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eltclsh(freshmeat) eltclsh eltclsh (editline Tcl shell) is an interactive ... Télécharger
ant8(freshmeat) Anthill Build Manager Anthill is a tool that ensures a controlled bui... Télécharger
quica(freshmeat) QUICA QUICA is a Web interface to manage various aspe... Télécharger
pylets(freshmeat) Pylets Pylets is a fast, lightweight, aspect-oriented ... Télécharger
dbix-htmltable(freshmeat) DBIx-HTMLTable DBIx-HTMLTable is a Perl DBI extension to creat... Télécharger
zenweb(freshmeat) ZenWeb ZenWeb is a system for building entire Web site... Télécharger
svn2cvs(freshmeat) svn2cvs svn2cvs allows you to commit changes made to a ... Télécharger
phpnggpl(freshmeat) Phpauction NG GPL Phpauction NG GPL is auction software that feat... Télécharger
ircd-hybrid(freshmeat) ircd-hybrid ircd-hybrid is a powerful Internet Relay Chat d... Télécharger
nntpspider(freshmeat) NNTPspider NNTPspider searches for freely accessible NNTP ... Télécharger
jestr(freshmeat) Jestr Jestr is an extensible framework for converting... Télécharger
run-free(freshmeat) run-free run-free is a GUI command line launcher applica... Télécharger
mx4j(freshmeat) MX4J MX4J is an Open Source implementation of the JM... Télécharger
fwanalog(freshmeat) fwanalog fwanalog is a shell script that parses and summ... Télécharger
convert_mail_pl(freshmeat) convert_mail.pl convert_mail.pl makes it easier to migrate a la... Télécharger
popb4smtp_pl(freshmeat) popb4smtp.pl popb4smtp.pl monitors qpopper and UW-IMAP mail... Télécharger
naiupdt(freshmeat) NAI VirusScan DAT/Engine file updater This script will check the local and remote Vir... Télécharger
sshwebproxy(freshmeat) SSHWebProxy SSHWebProxy is a Java servlet application that ... Télécharger
arraymanip(freshmeat) arraymanip arraymanip is a PHP class for manipulating data... Télécharger
findfile(freshmeat) findfile FindFile will be a collection of tools for reco... Télécharger
mod_dnsbl(freshmeat) mod_dnsbl mod_dnsbl is an apache module that allows admi... Télécharger
tponguardclx(freshmeat) TurboPower OnGuard CLX TurboPower OnGuard CLX is a port of OnGuard to ... Télécharger
libsaas(freshmeat) libsaas libsas is a Python library to take the pain out... Télécharger
tkseti(freshmeat) TkSETI TkSeti is a GUI to control the SETI@Home client... Télécharger
javabmicalc(freshmeat) BMICalc BMICalc is an applet that calculates your BMI (... Télécharger
atftp(freshmeat) Advanced TFTP atftp is a client/server implementation of the ... Télécharger
mailf(freshmeat) Mailf Mailf is a mail filter to secure maildrops whil... Télécharger
grubconf(freshmeat) GrubConf GrubConf is a graphical GRUB configuration edit... Télécharger
match(freshmeat) Pattern matching This library implements SNOBOL-like patterns. I... Télécharger
wabbellab(freshmeat) WabbelLab WabbelLab is a game were one has to roll a ball... Télécharger
xattr(freshmeat) XAttr XAttr is a tiny extension module for Python to ... Télécharger
irv-vote(freshmeat) IRV-Vote IRV-Vote is a Perl/CGI script for conducting In... Télécharger
postgresql-relay(freshmeat) PostgreSQL-relay PostgreSQL-relay can be used to as a single poi... Télécharger
fbmuck(freshmeat) Fuzzball MUCK Fuzzball Muck is a networked multi-user MUD cha... Télécharger
manpages-ru-extra(freshmeat) Russian Man-Pages Extra Russian Man-Pages Extra is for Russians who pre... Télécharger
stak(freshmeat) Statistical Traffic Analysis Kit Statistical Traffic Analysis Kit is a set of co... Télécharger
autothrottle(freshmeat) Autothrottle Autothrottle is a daemon that throttles your CP... Télécharger
aliados(freshmeat) Aliados Aliados is a CP/M 80 emulator. Instead of emula... Télécharger
euro-xml-cv(freshmeat) EURO-XML-CV EURO-XML-CV is an XML based system that permits... Télécharger
kiswahili_spell(freshmeat) Kiswahili Spellchecker Kiswahili Spellchecker provides Kiswahili spell... Télécharger
livecms(freshmeat) LiveCMS LiveCMS is a Spanish Content Management System ... Télécharger
shared-mime(freshmeat) Shared MIME database The freedesktop.org shared MIME database unifie... Télécharger
dwall(freshmeat) Dwall Firewall Generator Dwall is an all-purpose firewall tool to genera... Télécharger
popwash(freshmeat) PopWash PopWash is a simple graphical application to de... Télécharger
faqit(freshmeat) FAQ-IT FAQ-IT manages your FAQs using FlatFileSqlDb or... Télécharger
eckbox(freshmeat) Eckbox Eckbox is van Eck Phreaking tool that interpret... Télécharger
jssindex(freshmeat) JSSindex JSSindex is a simple search engine designed for... Télécharger
reqtools(freshmeat) ReqTools ReqTools is a library to help developers create... Télécharger
tunnel(freshmeat) Tunnel Tunnel is a simple game in which you control a ... Télécharger
jadhoc(freshmeat) J-Adhoc J-Adhoc is a Java-based implementation of the A... Télécharger
messageviewer(freshmeat) MessageViewer MessageViewer is a very simple GTK program that... Télécharger
rfc2mib(freshmeat) rfc2mib rfc2mib is a short Tcl script which may be used... Télécharger
easygamelib(freshmeat) Easy Game Library Easy Game Library is a C++ class libary designe... Télécharger
overlib(freshmeat) overLIB overLIB is a Javascript library created to enha... Télécharger
nblatex(freshmeat) LaTeX support for NetBeans LaTeX support for NetBeans is set of NetBeans m... Télécharger
odpdom(freshmeat) ODPdom ODPdom is a simple DOM (Document Object Model) ... Télécharger
jcv(freshmeat) jCV jCV is a powerful multilingual J2EE Web applica... Télécharger
xenvelope(freshmeat) xenvelope xenvelope is an Xlib utility for printing envel... Télécharger
jclassinfo(freshmeat) jclassinfo jclassinfo is an information extractor for Java... Télécharger
hpinkjet(freshmeat) HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project The HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project is a addon t... Télécharger
hsftp(freshmeat) hsftp hsftp is an FTP emulator that provides the look... Télécharger
gvideodb(freshmeat) GVideoDB GVideoDB is an XML-driven movie database for yo... Télécharger
qpopper-mysql(freshmeat) qpopper-mysql qpopper-mysql is a patch to Qualcomm's qpopper ... Télécharger
nch(freshmeat) NetChat NetChat is a general purpose network testing to... Télécharger
dio48s(freshmeat) PC/104 Robotics Drivers for Linux PC/104 Robotics Drivers are Linux kernel driver... Télécharger
xrms(freshmeat) XRMS XRMS provides a fully-integrated suite of PHP ... Télécharger
ravr(freshmeat) Ryan's Anti-Virus Recipe Ryan's Anti-Virus Recipe is a Procmail recipe t... Télécharger
phptemplater(freshmeat) PHPtemplater PHPtemplater is a PHP class that helps the prog... Télécharger
monalbum(freshmeat) MonAlbum MonAlbum is a PHP and MySQL based photo album. Télécharger
seahaven(freshmeat) seahaven Seahaven Towers is a classic Unix solitaire gam... Télécharger
qtcsharp(freshmeat) Qt# (C# Qt Bindings) Qt# is a set of cross-platform C# bindings for ... Télécharger
xmlforscript(freshmeat) XML for SCRIPT XML for SCRIPT is a simple, non-validating XML ... Télécharger
macxm(freshmeat) MacXM MacXM is a control program for the XM PCR satel... Télécharger
bmc(freshmeat) BMCrawler BMCrawler is a stand alone JAVA applet that ex... Télécharger
geoccf(freshmeat) Geo::CCF Geo::CCF is a Perl module that parses Coded Cit... Télécharger
xscorch(freshmeat) xscorch Xscorch is a clone of the classic DOS game &quo... Télécharger
e2fsimage(freshmeat) e2fsimage e2fsimage enables the user to create and popula... Télécharger
ipconf(freshmeat) IPConf IPConf is an utility that automatically detects... Télécharger
linkstatus(freshmeat) LinkStatus LinkStatus is a tool for checking links in a We... Télécharger
bloatedtostring(freshmeat) Bloated toString Bloated toString is a helper library for debugg... Télécharger
pkgsummon(freshmeat) PKGsummon PKGsummon is a GTK+2.2-based utility designed f... Télécharger
xmms-weasel(freshmeat) XMMS Weasel XMMS Weasel is a general plugin for XMMS. It au... Télécharger
opengaim(freshmeat) OpenGaim OpenGaim is an instant messaging or "text ... Télécharger
sfi(freshmeat) Simple Forth Interpreter The Simple Forth Interpreter is a Java implemen... Télécharger
oftpd(freshmeat) oftpd oftpd is designed to be as secure as an anonymo... Télécharger
ileech(freshmeat) iLeech iLeech is a Mac OS X application that will conn... Télécharger
webalizerxml(freshmeat) WebalizerXML WebalizerXML is a simple patch for Webalizer th... Télécharger
saros(freshmeat) SAROS Saros enables you to find any solar eclipse bet... Télécharger
xslide(freshmeat) xslide xslide is a major mode for (X)Emacs for editing... Télécharger
retaincounter(freshmeat) retainCounter retainCounter is an application that converts a... Télécharger
azure(freshmeat) Azure Azure is a Web log client that allows you to c... Télécharger
pgsql-solaris(freshmeat) PostgreSQL for Solaris@sparc PostgreSQL for Solaris@sparc is a version of th... Télécharger
trebtk(freshmeat) Trebuchet Tk Trebuchet Tk is a MUCK/MUSH/MOO GUI client writ... Télécharger
digital_archive(freshmeat) Digital Archive Digital Archive alters the DirectoryIndex direc... Télécharger
ewg(freshmeat) Eiffel Wrapper Generator EWG (Eiffel Wrapper Generator) is a tool that g... Télécharger
ateprog(freshmeat) ATEProg ATEProg is a set of software which can program ... Télécharger
libsd(freshmeat) libsd libsd allows any application to securely delete... Télécharger
jzip(freshmeat) Jzip Jzip is an interpreter for the Infocom z-code-f... Télécharger
dicomimageio(freshmeat) DICOM ImageIO SPI DICOM ImageIO SPI provides read-only Java suppo... Télécharger
notmd(freshmeat) NotMD NotMD is a programme aimed at simplifying the r... Télécharger

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