judy") is an imple... Télécharger
nfcchat(freshmeat) NFC Chat NFC is a chat server and client implemented in ... Télécharger
phpwebfilemgr(freshmeat) phpWebFileMgr phpWebFileMgr is a Web-based file manager. It f... Télécharger
testgen(freshmeat) TestGen TestGen is a very powerful program that allows ... Télécharger
toejam(freshmeat) TOEJAM TOEJAM is a telephone answering machine. It use... Télécharger
idms-dbma(freshmeat) IDMS Damn Best Mail Agent IDMS DBMA is an effort to develop a highly scal... Télécharger
mrcommander(freshmeat) Mr Commander Mr Commander is a file manager based on GTK+ 2.... Télécharger
anope(freshmeat) Anope IRC Services Anope is a set of IRC services designed to be s... Télécharger
smartirc(freshmeat) SmartIRC SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with ... Télécharger
gherkin(freshmeat) Gherkin Gherkin is a Web-enabled, multi-threaded, centr... Télécharger
jssnow(freshmeat) jsSnow jsSnow is a port of XSnow to JavaScript. The fr... Télécharger
spaceapp(freshmeat) Space.App Space.app provides "virtual workspaces&quo... Télécharger
oopbot(freshmeat) oopbot oopbot is a full featured IRC bot for various p... Télécharger
solr-php-ui(freshmeat) Solr-PHP-UI Solr-PHP-UI is a user interface for searching w... Télécharger
gpppoem(freshmeat) Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor is a traffic mo... Télécharger
vlorb(freshmeat) vlorb vlorb is a high quality Audio CD-to-Ogg Vorbis ... Télécharger
qmail-monitor(freshmeat) qmail-monitor qmail-monitor is a patch to qmail that offers m... Télécharger
pvrec(freshmeat) PVRec PVRec is a simple applet written in Gambas that... Télécharger
gbiff(freshmeat) gbiff gbiff2 periodically checks for mail and display... Télécharger
zwebit(freshmeat) zWebit zWebit is a stable interface engine suitable fo... Télécharger
tvinfo(freshmeat) TVinfo TVinfo is a TV guide utility that fetches TV l... Télécharger
purityofemail(freshmeat) Purity Of Email P.O.E. is a collection of scripts that allow yo... Télécharger
wwc(freshmeat) WWC WWC (Which Web site Changed) is a tool that vis... Télécharger
unc(freshmeat) Uncle Unc Uncle Unc is a framework for working with trees... Télécharger
objbrowser(freshmeat) ObjectBrowser Bean The ObjectBrowser Bean uses Java reflection to ... Télécharger
sgrviewer(freshmeat) SGrViewer SGrViewer is an image viewer for X11. It can o... Télécharger
ion-cms(freshmeat) ion-cms ion-cms is a Content Management System which u... Télécharger
suse-get(freshmeat) SuSE-Get SuSE-Get is a small tool for downloading packag... Télécharger
pypgsql(freshmeat) pyPgSQL pyPgSQL is a package of two modules that provid... Télécharger
mailbox_date_trimmer(freshmeat) mailbox_date_trimmer mailbox_date_trimmer is a tool for mailing list... Télécharger
jpcache(freshmeat) jpCache QuickCache (formerly 'jpcache') is a lightweigh... Télécharger
sslexpire(freshmeat) sslexpire sslexpire provides remote check for SSL certifi... Télécharger
kowey-generic(freshmeat) kowey-generic Kowey-generic is a set of templates for easily ... Télécharger
shout-python(freshmeat) shout-python shout-python is a Python interface to libshout.... Télécharger
csfe(freshmeat) CSound Front-End The CSound Front-End provides CSound users with... Télécharger
jmax(freshmeat) jMax jMax is a visual programming environment for bu... Télécharger
_malloc(freshmeat) _malloc _malloc is a library that is able to randomize ... Télécharger
grx(freshmeat) GRX GRX is a 2D graphics library originally written... Télécharger
submit_site(freshmeat) Search Site Submitter Search Site Submitter automatically submits you... Télécharger
hypersonic(freshmeat) hYPerSonic hYPerSonic allows you to build and manipulate s... Télécharger
nnfs(freshmeat) Non-Networked File System NNFS (Non-Networked File System) provides a con... Télécharger
rec(freshmeat) Rec Rec is a small app written in Perl to keep trac... Télécharger
newsspotter(freshmeat) News Spotter News Spotter is an RSS headline viewer. It dis... Télécharger
apachebench(freshmeat) HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench HTTPD::Bench::ApacheBench is the foundation of... Télécharger
toadskin(freshmeat) Toadskin Toadskin is a tarpit programming language influ... Télécharger
pwg(freshmeat) PwG PwG is a small tool which generates secure, ran... Télécharger
netmrg(freshmeat) NetMRG NetMRG is a network monitoring, reporting, and ... Télécharger
ldapmigrate(freshmeat) ldapmigrate ldapmigrate is a single self-contained script t... Télécharger
securecgi(freshmeat) SecureCGI SecureCGI is a suid-ed wrapper which executes C... Télécharger
construo(freshmeat) Construo Construo is a simple 2D construction program f... Télécharger
tintfu(freshmeat) TINTFU TINTFU is an editor for the .DOT files of the &... Télécharger
lim(freshmeat) LAN Instant Messenger LAN Instant Messenger is a client/server chat/m... Télécharger
getnews(freshmeat) GetNews GetNews is a program for getting news from a We... Télécharger
gnatsweb(freshmeat) Gnatsweb Gnatsweb is a Web interface to GNATS, the GNU ... Télécharger
uuturn(freshmeat) uuturn uuturn allows you to detect someone remotely lo... Télécharger
onager(freshmeat) Onager Onager is a PalmOS GUI for mldonkey. It uses th... Télécharger
charybdis(freshmeat) Charybdis Charybdis is an ircd used on various networks e... Télécharger
cascading_menu(freshmeat) PHP Cascading Menu Class The PHP Cascading Menu Class creates a cascadin... Télécharger
kflog(freshmeat) KFLog KFLog (The K Flight Logger) is an aircraft pilo... Télécharger
filecount(freshmeat) LightSword File Counter LightSword File Counter is a utility written us... Télécharger
python-stablesort(freshmeat) python-stablesort python-stablesort is an adaptive, stable, natur... Télécharger
uowebmap(freshmeat) UO Web Map UO Web Map is Web-based map over the different ... Télécharger
vyger(freshmeat) Vyger Vyger offers a D & D and Rogue-like environ... Télécharger
jsconsole(freshmeat) JS Console JS Console is a Mozilla extension for JavaScrip... Télécharger
mdsr(freshmeat) Monarch Dynamic Source Routing Monarch Dynamic Source Routing is the Rice Mona... Télécharger
tgen(freshmeat) tgen tgen generates a Web site from a collection of ... Télécharger
jftpgw(freshmeat) jftpgw jftpgw is a proxy server for the FTP protocol. ... Télécharger
jogl(freshmeat) JOGL JOGL is a reference implementation of the Java ... Télécharger
iowarrior(freshmeat) IOWarriorDriver IOWarriorDriver is a tool for accessing the IO... Télécharger
rat(freshmeat) Robust Audio Tool RAT is an RTP audio conferencing and streaming ... Télécharger
sdr(freshmeat) Session Directory Tool SDR is a session directory tool designed to all... Télécharger
ipfs(freshmeat) IPSquad Packages From Scratch IPFS (IPSquad Package From Source) is a system ... Télécharger
mlogger(freshmeat) MicroLogger MicroLogger is a small Java logger that feature... Télécharger
vwebedit(freshmeat) vwebedit vwebedit is a Web editor for a version-control... Télécharger
jadelib(freshmeat) J.A.D.E. J.A.D.E. is a Java library that provides the p... Télécharger
mzkey3(freshmeat) MZKey3 MZKey is a simple Java tool for encrypting and ... Télécharger
amandalogp(freshmeat) amandalogp amandalogp is a package whose goal is to facili... Télécharger
relate(freshmeat) Remote Language Teaching The ReLaTe (Remote Language Teaching) tool com... Télécharger
newsrc-care(freshmeat) newsrc-care newsrc-care is a set of scripts to manage your ... Télécharger
dbdesigner4mysql(freshmeat) DBDesigner 4 MySQL MySQL DBDesigner is a visual database design sy... Télécharger
e2retrieve(freshmeat) e2retrieve e2retrieve is an Ext2 data recovery tool that w... Télécharger

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