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daemond(freshmeat) Daemond Daemond is a daemon control daemon. It can be u... Télécharger
jigl(freshmeat) jigl jigl (pronounced jiggle) is a Perl script that ... Télécharger
tmharvest(freshmeat) TMHarvest The TMHarvest library is based on TM4J and prov... Télécharger
metaconf(freshmeat) metaconf metaconf is generic software for maintenance of... Télécharger
pygmy-httpd(freshmeat) Pygmy httpd Pygmy is a tiny HTTP 1.1-compliant Web server w... Télécharger
twice(freshmeat) TwICE TwICE is a Java implementation of the Informati... Télécharger
freebangfont(freshmeat) Free Bangla Fonts The Free Bangla Fonts project is a volunteer ru... Télécharger
saxon(freshmeat) The SAXON XSLT Processor The SAXON package is a collection of tools for ... Télécharger
nextjeb(freshmeat) NextJ Enterprise Builder The NextJ Enterprise Builder is a J2EE RAD tool... Télécharger
phpsecuresite(freshmeat) phpSecureSite phpSecureSite is a modular authentication, sess... Télécharger
impose(freshmeat) impose+ impose+ is a set of PostScript utilities. The p... Télécharger
shuriken(freshmeat) Shuriken Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system ... Télécharger
tagreport(freshmeat) TagReport TagReport is an audio file "indexer" ... Télécharger
fretscale(freshmeat) Fretscale fretscale finds fret distances from the nut for... Télécharger
aranha(freshmeat) Aranha Aranha is a piece of software written to allow ... Télécharger
leif(freshmeat) Leif Leif is a KDE tool for the SonyEricsson T68/T68... Télécharger
position(freshmeat) Position Position is a GNUstep GPS navigator. It require... Télécharger
kmago(freshmeat) KMAGO KMAGO (MAnager of Get Operations) is a KDE-base... Télécharger
smbwget(freshmeat) SMB Download SMBdownload is a simple wget-like program that ... Télécharger
sqlitewebadmin(freshmeat) SQLiteWebAdmin SQLiteWebAdmin is a tool for the Web-based adm... Télécharger
todo-manager(freshmeat) ToDo Manager ToDo Manager is a simple task manager that is e... Télécharger
sap_db(freshmeat) SAP DB SAP DB is an open, SQL-based, relational databa... Télécharger
abc-music(freshmeat) ABC Music Project ABC is a format designed to notate music using ... Télécharger
rtgraph(freshmeat) rtgraph rtgraph is a Python package providing several w... Télécharger
jxmas(freshmeat) jXmas jXmas is a Web-based Christmas gift list manage... Télécharger
paradj(freshmeat) Paragraph Adjuster with Hyphenation Paragraph Adjuster with Hyphenation is a small ... Télécharger
osip(freshmeat) The GNU oSIP Stack oSIP implements the Session Initiation Protocol... Télécharger
partysip(freshmeat) partysip partysip is a modular SIP proxy server. It can ... Télécharger
ldcheck(freshmeat) ldcheck ldcheck is a Linux shared library dependency ch... Télécharger
delator(freshmeat) Delator Delator is a telephone/PBX call accounting syst... Télécharger
stargun(freshmeat) StarGun StarGun is a 2D space shooter game. Télécharger
jscriptlogic(freshmeat) JScript Logic JScript Logic implements core routines for solv... Télécharger
ewok(freshmeat) ewok ewok is a full-featured Web content management... Télécharger
basilix(freshmeat) BasiliX BasiliX is a webmail application based on PHP a... Télécharger
picogui(freshmeat) PicoGUI PicoGUI aims to be a complete GUI environment f... Télécharger
uberkey(freshmeat) uberkey uberkey is a keylogger for x86 systems. Télécharger
philer(freshmeat) Philer Philer Web Document Management provides private... Télécharger
mstruts(freshmeat) MStruts MStruts (Modified Struts) is a framework for bu... Télécharger
kraken(freshmeat) Kraken Kraken is an application for managing knowledge... Télécharger
ifsplot(freshmeat) IFSplot ifsplot is an IFS attractor (fractal) plotter. ... Télécharger
gtkglextmm(freshmeat) gtkglextmm gtkglextmm is a C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt, an Op... Télécharger
myinvoicer(freshmeat) MyInvoicer MyInvoicer is a straightforward Web-based invoi... Télécharger
aspl-fact(freshmeat) ASPL Fact ASPL Fact is a new invoicing system for GNU/Lin... Télécharger
dnsgraph(freshmeat) dnsgraph dnsgraph is a very simple DNS statistics RRDtoo... Télécharger
gucharmap(freshmeat) gucharmap gucharmap is a Unicode/ISO 10646 character map ... Télécharger
snowdrop(freshmeat) snowdrop snowdrop is a steganographic text document and ... Télécharger
hiemine(freshmeat) hiemine hiemine is a MineSweeper game for the hiebook. Télécharger
gtkada(freshmeat) GtkAda GtkAda is an Ada graphical toolkit based on GTK... Télécharger
gps_ide(freshmeat) GNAT Programming System GPS is a free software multi-platform and multi... Télécharger
quickcms(freshmeat) Quick Content Management System QuickCMS is a Web-based content management syst... Télécharger
fexpect(freshmeat) fexpect fexpect is an extension of fabric for handling ... Télécharger
quax(freshmeat) Quax Quax is a desktop zooming tool intended especia... Télécharger
kcmpureftpd(freshmeat) KcmPureFTPd KcmPureFTPd is a KDE KControl module for config... Télécharger
oggenc(freshmeat) OggEnc OggEnc is a flexible and fully featured command... Télécharger
fwlog(freshmeat) fwlog fwlog receives packets from iptables, and logs ... Télécharger
qhotwire(freshmeat) Graphical Internet Authentication Client (Hotwire) qhotwire is a Qt-based graphical authentication... Télécharger
tarmill(freshmeat) tarmill tarmill compresses and encrypts tar archives, a... Télécharger
xero(freshmeat) XeroCam XeroCam is a Webcam portal that has a full admi... Télécharger
zclean(freshmeat) zclean Zclean is a tool designed to remove zombie proc... Télécharger
sqlprofiler(freshmeat) JDBC SQL Profiler This small tool connects to the P6Spy JDBC logg... Télécharger
lyntin(freshmeat) lyntin Lyntin is an extensible Mud client and framewor... Télécharger
wifimap(freshmeat) Wifimap Wifimap is a Web-based application that graphic... Télécharger
cannonsmash(freshmeat) Cannon Smash Cannon Smash is a 3D table-tennis game. This ga... Télécharger
r80v5(freshmeat) r80v5 - REBOL webserver r80v5 is a fast, lightweight HTTP server writte... Télécharger
rio500tui(freshmeat) rio500-tui rio500-tui is a text based UI to a Diamond Rio ... Télécharger
kripper(freshmeat) Kripper Kripper is a GUI front-end to some of the Linux... Télécharger
maerics-template(freshmeat) Java Template A Java package providing a text template engine... Télécharger
avalon-harvest(freshmeat) avalon-harvest Harvest is a very simple Java-based program to ... Télécharger
rpccalc(freshmeat) rpcCalc rpcCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notatio... Télécharger
cad2octree(freshmeat) cad2octree cad2octree allows users to generate an octree s... Télécharger
mplayerd(freshmeat) mplayerd mplayerd is a simple C daemon designed to contr... Télécharger
doulos(freshmeat) Doulos Web Application Framework Doulos is a framework for rapidly developing o... Télécharger
knit(freshmeat) Knit Knit is a new component definition and linking ... Télécharger
cmi(freshmeat) Cross Module Inliner CMI is an optimizing frontend for gcc which all... Télécharger
scripfm(freshmeat) scr_ipfm scr_ipfm is a PHP script which graphically disp... Télécharger
dvgrab(freshmeat) dvgrab dvgrab receives audio and video data from a dig... Télécharger
kaolak(freshmeat) Kaolak Kaolak is a Web-based community system. A Kaola... Télécharger
desift(freshmeat) desift desift is a tool for formatting and filtering t... Télécharger
krc(freshmeat) K remote control Krc is a graphical irexec for KDE. It docks in ... Télécharger
mylink(freshmeat) MyLink MyLink is a free Uplink clone with some new fea... Télécharger
mod_auth_tds(freshmeat) mod_auth_tds mod_auth_tds is a module for the Apache HTTP se... Télécharger
rtlab(freshmeat) RTLab RTLab is an RTLinux/RTAI-based data acquisition... Télécharger
archimede(freshmeat) Archimede Archimede is an all-purpose programmable calcu... Télécharger
autobench(freshmeat) autobench Autobench is a collection of scripts designed t... Télécharger
xppaut(freshmeat) XPPAUT XPPAUT is software for the analysis and simulat... Télécharger
fush(freshmeat) fush Fush is a Unix shell replacement. It provides i... Télécharger
routekill(freshmeat) routekill 'routekill' assists the Unix administrator in n... Télécharger
peffisaur(freshmeat) Peffisaur Peffisaur is a multiuser MMS blogging system. I... Télécharger
psplit(freshmeat) Psplit Psplit splits a large file into smaller segment... Télécharger
sgraph(freshmeat) Sgraph Sgraph is a utility to create graphs from data ... Télécharger
flamethrower(freshmeat) Flamethrower Flamethrower is a multicast file distribution s... Télécharger
cleanpop(freshmeat) CleanPOP CleanPOP cleans your POP3 mailbox based on your... Télécharger
php_rdf(freshmeat) PHP RDF Parser PHP RDF Parser is a PHP class designed to consu... Télécharger
tsemgr(freshmeat) tsemgr tsemgr is a GTK+ application to manage the Sony... Télécharger
mepis(freshmeat) MEPIS Linux MEPIS Linux is a desktop Linux system that is a... Télécharger
deep-view(freshmeat) Deep-View Deep-View is a graphical file browser. It can b... Télécharger
wmbatteries(freshmeat) wmbatteries wmbatteries is a wmaker dockapp which provides ... Télécharger
dttool(freshmeat) dttool dttool is a small tool for the Digitech USB pro... Télécharger
ksec(freshmeat) Kernel Security Checker Kernel Security Checker is a useful tool to loc... Télécharger
geurocalc(freshmeat) geurocalc geurocalc is a Euro converter which can also be... Télécharger

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