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midas-nms(freshmeat) MIDAS NMS MIDAS NMS is a highly configurable network mon... Télécharger
s3tcboxen(freshmeat) S3TC-BOXEN S3TC-BOXEN is a simple S3TC texture compression... Télécharger
phpkickstarter(freshmeat) PHP Kickstarter PHP Kickstarter is an extremely powerful, flexi... Télécharger
bounceweb(freshmeat) Bounceweb Bounceweb is a Perl-based solution for approvin... Télécharger
honeypot(freshmeat) honeyPot honeyPot is a PHP class that will generate a ra... Télécharger
copernicus(freshmeat) Copernicus Copernicus is a program for remembering usernam... Télécharger
netbrake(freshmeat) netbrake netbrake is a tiny utility to limit the bandwid... Télécharger
docconversion(freshmeat) DocConversion The DocConversion kit provides a distributed ... Télécharger
xrayguibasedwebscrapingtool(freshmeat) XRay Web Scraping Tool XRay is a GUI tool for monitoring and logging a... Télécharger
txt2pdbdoc(freshmeat) Text-to-PDB-Doc txt2pdbdoc is a program that converts text file... Télécharger
eclipseengine(freshmeat) Eclipse 2D Game Engine Eclipse is a set of C++ classes designed to giv... Télécharger
pixdev(freshmeat) PixDev PixDev is a development environment built aroun... Télécharger
digiquest(freshmeat) digiquest digiquest is a system for creating and distribu... Télécharger
libtextcat(freshmeat) libTextCat Libtextcat is a library with functions that imp... Télécharger
wittycdplayer(freshmeat) Witty CD Player Witty CD Player is a CD player for Unix users w... Télécharger
kxparse(freshmeat) KXParse KXParse is a PHP-based, lightweight, easy-to-us... Télécharger
pblogan(freshmeat) Phone Box Log Analyzer Phone Box Log Analyzer allows you to capture an... Télécharger
ktools-oak(freshmeat) Oak Oak monitors syslogs from a collection of serve... Télécharger
yafic(freshmeat) Yet Another File Integrity Checker yafic is Yet Another File Integrity Checker. It... Télécharger
linxvideos(freshmeat) linxvideos linxvideos is software for managing your person... Télécharger
minis(freshmeat) Minis Minis is a tiny, PHP-powered, text-file based W... Télécharger
gtkstereograph(freshmeat) GTKstereograph GTKstereograph is a GTK interface to stereograp... Télécharger
stereograph(freshmeat) Stereograph Stereograph is a stereogram generator that rend... Télécharger
emuecobbei(freshmeat) emuecobbei emuecobbei (which stands for "Eastern Mich... Télécharger
pycvs(freshmeat) pyCVS pyCVS is an asynchronous Python library for the... Télécharger
pyrpn(freshmeat) PyRPN RPN calculator inspired by the HP48. It is desi... Télécharger
prefixsuffix(freshmeat) PrefixSuffix PrefixSuffix is a small GUI application used to... Télécharger
tvprg(freshmeat) TVprg.php TVprg.php is a kind of TV program displayer. Th... Télécharger
antlreclipse(freshmeat) ANTLR plugin for Eclipse This project adds plugins for the lexer/parser ... Télécharger
uim(freshmeat) Unix Image Manager Unix Image Manager is an advanced image proces... Télécharger
audiosetup(freshmeat) AudioSetup AudioSetup provides an ultra-simplistic interfa... Télécharger
audiolink(freshmeat) AudioLink AudioLink is a tool that makes searching for mu... Télécharger
yaala(freshmeat) Yet Another Advanced Log Analyzer "yaala" parses logfiles and generates... Télécharger
hv_wddx_metadata(freshmeat) HV WDDX Metadata HV WDDX Metadata is a class using the WDDX form... Télécharger
rb_log(freshmeat) rb.log rb.log is a full-featured weblogger written in ... Télécharger
netclass(freshmeat) NetClass NetClass is a multi-platform C++ library which ... Télécharger
pacpl(freshmeat) Perl Audio Converter Perl Audio Converter is a tool for converting m... Télécharger
webscriptswrittenbyexpertsmsar(freshmeat) nms nms is a set of drop-in replacements for the C... Télécharger
template-menu(freshmeat) Template Menu for Emacs Template Menu is a package for GNU Emacs that a... Télécharger
wlandetect(freshmeat) wlandetect wlandetect is a very simple Perl script that ch... Télécharger
phpwsrssfeeds(freshmeat) phpwsRSSFeeds phpwsRSSFeeds is a module for the phpWebSite CM... Télécharger
fcp(freshmeat) fcp fcp (FTP Copy) is a small utility which copies ... Télécharger
html_tempalte_xipe(freshmeat) Xipe-Template Xipe-Template is a compiling template class wit... Télécharger
rsyncbc(freshmeat) rsync-bc rsync-bc (rsync backup client) is a stripped-do... Télécharger
preludenids(freshmeat) Prelude NIDS Prelude NIDS is the network-based sensor progra... Télécharger
bim(freshmeat) BIM BIM is a Java-based AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)... Télécharger
perthon(freshmeat) Perthon Perthon converts Python source code to human- r... Télécharger
kdiff3(freshmeat) KDiff3 KDiff3 is a program that compares two or three ... Télécharger
atlc(freshmeat) atlc atlc is a computer aided design (CAD) package f... Télécharger
photofs(freshmeat) PhotoFS PhotoFS is a Web-based photo album or image gal... Télécharger
rotcerider(freshmeat) Rotcerider Rotcerider is a redirector for the Squid proxy ... Télécharger
log4php(freshmeat) log4php Log4php is a PHP port of Log4j, the most popula... Télécharger
jag(freshmeat) JAG JAG is an application that generates working pr... Télécharger
guile-ldap(freshmeat) guile-ldap guile-ldap is an extension for GNU Guile, which... Télécharger
posterity(freshmeat) posterity posterity is a set of read-only email servers f... Télécharger
sptools(freshmeat) sptools sptools is a set of utilities for maintaining p... Télécharger
loading-linux(freshmeat) Loading Linux Loading Linux is a GNU/Linux client/server dis... Télécharger
javabot-aimmsnyahoo(freshmeat) JavaBot for AIM JavaBot is a chat bot for the AOL Instant Messe... Télécharger
versiontree(freshmeat) Version Tree Plugin Eclipse Version Tree Plugin is an easy-to-use, ... Télécharger
host4net(freshmeat) Host4NET Host4net is a control panel solution for Web ho... Télécharger
tumble(freshmeat) tumble Tumble converts one or more TIFF (B&W only)... Télécharger
qmhandle(freshmeat) qmHandle qmHandle is a tool which can be used to manage ... Télécharger
myvotingscript(freshmeat) My Voting Script My Voting Script is a simple CGI Perl script wh... Télécharger
mkdoxy(freshmeat) mkDoxy mkDoxy is to makefiles what Doxygen is to sourc... Télécharger
slst(freshmeat) slst slst generates statistics from the output of sy... Télécharger
phpscribe(freshmeat) phpScribe phpScribe generates documentation files for pro... Télécharger
phplus(freshmeat) PHPlus PHPlus is a rapid application development frame... Télécharger
mod_sphinx(freshmeat) mod_sphinx mod_sphinx is an Apache module which intercepts... Télécharger
changedfiles(freshmeat) changedfiles changedfiles is a framework for filesystem repl... Télécharger
libspeedx(freshmeat) LibsX (formerly LibSpeedX) LibsX (formerly LibSpeedX) is a C++ multi-platf... Télécharger
osxromeo(freshmeat) Romeo remote control Romeo provides remote control of a Mac via Blu... Télécharger
tipograf(freshmeat) Tipograf Tipograf is a frontend for the powerful anythin... Télécharger
openshowcenter(freshmeat) OpenShowCenter OpenShowCenter is a free and open source server... Télécharger
arpmbuilder(freshmeat) RPM Builder RPM Builder is a druid plugin for Anjuta that ... Télécharger
sysconf(freshmeat) sysconf sysconf is a command-line interface to the &quo... Télécharger
safaritohtml(freshmeat) SafariToHTML SafariToHTML creates a Yahoo!-like Web director... Télécharger
ispworks(freshmeat) TuxBox ISPWorks TuxBox ISPWorks is a full-blown Internet Servic... Télécharger
iam-csv-dump(freshmeat) IAM CSV Dump IAM_CSVDump is a class form performing a query ... Télécharger
sg-packetfilter(freshmeat) SunGazer PacketFilter The SunGazer PacketFilter is a small and simple... Télécharger
quadromania(freshmeat) Quadromania Quadromania is a board game. Your task is to re... Télécharger
renaissance(freshmeat) Renaissance GNUstep Renaissance allows you to describe your... Télécharger
jabberwookie-lib(freshmeat) JabberWookie The JabberWookie Library for Jabber is intended... Télécharger
poweracpid(freshmeat) Power Acpid Power Acpid is an ACPI (Advanced Configuration ... Télécharger
treadinglist(freshmeat) tReadingList tReadingList is a set of PHP4 scripts designed ... Télécharger
bosco(freshmeat) Bosco Bosco is a rewrite of the popular Bugzilla defe... Télécharger
scmlinuxgui(freshmeat) SCMLinuxGUI The SCMLinux distribution provides a minimal, s... Télécharger
hpux11-random(freshmeat) /dev/random for HP-UX 11.00 /dev/random for HP-UX 11.00 provides a device d... Télécharger
quickorder(freshmeat) Quick Order Quick Order is a realtime ordering system using... Télécharger
malavita(freshmeat) malavita malavita (Mattia's LaTeX Viewgraph Tactics) is ... Télécharger
libcgi(freshmeat) LibCGI LibCGI is a simple to use and powerful library ... Télécharger
rdko(freshmeat) RemenDeKO RemenDeKO is a file repair program. You can us... Télécharger
ipdf(freshmeat) Indexed PDF Creator Indexed PDF Creator creates indexed PDF documen... Télécharger
clubmask(freshmeat) Clubmask Resource Manager Clubmask is a 'glue' package that combines the ... Télécharger
led(freshmeat) led.pl Led is a general purpose LDAP editor which allo... Télécharger
ematgine(freshmeat) eMATgine server The eMATgine server is a multi-protocol server,... Télécharger
wstats(freshmeat) wStats wStats is a statistical service for the Underne... Télécharger
siteseed(freshmeat) Siteseed Siteseed is a PHP/MySQL-based CMS system for Un... Télécharger
ipaudit-web(freshmeat) ipaudit-web Built upon ipaudit, ipaudit-web logs network ac... Télécharger
haystack(freshmeat) Haystack Haystack is a powerful tool designed to enable ... Télécharger
mms-qt(freshmeat) MMS Downloader mms-qt lets you save MMS streams (mms://) to yo... Télécharger

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