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scylla-charybdis(freshmeat) Scylla Charybdis Scylla Charybdis lets you get a data odyssey do... Télécharger
dvb(freshmeat) DVB Driver Project The DVB Driver Project has very good drivers fo... Télécharger
ipchanger(freshmeat) Bind IP Changer Bind IP Changer is for people who run servers b... Télécharger
basn(freshmeat) Better ASN Better ASN is a Java ASN.1 API that focuses on ... Télécharger
mimd(freshmeat) mimd mimd is a tool for streaming MP3 and MPEG media... Télécharger
mozquery(freshmeat) Mozquery Mozquery is a Mozilla/Firebird extension for RD... Télécharger
gnomadic(freshmeat) Gnomadic Gnomadic is a graphical user interface to trans... Télécharger
nautilus-thumbnailers(freshmeat) nautilus-thumbnailers Nautilus-thumbnailers provides scripts that ge... Télécharger
directorysynchronizer(freshmeat) DirsSync DirsSync is a python tool to synchronise 2 dire... Télécharger
miniwiki(freshmeat) Apache::MiniWiki Apache::MiniWiki is a simplistic Wiki for Apach... Télécharger
linux-wildo(freshmeat) Linux-Wildo Linux-Wildo is an initiative to create somethin... Télécharger
smtp-benchmark(freshmeat) smtp-benchmark smtp-benchmark is a benchmarking suite to measu... Télécharger
saulot(freshmeat) Saulot Saulot creates an NPC for White Wolf's Vampire ... Télécharger
mydeeary(freshmeat) MyDeeary Mydeeary (read: MyDiary) is a Web-based diary. ... Télécharger
p_a_t_h(freshmeat) Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking is a collection of ... Télécharger
ispell(freshmeat) International Ispell International Ispell is an interactive spell-ch... Télécharger
jssplitter(freshmeat) jsSplitter jsSplitter is a toolbox for Javascript preproce... Télécharger
ccmtools(freshmeat) CCM Tools The CCM Tools are CASE tools used for generatin... Télécharger
oooqs(freshmeat) OpenOffice.org Quickstarter OpenOffice.org Quickstarter is a small applicat... Télécharger
xmms-kde(freshmeat) xmms-kde xmms-kde is an MP3 player for the KDE panel. It... Télécharger
gai-terrain(freshmeat) GAI Terrain GAI Terrain is a dockapp that renders a OpenGL ... Télécharger
umldot(freshmeat) UML/Dot UML/Dot generates UML class diagrams from Java ... Télécharger
idea(freshmeat) Intrusion Detection Exchange Architecture IDEA is an architecture for implementing a dis... Télécharger
gnatsperl(freshmeat) gnatsperl gnatsperl is a collection of Perl modules provi... Télécharger
amvpn(freshmeat) Amrita VPN Amrita VPN is an easy-to-use open source VPN so... Télécharger
l2(freshmeat) OSSP l2 OSSP l2 is a C library providing a very flexibl... Télécharger
ipqr(freshmeat) IPQReader IPQReader reads packets from the Netfilter QUEU... Télécharger
honbun(freshmeat) Gnome Honbun Gnome Honbun is a puzzle game for GNOME 2. It i... Télécharger
mdnsreflector(freshmeat) Multicast DNS Reflector Multicast DNS Reflector is a reflector for mult... Télécharger
jptc(freshmeat) Java Performance Test Client Java Performance Test Client is a tool for test... Télécharger
nntp2rss(freshmeat) nntp2rss nntp2rss provides a bridge to access newsgroups... Télécharger
gerwin(freshmeat) GNU Ferret GNU Ferret (formerly known as GerWin) is a free... Télécharger
pam_x509(freshmeat) PAM X509 Authentication Module This module provides password-less login authen... Télécharger
marlin(freshmeat) Marlin Marlin is a sample editor using GStreamer for a... Télécharger
sdljoytest(freshmeat) SDLJoytest SDLJoytest is a program that allows users to se... Télécharger
pb-webmaui(freshmeat) pb.WebMAUI pb.WebMAUI (Web-Mail Administration User Interf... Télécharger
bhole(freshmeat) Bhole Bhole is a DOS/PC emulator primarily intended f... Télécharger
palmadc(freshmeat) PalmADC PalmADC is an open hardware/software system for... Télécharger
uruk(freshmeat) uruk Uruk is an iptables firewall script that is use... Télécharger
mp3tag(freshmeat) mp3tag Mp3tag is an Objective-Caml library for reading... Télécharger
caspar(freshmeat) caspar caspar offers Makefile snippets for common task... Télécharger
fb2index(freshmeat) fb2index.php The fb2index PHP script provides fancy director... Télécharger
satshell(freshmeat) SATSHELL SATSHELL is a GUI interface builder for shell s... Télécharger
photopub(freshmeat) Photopub Photopub is image publication software designed... Télécharger
clhp(freshmeat) Common Lisp Hypertext Preprocessor Common Lisp Hypertext Preprocessor combines the... Télécharger
aftershock(freshmeat) Aftershock Aftershock is a Gopher server. It is designed ... Télécharger
informant(freshmeat) Informant Informant is a set of utilities for keeping a u... Télécharger
bgt(freshmeat) BoardGame Tool The BoardGame tool is a front end for programmi... Télécharger
2rc(freshmeat) 2RC 2RC is a highly customizable Java framework/lib... Télécharger
tle(freshmeat) Tk LaTeX Editor Tk LaTeX Editor is a powerful LaTeX editor. It ... Télécharger
delatt(freshmeat) delatt delatt (delete attachments) strips attachments ... Télécharger
starfishpm(freshmeat) Starfish Password Manager Starfish is a simple password manager. It store... Télécharger
daemond(freshmeat) Daemond Daemond is a daemon control daemon. It can be u... Télécharger
jigl(freshmeat) jigl jigl (pronounced jiggle) is a Perl script that ... Télécharger
tmharvest(freshmeat) TMHarvest The TMHarvest library is based on TM4J and prov... Télécharger
metaconf(freshmeat) metaconf metaconf is generic software for maintenance of... Télécharger
pygmy-httpd(freshmeat) Pygmy httpd Pygmy is a tiny HTTP 1.1-compliant Web server w... Télécharger
twice(freshmeat) TwICE TwICE is a Java implementation of the Informati... Télécharger
freebangfont(freshmeat) Free Bangla Fonts The Free Bangla Fonts project is a volunteer ru... Télécharger
saxon(freshmeat) The SAXON XSLT Processor The SAXON package is a collection of tools for ... Télécharger
nextjeb(freshmeat) NextJ Enterprise Builder The NextJ Enterprise Builder is a J2EE RAD tool... Télécharger
phpsecuresite(freshmeat) phpSecureSite phpSecureSite is a modular authentication, sess... Télécharger
impose(freshmeat) impose+ impose+ is a set of PostScript utilities. The p... Télécharger
shuriken(freshmeat) Shuriken Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system ... Télécharger
tagreport(freshmeat) TagReport TagReport is an audio file "indexer" ... Télécharger
fretscale(freshmeat) Fretscale fretscale finds fret distances from the nut for... Télécharger
aranha(freshmeat) Aranha Aranha is a piece of software written to allow ... Télécharger
leif(freshmeat) Leif Leif is a KDE tool for the SonyEricsson T68/T68... Télécharger
position(freshmeat) Position Position is a GNUstep GPS navigator. It require... Télécharger
kmago(freshmeat) KMAGO KMAGO (MAnager of Get Operations) is a KDE-base... Télécharger
smbwget(freshmeat) SMB Download SMBdownload is a simple wget-like program that ... Télécharger
sqlitewebadmin(freshmeat) SQLiteWebAdmin SQLiteWebAdmin is a tool for the Web-based adm... Télécharger
todo-manager(freshmeat) ToDo Manager ToDo Manager is a simple task manager that is e... Télécharger
sap_db(freshmeat) SAP DB SAP DB is an open, SQL-based, relational databa... Télécharger
abc-music(freshmeat) ABC Music Project ABC is a format designed to notate music using ... Télécharger
rtgraph(freshmeat) rtgraph rtgraph is a Python package providing several w... Télécharger
jxmas(freshmeat) jXmas jXmas is a Web-based Christmas gift list manage... Télécharger
paradj(freshmeat) Paragraph Adjuster with Hyphenation Paragraph Adjuster with Hyphenation is a small ... Télécharger
osip(freshmeat) The GNU oSIP Stack oSIP implements the Session Initiation Protocol... Télécharger
partysip(freshmeat) partysip partysip is a modular SIP proxy server. It can ... Télécharger
ldcheck(freshmeat) ldcheck ldcheck is a Linux shared library dependency ch... Télécharger
delator(freshmeat) Delator Delator is a telephone/PBX call accounting syst... Télécharger
stargun(freshmeat) StarGun StarGun is a 2D space shooter game. Télécharger
jscriptlogic(freshmeat) JScript Logic JScript Logic implements core routines for solv... Télécharger
ewok(freshmeat) ewok ewok is a full-featured Web content management... Télécharger
basilix(freshmeat) BasiliX BasiliX is a webmail application based on PHP a... Télécharger
picogui(freshmeat) PicoGUI PicoGUI aims to be a complete GUI environment f... Télécharger
uberkey(freshmeat) uberkey uberkey is a keylogger for x86 systems. Télécharger
philer(freshmeat) Philer Philer Web Document Management provides private... Télécharger
mstruts(freshmeat) MStruts MStruts (Modified Struts) is a framework for bu... Télécharger
kraken(freshmeat) Kraken Kraken is an application for managing knowledge... Télécharger
ifsplot(freshmeat) IFSplot ifsplot is an IFS attractor (fractal) plotter. ... Télécharger
gtkglextmm(freshmeat) gtkglextmm gtkglextmm is a C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt, an Op... Télécharger
myinvoicer(freshmeat) MyInvoicer MyInvoicer is a straightforward Web-based invoi... Télécharger
aspl-fact(freshmeat) ASPL Fact ASPL Fact is a new invoicing system for GNU/Lin... Télécharger
dnsgraph(freshmeat) dnsgraph dnsgraph is a very simple DNS statistics RRDtoo... Télécharger
gucharmap(freshmeat) gucharmap gucharmap is a Unicode/ISO 10646 character map ... Télécharger
snowdrop(freshmeat) snowdrop snowdrop is a steganographic text document and ... Télécharger
hiemine(freshmeat) hiemine hiemine is a MineSweeper game for the hiebook. Télécharger
gtkada(freshmeat) GtkAda GtkAda is an Ada graphical toolkit based on GTK... Télécharger

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