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easibox(freshmeat) Easibox Easibox is a utility that automates the creatio... Télécharger
tunix(freshmeat) Tunix Tunix is a set of tools used to generate small ... Télécharger
pam_ccreds(freshmeat) pam_ccreds The pam_ccreds module provides the means for L... Télécharger
rdqlplus(freshmeat) RDQLPlus RDQLPlus is a tool for querying RDF graphs, fea... Télécharger
xmlrpcobjc(freshmeat) XMLRPCObjC XMLRPCObjC provides a bridge between the Objec... Télécharger
nss_updatedb(freshmeat) nss_updatedb The nss_updatedb utility maintains a local cach... Télécharger
pam_ssh_agent(freshmeat) pam_ssh_agent pam_ssh_agent is a PAM module that spawns an ss... Télécharger
teepeedee(freshmeat) teepeedee teepeedee is a small, fast, single-threaded fil... Télécharger
eeprog(freshmeat) eeprog eeprog allows you to read and write to and from... Télécharger
kedpm(freshmeat) Ked Password Manager Ked Password Manager helps to manage large amou... Télécharger
mpeginsu(freshmeat) MPEGinsu MPEGinsu is an AppleScript front-end for the m... Télécharger
makefaq(freshmeat) makefaq makefaq is a Python program that creates a Freq... Télécharger
jmoule(freshmeat) jMoule jMoule is a frontend for mlDonkey. It is coded ... Télécharger
wmsystray(freshmeat) wmsystray wmsystray provides a system tray compatible wit... Télécharger
jwapmail(freshmeat) jwapmail Jwapmail is a WAP (WML)-based IMAP email (WAPma... Télécharger
eio(freshmeat) EIO EIO is a Java networking library that provides ... Télécharger
quickfile(freshmeat) QuickFile QuickFile is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbi... Télécharger
alma(freshmeat) alma Alma is a software workshop for modeling and an... Télécharger
osxnews(freshmeat) OSXnews OSXnews is a small, fast Cocoa news reader. Télécharger
gettextlog(freshmeat) GetTextLog GetTextLog is a simple preloadable library to i... Télécharger
1fcd(freshmeat) 1FCD 1FCD is a tiny Linux distribution that supports... Télécharger
php-hug(freshmeat) PHP Home User Gallery php-hug (the PHP Home User Gallery) is a simple... Télécharger
bookmarkmanager(freshmeat) BookmarkManager BookmarkManager is an online bookmark manager a... Télécharger
mod_authn_dbi(freshmeat) mod_authn_dbi mod_athn_dbi is an Apache 2.1+ authentication m... Télécharger
wmping(freshmeat) WMPing Wmping is a dockapp that checks the status of h... Télécharger
tapechanger-mtx(freshmeat) TapeChanger::MTX TapeChanger::MTX is a module to manipulate a ta... Télécharger
ebs-linux(freshmeat) Entitlement Based Scheduler The Entitlement Based Scheduler (EBS) is a modi... Télécharger
classxpath(freshmeat) Class::XPath Class::XPath is a Perl module which adds XPath-... Télécharger
cc-mail-aliases(freshmeat) Mail Aliases ClarkConnect Module Mail Aliases ClarkConnect Modules is a PHP plug... Télécharger
hotsanic(freshmeat) HotSaNIC HotSaNIC is a Web-based information center for ... Télécharger
lusernet(freshmeat) LuserNET LuserNET is an NNTP-based news reader for GNUst... Télécharger
ec(freshmeat) Ec Ec supports reading, composing, and filtering m... Télécharger
multivalent(freshmeat) Multivalent Browser Multivalent Browser is a utility that natively ... Télécharger
scid(freshmeat) Scid Scid is a powerful chess database application w... Télécharger
mpeglue(freshmeat) MPEGlue MPEGlue is an AppleScript front-end for the mpg... Télécharger
cgi_app(freshmeat) cgi_app cgi_app is an MVC framework for Web application... Télécharger
progressivevnc(freshmeat) ProgressiveVNC ProgressiveVNC is a new incarnation of VNC, imp... Télécharger
freakshell(freshmeat) The FReakSHell The FReakSHell aims to be a sh-compatible shell... Télécharger
phportfolio(freshmeat) PHPortfolio PHPortfolio is a tool for creating Web-based p... Télécharger
wmmp(freshmeat) WMmp WMmp (Window Maker Music Player) is a dock app ... Télécharger
qset(freshmeat) qset qset is an implementation of the card game &quo... Télécharger
zof(freshmeat) Zope Object Files With Zope Object Files and the 'zof_install' as... Télécharger
gpl-cver(freshmeat) GPL Cver GPL Cver is a full Verilog HDL IEEE P1364 stand... Télécharger
qdvbzap(freshmeat) qdvbzap Qdvbzap is a graphical application that makes w... Télécharger
utdb(freshmeat) Used Textbook Database Used Textbook Database is a Web-based textbook ... Télécharger
mterm(freshmeat) mterm Mterm is a dockable applet consisting of an Xli... Télécharger
cc-mail-summary(freshmeat) Mail Summary ClarkConnect Module Mail Summary is a PHP plugin that summarizes ma... Télécharger
safari2xbel(freshmeat) safari2xbel safari2xbel is a tool for converting Safari Boo... Télécharger
parsec(freshmeat) Parsec Parsec is a monadic parser combinator library f... Télécharger
xlang(freshmeat) X Language X Language is a new multi-syntax programming l... Télécharger
comcenter(freshmeat) Communication Center Communication Center is a tool for small Web p... Télécharger
squidlogger2sql(freshmeat) SQUID logger to SQL SQUID logger to SQL redirect Squid logs to a My... Télécharger
plotserver(freshmeat) PlotServer PlotServer starts a Matlab process, creates a s... Télécharger
trivialpersist(freshmeat) Trivial Persist Trivial Persist was developed to provide the qu... Télécharger
markup(freshmeat) markup markup is a library to read and validate XML fi... Télécharger
libtc(freshmeat) libtc Libtc is a collection of useful functions for C... Télécharger
bksh(freshmeat) The Backup Shell bksh is a simple program designed to be used as... Télécharger
rids(freshmeat) Rule-based Intrusion Detection System RIDS is a machine learning rule-based intrusion... Télécharger
ciscoinfo(freshmeat) ciscoInfo ciscoInfo generates a Web site with information... Télécharger
lukkari(freshmeat) Lukkari Lukkari is a J2ME/MIDP application that allows ... Télécharger
quickripdvd(freshmeat) QuickRip DVD QuickRip is a basic DVD ripper for GNU/Linux wr... Télécharger
phpsqliteadmin(freshmeat) phpSQLiteAdmin phpSQLiteAdmin is a Web interface for the admin... Télécharger
cqureap(freshmeat) cqure ap cqure ap is a "one floppy" wireless a... Télécharger
megalettering(freshmeat) MegaLettering MegaLettering is the PHP engine created to mana... Télécharger
cc-ftp-summary(freshmeat) FTP Summary ClarkConnect Module This package contains the PHP plug-in that sum... Télécharger
authenticache(freshmeat) mod_authenticache mod_authenticache provides a simple and generic... Télécharger
fvnc(freshmeat) FVNC FVNC is a scaling version of the Xt-based vncvi... Télécharger
buffer(freshmeat) bfr bfr maintains a buffer of data collected from s... Télécharger
e4graph(freshmeat) e4Graph e4Graph is a C++ library that allows programs t... Télécharger
chit(freshmeat) Chit Chit is a template based generator for textual ... Télécharger
pof(freshmeat) phpObjectForms phpObjectForms is a fully object-oriented, high... Télécharger
xwine(freshmeat) XWine XWine is a graphical user interface for the WIN... Télécharger
kickpim(freshmeat) KickPIM KickPIM is an applet for KDE's Kicker panel whi... Télécharger
ruby-gst(freshmeat) Ruby/GStreamer Ruby-GStreamer is a set of Ruby bindings for th... Télécharger
pgets(freshmeat) pgets pgets is a tool to read stored call accounting ... Télécharger
phpdocsystem(freshmeat) PHP Doc System PHP Doc System allows developers to create modu... Télécharger
ep2(freshmeat) Embedded Perl Embedded Perl is a C++ wrapper around the Perl ... Télécharger
jgrapht(freshmeat) JGraphT JGraphT is a free Java graph library that provi... Télécharger
pgsqlclient(freshmeat) PgSqlClient PgSqlClient is an ADO.NET Data provider for Pos... Télécharger
horde-agora(freshmeat) Horde Agora Agora is a forums application integrated with t... Télécharger
zuuld(freshmeat) ZUUL The Gatekeeper ZUUL (The Gatekeeper) is intended to operate on... Télécharger
netenv(freshmeat) Netenv Netenv is a tool for simplifying the localisati... Télécharger
webmin-fsacls(freshmeat) webmin fsacls webmin-fsacls is a Webmin module aimed at manag... Télécharger
libmplite(freshmeat) libmplite libmplite is a library which provides a minimal... Télécharger
libmultival(freshmeat) libmultival libmultival is a C++ class library for multi-pr... Télécharger
subnetcalc(freshmeat) SubnetCalc SubnectCalc is an IP subnet calculator for MacO... Télécharger
openpms(freshmeat) openPMS openPMS is an HIPAA compliant medical billing, ... Télécharger
pam_cracklib(freshmeat) solaris-friendly pam_cracklib solaris-friendly pam_cracklib is a reimplementa... Télécharger
osx-java-launcher-demo(freshmeat) OSX-Java-Launcher-Demo OSX-Java-Launcher-Demo is an Ant task to demons... Télécharger
blinkensim(freshmeat) blinkensim blinkensim is a graphical Blinkenlights simulat... Télécharger
imagealbum(freshmeat) ImageAlbum ImageAlbum is an easy-to-use Web application fo... Télécharger
dar-(freshmeat) DAR DAR is a framework for building packages in cle... Télécharger
caffeine_net(freshmeat) Caffeine.NET Caffeine is a free high-performance interoperab... Télécharger
kblticker(freshmeat) KDE BlogLines ticker This small application sits in the KDE system t... Télécharger
jsmovie(freshmeat) jsMovie jsMovie is a bash script that produces Javascri... Télécharger
bago(freshmeat) BAGO Hospitality BAGO Hospitality is an application that is suit... Télécharger
jacpi(freshmeat) Java ACPI Java ACPI enables the user to view battery perc... Télécharger
isdnserver(freshmeat) Isdnserver Isdnserver is a server that can decode the hex ... Télécharger
kisdnmonitor(freshmeat) Kisdnmonitor Kisdnmonitor is a KDE applet for isdnserver. It... Télécharger
yaccc(freshmeat) yaccc yaccc (yet another cyan chat client) is a comma... Télécharger

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