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mygrid(freshmeat) MyGrid MyGrid is an Open Source grid and grid middlewa... Télécharger
zambeel(freshmeat) Zambeel Zambeel is an e-mail based archiving system tha... Télécharger
camas(freshmeat) CAMAS CAMAS (CAudium Mail Access System) is a Webmail... Télécharger
xmms-iris(freshmeat) xmms-iris xmms-iris is an advanced OpenGL Visualization p... Télécharger
rcsi(freshmeat) RCSI RCSI is a kind of coloured ls for RCS files. It... Télécharger
cctde(freshmeat) Covert Channels and Tunnels Detection Engine CCTDE is designed as an analysis back-end for t... Télécharger
knofault(freshmeat) KNoFault KNoFault is a tool that protects your files wit... Télécharger
geekcredit(freshmeat) Geek Credit Geek Credit is a digital community currency for... Télécharger
ecamegapedal(freshmeat) Ecamegapedal Ecamegapedal is real-time effects processor sof... Télécharger
openim(freshmeat) OpenIM OpenIM is a Java implementation of a Jabber ser... Télécharger
servletspeedster(freshmeat) ServletSpeedster ServletSpeedster is a simple servlet compositio... Télécharger
bobs(freshmeat) Browseable Online Backup System Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a com... Télécharger
sablacklist(freshmeat) sa-blacklist sa-blacklist is a hand-checked list of over 10,... Télécharger
webplan(freshmeat) Webplan Webplan is a small Web tool for resource or shi... Télécharger
x-itools(freshmeat) X-Itools The goal of the X-itools project is to propose ... Télécharger
isotope(freshmeat) isoTope isoTope is a PHP Web application framework that... Télécharger
tapestry(freshmeat) Tapestry Tapestry is a rich, component-based object mode... Télécharger
dchat(freshmeat) Distributed Chat Distributed Chat is a distributed text chat sol... Télécharger
nrobot(freshmeat) NRobot NRobot is an autonomous robot fighting game. In... Télécharger
smm(freshmeat) SaveMyModem SaveMyModem is an anti-spam, email-shaping, and... Télécharger
pnob(freshmeat) PHP News or Weblog PHP News or Weblog is a news management system.... Télécharger
wavsplit(freshmeat) WavSplit WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time p... Télécharger
wmget(freshmeat) wmget wmget lets you run multiple downloads and monit... Télécharger
pycontigviewer(freshmeat) Py_ContigViewer Py_ContigViewer is a contig viewer, a stand alo... Télécharger
wiked(freshmeat) WikEd WikEd is a WikiWiki plugin for the Vim editor. ... Télécharger
kraptor(freshmeat) Kraptor Kraptor is a classic shoot 'em up scroller game... Télécharger
shanty(freshmeat) Shanty Shanty generates PostScript files from a suppl... Télécharger
tictactoe_app(freshmeat) Gomoku.app Gomoku.app is an extended TicTacToe game for GN... Télécharger
dvtext(freshmeat) dvtext The dvtext program generates DV (Digital Video)... Télécharger
pegasys(freshmeat) Pegasys Pegasys is a flexible, modular, and customizab... Télécharger
ihptool(freshmeat) iRiver IHP toolkit ihptool is a utility for the iRiver IHP series ... Télécharger
dotphp(freshmeat) DotPHP DotPHP is framework similar to ASP.NET. It cont... Télécharger
ttaenc(freshmeat) TTA The True Audio (TTA) codec is a simple realtime... Télécharger
osdfoo(freshmeat) OsdFoo OsdFoo is an external plugin for XMMS. It provi... Télécharger
mod_sqlite(freshmeat) mod_sqlite mod_sqlite is an Apache module that provides n... Télécharger
nttlscan(freshmeat) nttlscan Nttlscan is a quick network topology scanner, a... Télécharger
xitalk(freshmeat) xitalk xitalk is an X applet that intercepts talk requ... Télécharger
webfish-linux(freshmeat) Webfish Linux Webfish Linux is aimed at servers, routers, and... Télécharger
gladext(freshmeat) Glade SourceFile Maker The aim of Glade SourceFile Maker is to simplif... Télécharger
liquidircd(freshmeat) LiquidIRCd LiquidIRCd is the irc daemon used on LiquidIRC.... Télécharger
grendel(freshmeat) The Grendel Project The Grendel Project is an attempt at creating a... Télécharger
vncsessmgr(freshmeat) VNC Session Manager VNC Session Manager adds the necessary glue cod... Télécharger
string_replace(freshmeat) string_replace string_replace is a script that can be used to ... Télécharger
journal-maker(freshmeat) Monaural Jerk Monaural Jerk is a journal or "weblog"... Télécharger
video-2-1394(freshmeat) Video 2 1394 Converter driver Video 2 1394 Converter driver is a video4linux ... Télécharger
formsess(freshmeat) Formsess Formsess is a Smarty-powered forms toolkit. It... Télécharger
dbc-objc(freshmeat) Macros for Designing by Contract in Objective-C Macros for Designing by Contract in Objective-C... Télécharger
mixedcc(freshmeat) MixedCC MixedCC (Mixed Compiler Compiler) is a parser-... Télécharger
syndigator(freshmeat) Syndigator Syndigator is an Gtk2 RSS reader/aggregator. Télécharger
devlabel(freshmeat) devlabel Devlabel is a program which dynamically creates... Télécharger
newslib(freshmeat) NewsLib NewsLib is a library of Perl modules for managi... Télécharger
anteater-ant(freshmeat) Anteater testing framework Anteater is a testing framework designed around... Télécharger
track2plotit(freshmeat) Track2PlotIt Track2PlotIt allows you to record virtually any... Télécharger
ucontrol(freshmeat) uControl uControl gives you the ability to take those us... Télécharger
contacts(freshmeat) contacts contacts affords easy access to information in ... Télécharger
groan(freshmeat) Groan Groan is a text mode menu- and window-driven us... Télécharger
taylor-uucp(freshmeat) Taylor UUCP Taylor UUCP provides everything you need to mak... Télécharger
blinkentools(freshmeat) blinkentools blinkentools is a set of commandline utilities ... Télécharger
blib(freshmeat) blib blib is a library full of useful things to hack... Télécharger
tonedeaf(freshmeat) Tone Deaf Tone Deaf is an online Karaoke game. It allows ... Télécharger
open2300(freshmeat) open2300 Open2300 is a package of software tools that re... Télécharger
atox(freshmeat) Atox Atox is a fully customizable tool for convertin... Télécharger
silkweb(freshmeat) silk web silk web is a Web-based hypertext tool with an ... Télécharger
clnofault(freshmeat) CLNoFault CLNoFault is a tool to protect your files or pl... Télécharger
spindent(freshmeat) SPindent SPindent (Server Page Indenter) is a JSP/PHP st... Télécharger
qossnmp-extension(freshmeat) snmp-extension snmp-extension is an extension module for the ... Télécharger
ocamlconf(freshmeat) OCamlConf OCamlConf is an OCaml build tool that resembles... Télécharger
beeper(freshmeat) Beeper Beeper is a simple program that emits a sound w... Télécharger
zfeeder(freshmeat) zFeeder zFeeder is a simple, customizable, RSS feed rea... Télécharger
oooreport(freshmeat) OOoReport OOoReport is a report writing tool for OpenOffi... Télécharger
bbweather(freshmeat) bbweather bbweather is a tool which displays the current ... Télécharger
opcion(freshmeat) Opcion Font Viewer Opcion Font Viewer is a Java application that a... Télécharger
medicineofwork(freshmeat) Medical workers check-ups Medical workers check-ups is a PHP application ... Télécharger
selectwm(freshmeat) selectwm selectwm is a simple but robust program that wi... Télécharger
toast-timer(freshmeat) Toast Timer Toast Timer is a PalmOS application that provid... Télécharger
fstools(freshmeat) File system investigator File system investigator is a forensic tool for... Télécharger
osicat(freshmeat) Osicat Osicat is a lightweight operating system interf... Télécharger
linedit(freshmeat) Linedit Linedit is a readline-style library written in ... Télécharger
xaint(freshmeat) Xaint Xaint is a text data format. It has similaritie... Télécharger
wp(freshmeat) Whois Proxy wp is a Perl whois tool for looking up the owne... Télécharger
webcalngsync(freshmeat) webcalngsync webcalngsync is an application that can synchro... Télécharger
csv2mysql(freshmeat) csv2mysql csv2mysql is a Web-based tool that converts CSV... Télécharger
exim-python(freshmeat) Exim-Python Exim-Python is an extension to Exim that adds t... Télécharger
wizsqliteadmin(freshmeat) WizSQLiteAdmin WizSQLiteAdmin is a PHP script for managing SQL... Télécharger
univision(freshmeat) univision univision is an image capture application using... Télécharger
dbfile(freshmeat) dbFile dbFile implements a file-based SQL database. It... Télécharger
dblib(freshmeat) DBLIB DBLIB is a PHP library to create WWW interfaces... Télécharger
xmlgui(freshmeat) Beryl XML GUI Library The Beryl XML GUI library was written to ease t... Télécharger
intraperson(freshmeat) intraPerson intraPerson is a GUI interface for managing Un... Télécharger
cvprof(freshmeat) Java cvprof Java cvprof is a code coverage profiler that re... Télécharger
dcstella(freshmeat) Stella for Dreamcast Stella for Dreamcast (DCStella) is the port of ... Télécharger
ps2vic(freshmeat) PS2VIC PS2VIC is a Commodore VIC-20 emulator for the n... Télécharger
kopkop(freshmeat) kopkop The kopkop daemon listens for encrypted, signed... Télécharger
grender(freshmeat) GRender GRender is a GTK+ frontend for the "Alias ... Télécharger
mailman(freshmeat) GNU Mailman GNU Mailman is software to help manage email di... Télécharger
myclassifieds(freshmeat) My Classifieds My Classifieds is a Perl CGI implementation of ... Télécharger
ganymede(freshmeat) Ganymede Ganymede is a metadirectory system, primarily i... Télécharger
recipants(freshmeat) ReciPants ReciPants is a Web-based recipe manager that su... Télécharger
bashportknocking(freshmeat) Bash Port Knocking Bash Port Knocking is a set of scripts that use... Télécharger
astromosaic(freshmeat) AstroMosaic AstroMosaic is a small commandline program to h... Télécharger

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