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ipdf(freshmeat) Indexed PDF Creator Indexed PDF Creator creates indexed PDF documen... Télécharger
clubmask(freshmeat) Clubmask Resource Manager Clubmask is a 'glue' package that combines the ... Télécharger
led(freshmeat) led.pl Led is a general purpose LDAP editor which allo... Télécharger
ematgine(freshmeat) eMATgine server The eMATgine server is a multi-protocol server,... Télécharger
wstats(freshmeat) wStats wStats is a statistical service for the Underne... Télécharger
siteseed(freshmeat) Siteseed Siteseed is a PHP/MySQL-based CMS system for Un... Télécharger
ipaudit-web(freshmeat) ipaudit-web Built upon ipaudit, ipaudit-web logs network ac... Télécharger
haystack(freshmeat) Haystack Haystack is a powerful tool designed to enable ... Télécharger
mms-qt(freshmeat) MMS Downloader mms-qt lets you save MMS streams (mms://) to yo... Télécharger
maops(freshmeat) Matrix Operations Matrix Operations is a program designed to perf... Télécharger
eimp(freshmeat) Eimp Eimp is an instant messenger that integrates so... Télécharger
openbazaar(freshmeat) OpenBazaar OpenBazaar is derived from osCommerce. Its dis... Télécharger
assettracker(freshmeat) Asset Tracker Asset Tracker is an inventory management system... Télécharger
s1000download(freshmeat) eMATgine service: S1000_download_slave eMATgine service: S1000_download_slave is a dow... Télécharger
xhunger(freshmeat) Xhunger, the X window swallower Xhunger is a little tool to grab control of and... Télécharger
kipt(freshmeat) Kizome's ISA Piercing Tool Kipt (Kizome's ISA Piercing Tool) is an HTTP pr... Télécharger
s1000client(freshmeat) eMATgine S1000 Client The eMATgine S1000 client is a Model View Contr... Télécharger
jmail(freshmeat) JMail JMail is a Java mail client that handles atta... Télécharger
indlinuxmilan(freshmeat) IndLinux Milan IndLinux Milan is a Hindi interface to GNOME, t... Télécharger
tplcompiler(freshmeat) TPL Compiler TPL Compiler compiles a phpBB-style template in... Télécharger
gtermix(freshmeat) gtermix gtermix is a GTK+ telnet client intended for ca... Télécharger
unixconf(freshmeat) UnixConf UnixConf is a modular configurations tool for ... Télécharger
burnawk(freshmeat) Burn.awk Burn.awk is a character-mode, dialog-based fron... Télécharger
csvutils(freshmeat) CSV Utilities for Unix/Linux csvutils is a set of four shell scripts to hand... Télécharger
wnf(freshmeat) WebNavigationFramework WebNavigationFramework (wnf) is a framework to ... Télécharger
megami(freshmeat) Megami Megami is a small, simple blackjack game with a... Télécharger
audiocutter(freshmeat) AudioCutter Cinema AudioCutter Cinema is a sophisticated audio pro... Télécharger
proxool(freshmeat) Proxool Proxool is a Java SQL driver that provides a co... Télécharger
dxfscope(freshmeat) DXFscope DXFscope is a viewer for DXF drawings. The DXF ... Télécharger
gbeta(freshmeat) gbeta gbeta is an advanced OO language which supports... Télécharger
gitk(freshmeat) GITK GITK (the Generalized Interface Tool Kit) is a ... Télécharger
bsidentd(freshmeat) bsidentd bsidentd is a bare minimum and secure identd se... Télécharger
unservices(freshmeat) unServices unServices is an IRC services package based on ... Télécharger
hotclient(freshmeat) Hotclient Hotclient is an authentication client for users... Télécharger
delores(freshmeat) DELORES DELORES (DEfeasible LOgic REasoning System) is ... Télécharger
qbc(freshmeat) Quick Base Converter Quick Base Converter is an ANSI C command line ... Télécharger
hayes(freshmeat) Hayes Hayes is the playlist for Noatun that attempts ... Télécharger
exrtools(freshmeat) exrtools exrtools is a set of simple command line utilit... Télécharger
kexchange(freshmeat) Kexchange KExchange is a currency converter for 150 curre... Télécharger
roundtrip(freshmeat) RoundTrip RoundTrip is a tool which performs round-trip s... Télécharger
mind-map-architect(freshmeat) Mind Map Architect Mind Map Architect is a mind mapping and brains... Télécharger
gxmame(freshmeat) GXMame GXMame is a frontend for XMame which uses the G... Télécharger
fakenes(freshmeat) FakeNES FakeNES is a portable, Open Source NES emulator... Télécharger
joxa(freshmeat) Joxa Joxa is a Web services tool geared towards prov... Télécharger
adanetcdf(freshmeat) adanetcdf adanetcdf is an Ada-95 binding to the netcdf li... Télécharger
gridsite(freshmeat) GridSite GridSite provides Grid authentication (GSI) and... Télécharger
peinture(freshmeat) Peinture Le Jeu Peinture is an small arcade network game for Li... Télécharger
sheepsort(freshmeat) Sheepsort Sheepsort is a MIDlet game where one has to put... Télécharger
gkrellm-gift(freshmeat) GKrellM giFT GKrellM giFT is a GKrellM plugin which monitors... Télécharger
pppusage(freshmeat) pppusage pppusage summarizes average and total transfer ... Télécharger
etgame(freshmeat) E.T. GAME E.T. GAME is a game in which you collect object... Télécharger
poptasticdb(freshmeat) The poptasticDB database access functions for PHP The poptasticDB database access functions are a... Télécharger
tkrp3(freshmeat) Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel Tkrp3 is a re-implementation of the Rp3 program... Télécharger
formflood(freshmeat) Web Form Flooder Web Form Flooder is a Java console utility that... Télécharger
rrd-browser(freshmeat) rrd-browser rrd-browser is a Web-based frontend companion t... Télécharger
rapidtex(freshmeat) RapidTeX RapidTeX is an easy document markup language th... Télécharger
obmf(freshmeat) octo's bayesian mail filter obmf is an email filter that calculates spam pr... Télécharger
chartpak(freshmeat) ChartPak The primary goal of ChartPak is to provide an e... Télécharger
pam_pwdfile(freshmeat) pam_pwdfile pam_pwdfile is a PAM module that can be used fo... Télécharger
publicvoicexml(freshmeat) publicVoiceXML PublicVoiceXML is a VoiceXML browser, designed ... Télécharger
fm-submit(freshmeat) Freshmeat Submitter Freshmeat Submitter is a Perl script to submit ... Télécharger
analyze_ecgs(freshmeat) Analyze ECGs Analyze ECGs is a graphical data analysis tool ... Télécharger
phpawstats(freshmeat) phpAwStats phpAwStats is a tool to parse AWStats logfiles.... Télécharger
hprofile(freshmeat) hprofile hprofile is a simple way to manage profiles for... Télécharger
vmwaregpl(freshmeat) Vmware ESX Open Source Vmware ESX Open Source is the source code for ... Télécharger
taskbar(freshmeat) taskbar taskbar is a small taskbar utility for X11. It ... Télécharger
ondir(freshmeat) OnDir OnDir automatically executes scripts in directo... Télécharger
injectorlinux(freshmeat) Injector Linux Injector Linux is a single-floppy Linux system,... Télécharger
shostats(freshmeat) ShoStats ShoStats is a reimplementation of phpSysInfo in... Télécharger
ftpsearch(freshmeat) FTPSearch/Agent FTPSearch/Agent is fully functional FTP indexin... Télécharger
telbook(freshmeat) Telbook Telbook is a simple telephone book that can be... Télécharger
yap2lc(freshmeat) Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter Yap2lc (Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter) is... Télécharger
celebrat(freshmeat) Celebrat Celebrat is a very easy-to-use, non-interactive... Télécharger
pacemaker(freshmeat) Pacemaker Pacemaker is a dynamic rate-limiting script tha... Télécharger
kmovisto(freshmeat) KMovisto KMovisto is a free molecule viewer which reads ... Télécharger
gspoof(freshmeat) Gspoof Gspoof is a GTK+ program written in the C langu... Télécharger
dpencoder(freshmeat) DPEncoder DPencoder is an easy-to-use mencoder frontend w... Télécharger
soffice-scripts(freshmeat) soffice-scripts soffice-scripts is a collection of scripts for ... Télécharger
jbpm(freshmeat) Java Business Process Mgmt jBpm is a flexible, extensible WorkFlow Managem... Télécharger
sqs(freshmeat) SQS Queue System SQS is a project assigned to remote management ... Télécharger
yawn-lib(freshmeat) Yawn: Yet Another W* Network Yawn (Yet Another {Weird | Wacky | Witty | Wond... Télécharger
fvs(freshmeat) Fingerprint Verification System Fingerprint Verification System is an easy-to-u... Télécharger
biblos(freshmeat) Biblos Biblos is a powerful indexing tool that can man... Télécharger
sendcard(freshmeat) sendcard sendcard is an advanced ecard program. It is ve... Télécharger
exscribe(freshmeat) Exscribe Exscribe is a blog, which requires a Web server... Télécharger
ep(freshmeat) ep Extended pipelining is an easy-to-use pipeline ... Télécharger
snipsnap(freshmeat) SnipSnap SnipSnap is an easy to install and use Web log... Télécharger
librtgc(freshmeat) Reverse Trace Garbage Collector for C++ The Reverse Trace Garbage Collector for C++ is ... Télécharger
wavetomid(freshmeat) wavetomid wavetomid is a monophonic audio to MIDI convert... Télécharger
exo(freshmeat) eXo platform The eXo platform is an aggregation of several m... Télécharger
tuxsaver(freshmeat) TuxSaver TuxSaver is a 3D OpenGL screensaver for KDE. It... Télécharger
ankur(freshmeat) Ankur Ankur is working toward supporting the Bangla (... Télécharger
xml-template(freshmeat) XML::Template XML::Template is a highly configurable X(HT)ML ... Télécharger
dmn(freshmeat) DMN DMN is a game based on a classic Spanish game,... Télécharger
magcon(freshmeat) MagCon MagCon exchanges tracks, routes and waypoints w... Télécharger
figarospasswordmanager(freshmeat) Figaro's Password Manager Figaro's Password Manager (FPM) is a GNOME appl... Télécharger
mp3tools(freshmeat) mp3tools mp3tools is a set of utilities (mp3id3, mp3info... Télécharger
jmileage(freshmeat) jMileage jMileage allows you to track the gas mileage of... Télécharger
cyborgproject(freshmeat) Cybercafe Organizer The Cybercafe Organizer (CybOrg) is a point of ... Télécharger
bwr(freshmeat) BlenderWebRender BlenderWebRender is a distributed rendering man... Télécharger

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