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kastrometry(freshmeat) KAstrometry KAstrometry is an astrometry program for KDE. I... Télécharger
bidilink(freshmeat) bidilink bidilink is tool that links two bidirectional d... Télécharger
disknavigator(freshmeat) disknavigator disknavigator is a PHP class that is meant to b... Télécharger
docommerce(freshmeat) doCommerce doCommerce is an e-commerce platform, which use... Télécharger
glplot(freshmeat) GLPlot GLPlot is a plot package designed to be used fr... Télécharger
xmerge(freshmeat) xmerge xmerge is an interactive tool for merging and c... Télécharger
msnp(freshmeat) msnp.py msnp.py is an implementation of the MSN Messeng... Télécharger
sisela(freshmeat) Sisela Sisela is a small, self-contained system design... Télécharger
playd(freshmeat) playd playd is a simple, daemonized version of play, ... Télécharger
sdoclet(freshmeat) Project Summary Doclet Project Summary Doclet features a small doclet ... Télécharger
windstille(freshmeat) Windstille Windstille is an old-school 2D site-scrolling s... Télécharger
povmosix(freshmeat) povmosix Povmosix is a program designed to provide paral... Télécharger
xchaman(freshmeat) X-ChaMan X-ChaMan is a chapter manager for AVI/DIVX movi... Télécharger
jrc-editor(freshmeat) Zaval Java Resource Editor The Zaval JRC Editor is a visual editor which a... Télécharger
wwwtrack(freshmeat) WWWTrack WWWTrack is a script that tracks statistics abo... Télécharger
brlspeak(freshmeat) BRaiLleSPEAK BRaiLleSPEAK is a mini GNU/Linux distribution, ... Télécharger
telnetd(freshmeat) Java Telnet Daemon The Java Telnet Daemon is an embeddable telnet ... Télécharger
lsalarm(freshmeat) LsAlarm The LightSword Alarm Clock reminds you of tasks... Télécharger
asmon(freshmeat) asmon asmon is a wharfable/dockable application for L... Télécharger
calcchecksum(freshmeat) CalcChecksum CalcChecksum is a simple utility for calculatin... Télécharger
spamoracle(freshmeat) SpamOracle SpamOracle is a tool to help detect and filter ... Télécharger
thoughtbucket(freshmeat) Thought Bucket Thought Bucket is a Web application that allows... Télécharger
osdchat(freshmeat) osdchat osdchat allows users to send messages from a co... Télécharger
dis6502(freshmeat) dis6502 dis6502 is a flow-tracing 6502 disassembler. It... Télécharger
tclwiki(freshmeat) TickleWiki TickleWiki is a Wiki engine. It uses PostgreSQL... Télécharger
gobchat(freshmeat) Gob Online Chat Gob Online Chat is a simple, lightweight online... Télécharger
updyn(freshmeat) updyn updyn is a shell script that updates a dynamic ... Télécharger
mancala(freshmeat) Mancala Mancala is an African strategy game. This is a ... Télécharger
rtg(freshmeat) RTG RTG is a high-performance SNMP statistics monit... Télécharger
make_cd_label(freshmeat) make_cd_label make_cd_label is a script that helps create sti... Télécharger
choosefont(freshmeat) Choosefont Choosefont is a tool for efficiently finding th... Télécharger
pythoncryptographytoolkit(freshmeat) Python Cryptography Toolkit The Python Cryptography Toolkit is a collection... Télécharger
mziq(freshmeat) MZiq MZiq is a Perl frontend for mpg123. Its main fe... Télécharger
gcrontab(freshmeat) gcrontab A crontab editor for the Unix cron system. Télécharger
kvortaro(freshmeat) KVortaro KVortaro is a tool to translate words from one ... Télécharger
myth2(freshmeat) Myth2 Myth2 is an implementation of a binary tree and... Télécharger
addt(freshmeat) AddTraction Two players ("red" and "green&qu... Télécharger
getmail-com(freshmeat) Getmail-com Getmail-com downloads email from a mail.com acc... Télécharger
myadvogato(freshmeat) MyAdvogato MyAdvogato is a fully-customizable CGI that act... Télécharger
swendeleter(freshmeat) SwenDeleter SwenDeleter tries to identify email messages in... Télécharger
mymedia(freshmeat) myMedia myMedia is a way to organize all of your media.... Télécharger
xibble(freshmeat) Xibble Xibble is a crossword game for two or more huma... Télécharger
fireflier(freshmeat) fireflier Fireflier is a firewall tool which is built on ... Télécharger
relaxngcc(freshmeat) RelaxNGCC RelaxNGCC is a Java source code generator for a... Télécharger
eifinet(freshmeat) Eiffel INET Eiffel INET is a set of Eiffel classes (written... Télécharger
qjoypad(freshmeat) QJoyPad QJoyPad is a Qt program that converts joystick/... Télécharger
dragonforth(freshmeat) Dragon FORTH Dragon FORTH is a fast 32-bit FORTH system for ... Télécharger
noflushd(freshmeat) noflushd noflushd is a simple daemon that monitors disk ... Télécharger
kmilo-thinkpad(freshmeat) KMilo Thinkpad Plugin The KMilo Thinkpad Plugin allows you to use the... Télécharger
epiar(freshmeat) Epiar Epiar is a space adventure/combat game where yo... Télécharger
libyahoo2(freshmeat) libyahoo2 libyahoo2 is a single-threaded, asynchronous Ya... Télécharger
violinstrings(freshmeat) ViolinStrings ViolinStrings is a very useful Java package tha... Télécharger
monitor_68hc08(freshmeat) 68hc08 monitor 68hc08 monitor is a serial monitor to access an... Télécharger
xfmail(freshmeat) XFMail XFMail is an X11 application for receiving elec... Télécharger
xmlto(freshmeat) xmlto xmlto converts an XML file (DocBook or XSL-FO) ... Télécharger
ekit(freshmeat) Ekit Ekit is a simple Java-based HTML editor with co... Télécharger
vtgrab(freshmeat) vtgrab vtgrab is a utility for monitoring the console ... Télécharger
noexec(freshmeat) noexec noexec is a package for preventing a process fr... Télécharger
pyprint(freshmeat) PyPrint PyPrint is a print dialog and printer spool man... Télécharger
pyinstallshield(freshmeat) PyInstallShield PyInstallShield is a GTK-based, cross-platform ... Télécharger
jzonic-cache(freshmeat) jZonic-Cache jZonic-Cache is a Java-based caching system. It... Télécharger
dkimap(freshmeat) dkimap dkimap4 is a fast, easy-to-install IMAP4 daemon... Télécharger
gbf(freshmeat) GBrainFuck GBrainFuck is a bloated BrainFuck interpreter. ... Télécharger
proquake(freshmeat) ProQuake ProQuake is a modification to the Quake source ... Télécharger
pod2s5(freshmeat) Pod::S5 Pod::S5 is a script that generates an HTML slid... Télécharger
mp3cdbrowser(freshmeat) Mp3cdBrowser Mp3Cdbrowser is a tool to organize large collec... Télécharger
ext2ifs(freshmeat) EXT2IFS EXT2IFS is an Installable File System for Windo... Télécharger
rope(freshmeat) ROPE ROPE is template engine that allows developers ... Télécharger
projectpi(freshmeat) Calculating Pi Calculating Pi is a project for the calculation... Télécharger
eggjabot(freshmeat) Eggdrop Jabber Bot The Eggdrop Jabber Bot bridges your Eggdrop IRC... Télécharger
ifmetric(freshmeat) ifmetric ifmetric is a Linux tool for setting the metric... Télécharger
odysseus(freshmeat) Odysseus Odysseus is a J2ME application for mobile devic... Télécharger
horde-luxor(freshmeat) Horde Luxor Horde Luxor is a source code indexer and cross-... Télécharger
connectfive(freshmeat) Connect Five Connect Five is a 3D game of gomoku. It is simi... Télécharger
brcontrol(freshmeat) Brcontrol Brcontrol is a set of patches to allow some int... Télécharger
furioustv(freshmeat) furious_tv furious_tv is a PVR backend that uses an SQLite... Télécharger
openacs(freshmeat) OpenACS OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System) is... Télécharger
ftvgnome(freshmeat) ftv_gnome ftv_gnome is a GNOME front end for the furious... Télécharger
newpki(freshmeat) NewPKI NewPKI is a PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level ... Télécharger
musiclib(freshmeat) Music Library Music Library is a music-on-demand system for p... Télécharger
antsalarm(freshmeat) Ants Alarm Ants Alarm is an alarm tool designed to be used... Télécharger
jabbernet(freshmeat) JabberNET JabberNET is a Mono/.NET library that allows ea... Télécharger
smscgw(freshmeat) SMSC-Gateway SMSC-Gateway can send/receive SMSes from/to ce... Télécharger
ethwireck(freshmeat) ethwireck ethwireck can detect if the physical layer of t... Télécharger
custom(freshmeat) Custom Custom is an E-Commerce system providing Orderi... Télécharger
xbiso(freshmeat) xbiso xbiso is an Xbox xdvdfs ISO extraction utility. Télécharger
leech(freshmeat) Leech Leech was developed to relieve one from having ... Télécharger
libshout-java(freshmeat) libshout-java libshout-java is a set of Java bindings for lib... Télécharger
omcsnetcpp(freshmeat) OMCSNetCPP OMCSNetCPP is a C++ API and inference toolkit f... Télécharger
litrix(freshmeat) Litrix Linux Litrix is a Linux live CD based on Slax/Slackwa... Télécharger
phpromis(freshmeat) PHPromis PHPromis is a PHP implementation of Promis, the... Télécharger
diota(freshmeat) DIOTA DIOTA is a just-in-time instrumentation tool fo... Télécharger
cmykgimp(freshmeat) CMYK Plugin for The GIMP Th CMYK GIMP plugin allows RGB -> CMYK separ... Télécharger
myshaper(freshmeat) MyShaper MyShaper is a traffic shaper for use over an In... Télécharger
transvn(freshmeat) Transvn Transvn is designed primarily for middle- and l... Télécharger
allconsumingpy(freshmeat) allconsuming.py allconsuming.py is a simple Python wrapper for ... Télécharger
jniosocket(freshmeat) Raining Sockets Raining Sockets is a high-performance, non-bloc... Télécharger
calltree(freshmeat) calltree calltree is a static call tree generator for C ... Télécharger
ilfive(freshmeat) ILFIVE ILFIVE is a library of Lisp objects in C, with ... Télécharger
wiport(freshmeat) WIPORT WIPORT is a layer over the grx graphics library... Télécharger

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